Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why it takes so long to resolve our problem's.....

Actually what inspired this posting this morning in this journal...was the posting today of taxing pot and prostitution by the blogger Infidel753 ... a blog that I like to frequent as long as I been online. The man simply made a point...and he has said he is not one that participates in any of these vices as well. So why would he support something he dont even participate in? Well...probably because he see's that you cant just look at thing's from one perspective...and have a rational view.But that's just how I see it... I really cant would have to ask him I guess.

Nonetheless.....he certainly made a good point...whether I agree or not with whatever he may say....and to what degree. He like other's....make me think is all. I myself have pointed out in this journal the benefit's of legalization of marijuana/pot ... but even went to another extent on the legalization and government takeover of cocaine/heroin ... as well as the legalization and regulation of full scale Vegas style gambling in Texas...and legalized/regulated prostitution. It has nothing to do with choices of mine...or vices of mine.It has to do with simply getting problem's resolved.

We take ages to resolve some of the most simple problem's...and because of our culture's,moral's,phobia's, which are no problem with having to me....become a problem in themselves when they put up a roadblock to resolving problem's that we have in society. Problem's that we shouldnt have a problem solving...since they were constructed by us to begin with. I am not no different... I too have my moral's,culture and phobia's. There are thing's I dont particularly like, but because of the times and these unique set's of problem's I have to look at various angle's....whether I agree with them or not. For instance...I may not like abortion or nuclear power...but I see how they are both a necessity. Even if you are a fundamental religious person....say a christian for instance...and I have known alot of good christian folk's in my life,sometimes you cant just deal with a problem the same way one may have thousand's of year's ago in a foreign society.Remember, those who wrote them inspiring pieces...had a whole different set of problem's they had to deal an era and society that was nothing like the current society and era that we are in... so we cant alway's use those writing's to resolve our problem's of the current. Or even some of the morality we cherish...or even our culture's. As the centuries go on...we alway's face new challenges/problem's...some of which require new approaches to resolving.

And when we clash our moral's,cultures,phobia's together in our society in decision just becomes a whole new problem, and we may end up with more war's, disease,social problem's,or a number of other thing's that dont not only resolve our problem's...but dont even serve our best overall interest's. An example....look at the length of time...and the bickering it takes to get anything done in Washington, and it's only because we have two approaches to handling issue's...which are left or right. This is why I voted for this President we have for instance....not because I liked his suit's or smile or many do....or because he call's himself a democrat or liberal,'s because of his approach and thinking. I also knew putting him in this position would be a hard sell....and many will oppose him, because they simply will not understand him. We fail to use the best of the good,the bad and the ugly,is all. We fail to truely understand the meaning of bipartisanship. We dont alway's think as rational as we try to make ourselves think we do, and sometimes making our decision making quite irrational at times.

I dont want to be a dope fiend or a pothead... or to spend my paycheck in casino's for instance. But I dont want to spend my entire life fighting folk's vices and human nature either. I would love to have more time and money to spend bettering our living standard's/quality,raising our children,cleaning up our planet...since we have nowhere's else to go at this time...having less of our military in action in pestilence infested countries...and more time exercising here at home...with less chance of getting their damn limb's blown off by some neanderthal minded ragtag group.I could go on and know the problem's that we have...because it doesnt stop there either...just look at how we deal with these financial problem's and thinking by just getting thing's back to the way they were and expanding the same entity that created the problem will resolve the problem.

You cant simply "change" and move forward...without changing and trying to move forward is all I'm saying. Sometimes problem solving is not a matter of right/wrong or left/right...but maybe a new angle or method.

Friday, March 27, 2009

North Korea and Iran's nuclear programme's ... and the sweeping disease of Paranoia...

The other day I was in a line waiting to be checked out at a Walgreens Pharmacy store in Pantego(Dallas area suburb). There were about a half a dozen folk's in line, I was at the end...when the cashier who was taking care of the customer at front...just got off the phone with his wife...and turned to the customer and said "My wife just said she seen on the news that Korea is firing off missile's that are nuclear weapon's",etc ...Well...the next thing you know...within only a minute or two...everyone in line was talking about these weapon's with semi-fear in their eye's and voice. I then decided to jump in...and said ..."Whoah,whoah,Sir ...this is nothing but Woof Ticket's...there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to think that North Korea is going to use these missile's on the USA" So a couple folk's asked me why I think that? I very briefly explained...since we all had a common goal...and that is to get the goddamn job done...which this clerk should be more focused on and getting the goddamn line moving...instead of relaying media sensation's from his wifey at home watching the tele!

Look ... I have alway's questioned the nuclear thing...only because of enviromental reason's.But at the same time I realize that it play's an important part in 21st century society...for power need's as well as weaponry...and the fact is...we are in a situation where we unfortunately need nuclear weapon's...because other's have them.

But when I hear fellow American's these day's speak with that tone of sadden's me. Because of how we respond to so much we are fed with fear and paranoia, I mean...I fear myself...but, what is actually needed to fear...and then utilize it as a tool instead of a misery maker. The media is only doing their job''s not their fault...they simply "report"...give them a dog and pony show...they'll report it. And paranoia seem's to spread as fast as an epidemic disease.

The reality is...we have one of the best nuclear missile arsenal's that money can buy ...thank goodness our politician's havent yet tried to sell them or pawn them!(just kiddin) We also waste alot of time worrying about Iran's nuclear programme. must alway's be aware and have concern's...but remember...all these folk's...whether it's Iran or North Korea or anyone else see's that many other's in the world have nuclear power and weapon's...and why should they be harrassed or sanctioned or anything else for wanting to have the same? I personally would not only sit down with no pre-condition's with anyone at the table...but also would not ever interfere with their programmes of defense or energy need''s not my country...and not my position to tell anyone how to defend themselves.North Korea is one of them countries that doesnt exactly have alot going for them right now. They are only sending out a message in the bottle as well...just to let us all know they are still here...and want to be player's as well.

The last thing them or Iran would want to do is to use nuclear missiles against any US properties anyway's. And even if someone got a hair in their asses to do so...dont worry about it.Why? Why do you think? ...we have plenty of intercontinental missiles at bay. And it is good business to make that perfectly these table talk' a respectful way of coarse. I understand their position...I'm not some hard nosed bastard like GW Bush was.I am far more understanding and bipartisan as well as liberated and especially civilised, and not just violent...I believe in well calculated and organized warfare.

We should be more respectful in my opinion...and especially honest. Do we think that these people dont see us as a manipulative entity who goes in the name of freedom to invade some of these land's strictly for corporate/political interest's? I am a straight up and fair man myself...and have very strong moral's. But not to just display our respect and fairness...but to also enlighten them on the reality. Which is that we agree to stay out of their business....BUT...if they attack us or attempt to...I would use everything I have to try to eliminate the threat, and their infrastructure and population's...especially the women and children...Why? because women and children of the enemy should be the second target proceeding the first which is to immobilize/cripple the defense force...because children grow up to avenge...and women reproduce the next generation, thus showing the importance of eliminating them both. And this has nothing to do with hatred or nonsense like racism. This is strictly business...fair and bipartisan.

And this sensationalism with paranoia is nothing more than a disease.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Washington wont tell the American People or the Globe ... and Why?

First of all ... anyone that happen's to stumble across this journal and/ or read's it, understand ... that this is not to talk about "Doom and Gloom", because there is actually no such thing as "Doom and Gloom" ... it is simply created by us in our mind's through "fear". At the same time ... "fear" is healthy and essential to our survival ... it's just because of our creative and unique mind's ... we sometime's take it beyond the limit ... which just psychologically impair's us with paranoia is all.

As I said in earlier posting's ... there is a flip- side to all this ... as well as greener pasture's in the distance ... the trick is ... how long to them pasture's, because it is only up to us, and how we handle the challenge's to come. I will give credit first to the President and to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ... because of the challenge they have in this "no win" situation.

When President Obama tried telling the people's of America that this will be a tough one ... and thing's may get a little worse ... he got much criticism ... especially from the conservative's and big business, complaining of his talk of pessimism, and not being optimistic enough as a leader. When in actuality ... he is only speaking the truth and trying to put it as "mildly" as he can, while those who criticize him know damn well what the reality is ... but because of their political career's and investment's and association's ... they wont tell the people what they know in the back of their mind's. And what they fail to see ... is how this will backfire on them ... in the very near future. There is 2 more important reason's they complained as well ... which are ... because the talk from the President ... also becomes an obstacle for those who are investor's ... and those who borrow and spend ... us ... the consumer. We are also borrowing way too much from the Arab's, Chinese and other's which will have it's own problem's to come.

What we are doing as well ... is setting up for a decline in social order, not only in America ... because this unlike anything in the past will have a ripple effect globally as I posted, when I said that what will make this unique and unlike the Great Depression ... is that this will be global ... and they all know it. What the 3 entities are doing is simply covering their own asses ... which most dont really care anything about common society except what they can milk it for. Their primary goal is a continuance of what we have, and to make sure we are fed enough nonsense, moral's and pipe dream's to keep us in a phoney state of optimism about their action's, and making sure that we continue to populate at a high rate, keep borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow ... and never get out of that cycle ... cause when we do, they will simply fall from power.

The reality is ... yes ... this recession will "formally" end ... but for those who are working class and the lower half of middle class ... thing's will not get any better, and only worse as time goes on.Forget about the American Dream ... because what you known as the American Dream will change ... the American Dream will for most become being able to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly ... and hope that these people who dictate to us ... will have some compassion or try to do something in our best interest. What they dont see yet ... is how this also will backfire on them ... because when and as peoples loose faith in the rubbish they feed the peoples, people will start to naturally consume less, and most importantly spend less. So their next action will be to inflate interest, tax, penalize the people's all they can to force you to slave for measley wages to return to them.

So ... how can we beat this system? Well as I said ... we have the tool's to do what we choose ... in my earliest posting's. They also say that knowledge is power ... but there is also a flip- side to that ... being knowledge and tool's are nothing if you dont act and utilize what you have. Do all you can to avoid their game and especially their taxes/ fee's, penalization's ... and even their mass commercial market's ... and especially being so dependent on their educational institution's and churches. Ignoring their churches will not seperate you from your faith in god, nothing can seperate you from that but yourself. Also alway's keep a clear head on the educational system ... that it's there to teach you how to be an asset to their system ... and to teach you how to make money for someone else instead of yourself. You have to pass through these system's to be accepted into the system ... but it doesnt mean you should trust it or believe in it ... do unto them as they do unto you ... which is ... tell them only what they want to hear ... but alway's stay on the defense.

Do not believe that if they fail ... humanity will fail ... again ... it will not! Only their empires will fail. And dont look for any of this to be a cakewalk. The threat's is what keep's us in chain's psychologically ... that if we dont do as they say ... we are destined for doom and gloom. What the reality is ... the less that we do of what they say ... will be our ticket to a better life. All these young mind's at work in their garages and homes on their computer's and such ... are the innovative mind's and entrepreneur's of our future ... and they know ... this can also be their worst enemy ... and their failure if they cannot feed them enough crap to keep faith in them and their system. They also say to "pull yourself up by your bootstrap's", this is really important ... because it will gain you more liberty and independence, and they will come to a time where they will wish that they never even told that to the masses ... because one day the people will.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What do you get from "Evil, Drug War's,Urban Crime, and Overpopulated Prison's?" ... a Paycheck...

All of these thing's amount to million's of paycheck's. Where would we be without the creation of "evil's"? law's of what we find wrong/evil so that we can legislate it...make it official...and penalize anyone we can catch violating these law's. Just the where would we be without not just these law's....but a surplus of poor urban citizen's who get imprisoned? ... because they dont contribute enough spending to the system/society.. so they are caught violating some drug law...made a deal behind closed door's of the court to plea guilty and do less the system can make $10's of thousand's a year off their incarceration in tax revenue's...telling the money citizenry that they are cleaning up our street's for their dollar's? Well... you would probably have an unemployment rate that makes this current rate look great!

We have the new Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano giving her assessment and what we are going to do on the current drug cartel's war going on, on the Mexico/US border, she say's her expertise is being a former Governor and Attorney General of Arizona... which is nice...and I am sure she has impecable credential's ... but with all due respect ... I dont think she has a clear picture of the reality here. The border fence thing is okay... to an extent...and you need a double fence as well. Why? because already where fences are up...the trafficker's have makeshift ramp's they throw over the hood's and bed's of pick-up's and use another vehicle to drive over them. Also small portable air transport coup's that get just high enough to make the fence,yet low enough to avoid radar detection. The video camera's they dont care the time anyone get's to the site...their gone and have vehicle tranfer's,plate transfer's,personel/carrier transfer's, all remobilized with pre-paid cell phones that are tossed after a couple run's. I could go on and on with more detail's...but my point is made.

Napolitano also say's that putting more law/military personel on the border with more check point's will help decrease the flow of gun's and cash going south of the border and because of the bad economy and unemployment...less illegal immigrant's will be trying to come up to USA because there is not enough job's for them. I actually couldnt believe what I was hearing from the Secretary...I didnt know whether to laugh,cry, or take a crap. Have we lost our mind's?! Where do these folk's "learn" this stuff? We want unemployment to be high so that less mules/runner's bring in stuff by foot? Do we realize that once we increase personel on the border to check all outgoing vehicle's into Mexico...the cartel's will ship the gun's and money out of the Northeast...or Northwest..or somewhere's else? And probably run route through another continent, then through someplace like Cuba, or Venezuela or a number of other places that dont give a rat's ass about us...and would love to make a buck? If we ban gun sales in the US ...that wont help either...Why? Because...they can get whole shipload's of gun's to come in from anywhere's at a great price...especially China... and Mexico,Central America and South America has more port's then you can shake a stick at. Is this what we learn in our educational institution's and from our high dollar intell?

Anyone with half a brain realizes in the back of their mind's that the drug war is a war that cannot be least the way we do thing's. People again dont WANT to admit what they subconsciously know ... human's love to lie to themselves and believe the lies that they tell themselves.I like to think of this as what I call..."The American Dream" ...because it is just that...a sweet dream after you had a nice meal and sex to sleep on.

The war on drug's is actually silly...and anyone who actually know's how the dope business work's know's that. What is the solution? An easy solution would be the legalization and government take over of drug's... and yes..especially cocaine,and opium/heroin. Another easy option we to just not use drug's...when you have capitalism and free market and a demand for dope and addiction to it...well... you will alway's have drug traffic. What would happen if we lowered ourselves and moral value's to this level? Well for one...we would have drastic crime reduction, less prison space need's...and addict's would live in regulated addict enviroment's. Would this make more young people want to use drug's? No...of coarse not.I have never met a junkie or dope fiend that likes being a fiend...or want's to be a fiend...and I have met many. The short term backlash would be...a mass loss of job's by those involved with these war's on drug's...from the court's to law enforcement to every curbside dealer...and the list goes on.

In the future we wont have to worry about these drug's...the new challenges to come in year's from now will be a whole new ball game...because we will acquire technologies that will be able to get a person high/intoxicated without the use of these natural drug's...where the technologies will be able to work the brain and produce these effect's without injecting needles full of poison in your vein's or burning and inhaling toxin's into your lung's. The reality is though...we are not in the future we have to deal with this current reality.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bonus Coverage outrage,tax penalization,and cruisin Easy St....

I just figured while the "gettin" is still good, to post a piece in this journal about the executive bonuses and outrage....just for memorabilia sake. Am I "mad" and "outraged" like the majority of folk's? .......Yep. "BUT" ... I have alway's looked at these type's of disappointment's as "What's done is done". And I am trying to also look at the whole picture as well.

Here's the bottom line ....okay? We got this mega institution that has much wealth caught up in it globally... that were trying to make a fortune ... and loaning money not to only folk's who couldnt afford it...but money that technically didnt even exist... as a bunch of bought up mortgages and such that turned sour as the so called "capital" asset's a free for all type market setting that is relatively new to humanity...the system is old...but because of this "forced" globalization and the new technologies and lack of any oversight of even each other ... this was the biggest thing to American prospector's or investor's since the damn "California Gold Rush" or the "Texas Oil Boom" and ended up with too many "player's",and this is not singled out to AIG ... this whole clan sleep's and play's together, kind of like a family with "no value's".

So... since this was largely influenced and dominated by the big daddy's of investment banking ... and of coarse AIG got involved simply as another investor who banked on deal's that were bought and sold through these subprime lender's and such, well .... they just all got in a big mess...and started cryin for help. The government has the option of ...just letting them fail like anyone else, but the problem they seen was...these folk's got so much and so many tied into them, that every one connected would take a nose dive too... a domino effect you can say. And somebody from within this mess...need's to clean up the mess...and these bad asset's or toxic's that they call them. You cant just get outsider's to come in and do this job that's needed... it's just too big and too deep. So you have the existing team that screwed it all up to begin with...clean up the mess they made. You/we(taxpayer's and gvmt) decide it's gonna cost us a couple hundred billion+ to cover their asses.We know that those top crust employee's work on salaries and bonuses, we cant expect them to work for an hourly wage...they wont...their player's.If we let them walk...and bring in an outside crew...and they screw up...we lost the whole goddamn couple hundred billion we shelled we keep them onboard...and give them their salaries/bonuses as usual...for their cooperation and service. And if it was $165 million or whatever in bonus pay...overall...that's just peanut's compared to how much we have vested in this crap.You takes money to make money.

All the media now is "showcasing" their anger along with our flimsy political structure...mouthing off that their all mad as hell...the media for the rating's...the politician's to cover their asses because all this crap will be brought to light during the next election run.And none of the politician's know how this happened and blame it on the opposite of the two dictating parties. Yet they ALL know damn well why the "bonuses" were left in the deal...because of what I stated above.When the media exposes the cost of retaining the services in bonus money...the people start bitching...and of coarse...all the politician's put on their suit of armour and their "angry face" mask's. Half of these politician's are like trained dog's...just like on the same-sex marriage thing .. if the peoples said they approve of it... some of these politician's would go to parties for photo-shoot's in drag .. or talking about their love of it.Now they want to take back the money that they clearly and legally and knowingly gave.So these who got the money...well...want to keep their paycheck's is all.So they tell them like they tell be patriotic and give back the money on their own...laying the classic "guilt trip" on them ... and of coarse if you dont,your a witch or a commi.

Now we have our heroes on the Hill...wanting to write legislation to tax up to 90% as a "payback". No...I wouldnt charge them a 90% or any outragious tax, it's nothing but the creation of another "evil" to give reason to tax anyone unfairly. I would have left bygones be bygones...tell them to do the goddamn job their paid for...then make "law's" so that this crap dont happen a second time is all.Besides...that $165 million "we" get back ... who will see it? Where will it go? hell...the same politician's probably will take it all as payment for all the sweating they did mouthing off to get it overtime fee's of somekind for all we know! I mean someone's going to get it...and dont think for a minute...we are going to get check's in the mail.I wouldnt even have bailed out any of these folk's. Out of anger? No ...not out of anger at all...just based on a solid game rule ... you play a bad loose...period.Would that cause a global financial ripple effect of disaster? ...Of coarse it would...but like any other disaster...we live with it and work through it and start over fresh.It wouldnt be the end of humanity for Petes sake.Hell... all were doing is patching up a worn out ship...that is going to need repair after repair just to stay afloat... we need to build a new ship.

We have this mentality in the 21st century humanity...that we can do everything with no pain...and make every street in America...Easy St. We still have a way's to go before we are that "evolved" and "civilised" ... but the longer we take to "change" the longer it will take to get to that point as well.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Capitalism(Capitol)Hill...more "stunning revelation's" than the Holy Bible!...

CNN this morning is reporting of these new "stunning revelation's"(in their word's) that are coming from Capitalism Hill this morning. Being that Rep.John Lewis(D-GA) revealed yesterday that his investigation found that 13 of the companies that have received TARP(Troubled Asset Relief Programme)money,owe tax money ... 2 of those companies owing more than $100 million dollar's each.Please dont laugh Mr.President, I almost seen you laugh yesterday at that electric vehicle facility in California you were speaking at about the condition of Washington(even though I know exactly how you feel sir...but I can actually laugh). }:)

Why would the President or someone like myself chuckle over all these so called "stunning revelation's"? Because it's almost like you want to sigh and laugh simutaneously...throw your hand's up in the air...and say "Heh,heh,heh...what's next?"...I knew for year's how this cesspool was operating and about all the freeloading,milking,and back patting that was going on...and you wanted to see it eventually get somewhat cleaned up and under some kind of order..and it all happen's to come out right when you just got hired to do a job..and your just thinking..."Well...what I dont get done today... will still be there tomorrow to do". This basically been running the same way that freeloading welfare recipient's work...just on a much higher level...or those who do invoice mark up's everytime they get a government contract. Believe me...there are folk's at all level's in this country guilty of the same thing's...even those who knowingly falsify info to mortgage lender's and the acquire goodies and fund's that they know in their heart's they CANNOT afford. So...heh,heh,heh...let's not just attack Wall St and Washington...when we get our candy taken away as well...many of us even citizen's havent been straight...and know damn well that these folk's are not straight...many of us are all part of the same hypocrisy...we made our bed... and the devil is asking his due's now! }:)

The one's who hurt the most from this are those who are "straight shooter's", those American's that alway's play by the their taxes...try to raise a decent family and shoot straight 99% of the time...which are million's! But America has a culture mindset as well as those on the Hill and on Wall St. Which is to not settle for less...and go for the's just when our natural instinct of greed kick's in...some of us cant control ourselves and over-indulge,let's say.And basically what we done in Washington was went up to Wall St...opened a 24/7 store that never closes...and half the time...had no cashier/attendant on duty...with a scratch pad at the counter that say's..."Sorry were out...just take what you need and sign the book as to what you owe...we'll send you a bill". So... Washington is "stunned" or "outraged"?...Heh,heh,heh...come,come now...who's been doing the legislation work...and watching the store, heh? Stop playing the naive victim.

Now...the reason that I say that the Hill has more stunning revelation's than the Holy because of what will come out in the next couple year's or so...will be enough to write a brand spanking new "Book of Revelation's". Heh,heh,heh...I'll just shut up now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG: Milking a DYING COW ... and American's held HOSTAGE ....

Buenos dias Amigo's ... well ... to anyone that is sober enough and sane enough who happened to stumble across this post/ blog!

The last thing I wanted to post about on this journal this morning is another AIG topic ... as you can see ... in my earlier post's ... I have gave them and other's that they sleep with plenty of word's on how they are milking us then ... will continue to milk us now ... and are going to milk us more in the near future. Why do I know this? Why do you think? ... I have hustled most of my life ... I just dont burn people like SOME who I dont need to mention names. I learned the hard way as a kid ... getting burned myself on deal's here and there ... to where I most of the time can see a "bite" when it's coming. And this "bite" is nothing compared to what has been going on ... and what else we will find out in the next couple year's. I been telling folk's even how all the scam's are going down with the contract's on this Iraq invasion, for the last 5 year's or so ... and just wait until that get's exposed within the next ... I would say a couple year's or so ... it will make AIG look like kiddy games. We have been getting screwed for year's ... period ... and every damn one on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) know's it, knew it, and has kept it "hush- hush".

What AIG is doing is not shocking to me at all ... as you can see in my earliest posting's. I was "shocked" that this is such a shock today ... and the blog's are lit up like Christmas tree's, the media and everyone else. Shocked because as I posted in earlier post's ... that these scammer's were doing it right out in the open, not even trying to cover up ... and so many were ignoring it. Let me say it one more time okay? ... WE BEEN HAD!!!! I shouldnt be laughing about this ... but I cant help it ... it's hilarious ... the American people have to be the biggest bunch of pidgeon's/ mark's that I have ever seen!

Now we have politician's this morning yelling that their outraged ... and if we "buy" this ... we are more dumb then we can imagine! Even Chris Dodd of the banking committee last year ... went along with the bonuses to be handed out. When all these politician's agreed to loan the money to bailout everyone ... they all knew that bonuses are part of the salary package ... even AIG themselves made it public that they were giving out bonuses ... they are even locked in by contract! And our politician's want to now yell "fire" AFTER the media exposes this?! AIG should sue if anything if anyone tries to take their bonuses! THEY ... been doing their homework and WE been sleeping and pre- occupied with petty BS like moral's, gay/ lesbian's marrying, bible stories, islam ... and other pointless rubbish that those on top dont give a rat's ass about ... they love to see us battle over such stupid petty issue's, Why? ... Why do you think? ... so they can milk you and rape you dry! Since everyone loves honesty ... let me be honest here ... American's are the biggest sucker's on the globe! And we damn sure deserve this.

Even the billion's we gave to the bank's ... as I also pointed out before ... is all being locked up ... and NOT being loaned out ... and only being invested in foreign nation's. Oh ... forgive me ... did our politician's tell us "we" own these institution's? Well then ask for your shares and annual profit's ... see what they tell you ... or rant about it in court. Know what they will tell your dumb ass? They will tell you that you are out of order and lock you up for contempt. We dont own squat! I stated in previous post's ... that America has already been sold out long ago ... period. The Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China own more of our asset's than we do ... so jump for joy like the liberal jackasses we are, about how "free" we are ... as I said earlier ... most people wouldnt know freedom if it slapped them in the face.

To top it off ... those bonuses are given as incentive to retain these employee's as vital asset's of the company ... yet many are going to take the bonuses and leave ... as some already have. Why? Why do you think? ... duuuuhhh ... cause they even are smart enough to see a dying cow that is not likely to come back to life, they also see more investigation's, regulation's, etc. There are plenty of other fish in the global sea that would pay handsome for their services. They are simply milking a dying cow ... and now ... holding us hostage. How is this a hostage situation? Simple ... some have already said ... if our government tries to take their bonuses ... they will attack with the inside knowledge they have ... and bring AIG down totally into the ground. And we are now wondering how to prosecute them or take back their bonuses ... after we already approved it ... and even handed them money? We deserve to be sued by them if we do.

On top of that ... the most silly part of all this ... is seeing all of the sudden all our shocked and outraged politician's ... acting like they are upset ... they all knew what was going on ... they wouldnt have said nothing if it wasnt for the media ... all most of them care about is preserving them high salaried gift packaged slacker job's and benefit's of their's that we pay them to do. Can you blame them? or blame AIG? We want AIG to give back the money now ... on their own ... to show their concern and patriotism when our country is in need? I would be really shocked if they gave back the money! Why? Why do you think? ... c'mon ... none of us are that slow ... heh?

PS: There is talk that some of the employee's that collected over $100,000 in bonus money are considering to give back at least some I realize ... but I think only out of fear of problem's they may face. I still dont trust them as far as I could throw them. And alot of these folk's are good accountant's ... they know how to mark off a loss somehow ... you can bet no one is going to the poorhouse or unemployment line on this. The $165 million didnt upset me as much as many American's because we all knew that bonuses are part of the game/ salaries ... and paying that to retain services to clear book's on a trillion dollar global venture is cheap!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke...and the face of cowardice and fear...

It has been tradition amongst those who run the Federal Reserve to not grant interview's...partly because it can have an effect on the market's as to what they say. This post is not to cut down Mr.Bernanke...but to show how the face of cowardice and fear has spread like a disease amongst civilised humanity. He is taking a logical approach to solving what some consider as a major crisis. Trust me ...the human race hadnt yet experienced "major crisis"...and the way we have let our mind's weaken, would be in for a rude awakening when we do have to actually confront a REAL crisis...which the species time. Be grateful a goddamn meteor or some catastrophy hasnt yet wiped us out yet to the point to where there is not even a trace of evidence hardly left of our once miserable existence! Crisis?...crisis my ass! Personally...I never did see the human species as "special"...nor do I think the earth will cease to exist without us.We ignore nature and the FACT...that we are just animal's at this point of our evolution. Which will change as we evolve. We should be respected as a species? We havent yet earned the right for respect.

This little skit of Mr.Bernanke on the tele series "60 Minutes" is to try to give a glimpse of optimism to the market's and the globe...that's all. This isnt about the American People' much as it's about kissing the asses of those who run the 3 entities that I describe as the world master's in my earlier post's. Our Government for instance wont give American's stimulus check's only because they fear we will do the logical thing and save it instead of spend it...and they may not see most of it. They worry about the People's Communist Republic of China more than they do you or your family and kid's, because China has a trillion dollar's invested in us and are worrying about their money! We are trying to bring the G-20 to listening to us dictate on what Western European countries should do at our request to solve economic miseries...when in actuality we shouldnt be telling these folk's what or what not to was American companies/government that created this goddamn mess...not our Euro allies! We worry about the Arab's and what will they feel about future investment's etc,etc...we do every goddamn thing but worry about our own goddamn problem's and spend too much time in other nation's business because of the system that run's the show that we have.

I call this a "logical" approach to this situation...because...what they want to do is basically restore the current "buy now,pay later" lifestyle and mentality that we have become so comfortable with...ESPECIALLY them! To get the "lending" practices flowing we can get back to business of usual...of chasing our own tail's through life...being miserable...and putting on plastic smiley faces to show our phoney happiness, etc. They plan to own/buyout outfit's such as AIG to try to sell off them piece by piece..and downsize them so that one company alone can't,as I wrote in the past,have the power to fail and bring down the rest of these monitary dictator's with them. Is this a "solution" that gain's merit? Certainly....if you want to retain the same as you had in the I wrote earlier...fixing this and pampering it...will only bring more of the same year's to come...which is war after war...and recession after recession, poverty,hunger,etc. Would we have massive hunger and/or chaos if we let this fail? of coarse we would....nothing is for free in this natural world would be more like "natural selection" taking place in our societies in a way. ....BUT...the payoff in the longrun...would be of more benefit to those of us who survive the storm...than anything we can imagine out of this current existence and system.

Of coarse...there is a easy way...and a harder way to handle this...and nothing comes too easy that is a great accomplishment. This solution...just is the easy route to insure a delay in what we will become. A time to come where the 3 entities will no longer be of any importance to humanity!

PS: For anyone that doesnt know what the "3 entities" are .... they are the mega-giant corporation's,government's,and religious institution's. They are all in bed together...and groom the species to their liking starting from childhood through the learning institution's,to the religious institution's,to setting the moral standard's of the family/group to all your investment's,health care,including your death.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No#1 God of Humanity is MONEY? .... No#1 Problem of Humanity is RELIGION'S? ...

My dad (Thomas Hudson Pickering/ 3rd- RIP) once told me as a child around the age of 10/ 11 or so, that the No#1 God of the people is money. Since that time ... I havent seen any reason to doubt or dispute that statement. Not that my dad didnt believe in God ... he told me he did ... it's just his idea/ concept of God was a lifeforce that simply evolves in nature, and that intelligence just simply comes with it's struggle to survive and evolve. He wasnt very fond of, or trusted churches too much, and seen alot of their guru's as con artist's. That's just how my dad was ... and he himself was a hustler ... small investor and spent time at the casino tables and exotic/ erotic floor show's of Las Vegas for entertainment ... while his leisure hobby was horticulture, growing all kind's of plant's, veggies, and planting tree's. We had a home in North Las Vegas at the time when it was nothing but a desert and mountain's in the 1960's. He was literally planting/ growing there ... and swore he could do it ... some folk's laughed at him when he had an idea to plant a bunch of peach and nectarine tree's on our desert property along with massive garden's ... he actually did it ... and it worked. He told me with a little "ambition" and "will" you can do just about anything. I learned quite a bit from the man and miss him much.

Why cant I dispute what he's told me about "money"? Well ... Hell ... just look at what makes the world and civilisation go round. Look at the greed even ... the hunger, the war's and occupation's in nation's ... the homeless ... the economic condition of the present and what it led to. I clicked on the tele (TV) in the middle of the night ... seen one of them off the wall inde station's ... it was a ministry in Atlanta (GA) ... named some kind of "dollar ministries" ... and the guy/ minister was reading off donation's and who they were from ... it was incredible ... the amount of $1000 check's and all the town's from the USA to Great Britain to Canada being sent to this ministry. There was as much talk if not more of money than God actually, of course all needed to help the peoples of the world. I am not one to say that they are helping the peoples of the world or not, I am just stating how much the show was about money ... and of course if you send this money ... God will do miracle's in your life ... even if you dont reckonize them off hand. I just started to wonder ... if perhap's God will work some miracle's to stop some of the poverty, misery, starvation and such that we are currently increasingly seeing. That way of course ... it would be beneficial to these ministries so that they can focus more on the teaching's of Jesus instead of having to spend so much time talking about money.

I look at the many conflict's that we have in the world ... not only currently ... but a long history of it. And I see alot of religion's and churches instigating these conflict's ... I didnt say "god" .. I said religion's and churches ... if God is about love of humanity and peace on earth ... this show's me that these religion's and chuches obviously have nothing to do with God ... if anything ... they must be anti- god. I mean ... what kind of religion or church act's as a mouthpiece for God and decides what God want's? Even the prophetic christ figure Jesus the Nazarene spoke of the corruption and false prophet's and warned of such on many occassion's, and according to even the four gospel's of the Holy Bible ... this guy was a very outspoken critic of even the church/ synagogue ... so much that even when a civilised and somewhat reasonable Roman leadership couldnt find nothing wrong with Jesus or having committed any serious crime ... the church/ synagogue's hierarchy protested to the Roman leadership and demanded that they would free/ release a convicted criminal and murderer and torture and execute this man Jesus. Does that sound "godly" or reasonable, fair, or just, in any way? Nor do I see any comparison with this man Jesus to any of these churches or leader's of today, yet they all claim to be follower's of his teaching's ... and act accordingly ... really? Hmmm ... imagine that.

I look at some of the butchering that even is going on in some of these middle eastern countries of people, and especially women, and all the death, bloodshed, misery, torture, slavery, sexual abuse of not just children or women ... but anything human that has genital's. And this isnt just focused to any one religious sect, this is across the board ... at every level. How can you expect to gain and continue to have folk's support you or have confidence in your leadership if all you do is destroy everything that is human and breathes ... even your own culture and peoples? How can you say you support and protect God's creation ... if all you do is destroy it and exploit it? Everything ... from the earth to all life ... and the only thing it accomplishes is power to the few ... and total dominance and/ or destruction of all life and creation? So you may see many folk's eventually more and more questioning the sincerity of your movement's and institution's ... and simply having faith in God instead of you and your institution's or law's.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Georgia's "Human/Child Sex Trafficking" and the Adult Entertainment industry's penalization...

Of coarse my intention's here are not to tell Georgian's what's right or wrong, because I am a Texan. But this issue came up in Dallas back around 10 year's ago...and an "attempt" was made here to penalize adult entertainment Cabaret style places for the action's of folk's who have no connection to the industry. And "NO" I dont even go to strip club' that is not why I am posting this.

According to Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are about 10,000 children in the USA that are victim's of sex trafficking. Being a parent I can see why that is disturbing. Atlanta(GA)is one of the top cities for child sex trafficking in the nation as well.

Kattie McCullough is the Director of "A Future,Not A Past" non profit organization in Atlanta that reaches out to victim's of the sex trade and abuse. Her with other volunteer's had been writing letter's to Senator's and Representative's proposing a new package of law's in Georgia which include about $5 surcharge for those who attend Cabaret's...or what most call "Strip Club's". Now you may say...$5 buck's is nothing...and it's for a good cause,and most patron's of these businesses would have no problem paying it,etc. But what I wonder, is what these businesses have to do with "child sex trafficking"? I mean...why do they have to pay a fee? Why not just raise the sales tax on all citizen's equally...or surcharges on any number of thing's? You know...since it's for a good cause and thinking of the kid's and all that. Why not just charge a fee to the churches that come from donation's to go to this fund? After all...they would be doing the "right thing" heh? And would the "surcharge" also apply to the strip places that women attend...and pay guy's to strip and dance? Would it apply to the gay strip joint's?

Bottom line is...there is NO connection with these cabaret's and sex crimes, this is more nonsense to find some "reason" to impose a "sin-tax/fee" on adult's who dont even condone to these criminal paying citizen's who do nothing to contribute to the activities of criminal's...capture the criminal's and obtain properties in seizures for instance like they do to drug dealer's. But why single out a group of citizen's who have committed no crimes or anything related to this? This is clearly unfair penalization of the Adult Entertainment Industry,and would spread like wildfire if they could get away with it!

PS: I also want to point out that some in Dallas may read this and bring up that Dallas has been found to have over half of stripper's that were all under age, between the ages of 12 and 16 stripping/dancing..and folk's may look at what I am writing as BS. But Dallas had a unique situation unlike Georgia/Atlanta or anywhere's else for that matter...the Texas Law on stripping/dancing...never did have an "age limit" is what caused that..and since it is only defined in Texas as "dancing", not having sexual wasnt really looked at until...a number of kid's got busted for propositioning Vice officer's in club's. Also...the other thing is lack of regulation and enforcement here...this all contributed to this.And most of these strip club's were not of the mainstream...where conventioner's and business people go...but smaller neighborhood places...that dont advertise in the newspaper's like the prominant places, and most didnt have a "liquor liscense" and are "private" club's so they are exempt from liquor law's or other law's the prominant known places simply pay $5 buck's at the door...that makes you technically a member...and since it's "private" they can legally let you bring your own bottle (BYOB joint's) of liquor...and just serve you mixer's is how that work's. So technically was all legal...except for the prostitution part.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Patriotism.... Protection.... and Preservation...

Watching the current problem's that we are facing...and we are not the Lone Ranger I posted in the beginning of this journal... what will make this situation it will be global. So this idea of trying to compare stat's and such with how thing's were in the Great Depression or other recession's is a moot point and silly...this is in it's own category...or at least will be time. Also the fact remain's that still...the majority (a mass majority at that of at least 9/10ths) of the American populace has work...period. Of coarse...the number's of homeless and home foreclosures look very large...simply because you have larger population's than times like the Great Depression...and a media that is honing in on this 24/7...not missing a beat. Many small bank's are doing well...many folk's that have been saving their money are going to do fairly well...and there is still a crapload of money out here...period. Were just simply going through a phase I think of as a "readjustment period", readjusting to changes of economic's. Will times get more tight? Hell...does a Teddy Bear have cotton ball's? And the majority of these expert's all suspected this coming...this idea that no one know's what's happening is rubbish! And they damn sure knew that it was going to be "global".

Now I listen to these economic expert's and their pandering politician's trying to make us feel that we the people need to be more "patriotic" to help the country and the invest spend accept more taxation on purchases fee's etc. We will get less tax taken out of our paycheck's, the good thing about that wont have to wait a bloody year to get a tax refund if your one of them low hourly worker's. And the idea that those folk's dont pay tax according to the upper nonsense...the working poor percentage wise pay more in bloody taxes and fee's than anyone.They are the last to get any damn thing..they dont get free car's...and designer clothes...just to drive and wear them to endorse the product's...or courtesy this and that...just for existing and appearing. They dont get to write off all the expenses they get hit with day after day on taxes..and when they do get them refund's every year...they use it to pay back into the all these artificial elitist's who whine like babies about how cruel their being treated...grow the hell up you wimp's! Then they tell the peoples that we should be grateful to live in a country with all we have...what their forgetting is they should be grateful as well. They do alot of business in places with 3rd world cheap labour...but how many of them want to live there, over Beverly Hill's or Park Avenue?

I am not sure what the actual stat's are...but I would guess...that the American peoples probably spend the most money in the world or close to it. Put it this way ..where would many Chinese worker's be if it wasnt for peoples like us buying all them product's they flood the market with? Or folk's at some sweatshop in Viet Nam or Central America ...with all the low price clothing we buy? America does alot for alot of folk's... let's face it. So dont even think that folk's are not going to invest here...or we need to sacrifice more...or more job's wont be created here, this is also dont think them 50 cent an hour foreign worker's are going to spend the money we you? Pleeeease.... tell that crap to Joe Sponge or Sam Plankhead or some other jellohead who buy's this nonsense.

We also need to focus as patriot's on protecting our interest's. I have known a few that are taking their money out of their 401K's...and ratholing a little more money on their own than before. But I hear all these economist's again...telling us to invest in these plan's that are offered..and politician's nodding their head's in the background...telling us to regain confidence in the system and those who run it. My response is... "Give us a reason to" far...the system's have weakened and cant stand their own ground...we are having to hold their hand at every crossing and breast feed them. And those on the Hill...are solving problem's by acting like a bunch of pre-schooler's fighting over toy's. If ya'll want to gain our confidence and us a better report card...and we will...until then...get ya'll's ass to work like the rest of us and stop whining! That's what the hell we pay you for! Ya'll on the Hill ought to be grateful ya'll still got them high salary job's.
Maybe we ought to "outsource" their goddamn job's to folk's who will work for half the price of them on Capitalism Hill(Capitol Hill)!

As tension's do violence and crime. And I listen to folk's like Nancy Pelosi talk about taking away more gun's from folk's especially in urban area's and making our street's safer. Well that's sweet and nice...however...most of these folk's dictating this rubbish dont live in any of the neighborhood's that we do. George.W.Bush for instance lives walking distance now from my home...but his neighborhood is far different from mine as well. How many of these folk's had to face thing's like home invasion robberies, rape,getting held up at their ATM,or at a rail station? The police in all metro area's across the nation are swamped as it is. What is the proper thing to do...get killed then call 911? If we get our paycheck jacked...will ya'll bail us out? Dont worry about our goddamn gun's or weapon's of defense and self preservation...just get your asses to work and do ya'll's job's for now...we will take care of ourselves!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Tattoo Barbie"... should we decapitate her... or just burn her at the stake?.... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.1)

According to some parent's ... the "LOW- LIFE" toy company "Mattel" has once again "slimed" a once wonderful and beautiful toy, ... at least that is what I was reading online (example's, here , and here ), also here , (remind you, this is all over a toy/ doll). And I can understand parent's/ grandparent's being concerned about their children ... I am both a parent and grandparent myself. They call for a boycott of this product/ toy ... and that is the choice they can certainly make. But also ... it isnt going to stop Mattel from producing a product that has wide acceptance and popularity and has hit record sales. Of course ... many probably remember the outrage over Barbie's friend Midge a few year's back who was pregnant. I didnt look at that as hard as many ... besides, it is "pro-life" ... is it not?

But looking at this new Barbie kit ... called "Totally Stylin' Tattoos'" I had a difficult time trying to find anything damaging to a child's mind over it. I looked at the actual tattoo's that can be stuck on the doll itself ... for Petes sake!,they were little heart's, teddy bear's, flower's, smiley face's, bunny rabbit's, and such. The kind's of thing's lil girl's surround themselves with ... I have raised a little girl myself ... so I should know. Thing's that are about as common as little girl's liking the color pink. I dont see the harm of a little girl dressing up her doll's in various fashion's ... or even putting a little tattoo of a teddy bear or perhap's a smiley face or similar on the doll's arm or shoulder. There is also a little tattoo gun ... similar to a water gun where you can stamp on these little tattoo's/ logo's on clothing or one's self. Many little girl's like to play dress up and such, my little girl and her friend's did.

Of course ... every parent has the right to raise their little girl's the way they see fit ... and protect them from harm. And also of course the right to boycott a product. But if you happen to be in a store one day with your little girl and she look's at this little doll and her eyes light up with happiness ... maybe it's good also to take another look at the little doll ... and determine for yourself instead of a pop rebellion movement determining for you ... if there is anything wrong with what you see or not ... after all ... it's for your little girl ... not their's.

All of us older types can certainly remember when we were kid's ... I certainly do. I can actually remember when Elvis Presley was considered indecent for just shaking a leg and hip ... this is the truth. No one would even think of that now ... and look at him as a mirror image of a great time in America's history with strong value's. Just take a little closer look at the doll before you decide to decapitate it, or burn it at the stake is all. Mattel is simply an old company, that even made many of my own childhood toy's that is trying to simply keep up with the style's is all. It's only a little doll ... and cant destroy good parenting, or is no threat.


Is the working classes problem bad money management? ...NO!...

For year's I have heard the arguement from those who have a fair amount of financial success argue that the problem with the working class folk's is they need to do a better job at managing their money.Most of those who argue this...just simply made a right move at a right the right place is all. And many other's may never had actually done a hard day's work in their entire life.

But this is nonsense! First of can you manage your money better when you dont have money to manage? Another thing is....I hear all the time from working class citizen's about the pay freezes...increases in their insurance premium's for health care...and especially some of the hourly wages they are earning. I see many who are earning 1985 wages in a 2009 economy. I see many that work 2 and 3 part time job's...who are so good at managing what little they do have and surviving...that I think some of these people may do a better job at managing our goddamn economy! These are mainly folk's who believe in the American dream...and that if they bust ass enough..they will get a reward in the longrun.Which is actually how this system initially worked.

Listening to these self proclaimed expert's on how to succeed will put you in a never ending marathon that has no finish line. As a matter of fact...the "success" of many of these folk's who are looked at as a success built only on the back's and monies of those who work for less. But the idea that you are not working hard enough or that you are not managing your money well enough in many cases is BS. And every case is unique to each individual...what can work for one...does not mean it can work for another. But NEVER let these folk's tell you that your problem is that you dont manage your money right if you cant accumulate enough money to manage. And everytime you do make an extra assured that those who have all these answer's to your problem's...will be first in line standing in front of you with their hand out...wanting to sell you some other crap for that extra buck you just made.

It is those who can take little...and stretch it too the limit that have the real talent...since they have no surplus to waste or make a mistake...because the result's would be total collapse of all dignity and even the bare necessities...thus meaning...those with little who can struggle and still survive despite all odd's against them...are truely the elite and the efficient financial manager's.

"The Cycle"... Contamination to Corruption to Cesspool then Calamity....

This is simply a follow up to the previous post showing the "Cycle" and why the failure then reconstruction is needed. I also want to point out that I dont look at "greed" as a negative...greed is our nature in everything we do damn near.In it's own is actually motivational and constructive to an extent. Too much of any one thing can be destructive is all.

It's also our nature when we find something new that work' hold onto it and to improve it over time with modification's. Democracy and free market for instance is a great thing...and work's for everyone. I make it sound sometimes like our entire political structure is something horrible like a machine out to devour us, it isnt at all. Our leader's/representative's are just as much slaves as we are, and even the entities are slaves to their own action's.We "all" are simply in a cycle that has already reached it's maximum capacity...and as we evolve so need's our system's. Just look at history...and where we were...throughout the ages...and where we are now,even our sciences and technologies. Our system is simply getting outdated for the times is all..and need's to slowly fall apart piece by piece...and take it's place in the history of the past.

Too much greed is simply a contaminating cancer that turn's the cycle corrupt, which evolves into a cesspool that lead's to calamity. Anything that we "made" can be "un-made" as well. There is no "evil" forces enslaving us...only ourselves...nothing in the human psyche is more powerful than "will". The trick is...understanding it...and knowing how to utilize it. Fear is healthy in it's own way too...but the same applies....too much of it lead's to disaster...the overall fix to all is "balance".

We have also evolved to the point where we need to see that there is more than just left/right or two sides to anything...and realize that it's just part of growing up, and maturing...nothing more...quite simple. And stop clinging to ideal's and system's that are simply relic's now. That is what "change" is truely about. Sooner or later...every child must grow up and will their own path is all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Where the Hell is my Stimulus check?!!" ..... and small American bank's are doing well...

The reason I brought this to this journal ... is because I have had a few neighbor's and folk's in the street's ask me if I heard anything about "stimulus check's", and where they are or when are they going out, etc? And many folk's online are asking the same thing. There are also a number of folk's that are pulling scam's to get money out of people, and telling them how to get stimulus money, etc. I myself get a few phone messages a week on my home phone of people that want to show me how to get stimulus money ... by of course sending them money first ... DO NOT buy any of this ... these people are about as trustworthy and have the same integrity as many in our government and will only screw you. The fact is ... many vulture's come out of the woodwork at this time to try to get stimulus money.

I know that many folk's took it during the campaign that we were going to get stimulus check's, because in the campaign ... the politician's kept talking "stimulus" especially on the democrat side. The reality is ... dont hold your breathe. I checked the IRS and all where I could ... and there is nothing to make any of us think we are getting any check's in the mail ... and the only reason Bush gave it was to save his ass, and hopefully go out of office with some kind of help to American's on his resume ... and to try to jump start the economy when it started going sour. Nor do him or even any republican's give a rat's ass about the American people's interest ... except what they can milk you for ... and the democrat's are not far behind. President Obama does have some broad proposal's ... but understand also that those who he has to choose from to put in his cabinet are part of the old school and as you can see ... all the bickering between the 2 parties is already back ... and were pretty much back close to where we left off. Yes ... the earmark's are down some ... for instance ... compared to the last administration's spending ... this is down roughly $500 million (one half of one billion)... which is something ... but still not significant considering the amount we are being soaked for. And what is an "earmark" and by whose definition? In other word's, one's earmark is a necessity to another. It's a no win web of lies and milking's to keep a handful of financial leader's who take all the world's money to re-invest for their own benefit.

The reality is ... we just been "had" ... and of course got screwed again. The only thing the American people's can hope for out of this is some infrastructure repair and maybe a little break on health care insurance ... but the idea that health care will be nationalized or even some type of public option ... to me is not even worth trusting. Understand that the insurance industry is in bed with the investment banking industry ... they control everyone's health care and everyone's money, retirement, and even their homes and mortgages ... and they own more of Capitol Hill then any of the people's currently. The only way to get significant change and to free ourselves from this, is to abandon the entire system and let it all fail ... which our leader's are NOT going to let us do ... period. So we MUST take it upon ourselves to boycott and to protest ... and not let them get any money easy out of us ... stay away from their investment plan's and rathole every dime we can ... and shop on the net ... the black market etc ... basically seperate from our dependence on them ... and abandon their system to the best of our ability. Even the major religious institution's are part of this cesspool ... and have nothing to do with a person's faith in God ... they use religion and their churches to keep us in conflict and control our mind's. None of the prophet's of the past would even support these mega religion's of today ... because they are corrupt.

I stated in previous post's to NOT approve bailout's and let them all fail time and time again ... many people think I am a nutcase for saying this ... and it is only a recipe to have society relapse into total chaos or Helter Skelter, and that civilisation would collapse. I REPEAT ... it will NOT! This is all part of the programme ... it is all lies. I am so confident of this ... I would lay my own life on the line as a wager. I also know this will ALL collapse in time. Even our war's and occupation's of other nation's are mostly all staged by this system, to keep us at odd's with each other and confict and to keep the pool of cheap labour plentiful and slaves of their empires. The same reason they want us to over-reproduce ... lives make money and produce slaves and also keep's us dependent and in desperation ... chasing our own tail's like a dumb dog ... on a mission to actually no where but to benefit and keep the 3 entities I mention in my posting's on top. This is nothing new, these technique's were even used in ancient Rome ... and this is exactly why it will change and fall in time.

A perfect example of why abandoning the entities and financial institution's wont bring doom and gloom ... is ... look at the current banking industry in America ... not Wall St. or the investment banker's...but the bank's that many of us in our communities put our money. Technically we are in a recession ... but the reality is ... the small bank's in our communities are doing well right now ... as a matter of fact better than usual! Why do you think so many in Washington ... especially on the GOP (republican) side dont want to mail us a stimulus check ... even for just $500 or $600 buck's? And instead want to give us a tax reduction on our paycheck's of $10 buck's a week or so? They hit 2 bird's with one stone doing this. You see ... they dont want us to get a check like that and rathole it especially in a small independent bank ... because the gain would only be to us and that small local banker. By giving you only, like giving a child an allowance of $10 buck's or so a week ... especially while you are struggling ... they know there is less chance of you saving it or it going to anything else but spending it on Chinese import's or other item's. Although many would still spend the check's but it is not a guarantee to them. They dont want to just divy up billion's as well to give in more massive payout's ... because ... many would be able to pay off too much on debt's ... and a main component of the mission is to keep all of us in debt to them. Understand ... they only want small bank's to take our money to let them re- invest ... and not domestically in any of our interest ... but to their benefit only to have total global control. They dont want those small entrepreneur's they alway's boast about wanting ... but to take their idea's and to mass market it themselves. They dont want to nationalize health care ... because to do so ... would bring them less revenue ... and less revenue's amount's to less power. So ... look at the whole picture. The only thing that would fail by not bailing them out is nothing more then their existing empires ... not civilisation. As a matter of fact ... those small businesses would thrive and entrepreneur's/ small businesses would come out of the woodwork as well. This is all a snowjob and nothing but scare tactic's. And to keep all our small bank's and businesses in debt to them and under their thumb. THAT"S THE REALITY!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"AIG"(Another Incompetent Guru)... and it's "ADD"(Attention Deficit Disorder) diagnosis....

"I cant believe's stunning...mind blowing...,etc" say's CNN's Christine Romans....her facial expression and eye's appearing as if she seen a ghost.And several other's act in shock. Well......I certainly dont find any of this shocking, not even a tiny bit...after all....just look at this journal..I been writing about this for the last year. And if the average working poor citizen like myself with hardly NO formal education can see this coming...I can assure you that this "shock" response of any of these experienced,educated,professional's including the Fed and the analyst's is nothing more than ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)in concert with natural born ignorance....with a sprinkle of lies. The problem's are quite simple actually...corporate forced globalization("forced",because it will come naturally with time)and a so called free economy/market...that is too interdependent on a few, making it not much different then a monopoly, and that we are a society that work's strictly on borrowing too much, and a system that goes back to ancient Rome and refined during the middle ages. In reality and the natural order of thing's, this will change drastically and fail bit by bit...we are a species who find it hard to depart with old ties you can say.

Nor should this be any suprise to anyone that today it was announced that OUR Government will overhaul it's bailout to help the besieged AIG unwind in an orderly other word's...just have an open monitary buffet with your I said before.What you are seeing the "2nd Bite" that I was speaking of a few month's back is all, and the investment banker's will tag on this one too as I mentioned...give it a few week's or so to really hit home on that...because they dont want to say too much while their partner's are biting us...I mean...their all in the same bed.This is also why I mentioned that we will get an economic stimulus for the peoples fairly quick...because they know if they didnt make this play/move they would get "made" too quick..this buy's them time in between bites...because the funding for domestic infrastructure we will get will be the small part of the big chunk...they will eat the most. It's no different basically then a dope cartel diversion...they let a mule/run get busted with 200 kilo's on the San Diego/Tijuana crossing of cocaine...which is being more heavily monitored, then they use the El Paso/Juarez crossing to push through a few thousand kilo's...while authorities are preoccupied with the petty bust as a "good collar/bust". They throw us a few bones keep us preoccupied..and throw in some other trinket's that rave us Octumommi's, or fag's wanting to marry to get us fired up amongst ourselves, knowing how silly moral crap alway's distract's us. So they are as easy to read as a goddamn road map!

The monopolizing part here that I that AIG does business now in more than 130 countries...and hold's over 74 million insurance policies. $162.5 billion was the initial package...and now we will commit another $30 billion to a company who we(gvmnt)are pushing to sell pieces of it's business to repay loan commitment's, in a market that is dwindling apart and less speculating and buying up these assets taking place...I mean...can you blame the private sector on this? Would any one of us buy a used car that has a difficult time getting into 3rd gear? Or an inferior product at a premium price? Think about it. AIG whines that they are "overwhelmed" by ungoing deterioration in the credit market's...heh,heh,heh...well ya'll(AIG) welcome to the reality that we all have to face...including your "bailout"bondsmen, us. I couldnt even tell with all the lavish junket's and spending they been doing that they are having it "SO HARD". ...Hmmmm... imagine that.

According to AIG/CEO Edward"Steady Eddie"Liddy .... AIG intend's to reimburse taxpayer's...and their plan to transfer 2 Life Insurance subsidiaries to the New York Fed....... would help reduce it's obligation to the American public. Hell Bubba...that's no different than owing me $5000 and giving me a Chinese counterfeit Rolex watch to hold on it! Some analyst's estimate that AIG may need another $100 billion more(Wonder if Steady Eddie paid them to assess see if we may actually buy that bite in a poll/survey, dont put it past them folk's). Their new excuse/problem is exposure to credit default swap' contract's... on CDO's (collateralized debt obligation's)... because the value's of these CDO's nose dived in 2008, and then taking sizeable write down's on it's subprime mortage backed securities holding's...which loss value from the housing crisis. Well...I got a solution for about just do what they tell us to do? Which is...pull ourselves up by our bootstrap' a faith based charity...or see a credit doctor and pray to the Almighty.

I think we seen enough on how this is going and the reality.....heh? This is nothing more than the same BS in new packaging...and of coarse the response from the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department dont sound ANY different today...saying that "Given the systemic risk AIG continue's to pose and the fragility of the market's today, the potential cost's to the economy and taxpayer of government inaction would be extremely high" ...Hmmmm....does that sound familiar to anyone else besides me? :)

PS: I want to also mention that I realize that "Steady Eddie"(Liddy) is not at fault here and I am not trying to say he is...he is new to AIG and work's for a buck($1) a year(clever). He's trying to repair that all of us who are involved or effected by it... can regain confidence is all. But that is my point here... I am not trying to be cocky here or anti-AIG...but why would I want to have confidence in helping someone that controls more than they can even handle try to expand even more? So you see my point.