Friday, March 6, 2009

Is the working classes problem bad money management? ...NO!...

For year's I have heard the arguement from those who have a fair amount of financial success argue that the problem with the working class folk's is they need to do a better job at managing their money.Most of those who argue this...just simply made a right move at a right the right place is all. And many other's may never had actually done a hard day's work in their entire life.

But this is nonsense! First of can you manage your money better when you dont have money to manage? Another thing is....I hear all the time from working class citizen's about the pay freezes...increases in their insurance premium's for health care...and especially some of the hourly wages they are earning. I see many who are earning 1985 wages in a 2009 economy. I see many that work 2 and 3 part time job's...who are so good at managing what little they do have and surviving...that I think some of these people may do a better job at managing our goddamn economy! These are mainly folk's who believe in the American dream...and that if they bust ass enough..they will get a reward in the longrun.Which is actually how this system initially worked.

Listening to these self proclaimed expert's on how to succeed will put you in a never ending marathon that has no finish line. As a matter of fact...the "success" of many of these folk's who are looked at as a success built only on the back's and monies of those who work for less. But the idea that you are not working hard enough or that you are not managing your money well enough in many cases is BS. And every case is unique to each individual...what can work for one...does not mean it can work for another. But NEVER let these folk's tell you that your problem is that you dont manage your money right if you cant accumulate enough money to manage. And everytime you do make an extra assured that those who have all these answer's to your problem's...will be first in line standing in front of you with their hand out...wanting to sell you some other crap for that extra buck you just made.

It is those who can take little...and stretch it too the limit that have the real talent...since they have no surplus to waste or make a mistake...because the result's would be total collapse of all dignity and even the bare necessities...thus meaning...those with little who can struggle and still survive despite all odd's against them...are truely the elite and the efficient financial manager's.


Infidel753 said...

It's not working-class people who are guilty of "bad money management".

Look at the banks which sent credit cards to unemployed people, dead people, dogs, anyone they could find. Look at the finance wizards who concocted all these Escher/Rube Goldberg investment instruments. Look at the wealthy Republican politicians who removed regulation and oversight from the above while themselves adding another five trillion to the national debt. Look at how all those people, none of whom are working-class, have now steered the economy of the entire planet into the tar pits. Now that's what I call "bad money management".

Ranch Chimp said...

Damn good point Mr.Infidel.Even back in times between job's for instance..and after I dumped many credit card's...I still had folk's sending me credit card's. And the weird way that work's ...or at least used to work...was once one bank send's you a card and you's open season on you, because several other's will mail you new card's. And they know it's hard to turn down for some folk's. Kind of like when your car shopping...and they get you to drive the car...and you get that "feel" and the smoothness...the smell and all, they know it's hard to just walk away. When I seen Bush trying to run thing's the way thing's are ran in Texas when he first got going in Washington...I suspected right there,there would be problem's.Texas is in a class of it's own how thing's work here, and it work's fairly well here. But knowing's a different ballgame.

Yeah...they all went hogwild and drove this into the pit' we are gonna have to expect some recovery time.Just goes to show you what no regulation or oversight can do...even in the upper crust. heh,heh, or poor my man...there is still that "human nature".

One of my grandson's was offered a new car loan at the age of 10, he was excited...and I couldnt blame him. goes to show you how messed up thing's are.They didnt even know his age obviously.