Saturday, March 7, 2009

Patriotism.... Protection.... and Preservation...

Watching the current problem's that we are facing...and we are not the Lone Ranger I posted in the beginning of this journal... what will make this situation it will be global. So this idea of trying to compare stat's and such with how thing's were in the Great Depression or other recession's is a moot point and silly...this is in it's own category...or at least will be time. Also the fact remain's that still...the majority (a mass majority at that of at least 9/10ths) of the American populace has work...period. Of coarse...the number's of homeless and home foreclosures look very large...simply because you have larger population's than times like the Great Depression...and a media that is honing in on this 24/7...not missing a beat. Many small bank's are doing well...many folk's that have been saving their money are going to do fairly well...and there is still a crapload of money out here...period. Were just simply going through a phase I think of as a "readjustment period", readjusting to changes of economic's. Will times get more tight? Hell...does a Teddy Bear have cotton ball's? And the majority of these expert's all suspected this coming...this idea that no one know's what's happening is rubbish! And they damn sure knew that it was going to be "global".

Now I listen to these economic expert's and their pandering politician's trying to make us feel that we the people need to be more "patriotic" to help the country and the invest spend accept more taxation on purchases fee's etc. We will get less tax taken out of our paycheck's, the good thing about that wont have to wait a bloody year to get a tax refund if your one of them low hourly worker's. And the idea that those folk's dont pay tax according to the upper nonsense...the working poor percentage wise pay more in bloody taxes and fee's than anyone.They are the last to get any damn thing..they dont get free car's...and designer clothes...just to drive and wear them to endorse the product's...or courtesy this and that...just for existing and appearing. They dont get to write off all the expenses they get hit with day after day on taxes..and when they do get them refund's every year...they use it to pay back into the all these artificial elitist's who whine like babies about how cruel their being treated...grow the hell up you wimp's! Then they tell the peoples that we should be grateful to live in a country with all we have...what their forgetting is they should be grateful as well. They do alot of business in places with 3rd world cheap labour...but how many of them want to live there, over Beverly Hill's or Park Avenue?

I am not sure what the actual stat's are...but I would guess...that the American peoples probably spend the most money in the world or close to it. Put it this way ..where would many Chinese worker's be if it wasnt for peoples like us buying all them product's they flood the market with? Or folk's at some sweatshop in Viet Nam or Central America ...with all the low price clothing we buy? America does alot for alot of folk's... let's face it. So dont even think that folk's are not going to invest here...or we need to sacrifice more...or more job's wont be created here, this is also dont think them 50 cent an hour foreign worker's are going to spend the money we you? Pleeeease.... tell that crap to Joe Sponge or Sam Plankhead or some other jellohead who buy's this nonsense.

We also need to focus as patriot's on protecting our interest's. I have known a few that are taking their money out of their 401K's...and ratholing a little more money on their own than before. But I hear all these economist's again...telling us to invest in these plan's that are offered..and politician's nodding their head's in the background...telling us to regain confidence in the system and those who run it. My response is... "Give us a reason to" far...the system's have weakened and cant stand their own ground...we are having to hold their hand at every crossing and breast feed them. And those on the Hill...are solving problem's by acting like a bunch of pre-schooler's fighting over toy's. If ya'll want to gain our confidence and us a better report card...and we will...until then...get ya'll's ass to work like the rest of us and stop whining! That's what the hell we pay you for! Ya'll on the Hill ought to be grateful ya'll still got them high salary job's.
Maybe we ought to "outsource" their goddamn job's to folk's who will work for half the price of them on Capitalism Hill(Capitol Hill)!

As tension's do violence and crime. And I listen to folk's like Nancy Pelosi talk about taking away more gun's from folk's especially in urban area's and making our street's safer. Well that's sweet and nice...however...most of these folk's dictating this rubbish dont live in any of the neighborhood's that we do. George.W.Bush for instance lives walking distance now from my home...but his neighborhood is far different from mine as well. How many of these folk's had to face thing's like home invasion robberies, rape,getting held up at their ATM,or at a rail station? The police in all metro area's across the nation are swamped as it is. What is the proper thing to do...get killed then call 911? If we get our paycheck jacked...will ya'll bail us out? Dont worry about our goddamn gun's or weapon's of defense and self preservation...just get your asses to work and do ya'll's job's for now...we will take care of ourselves!

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