Friday, March 6, 2009

"Tattoo Barbie"... should we decapitate her... or just burn her at the stake?.... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.1)

According to some parent's ... the "LOW- LIFE" toy company "Mattel" has once again "slimed" a once wonderful and beautiful toy, ... at least that is what I was reading online (example's, here , and here ), also here , (remind you, this is all over a toy/ doll). And I can understand parent's/ grandparent's being concerned about their children ... I am both a parent and grandparent myself. They call for a boycott of this product/ toy ... and that is the choice they can certainly make. But also ... it isnt going to stop Mattel from producing a product that has wide acceptance and popularity and has hit record sales. Of course ... many probably remember the outrage over Barbie's friend Midge a few year's back who was pregnant. I didnt look at that as hard as many ... besides, it is "pro-life" ... is it not?

But looking at this new Barbie kit ... called "Totally Stylin' Tattoos'" I had a difficult time trying to find anything damaging to a child's mind over it. I looked at the actual tattoo's that can be stuck on the doll itself ... for Petes sake!,they were little heart's, teddy bear's, flower's, smiley face's, bunny rabbit's, and such. The kind's of thing's lil girl's surround themselves with ... I have raised a little girl myself ... so I should know. Thing's that are about as common as little girl's liking the color pink. I dont see the harm of a little girl dressing up her doll's in various fashion's ... or even putting a little tattoo of a teddy bear or perhap's a smiley face or similar on the doll's arm or shoulder. There is also a little tattoo gun ... similar to a water gun where you can stamp on these little tattoo's/ logo's on clothing or one's self. Many little girl's like to play dress up and such, my little girl and her friend's did.

Of course ... every parent has the right to raise their little girl's the way they see fit ... and protect them from harm. And also of course the right to boycott a product. But if you happen to be in a store one day with your little girl and she look's at this little doll and her eyes light up with happiness ... maybe it's good also to take another look at the little doll ... and determine for yourself instead of a pop rebellion movement determining for you ... if there is anything wrong with what you see or not ... after all ... it's for your little girl ... not their's.

All of us older types can certainly remember when we were kid's ... I certainly do. I can actually remember when Elvis Presley was considered indecent for just shaking a leg and hip ... this is the truth. No one would even think of that now ... and look at him as a mirror image of a great time in America's history with strong value's. Just take a little closer look at the doll before you decide to decapitate it, or burn it at the stake is all. Mattel is simply an old company, that even made many of my own childhood toy's that is trying to simply keep up with the style's is all. It's only a little doll ... and cant destroy good parenting, or is no threat.


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