Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG: Milking a DYING COW ... and American's held HOSTAGE ....

Buenos dias Amigo's ... well ... to anyone that is sober enough and sane enough who happened to stumble across this post/ blog!

The last thing I wanted to post about on this journal this morning is another AIG topic ... as you can see ... in my earlier post's ... I have gave them and other's that they sleep with plenty of word's on how they are milking us then ... will continue to milk us now ... and are going to milk us more in the near future. Why do I know this? Why do you think? ... I have hustled most of my life ... I just dont burn people like SOME who I dont need to mention names. I learned the hard way as a kid ... getting burned myself on deal's here and there ... to where I most of the time can see a "bite" when it's coming. And this "bite" is nothing compared to what has been going on ... and what else we will find out in the next couple year's. I been telling folk's even how all the scam's are going down with the contract's on this Iraq invasion, for the last 5 year's or so ... and just wait until that get's exposed within the next ... I would say a couple year's or so ... it will make AIG look like kiddy games. We have been getting screwed for year's ... period ... and every damn one on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) know's it, knew it, and has kept it "hush- hush".

What AIG is doing is not shocking to me at all ... as you can see in my earliest posting's. I was "shocked" that this is such a shock today ... and the blog's are lit up like Christmas tree's, the media and everyone else. Shocked because as I posted in earlier post's ... that these scammer's were doing it right out in the open, not even trying to cover up ... and so many were ignoring it. Let me say it one more time okay? ... WE BEEN HAD!!!! I shouldnt be laughing about this ... but I cant help it ... it's hilarious ... the American people have to be the biggest bunch of pidgeon's/ mark's that I have ever seen!

Now we have politician's this morning yelling that their outraged ... and if we "buy" this ... we are more dumb then we can imagine! Even Chris Dodd of the banking committee last year ... went along with the bonuses to be handed out. When all these politician's agreed to loan the money to bailout everyone ... they all knew that bonuses are part of the salary package ... even AIG themselves made it public that they were giving out bonuses ... they are even locked in by contract! And our politician's want to now yell "fire" AFTER the media exposes this?! AIG should sue if anything if anyone tries to take their bonuses! THEY ... been doing their homework and WE been sleeping and pre- occupied with petty BS like moral's, gay/ lesbian's marrying, bible stories, islam ... and other pointless rubbish that those on top dont give a rat's ass about ... they love to see us battle over such stupid petty issue's, Why? ... Why do you think? ... so they can milk you and rape you dry! Since everyone loves honesty ... let me be honest here ... American's are the biggest sucker's on the globe! And we damn sure deserve this.

Even the billion's we gave to the bank's ... as I also pointed out before ... is all being locked up ... and NOT being loaned out ... and only being invested in foreign nation's. Oh ... forgive me ... did our politician's tell us "we" own these institution's? Well then ask for your shares and annual profit's ... see what they tell you ... or rant about it in court. Know what they will tell your dumb ass? They will tell you that you are out of order and lock you up for contempt. We dont own squat! I stated in previous post's ... that America has already been sold out long ago ... period. The Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China own more of our asset's than we do ... so jump for joy like the liberal jackasses we are, about how "free" we are ... as I said earlier ... most people wouldnt know freedom if it slapped them in the face.

To top it off ... those bonuses are given as incentive to retain these employee's as vital asset's of the company ... yet many are going to take the bonuses and leave ... as some already have. Why? Why do you think? ... duuuuhhh ... cause they even are smart enough to see a dying cow that is not likely to come back to life, they also see more investigation's, regulation's, etc. There are plenty of other fish in the global sea that would pay handsome for their services. They are simply milking a dying cow ... and now ... holding us hostage. How is this a hostage situation? Simple ... some have already said ... if our government tries to take their bonuses ... they will attack with the inside knowledge they have ... and bring AIG down totally into the ground. And we are now wondering how to prosecute them or take back their bonuses ... after we already approved it ... and even handed them money? We deserve to be sued by them if we do.

On top of that ... the most silly part of all this ... is seeing all of the sudden all our shocked and outraged politician's ... acting like they are upset ... they all knew what was going on ... they wouldnt have said nothing if it wasnt for the media ... all most of them care about is preserving them high salaried gift packaged slacker job's and benefit's of their's that we pay them to do. Can you blame them? or blame AIG? We want AIG to give back the money now ... on their own ... to show their concern and patriotism when our country is in need? I would be really shocked if they gave back the money! Why? Why do you think? ... c'mon ... none of us are that slow ... heh?

PS: There is talk that some of the employee's that collected over $100,000 in bonus money are considering to give back at least some I realize ... but I think only out of fear of problem's they may face. I still dont trust them as far as I could throw them. And alot of these folk's are good accountant's ... they know how to mark off a loss somehow ... you can bet no one is going to the poorhouse or unemployment line on this. The $165 million didnt upset me as much as many American's because we all knew that bonuses are part of the game/ salaries ... and paying that to retain services to clear book's on a trillion dollar global venture is cheap!


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