Friday, March 6, 2009

"The Cycle"... Contamination to Corruption to Cesspool then Calamity....

This is simply a follow up to the previous post showing the "Cycle" and why the failure then reconstruction is needed. I also want to point out that I dont look at "greed" as a negative...greed is our nature in everything we do damn near.In it's own is actually motivational and constructive to an extent. Too much of any one thing can be destructive is all.

It's also our nature when we find something new that work' hold onto it and to improve it over time with modification's. Democracy and free market for instance is a great thing...and work's for everyone. I make it sound sometimes like our entire political structure is something horrible like a machine out to devour us, it isnt at all. Our leader's/representative's are just as much slaves as we are, and even the entities are slaves to their own action's.We "all" are simply in a cycle that has already reached it's maximum capacity...and as we evolve so need's our system's. Just look at history...and where we were...throughout the ages...and where we are now,even our sciences and technologies. Our system is simply getting outdated for the times is all..and need's to slowly fall apart piece by piece...and take it's place in the history of the past.

Too much greed is simply a contaminating cancer that turn's the cycle corrupt, which evolves into a cesspool that lead's to calamity. Anything that we "made" can be "un-made" as well. There is no "evil" forces enslaving us...only ourselves...nothing in the human psyche is more powerful than "will". The trick is...understanding it...and knowing how to utilize it. Fear is healthy in it's own way too...but the same applies....too much of it lead's to disaster...the overall fix to all is "balance".

We have also evolved to the point where we need to see that there is more than just left/right or two sides to anything...and realize that it's just part of growing up, and maturing...nothing more...quite simple. And stop clinging to ideal's and system's that are simply relic's now. That is what "change" is truely about. Sooner or later...every child must grow up and will their own path is all.

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