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FORT WORTH STOCK SHOW AND RODEO ... and REVCO: "Beers, Steers, and Queers" ... (TASTE OF TEXAS PT. 5)

"Taste of Texas Part 5" will be a look at a big annual event here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex called the "Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo" , one of the Lone Star State's best! But it's much more than just a rodeo and parade ... the festivities of music, entertainment, and especially the great food's is really an event itself. With a tad of humor here ... Fort Worth locally is called "The Cheap Side of Dallas", but has it's own unique flavour here in the Metroplex too.

I been a fan of a good rodeo show for year's and used to do all the printing/ advertising for the Mesquite Rodeo as well as the PRCA Rodeo circuit , as my main client's, met quite a few cool rider's and cowboy's, one of my old roomate's in Houston as a young man was a rodeo clown too. But this is really a fun event and deep in the culture root's of this area, so I wanted to post this great preservation piece of Texas culture.




3) REVCO (REVOLTING COCK'S) "BEERS, STEERS, AND QUEERS" THANX TO "REVCO1000" ... this piece is done by of course one of my favourite composer's/ writer's Al Jourgensen , founder of the "Ministry", "Revco", and "13th Planet Record's/ Production's/ Studio's" El Paso, Texas. An old saying about Texas, is that it is only full of beers, steers and queers, so this song was based off of that saying (humor) ... Enjoy! :) ... this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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MELISSA PETRO ... Come's OUT of the closet, just to get TOSSED back into it ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 3)

This Part of the "Sexploitation Nation" series, is another post I been meaning to post for a couple week's, just hadnt got around to it until now. But this posting will be to look at the story of Ms. Melissa Petro ... who was just railroaded to the max in my opinion, even by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City (who was only saying what his voter's expected) ... in the recent surge of attack's on sexuality and such across our nation. Of course there are dozen's of post's that I could have done, but Melissa really stood out to me, because her story and public lashing was confusing to me, to say the least. Ms. Petro also remind's me so much of a dear old friend as well ... who had similar value's and method's and even attitude's toward's this business, that my friend also worked in as an inde. I chose the "Village Voice" piece above instead of the "Times" or "Daily News" cause I thought it had a couple decent link's and well done interview. A short video below I found on YouTube on her resignation, then some word's I would like to add.



I also want to throw in this posting here, only because the "Village Voice" mentioned in the above link their covering of it. But this case didnt even involve the sex industry, Ms. Lorenzana was actually attacked by her company, because they said her work attire was distracting her colleague's at work, even though her attire was actually professional and common in the corporate world ... just to show the increased "morality correctness", and it's twisted mindset in our country.

Melissa Petro's public announcement on her resignation from New York Public School's ... from NYDAILYNEWS

These posting's are not to advertise sex or to be for any such entertainment, but to look at a serious issue that is responsible for so much exploitation of children, of male, female, and transgender, as well as the market's in human trafficking, illegal contraband sale's/ black market's, spreading of STD's, the severe drug addiction problem, and the list goes on of the ripple effect we have created in our society here. The hypocrisy especially today are at such record level's that I have seen in my lifetime. For instance when I watched Mayor Bloomberg grandstand at his podium during his press conference saying that "we will not tolerate this type of behaviour, etc ..." (similar wording) was shameful to hear as they tried to hammer this young woman on morality issue's. They basically forced her indirectly to resign and also sign paper's saying that she would not sue the city also. The hypocrisy part is, that so many client's of these worker's in this industry are actually those like friend's of even higher up respected people such as the Mayor and even other importante folk's we hold high in our society. When I lived and worked at an inde brothel in Montreal (QE) as a teen for instance ... a large portion of the client's were NOT factory worker's, but small company/ business owner's and upper rank's of larger companies even, but the list of folk's that use these service's is endless. Many of these gent's are also married with children, so many also date girl's for various reason's, not because they CANT get laid otherwise, but because they are so busy in many cases and pressed for time, also another reason is because their wives are limited on their sexual activity and exploring of interest's in some cases and it allow's the man to explore where their partner may be lacking or not interested in perhap's, some just looking for a lil adventure and afraid to ask their wives maybe, the list is also as endless. Also there are so many different level's and type's of service's in this industry and method's that are used, that I could write almost indefinitely on this topic alone. There are also women that use these service's (much lower percentage wise), as well as especially nowaday's married couple's who hire these worker's to interact with as a threesome or more, or even to dictate fetishes/ roleplay etc during sex activities of some couples is also increasingly common.

But back to Ms. Petro ... she of course was a NYPS teacher up in the Bronx, who abandoned her former occupation because she was through with it, kind of fed up and basically disappointed from her experience, she decided she wanted to teach and also advance her education even further ... she had a blog (the bloody blog was the whole reason for all this) where she spoke of realities of the trade that were not pleasant, and her negative experience's, so I would figure that the majority of morality hugging folk's would love that. But no ... they hated that too I reckon ... I mean here is Melissa trying to come out of the closet and even expose some of the harsh realities and trying to play a more popular and acceptable role in society, do what's considered to the masses as the so called "right thing" ... and ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Hell, she cant even do that without being blacklisted, pidgeonholed, and tossed right back into the closet. If that isnt pissing in the wind trying to do the right thing, I dont know what is. I mean your damned if you do and damned if you dont, that was the real shocker to me that stood out in this. But I really admire her strength in all this too ... it is so easy to retaliate and raise Hell over the way she was treated, or whine about it, but ... she didnt whine or choose for the endless hearing and approval bitch fight's with these societal purist's (bullies are more like it), she just walked, plain and simple, which tell's me also ... she will not be pushed into their little corner's or closet's. This is just so twisted to me in this particular case, I cant even try to figure it all out, so the reader will have to just come to their own conclusion's on this one, this one truely lost me.

Melissa also reminded me of an old friend who worked solo/ inde with her background, who I will not mention her name either. But this friend I will just call Amelia, because that was a name that she used in the business (not her actual name), but her story wasnt just similar, but she actually resemble's Melissa facially and her tone of voice so much I almost laughed (no sarcasm meant toward's this business or Melissa of course). But Amelia was born and raised in Texas, she's late 30's now and into sales for a large fashion/ clothing retailer I wont mention either here in the Dallas Area. But she started after dropping out of high school as a dancer, and worked as a dancer in Mexico for a short while, broken home, poverty income level, etc, etc. And like so many gal's in the business do, many are formerly dancer's, and after a few year's, by the time your in your early to mid 20's usually, it's easy to get passed over whether it's for a slight gain of a couple pound's, or you lost your innocence look, or a number of reason's, and many gal's decide to date a couple of the old client's/ club venue customer's that frequented their show's for instance later, that they acquired friendship's with. Amelia tried the street thing too for a very short length, because she frankly couldnt stand working around the crack addicted gal's who took over the street scene, who were rough gal's, and even would come at gal's like Amelia with knives or threat's because they may be prettier and feel their a threat to their business/ client's (competition wise). So she went indoor/ house and inde/ solo, technologies have made this more possible, and a blessing, since the street scene these day's can be really violent. But I remember once when Amelia just looked at me with this look of like boredom mixed with anxiety one day after a client visit, and I asked her if something was wrong? worrying that he may have gave her a hard time or something, she just said something like " ... Thomas ... I'm just so burned out ... like the routine of it ... I have my own clientele of about 10 regular's, and it get's so routine and old, just the same guy's seeing me over and over and the same routine with them and their need's ...", the burn- out also come's with the fact that you have to avoid the law as well as have a friend cover your back, such as in her case keeping track of her client's location's, vehicle's and just a close eye, especially if the client is new, it can get dangerous at time's out there as well. But Amelia really got me on that one, I didnt even know how to respond, I mean I seen in her eye's and tone, she was truely just plain burned out and ready to do something else.

This is all such a deep subject and so wide, that you could devote hundred's of page's to this from my perspective ... and yes ... I primarily blame so much of the sexual violence, crime's, drug addiction, STD spreading, the black market's, sour relationship's, broken marriage's etc, etc, strictly on how we handle and approach this and sex related issue's. And I will continue to address this since I dont cater to a specific group or advertise, endorse, or accept any funding from anyone. AND YES ... I am an advocate of across the board legalized sex industry service's, nationwide, especially in Texas. I wish Ms. Petro the best of luck in her future endeavor's and congratulate her on her honesty and approach to dealing with this misery that was tossed to her.

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TEXAS' COLLEGE CAMPUS GUN SHORTAGE ... How do we SOLVE this? ... as SIMPLE as a "Texas Two Step" approach? ...

I wouldnt even be posting this post if it wasnt such a major issue in the Lone Star State (Texas) ... but this has been all over the news here and especially "talk radio" (which is mainly conservative). I would figure with all the other concern's we have in Texas education institution's, such as recent budget short fall's and teacher lay- off's, urban gang issue's, religious fundamoralist's trying to sneak "creationism" into science class and re- write history book's, all the special interest's who so called "borrowed" all the Lotto money out of the education fund's finance pool, etc, etc ... that there would be other importante issue's to deal with in Texas school's and Texas college campuses.

First of all ... I have been a 2nd Amendment and NRA supporter for a few decade's, a former sportsman as far as hunting (gun's, archery, throwing knives), I have alway's supported home/ self defense, as well as the concealed weapon's bill's that were passed here and across America, etc. But first a video below from a Houston news broadcast, then some thought's and question's that came to mind on this. **** The video from Houston News expired ****


***** DALLAS NEWS.COM: Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus

I have been hearing this all over Texas news and locally around town as if this is such a sacred emergency issue, and the opinion's on this from Texan's has been in the million's, a large number of Texan's and political rep's support this, and seem to have this sudden rush programme to get this legislation through. Much of what I hear on this out of political folk's and those pushing this, is they want to prevent another massacre from happening such as at "Virginia Tech" ... which I agree that there would have been a chance to stop the kid doing the shooting if someone on campus had gun's. I see some of the crime's that has been pulled on student's, especially female student's, and have alway's supported those gal's who carried a piece/ gun on their person, even knew personally a couple gal's who carried gun's who attended college, even though they didnt have a concealed weapon's permit, was it legal? ... of course not ... but what's the chance that anyone will know, or how "often" will you have to reveal or use it? Those gal's who didnt like gun's, I recommended to carry screwdriver's instead of knives, which are more efficient in self defense and very sturdy, not "illegal", and with some basic study of where vital organ's are on the human body work very well (and dont buy them cheap dollar store screwdriver's, buy the good one's, such as "Sears Craftsman") I never had a concealed weapon's permit in my life and toted gun's on the street's as well (concealed of course).

I just dont see any reason to push this bill through at this time, I am not saying that student's are not responsible, I am looking at many thing's here. Those who support this bill say that it will just be for a selected few student's, after a background check and that you have to be 21 by state law, but also there is legislation being pushed out in West Texas to lower that age to 18, that your not hearing about. The incident that happened at Virginia Tech is not very common either, as a matter of fact ... there was an incident in Austin, TX back in the 1960's of a student who went in a tower and had a field day picking off student's and faculty of the UTA campus you wont hear much about because it was so long ago.

I am satisfied with the gun right's we have and feel they are sufficient and really loose enough ... I dont see the need to try to put more gun's on college campuses, I mean ... there are supporter's of this legislation who are hammering this so hard as if there is a shortage of gun's on Texas college campuses ... and instead of thinking this out some, just approaching this with a simple explanation/ reason, as if it was a dance step like the "Texas Two Step". We are also having some time's currently that has led to alot of frustration's for student's as well and alot of pressure's they have, I dont feel arming student's right now is just that essential is all. Most student's that I have talked to and known frankly didnt care to carry gun's anywayz. Also knowing how law enforcement must deal with these situation's such as Virginia Tech ... I also see too many gun's as a possible danger ... How? Let's say a situation went down like this, and several student's just started pulling out gun's and started trying to defend themselves ... there is a greater possibility that some student's may shoot the wrong person(s) in the confusion, because these act's are very quick and spontaneous, if you ever been in a shooting situation you would understand how some of this can catch you off guard, and having to make split second decision's. Also when law enforcement team's have to deal in these situation's, it make's it harder on the officer's to determine who need's to be focused on as far as their target's when there are multiple shooting's/ shooter's. We can argue till were blue in the face over this and present 101 scenario's and reason's to arm student's and faculty member's on campuses actually. A popular arguement here in Texas, is that Utah does it ... geeez .... so what! Do you realize that just a metro area such as Dallas alone has over twice the population of their entire state? ... I mean ... what if I proposed putting a gun on our state flag like Utah want's to do? ... Hell ... Texan's would pitch a bitch on that as being an abomination or insult to the Lone Star Flag! I dont give a rat's ass if half the state's in America do it ... is it the most essential and importante thing to do right now in Texas? I dont feel at all that not passing this legislation is any threat to our right to bear arm's, I just dont see this as importante to get through, we have alot of issue's to deal with beside's arming a bunch of student's at college campuses. And we also have plenty of right's when it come's to gun's as it is. But NO ... I wouldnt support this legislation and dont feel at all that we need any more gun right's period across the board to be pushed ... we have plenty of right's as it is and plenty of gun's.

Enough said ....

A few additional gun's/ arm's posting's to look at (take your pick), and also to show I AM NOT ANTI GUN'S ...






OTIS McDONALD: .... Chicago's newest Champion for Self Defense ....


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UNION BATTLE'S: "Right to Work"? or "Right to NO Right's"? ... "SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.1" (How to Privatize America PT.3)

This "How to Privatize America PT.3" wasnt even planned, or at least any time soon, but just randomly popped up to address another view of this that again lead's back to the same battle behind this of left/ right politic's, which is nothing new in America at all, just go back and look at some of the political opposition that has been ungoing for year's in this nation, such as the era of folk's like Jefferson and Adams, etc. I mean ... this is what democracy is all about, heh(?). Inspiring this post though is listening to the opinion's of folk's on both side's and one Guy the other day that made some great point's about freedom, independence, and the right to work, to me over some small chat and burger's. And I clearly understand both side's here, because both have decent arguement's, and this certainly is not to attack folk's like Gov. Scott Walker, let me point out. A short CNN video clip below and couple newsread link's, then a few flap's of my jaw's on this.

RCJ: GOV. RICK PERRY/ TEXAS: To Give Up the "Best Job in America" to rescue the Country and be GOP Candidate for President (SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.2)

***** CBS NEWS: Rallies in 50 states support Wis. protesters ... (newsread/ video)


The fella I mention above is a Guy named Terry that I worked with many year's ago when we were both young, he is a hard working gent who has never cared much for union's, or at least felt the need for them, he ran printing presses, worked and/ or took on even any grunt job as well that he was asked to do, and never whined about the job ... Terry is a "go getter" a "hustler" and when we teamed up, the customer could go to sleep with confidence, rest assured. And believe me, as I remember this ole boy (heh, heh, heh, heh, heh) ... if he didnt like his paycheck, he would go straight to the bossman/ owner ... and tell him what he need's ... if he didnt get it, without no notice, he would "walk" (and he was worth every dollar you pay him) ... and not care about a "bad" reference or a damn thing, you threaten him with a bad reference or such, he would tell you straight up ... "I dont give a shit Boss ... ", because frankly he was that good of a skilled pressman, one of the best I actually seen to be honest. In his 50's like myself, he now work's inde and started his own little brokerage/ estimate/ consulting service business.

But when this subject just popped up, Terry brought up about the whiner's in these union's and I gave my opinion on it ... Terry just had this look on his face and jaw hanging on to what I was saying as if he was in shock, pointing out how I have changed quite a bit, and recalling my attitude toward's slacker's, union's, and such when I was younger. You know ... maybe I have changed, but I feel the same on many thing's that I value that I did as a young man. For the record ... I am VERY pro business, I have NEVER belonged to a union, and alway's got the job done. Look ... at a time I worked with alot of great folk's in this industry, I actually didnt start to officially "work" on a company payroll until my latter teen's, and I started my work career in Texas. The crew's I worked with had a pride thing about being independent, not needing union's to do jack for them, and the talk we were surrounded with was only about the negative's of union's, not having the right to work, and making your own decision's without someone else speaking for you, etc. Most of the folk's that I worked with back then were born and bred in Texas, had a basic rule ... an honest day's pay for an honest day's work, bottom line. As a child, not being born here, I remembered place's like New York State for instance where the all American thing was "union pride" ... neighbor's and kin folk (relative's) of mine, been union their whole career, whether it was this industry, the steel industry, etc ... I had one uncle for instance who worked just over 38 year's for Ford Motors assembly plant outside of Buffalo,NY, union man, that had the "union pride" banner's on his wall he was so proud, right next to an American Flag. He even drove Ford's his entire life at that. So this idea that union's are compared with anti- American stuff is NOT so, but more or less just "shop talk".

One point that Terry brought up was when he talked about an over staffed government of slacker's in administrative job's and such. I have alway's agreed on this ... I mean, some of the laziest, slowest folk's I have ever seen on the job had to be government worker's, who had benefit's package's and wage's I couldnt believe. I remember once going into the Records Bldg in downtown Dallas to get some vehicle paper work done ... walking up to a counter ... a gal sitting there with a small tele/ TV next to her monitor, watching one of them daytime pop culture show's, stuffing her mouth with "Cheetos", and when I asked her a question, she talk's to me with her mouth still stuffed, and tell's me her computer is down and come back in a half hour, yet I told her what info I needed, that didnt require a computer even, just an attitude that was not appropriate for customer relation's either, and they are all union down there, for the City and County. I remember a guy named Jim, who was formerly a "Bureau of Engraving" pressman of 20 or so year's ... excellent knowledge of the business, but whined on every damn job I gave him, either because of the ink he had on the press, the paper/ stock run, etc, etc. ... when I used to bring Jim a job ... the theme song for "Mission Impossible" would play in my head (some of the pressmen would glance at me walk by on the sly while I was walking with an assignment to Jim's work area and give me that look as if I was pissing in the wind, with a grin on their face), because I knew that he would complain about something, or even if it was an hour before closing time, he didnt want to accept any more job's for the day ... worked by an unwritten rulebook it seemed like of "do's and dont's", and a couple of the other pressmen didnt like it too much, and Jim was a union man for over 20 year's when he worked for the gvmnt, he even got a pension, so he didnt even have to work, and had a home already paid off.

Folk's like me and Terry never understood these folk's I reckon ... I mean ... when someone pay's me to do a job ... I take it serious, and do all I can to get the JOB DONE. If the computer's went down and I had a rush job that needed ... well ... to be "rushed" ... while those on the computer sat there as if they suddenly were de-programmed, I would run back in the shop to try to monkey rig manually some way to get a workable product another way without the computer laying out the format, if I had to do it up by hand, splice the film's myself, and hand- draw and calculate the layout/ format. Even if I was on a lunch break eating in- house in my work area reading the paper, and a customer walked in (I used to plan job's and price quote the client's/ customer's, as well as as keep the pressmen busy with job's and such on the shop floor) ... I would jump up and greet them, ask them what I can do for them?, and see to it that they can count on me ... to me they were "first" as my customer, my break was 2nd frankly ... that is our bread and butter, our paycheck's, our year end bonuses, profit's sharing, etc ... the customer is alway's No.#1 to me. If we were waiting for a rush stock/ supply delivery for a hot job, if I had to ... when the truck arrived, I would go out there and help the men unload the stock and deliver it myself to the pressman ... it WASNT my job to do these thing's ... it was simply to me, "all in a day's work". I didnt have rule's written down to pull out of my pocket to tell me if or not I shouldnt do this or that, if I could do it and help ... I considered it part of my job ... that was just the mindset folk's like Terry, myself, and the other guy's had. If we werent getting paid fair, like Terry ... I would "walk" go find something else, and tell the head honcho straight up if I needed to myself, without anyone else doing it for me, that's how we were.

But I told Terry, "... This isnt about just support for union's, it is about American worker's Bubba ...". I am not saying that Wisconsin doesnt have a budget crisis, or that Governor's such as Gov. Walker are out to take away folk's "right's" ... but the other motivation behind alot of this is to make union's weaker and/ or fail, and until I see proof of otherwise, I know what those at the top level's are trying to do, and IF you let them run this show without a fight and your voice, what in Hell will they want next whenever they have another bad hair day, or their panties are in a bind over some other BS or crisis? There is alot of goddamn over staffing, waste galore, etc, etc, in our government ... YES ... but folk's like "teacher's" is NOT where I would start to muscle on any of this. I see no problemo with some pay cut's, it's not asking much ... I mean, if I'm making $48K for instance and they want me to sacrifice a $3K cut annually ... I'm game ... I will pay a higher tax if I need to, or anything else in reason to get result's and on a recovery track. But when you start pushing on issue's like bargaining right's ... that is not so much a "right to work" issue, as much as a "right to have no right's/ voice" issue. And this shouldnt have even come up in the bloody talk's in my opinion .... what in Hell does that have to do with the issue of simply some salary trimming? Not a damn thing, so I know good and well, this is deeper than just tightening the budget. Even Terry thought I had a point there, that he didnt think of. Actually as I told Terry ... I feel union's and especially right's are an importante thing now, just like the time following the "Great Depression", were again at another point in American history where we need to focus on supporting the right's and voice of worker's too, and the world is different too, as far as business/ trade, etc., than such as the 1970's ... so you must constantly change with the change's.

So many folk's may see this like Terry did, of just more government control, more attack's on the right to work, and taking away independent choice's ... I simply dont see it this way. Having the right to bargain is also as American as freedom of choice, and trying to take that away from worker's is anti- American in my opinion, it doesnt matter if their union or non- union. You can trim, cut, rearrange or any other damn thing without going into that. So this issue is NOT just about "slacker's", but those "jacker's" behind the scene's that's trying to do everything they can to jack with what right's employee's do have. As far as what this has to do with the privatization of America?, it's all part of what I addressed in the other two posting's, same folk's with same goal's, just a different avenue. These financial icon's want anything and everything that is organized by large government or people as far as labour and union's to fail, so they can rule over all, bottom line, which is not truely "privatizing" a goddamn thing, but more of creating a type of monopoly, or what I think of as "Corporate Neo- Communism" .

Also notice how these group's that oppose union's and individual's in this show, are all trying to say it's about "fairness" to non- union worker's, such as Seton Motley of talk's about with Thom Hartmann in the video of the last posting, part two ... where he start's pulling out the pie chart's and pointing to figure's, graph's, etc ... talking about how low paid non- union worker's are compared to union, that is such a twisted arguement ... so what is he/ they saying? ... basically their saying that they even want union people to be cut down to those bargain basement wage's and federal minimum wage's, that state's like Texas still go by ... it's about the worker's? BS, ... the list of what this is about is so long, and about everything but "worker's", that I cant even list them all here cause of the length I could come up with. They dont give a shit about the worker's any more than I give a shit about the Easter Bunny.

Word Out ....


Friday, February 18, 2011

THOM HARTMANN: "GOP Garage Sale ... America- HALF PRICE OFF" ... and "Importance of the VOTE" (How to Privatize America PT.2)

This posting will be PT.2 of "How to Privatize America" (PT.1 HERE) . I also want to point out here that this is not one of these posting's to attack Republican's or make fun of them ... I have voted Republican the most, worked for a local Republican politician for over 6 year's at his printing/ graphic's company, where I ran their pre- press operation's, and used to do ALL the local political ad's for Republican campaign's, as well as all the stuff for the PRCA Rodeo Circuit , but those were my two primary account's/ client's who employed me and were damn good folk's to work for! And believe it or not, the President of this company knew and told me 2 year's before GW Bush was GOP candidate for President, that Bush was the GOP's primary choice (yes, before any media even announced it) ... we used to have alot of political small chat all the time (even introduced me to Congressman Pete Sessions at a company barbeque and fundraiser over some small chat), he was a great Guy personality wise, alway's in small chat with his employee's. But he told me he hope's Bush loses ... I said "Hell James, I'm voting for Bush! ... and I cant believe you saying that being a Republican politician yourself!" ... I asked him "Why?" ... he said "Thomas ... every goddamn time we get a Republican President and administration ... small businesses around town start closing up!" I didnt listen to James ... I voted for Bush/ Cheney ... and my only worry was if Bush was too religious? But I DIDNT even "think" about "business"! ... and that is where I f'd up. No, I cant truely say I'm exclusively Democrat, but since around 2006 I have voted straight Democrat ... but for damn good reason, not because I hate Republican's either. It's basically a matter of the lesser of two evil's, and making the ride smoother for the working and middle class American's ... because frankly they are the bread and butter of our economy and employment.

And what inspire's this posting is all this stuff recently such as now going on in the State of Wisconsin ... the strong talk about weakening union's, all the budget cut's that are about to take place, the lay- off's, etc, etc ... which are going to sweep the entire nation especially over the next couple year's, and have a pretty heavy political impact too. And that is also why I been pushing all this talk running my bloody jaw's over this since the start of this journal almost 3 year's ago ... I seen this shit coming since around I reckon, 2005 or so, is when it started getting really visible, so I been expecting this for awhile now. The market shift's and change's, the new global market player's, currency issue's, war and defense cost's etc, etc ... was all visible for some time ... so what we are seeing now and about to come, was visible, but frankly most folk's simply didnt pay atencion to it. Most folk's simply dont care much about stuff until it hit's home basically.


Also inspiring this is some small chat with some buddies locally the other day, and these guy's dont keep up with politic's much at all or vote for that matter, and they are all employed ... but been having alot of concern recently, and they ask me about this stuff in small chat cause they know I'm into this "blogging thing" and keep up with some of this. All 3 of these Guy's got trade's, none are union, all are working, yet underpaid in our opinion's, but been seeing alot of change's at the workplace, cut's, increased cost's to insurance, a couple lay- off's, etc ... I'm independent and on my own, not working for a company, nor union. Wolf is around my age in the auto mechanic/ repair business, Rick drive's those long flat bed truck's, haul's lumber ... Alex does exterior plumbing and electrical work for a local 250 unit apartment complex, where he only had one other helping him, but that help was cut loose and Alex has the whole complex on his own now, and a freeze on raises, change on insurance plan's and cost's at work (costing more and getting less basically) and he has 3 young children, his wife work's part time in domestic service's (inde) ... he dont vote (not sure if he can) ... and been here less than 10 year's, him and his wife came from Mexico, basically to work and make a familia, their in their early 30's. On Rick who's also younger than I ... they cut day's and hour's and benefit's change's ... on Wolf, he got temporarily laid off, and get this ... when he filed for unemployment, the company hired him back, but at a small decrease in pay and 25% less hour's and less benefit's. And frankly ... their not at all happy to say the least ... and have asked me what I think about this, and if there are any answer's? But it isnt only these 3 guy's that inspire's this ... but every damn where across town of folk's that I just have small chat with has the same similar rant's and concern's. And all this talk out of the mega companies that time's are hard to employee's is more nonsense ... everyone is just getting over greedy and cheap ... as my buddy Joe Ruben alway's said ... "Their just trying to get two for the price of one ... their cheap!"

Some video's below for a look at the current condition, then a few more word's I will add. Thom Hartmann I knew nothing about, but just ran across him on YouTube, and liked what he had to say on several post's ... so he is a new one for me and this journal.

1) THOM HARTMANN AND SETON MOTLEY OF "WWW.LESSGOVERNMENT.ORG" (I didnt link this because it came up a blank page, but this is the web address and name) THANX TO BIGPICTURERT
(concerning job's, wage's, union's)



CNN State Budget Woes Deepen ... Thanx to ELDRIDGE HAWKINS

I know that budget's have been going down the drain for some time, I know we need to make cut's, I dont know where, cause that is something that many are going to disagree with, nor do I even know where all the waste is, or where we spend all! And one thing I noticed so strong, is the low voter turnout, especially in Texas! I dont know how many time's that I have to point this out to folk's ... but "voting" is a goddamn "tool" ... NO ... it's not the answer, but certainly help's, especially now that the GOP frankly is having a garage sale ... and America has been on sale at discount bargain basement price's. I mean ... in many state's such as California and Arizona to name only a couple out this way ... they been even selling off state building's and properties of importance. Texas has a big budget problem, that is having a big impact on laying off teacher's by the thousand's. Yet ... the so called huge Lotto system this state has, supposedly put's it most into education ... so why is it alway's empty? because as soon as they put in $10 million or so through the front door, someone stick's their hand in the back door and so called "borrow's it" (special interest's, like Washington does with Social Security ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... I wonder ... when are they going to pay it back?). Yet looking at the booming construction and business in Texas and especially this town ... you wouldnt think it. Why? ... because the private sector is having a picnic in these time's, especially in Texas! It is only the middle class and working folk's feeling the pinch. I actually vote, every damn election. Take the 3 gent's mentioned above ... they dont vote ... Wolf alway's talk's about it, but never get's around to it. Rick last voted in the 2008 Presidential run, only because Obama was black (Rick is black) and was so thrilled that a black man was the candidate, but didnt even know a thing about Obama. Alex being from Mexico dont trust politician's at all, think's their all crook's basically, and I'm not sure if he has status yet to vote anywayz.

No ... I dont think the GOP or Tea Party are "evil" or intentionally out to screw America ... I simply think they are getting used big time, and are NOT looking at the whole picture, and just following politic's and their friend's and familia's. And the Tea Party folk's who think their an alternative to mainstream politic's or whatever, dont even know who is behind funding and supporting them, and how those major corporate folk's are actually destroying what freedom's we do have and actual free market, insurance/ health care and every other thing they get involved with. These folk's WANT government institution's to fail, Why? because when they fail, you still need service's, whether it's postal, transport, libraries, education, etc. So you "privatize" all that stuff and bring in "faith based" group's and volunteer's to handle the rest ... that is what they want and plan. Even the "new" Health Care mess in the court's was all orchestrated by them, Why? because you cant get the bill/ law's/ plan in motion as long as it's tied up in lengthy court system's, their objective there is to tie it up until they can get a fully controlled Oval Office and Senate, House, they are hoping for after the 2012 election's. Part of budget cut proposal's in Texas for instance is cutting libraries, I shit you not. And it is not Gov. Rick Perry that is our only problem here ... our biggest problem is all the people he appointed to importante position's over the last several year's, that is even a bigger issue, he's a slacker and politician, their NOT. When I talk about "privatization" of America ... some think it's a good deal ... as far as thinking more independence, and smaller government, etc. Sure ... in 1960 it would have maybe worked like that ... but in the 21st century with the new global market and new international playing field's ... especially being so interdependent that we are now as far as import's/ export's, manufacturing, etc ... you cant play an old hand in a new game! IT JUST CANNOT WORK ... PERIOD. And YES ... President Obama see's what he is up against, and is hip to the score, that's why he is trying to work with them, he dont have much choice on some issue's, but has decent idea's, just not the support, all they want ... is for him to leave, and get out of the Oval Office, since day one. This crap about they want to work with him is bullshit!

Another thing here that many are not seeing yet ... is the rising market's and fast emerging middle classes of China and India ... do we realize that these nation's have over 3X time's the population of us? This mean's, they will need much more fuel's, energies, etc. Meaning to look for inflation in energies/ fuel's, food, clothing, etc. And what is called "middle classes" in place's like China, is actually poor by our standard's or even Mexico's standard's at that. So ... what do the big corporate player's and investor's see? Bottom line ... they see us as not as importante as we were as far as market's, and our standard's of living decreasing some, while these countries rise at least to be somewhat equal with us more than they are now, which is a positive for them, but a little harder for us, I mean it is easier to lose something you never had than to lose something you've alway's had, if that make's any sense. But they picture a global playing field that is more equal, as far as standard's of living, and look at it being beneficial to all, which it can be of course ... however ... they also want to be in charge of it all, over ALL so called free market, and they want to destroy thing's like organized labour union's especially, many right's, more power over government's, and regulate alot other liberties even ... they want basically total oversight, without no oversight of them. And also mind you that even when and if you privatize anything or everything, still taxes WILL HAVE TO INCREASE ... just to pay what everyone has borrowed or took, yet you will just pay more tax, and still not get basically much of nothing for the taxes, get my drift? Also I noticed that so many GOP cut proposal's are those department's of gvmnt that get in the way of corporate interest's only such as the EPA.

Now .... as far as these GOP Governor's nationwide and these sample threat's to people, and union's ... and this nonsense about calling in National Guard, etc. Ya'll need to lighten up on that shit .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... take a seat on ya'll's flat asses and think about that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) I mean ... this is not some of those countries like abroad where the only defense folk's have is bottle's, rock's, and club's in the street's ... if you pull too much of that shit here Bubba's and Bubbette's ... you may have a bloody war on ya'll's hand's you cant handle that will send some of ya'll runnin for shelter ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. You can talk all that stuff from that seat, but you wont talk all that stuff in the street. You start calling in military to rough up folk's here and related stuff ... folk's may use more than club's or rock's to fight back ... there are over a couple hundred million legal gun's/ arm's alone in this nation, and many illegal arm's too, and believe me ... if ya'll think that thing's are in the way now of corporate/ special interest's ... ya'll hadnt seen nothing yet if you start that up, that will really give a blow to the market's and everything tied to them and have an international ripple effect as well. So ya'll better do a lil more homework on this than ya'll done on the economy and budget's, and lighten up before ya'll sell all them "woof ticket's" ... If you get my drift. :)

Enough said ....


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This posting will be to honour "Black History Month" , but for me it will be to also honour a major influence in my troubled teen year's ... Mr. Harmon Loft ... who passed away many year's ago. I can talk more openly now about Harmon as far as the help and guidance as a teen he gave me only because he is passed away. If I were to talk about him when he was alive in a public forum let's say ... he could have been possibly charged with aiding, abetting, harboring, etc a fugitive as well as a juvenile. But Harmon helped me quite a bit as a teen in trouble, he is also the one that gave me the contact I wrote about here to go to Montreal (QE, Canada) to evade authorities.

I met Harmon a couple year's before he actually gave me help, shining his shoe's at a Billiard's/ Pool Hall that he owned up in New York ... a small front business that had illegal gambling operation's as well in the back behind heavily fortified door's for those folk's that liked to bet and gamble. Harmon first gave me 50 cent's for the shine, I remember telling him that the wiseguy's (gangster's) paid at least a buck or two ... I told him ... "Where else can you get door to door service and a shine like this Sir? ..." But anywayz ... Harmon kind of chuckled on that ... and said something like ... "You remind me of myself when I was your age son ... your a hustler ... but I like that ...", the guy actually gave me a "5 spot" ($5 buck's)! He later invited me to set up a spot/ station in his pool hall to shine shoe's, which I did for a few month's, then lost contact with him for a couple year's. The time after when I lost contact was because I had dropped out of school (first month into the 9th grade), had trouble over and over with the law, ran away, etc. I had to get away from my familia, friend's and neighborhood ... I was too "hot" and knew I would get busted hanging where I was from, and I went to Harmon to seek some refuge, because familia/ friend's didnt know him and/ or his part of town, so no one could get intimidated by authorities to "talk". So basically ... Harmon gave me some help and gave me some odd job's making deliveries for him and his associate's ... let's just say I delivered package's, and envelope's, etc. I didnt ask what was in them, or cared. But enough for that.

Harmon during the time I knew him most importantly gave me alot of advice on the side, alway's telling me thing's about "life" and "survival" ... he was kind of like a philosopher in a way, at least that is what I seen him as. One of the thing's he told me that I never let go was something like "Never be ashamed where you come from ... and never forget where you come from ...". One of the thing's Harmon used to alway's point out to me here and there was all these thing's like street/ traffic light's, light bulb's and other stuff that black folk's invented (Harmon was African American from Harlem/ NYC) ... which I never knew, and never remember hearing a thing about it in school as a kid in the 1960's. So when I think of Harmon ... I alway's think of his knowledge of black inventor's too, or at least bringing up these thing's to me.

So ... in honour of "Black History Month" ... I wanted to post this to also honour a man who may not made history himself ... but for me was a part of history. He was a sort of philosophical mentor to me, and a man I will never forget for all the help he gave me as a troubled kid. Having the opportunity to live in an internet era where I can write about these thing's and keep a public open journal to honour those who done so much for me and inspired me as a kid. This posting is for you Harmon, Thank You so much Sir!

SENECA VILLAGE @ CENTRAL PARK: ... A look back at the mid 19th Century New York City community ... (For HARMON LOFT PT.2)




POST NOTE: Some may look at what I wrote about Harmon as being "bad influence" on a kid, so I figured to add this post note. It is common thought for many to think of "right and wrong" as they are taught by what culture, society, era they live in, and so easy by using "word's" to twist or just interpret what it mean's. Harmon is a man who helped me when I needed it, he did not twist my arm to do anything I didnt willingly ask to participate in, he was a small businessman ... and yes, also catered to vice, such as illegal gambling, but also there is "legal" gambling in that state as well as every other state damn near, whether it's just betting at the horse race track's or even all the state and/ or multi state mega lotteries, many dont even see the scam's to the lottery for instance, how they sell them as "proceed's going to education" or some other smokescreen charitable type bullshit, yet those who run them, also drive kid's into bankruptcy situation's trying to further their education before the age of 30 ... the only difference is ... those in power decide what is right/ wrong, and take so called "bad" vice's and make them "good" (like what Las Vegas done as I posted in the last posting , as far as letting so called gangster's do all the thinking and leg work, then later buying them out, then selling it as Disneyland and now "good") ... or what is so called "bad" influence on a kid for instance. We live in such a twisted thinking way in our society ... that many dont even look at these thing's, they just hear someone or something is "wrong" ... jump on the bandwagon and pigeonhole everything that remotely is affiliated and anyone. Harmon was one of the most straight up and stand up men you could want to meet.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

JOHN GOTTI , JR.: ... "Just an American Dad" ... A look at INTEGRITY and FAMILIA VALUE'S ...

This posting will be to look at just another American Dad (Father) ... but also to honour this man for his strength and especially integrity. And the reason to post this, is to get a look at the face of sincerity when it come's to these thing's. It is popular culture to look at so many in today's society as folk's of honesty, integrity. We have so many at the top in our society that we praise, the model image of what we see as people of strength, integrity, value's, etc. Yet many of those high in our society and admired really dont seem to have much value for folk's familia's at that, lack strength, integrity, and even some of the biggest well known CEO's act more like welfare recipient's, who need a crutch at all time's. And this posting WILL NOT be about this so called "organized crime" rubbish ... if you want to see true organized crime ... just look to Washington and Wall St.

You may hear everything else about this man or his father through various source's as far as illicit activities or what have you ... but not much about just being an all American Dad ... and to be honest ... if a man like Mr. Gotti were to run for a political office ... I would be quicker to vote for him than most of these that are hand picked for us to vote for by those who run our mainstream society. This is a man who no matter what ... even behind bar's incarcerated ... seen to it, that he had a parent teacher conference with his children's teacher's weekly for instance. Some may just view these type interview's for entertainment value, or to create fictional idea's in their mind's of some folk's that lived this life, some even regard them as criminal, like the man's father even. But what we fail to see in most cases ... is the "true" criminal's that permeate our society, the same one's that run a great portion of our society, who we praise ... and are mostly weak and worthless without a shred of integrity whatsoever. This man has took his fall's as a man, came up from a street code of conduct ... and able to still stand strong.

Enough said ....

60 Minutes Presents: Gotti, Part 1 ... Thanx to CBS NEWS ... (click on for parts 2 & 3 after)


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CAPT. J. ROWLES (USMC) ... "Battle in America PT.1" ... A Homefront Battle for our Veteran's and American's (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.6)

This "Veteran's Spotlight PT.6" posting will be to take a look at the battle on the homefront that Capt. Rowles (USMC) and so many other military families have been going through back home here, while putting out their all to protect what they felt was the countries best interest's, and I been trying to follow this all week actually, so it's past due for this journal. In this particular case involving JP Morgan Chase, they have said that they deeply regret what has happened, and of course plan to shell out a couple million dollar's to about 4,000 families, which is nice of course, but in my opinion ... far from decent. When folk's like Chase needed help, America came to the rescue immediately, and gave billion's without even asking for any accountability or getting any for that matter, folk's like Chase were amongst the largest bailout recipient's (here is a list of some payout's), regardless that bank's pay back what they received, the point is the amount's they received, in what time frame they received it, the flexibility of the term's of condition's especially, and the amount's of interest domestic/ foreign loan's/ investment's that these holding's pay out is enormous. Many of these iconic financial investment institution's have also gave the smaller domestic institution's the cold shoulder, and refused any kind of partnership and help to their smaller holder's/ investor's, local small companies, etc ... they just became tight fisted, and have looked very anti- American in their action's. Their apology and proposed couple million dollar pay out is a decent start, but fall's way short of being appropriate looking at the whole picture, and just is basically pocket change or a day of interest, especially for the misery they have put these families through and the length of time. This isnt just insulting to our vet's, but to our entire country, and is something that should be looked at closely and those affiliate's. Put it this way ... if the average American were to do these thing's, they would be locked up.


ABCNEWS: JP Morgan apologize's for overcharging, foreclosing on soldier's (news read/ video)



Some video from the hearing's on this with Mr. & Mrs. Bowles giving some testimony and Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana. The sound clear's up after about 20 second's into it.

These hearing's of course are a plus ... as long as there is result's ... and I say this because of some of my past posting's during the BP Gulf of Mexico incident and the accountability hearing's we had, where I looked at them as sort of inefficient, a positive .... yet still inefficient. My point is and was in those posting's for instance ... , it is great to march these folk's into these hearing's and give them a tongue thrashing, however ... if it doesnt get much result's ... all you basically done was march a bunch of millionaire's to the Hill to be drilled by a bunch more millionaire's, in front of camera's to get a tongue lashing from our rep's ... that only result's in the short term of political highsiding and to get vote's basically. I mean ... what happened with those hearing's? get my drift? Look at this next video where Chase Exec. VP Stephanie Mudick testifies for instance ... there's not too much substance in what she say's, but at least better than when Tony Hayward of BP got drilled (last paragraph look's at "significance" factor's of hearing's, and the video is a "live" performance clip of Hayward, to show the "runaround") ... but in legal proceeding's as well as any inquiries/ investigation's, "substance" is what matter's, you can apologize and sell "woe is me" and "sympathy" ticket's till the cow's come home, but you need "substance" and appropriate action's in a decent time frame as well, not just talk and a good show. But in the start also Rep. Brad Miller of North Carolina make's some decent point's explaining what so many of these institution's been doing.

And again as I have pointed out so many time's ... American's still have much more power than they even realize or utilize in most cases ... there is definitely a solution to dissolving alot of these issue's, but simply voting for a political party or candidate is not the entire solution. Understand were talking about "business" here ... where we seem to confuse with politic's, more than we should. I myself wont do any business at all with any of these institution's, after all ... we have "choice's" ... there are an abundance of smaller institution's to deal with and businesses in our country, and most of us simply get soaked in through clever advertising without looking at anything else. Also the point here is, that if million's just done as I said, as far as "taking their business elsewhere's", these institution's would change their whole tune in a New York minute, so fast ... it would leave you in a state of shock at how quickly they can turn around. That's what free market is truely about and personal choice's ... not where a handful of folk's control the entire market, and feel they are exempt of any repercussion's for their action's and ill decision making. Chase isnt the only issue here or just bank's, and also get the basic's on the difference between the "First Bank such and such" of your community, and an international "investment" banker (there is a world of difference in how these two in particular conduct business) ... this is across the board in every level of business. As I have said ... "money doesnt disappear, it simply change's hand's". If for instance a mega airline manufacturer was failing and in the red a couple billion (just an example here) ... you dont start to panic, listening to some politician's whine that it will be the end if we dont bail them out, and/ or our children will spend eternity in "soup kitchen's" ... it wont be the end of a damn thing except those who didnt get the job done efficiently ... the bailout actually isnt needed, there are bankruptcy protection's, liquidation's, etc ... beside's ... another investor come's in, buy's up the failing share's at a lower price, tighten's the new venture, and look's to make a profit. What were dealing with here, is folk's that are highly incompetent, and only because we "allow" this and keep blindly supporting this failure.

Beside's that ... Thank You Capt. Rowles and familia for pushing this and staying in the fight for the long haul ... you done a service to America in more than one way. And to Mrs. Rowles ... as you have pointed out in your hearing testimonial, that Chase had admitted they were at fault, and especially that ya'll done nothing wrong or incorrect let's say as a customer ... this is fine and dandy and appropriate considering the condition, as far as Chase' part. However ... not needed for a vote of support or confidence in any way ... no one in their balanced mind need's to hear about Chase's support for you, except for the litigation's and/ or mediation's. The fact's and record's clearly show us who is competent here, who can stand their ground and has the true integrity ... ya'll are the one with all the credibility and those other qualities, for ya'll have proven yourselves to the challenge's.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AMANDA BENNETT: Shoot's her Children, Self, and Dog (dog survived), because she was unsatisfied with her Marital Relationship (Killer Parent's PART 5)

Amanda and her kidz

This posting of "Killer Parent's PT.5" will focus on the recent Austin,IN case where a mother, Mrs. Amanda Bennett shot and killed her 14 yr old daughter Jasmine Abbott, 9 yr old daughter Katelyn Bennett, and 4 yr old son Ryan Bennett ... shooting each in the head, then shoot's the familia dog, who survived and was in recovery, starting a fire in the home after, then shooting herself as well.


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" PART'S 4, 3, 2, 1 

This case was a few week's back ... that I have tried to read up as much on that I could find, but certainly wanted to make sure it's in this journal being a father/ grandfather myself. You dont want to forget the victim's of these type crimes/ act's ... and this is not to spotlight in any positive way those who commit these act's ... but I also find it importante to not forget those who commit these act's and be aware of what surround's us, whether it's to have a better understanding of problem's in society or why these folk's do what they do, or for whatever reason one can get any beneficial knowledge from this at all.

But one of the thing's that stand out most to me in alot of these crimes/ act's ... is that those who commit them ... go so undetected it seem's ... and many you see in interview's who were maybe neighbour's, friend's, familia or whatever dont seem to know or have suspected a thing before the tragedy. Even watching several video's of those on YouTube (from WLKYTV (Louisville, KY metro area) ... that I was unable to post, because embedding was disabled) news covering this ... these folk's as in several other cases say they were the "happy familia" ... great personalties, kid's were great student's, etc, etc ... but something is definitely incorrect of these assessment's, I mean ... I have talked to a few of the most horrific known killer's according to societies standard's for instance ... and frankly I can tell you that they had really great personalities, emotion's, and seemed fairly normal, we had alot of regular guy chat over sport's, gal's, music/ art's, etc ... however ... they all had a couple thing's in common, despite the difference's in their crimes/ act's that led to their conviction's/ death sentences ... two of those thing's that really stood out to me, was first ... their childhood upbringing and/ or environment's, the 2nd was their perspective on the issue's and condition of humanity in general.

These act's by those such as this Amanda Bennett character above didnt just form overnight, as if one day she was the great mom, all loving, etc ... then all of the sudden one day ... because of a spat or disagreement between her and hubby, she just decides that the only solution to her "relationship" ... and I say "her" because that is exactly all she gives a shit about obviously, is to kill her children and even the familia dog ... then on top of it all ... leave a suicide note to try to blame it all on hubby, saying that "You got your wish ... No kid's, wife, familia, etc" (similar) ... this is just a cheap cop- out, nothing more. It wasnt hubby who killed the children and/ or intended to kill the dog as well, or set the house on fire ... nor did he even file for the divorce, he just simply walked away obviously and separated because they were having issues as a couple. And also let me point out, because some may blame this on "gun's" ... that Amanda Bennett is the one who loaded the gun with bullet's and pulled the trigger, and if she didnt have a gun and was determined to kill these poor kid's, herself, and the dog, she would have done it with another weapon or tool or kitchen utensil.

It is always the kid's that suffer at the hand's of the adult's ... it never fail's in these incident's and many other problem's in our societies ... they always remain defenseless to our wayz, our over abundant and unbalanced amount of greed, selfishness, and quest for power and/ or popularity ... yet I always hear so many adult's ask the question " ... What is the problem with these kid's of today? ... etc" (similar) ... what do they think is the problem ? Then we have all these who are quick to grandstand on how they are always great parent's, and strong on their values, contribute to the community, are quick to point out what is morally, culturally, and socially as a "good parent", etc ... even condemn other's because of maybe their sexual preference, who simply may want to be a parent and help their/ the children, because they may be gay/ lesbian or listen to unpopular music/ art's, have an alternative and/ or non- mainstream lifestyle, or whatever reason they pick them apart for. We are also most influencial in making our children what they are as young adult's later. So ... you want to know what is a great parent? ... it's simple ... go to the source who receives the parenting ... the kid's, and ask them.


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CARTER USM: ... "Sheriff Fatman" ... "Midnight on the Murder Mile" ... and "Rubbish" ...

Image result for carter usm on stage 1990's

This music/ art's posting for this journal will be to honour and take a peek at the work of "Carter USM" (Unstoppable Sex Machine) , an indie group I have followed since their debut in the scene. I had the opportunity to catch them "live" back in the mid 1990's or so (@ Dallas' "Institute"), in their early dayz ... their "live" sound was just perfect too, I may add, especially their unique use and trademark of drum machine, bass pattern's, and mixes. This group just had an outstanding "live" sound and act ... so they will be honoured here for such a large selection of fine work's that they have compiled over the year's. A few of my favourite's below ... and Thank You Gentlemen, outstanding work! Enjoy ....

1) CARTER USM SHERIFF FATMAN.mp4 ... Thanx to PSEkiko




Image result for carter usm


Thursday, February 3, 2011

SUPER BOWL 45 ICE STORM ... TEXAN'S Bitchin, Moanin, and Bellyachin, and Thank You MEXICO ... (and Friday revision addition)

Well ... it's that time of the year again (last year this time) ... and "shit happen's" ... ya know(?). First of all ... my sympathy to the 10's of thousand's of tourist's that have been pouring into the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, especially those from the northern cities and state's ... that may have arrived monday as many did, for SuperBowl 45 this weekend Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers ... at a nice 70 degree sunny day ... woke up in the morning and were hammered with over a 50 degree temperature drop in just hour's and a couple inches of solid ice before another few inches of snow on top of that. But this is North Central Texas in month's such as february ... it's weird ... one day can be 75 degree's and sunny skies ... and in hour's ... a 50- 60 degree drop, ice, sleet and snow. I remember year's back ... it was April 1st (20 or so year's ago) ... a co- worker came to work that morning, it was beautiful nice and sunny ... they just relocated to Dallas from Los Angeles, when he got in the door ... I asked him if he brought a coat with him ... he said something like "no ... why?" ... I told him that an ice storm would arrive in a couple hour's ... he laughed, walked away and said something like "Yeah Right Tom ... April Fool's!" ... Oh well ... he sure found out before lunch the reality! :) Summer here can get just as weird ... 95 degree's, dry, hot, ... hour's later .. a sudden temp drop in less than an hour of 20 degree's or more, hammering thunderstorm's, lightning, and hail stone's the size of golf ball's!

Yesterday I was outback on a large parking lot like totally covered in a couple inches of solid ice, having some fun sliding on the ice, and 3 neighbor's asked me if my power kept going out? I told them "Yeah ... everyone's is ..." (they were only 15 minute interval's in my neighborhood in NW Dallas, cause I timed them, and only once per hour) ... anywayz ... they had the "red- ass" (upset) over it, because I told them it was an order issued by ERCOT to conserve energy, since Texas has an individual power grid, and the storm caused failure at a couple plant's or so (I reckon none of them even listened to the news, it was all over the news). Next thing you know ... Texan's statewide were BMB- ing (bitchin, moanin, and bellyaching) because the state simply wanted to do some rolling blackout's as a safety precautionary measure ... as well as asked us to try to conserve our usage. This power grid supplies over 22 million Texas customer's. I thought it was a wise move and had problemo nada with it. To me basically it was no big deal though ... just deal with it, period. Beside's ... it's kinda fun to play on it ... school's were closed, traffic was dead, everybody was hiding inside as if it was going to bite their ass. Geeezzz ...

Anywayz ... a BIG Thank You to our next door neighbor's as well ... Mexico ... who started sending us electric into Texas to help out during the storm. Let's face it Texas ... where would we be without Mexico ... and even all the cheap pharma drug's so many Texan's get annually crossing the border into town's that have mucho pharmacies a couple block's from the border, and plenty of great priced dental clinic's too, just a couple block's from the border check point, where 18 year old Texan's can go get plastered/ drunk legally and party all nite in club's, not to mention those other special treat's from Mexico, etc. Now only because of the cartel's war going on is danger of course, but once that's squared off ... it will be cool again to hop for the weekend! :) MUCHAS GRACIAS! A few vid's below ...

GAME DAY NOTE: I love both these team's as well, and they are both doing well, no trick's or technicalities to get to the bowl ... so I am hoping this game will be as tight as it can be, with both team's showing their best, and no landslide game or cakewalk for either. Last weather forecast I heard look's promising though, should be in at least the upper 40's or so by sunday the 6th here on the Ranch, perhap's even 50 degree's, more snow tomorrow (friday) ... but if we can get to them temp's with a tad sunshine ... it can be a nice day ... maybe even warm enough to open the roof, if too chilly though for team's or fan's ... Jerry (owner) will close the roof of course. But I'm really looking forward to a real kick ass match up! So far alot of folk's I talked to here around town are putting money on Pittsburgh. I cant wait! :)

FRIDAY FEB. 04, 2011 ADDITION: (WFAA News Coverage) Unfortunately my wishful expectation's in the previous paragraph as far as new snow wont become a reality. I wrote there was additional snow expected friday, however, I didnt expect what we are getting at this moment I write this, been coming since midnite, at over an inch per hour (now almost 6:30am) ... on top of all the ice, and no sun soon enough, also the weather forecast took a change as of now, and there is no end in sight the next couple day's, another new snow storm on the way for sunday even now, and lower expected temp's than first forecasted. So it look's like it may be just a total sour week for the tourist's weatherwise. Many of these folk's planned this for month's, many from colder region's from the north and EU, so I feel most sorry for them, because they were almost all expecting nice mild sunny clime's. Texas is so huge that the weather is variable all over the state, this part is nothing like the tropical area's of the south or coast, or even like the desert mountainous region's of the west and southwest. Dallas and Houston for instance are different climate's too. So most likely Jerry will have to close the roof on the stadium, and sadly many folk's will have to spend more time unfortunately indoor's, but there will be mega hospitality and entertainment for ya'll! The rolling black out stuff is finished though, train's and all mass transit should be no problem either. Dallas has no snowplow's, but asked the state to jump in for emergency assistance, Dallas will go all out to accomodate our guest's, rest assured. But what you see in the below video's is "nothing" to what the Metroplex look's like this morning, it's a tad rough (not in the fun sense either), since folk's had this all week now, hundred's of thousand's of driver's, even perhap's a couple million car's at that (there's 6.5 million population in this town), got out in this, this morning, and the whole city and area is a total traffic mess, the freeway's are an unbelievable mess looking at various cam's across the Metroplex, I just shoveled out my daughter and a neighbor, and fixin to check on a few of the elderly neighbor's to assist.




3) WAY TO ENJOY AN ICY DALLAS DAY (Which I was doing yesterday too, in a parking lot that was at least 1.5"- 2" total coverage, no dry spot's) THANX TO STEVENNOVAK

CAIRO, EGYPT: ... "The Bad" ... "The Bold" ... and "The Beautiful" (For Saleem)

This posting will be to mark the event's going on this week in Cairo, Egypt ... since I havent posted anything on this yet, and this is big world news. But what inspired this was a neighbor I known for 20 year's named Saleem, who work's at his familia's owned gas station/ convenience store (he started there at around age 20, while going to business college at night in North Dallas) ... who I frequent his store for as long, and we alway's have alot of small chat ... but hardly ever politic's ... mostly football/ soccer, music, bad ass car's, good lookin chix, etc, etc. But Saleem is originally from this town Cairo (born and bred) and has spoke to me of the beauty of Egypt when asking him about some of the pyramid's, history, etc ... fascinating stuff, because I frankly dont know nothing else about Egypt. Saleem pride's himself today on being a Texan ... and even wear's his cowboy boot's daily, and even is a die- hard Dallas Cowboys fan! (If they lose any given sunday, Saleem is in an unpleasant mood monday) :) But he has been back to visit several time's (he usually stay's about a month per visit), and shared some cool pic's and small cultural statues/ sculptured art, he brought back about a year ago from there. So Saleem ... this one is for you Bud! :) ... or should I say ... this Bud (Budweiser) is for you(?) :)

This first video I chose to take a lighter side to this unpleasant violence and transition folk's have been going through over there ... a video with filming ran in reverse as well ... then a couple music pick's.




Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Critical condition: Takara Davis is in a coma after a car crash but has been cited by Las Vegas police for jaywalking

This PT. 4 posting of "Citation Violation Nation", will be to look at a recent case in Las Vegas(NV) (*****See below "MailOnline" piece/ link also) where a 13 year old girl was hit by a car at 45mph in an intersection ... rushed into emergency ... went into a coma ... while an officer at the investigation scene of the accident, citate's this girl for "jaywalking". I was so blown away by the officer's work and devotion to investigating and crime ... I dont know whether to give the officer a medal or a chest to pin it on ( A Judge in Clark County did throw out the ticket ). But as a parent I would be happy she pulled through a hit like that, which is all that's importante.

***** MAILONLINE: Mother's outrage as daughter, 13, is booked for jaywalking while still in a coma after car accident

But also in all fairness here to the citating officer ... the officer was doing their job. However ... what many seem to miss in these cases is that it take's more to being a competent officer in this democracy than just the ability to follow a rule book and citate anyone who fart's on the wrong day without any further thought. And most importante in a democracy to have an understanding of the citizen's need's and community in which you serve ... that is what America is about. I see far too many officer's still in urban America who have all the required background education, know their penal and violation code's fairly well, and how to follow order's to a tee ... but frankly dont know much either about the communities and it's citizen's their placed in to serve. As a result ... cop's have been unable to properly "protect and serve" these communities ... which is a basic requirement of American law enforcement as well. In Dallas they tried to correct some of this back a decade or so ago, after enough roaring from the communities over this. But there is still need for improvement as you can see below in "Part Two" (this case in Dallas, being of long time familia friend's) of this series, here in Dallas especially.

What was happening here in Dallas ... was they were putting young rookie officer's with rookie cop's in some of the most troubled area's of the inner city, who were from suburban communities ... and many of the cop's even in Dallas were hired from town's like Detroit and Boston ... where they even grew up in their surburban communities ... Dallas back then had such a shortage of cop's ... they had local want ad's in several American city newpapers and website's to come to Dallas to join the Dallas Police Department, and get travel expenses paid and multi thousand dollar sign on bonuses ... needless to say ... they hired alot of cop's that way, and/ or from suburban communities here, then put them on assignment/ patrol's in these inner city hood's without no veteran officer's for an on duty training period.

Another issue to some of this, is over the last few year's due to tightening of city/ municipal budget's ... so many officer's have been pushed to write more citation's to bring up incoming revenue's ... they need the money ... bottom line. But's it's also lousy enough in this nation as it is, that citizen's in many urban communities, especially in my own here in Northwest Dallas, cant even get the proper protection, and of course is a reason why it's very helpful to arm yourself in America ... I seen too many home invasion's and execution style killing's in this town and LA even, as well as my own neighborhood.

RCJ: "Citation Violation Nation" Part's 3 Thru 1

RCJ: ***** "40,697 WAY'S TO MAKE A BUCK ... FINE'S, PENALTIES, TAXES ..." ***** ... a related posting, to show just how to criminalize and make anything citable to create a $$buck$$