Monday, January 11, 2010

40,697 Way's to make a BUCK .... Fine's, Penalties, Taxes .... and our fine Leader's ....

First of all for the record .... let me state that all of this of course is for our "own good" .... and the money is needed ... well at least by someone. So the CNN link below, has a few of the new law's for 2010 .... a few of 40,697 of them .... then I will cut through the BS and get to the point.

***** CNN: Laws covering texting, tanning beds, trans fat take effect in 2010 ....

Also let me point out here that over the next several month's expect to hear alot of fresh BS out of the GOP on how everything that is a problem is the cause of this current administration, and some will "buy it" .... dont be a fool. The problem's we are having on almost every level have been built on the negligence and incompetence of the last administration for the most part. I even almost exclusively voted republican my entire life, even for Bush/Cheney. The democrat side of this cesspool has actually made this mess over the last year a little of an easier ride for us at the bottom, so the GOP has nothing to brag about, they done nothing whatsoever to try to clear up any damn thing, and out of political desperation over the next few month's are going to rant, rave, blame every damn issue on this President and Administration. Many problem's that we will have to face .... cannot just be solved by a politician or party ...... and sure as Hell not by the republican party.

Any time we are told that something is being done for our good, look to make sure your wallet is still on your person basically. I have said earlier in this journal to expect alot more taxation, fine's, fee's, and penalties .. oh ... and especially inflation as well ...the only reason you are not seeing too much now because of a still staggering economy .... when thing's get back to normal .... or what those who dictate us consider normal .... rest assured .... you wont be able to save a buck on nothing ... price's and interest rate's will go up ...especially on petro. We also have mid term election's coming up and this will be a nasty one this year, so the last thing your going to hear is the truth, any money generating effort's will be solely done now by creating new "evil's" that they can penalize folk's on to make a buck. Government job's actually pay in many cases over twice the wage you can get in the private sector ... add the fact that it take's so long for any of them to get shit done .... meaning they need more money. Even our shovel's in many cities are getting rusty waiting for stimulus money for the shovel ready job's.Plus we have many corporation's feeling uncomfortable as well ... because they are angry they may have to actually spend without getting a tax write off every time they take a dump. Your tax dollar's of course that went to stimulate financial institution's, mostly went to offshore investment's, and main street small businesses are wondering now after almost a year ... why they cant get loan's? Are you that goddamn stupid? Did you ever even think that the money would go to you?

A gentleman the other day was pointing out how taxes are so high for instance in some EU countries .... and as many other's in America ... asked me about health care in place's like Canada and the UK ... is it decent? Decent....yes .... as far as for the average person .... people with money dont ever worry about that, nor do any of our politician's ... they will never see a day in the poor house or even anything close to what average people will. So thing's like taxation or public option directed properly in a way that folk's can benefit is a plus. Even in place's like France ... you dont have to worry about going into bankruptcy over getting a decent education. The City of Dallas is on a campaign telling citation officer's to get on the ball ... and are frustrated because all the red light camera's they put up over the last few year's are making people run red light's less ... and now the red light camera companies are going to charge the city for not raising enough revenue. They openly said ....."We need more violator's!" What the difference strongly is in say some country like France or such, is that when people shell out these high taxes .... they actually get a considerable amount in return ... and some actual oversight of those institution's who dictate ... at least more than we get for our buck in this country. They still have their problem's, just like anywhere's .... but this point was to be made here to tell the truth since that is what everyone love's. I know I'm a socialist or commie, and that's fine .... I really dont give a shit one way or the other, what some spineless, mindless jackass think's of me.

The sad thing is .... that as I write this as well ... many are trying to figure out how they are going to lay on us their next idea of creating a new war tax, and possibly even a draft or something similar ... I have pointed this out before in earlier posting's only because we are playing up to exactly what our enemy has planned in their strategy .... they know the best way to damage us ... is to force us into bankruptcy ... and they will try their best to do so. That is something that we are really going to have to play to ... dont get me wrong .... I realize it is not the American Peoples fault we are in this mess .... we are in this mess because of our government and the entities that control them and the arena. Even as job's have became tighter ... our corporate dictated immigration implemented through our government bring's in somewhere's between a million and a half to 2 million legal immigrant's a year ... to ...well ... work. We have a Secretary of Homeland Security (Napolitano) who would be better selling Chia pet's to couch potatoes with credit card's, than securing a goddamn donation bin for the Salvation Army from getting jacked! And the million's we spent to have our finest in our military destroy opium farm's in Afghanistan ... are now replacing the opium with marijuana farm's, which recently was changed from evil to good now.... while the rest fight in the battle field to establish a new government with moderate Taliban insurgent's included in it ... while we pay off the rest to put down their gun's against us with monthly paycheck's ... also from us. Only problem is .... you will end up with the same shit in a new package, and when our pay-off's run out .... those insurgent's will have to again find money to live on. Then we have to deal with our newest location of interest ....Yemen ... another country that we been playing in for decade's and corporate buddies with.

A man here in the neighborhood a couple year's ago told me he dont have to worry about the new taxes on smoking or soft drink's and alcohol .... because he is a fitness kind of guy ... and uses none of the above ... my response to him was .... "rest assured Bud .... they will find a way to penalize ya'll too".



Infidel753 said...

Even if you broke one law per minute, it would take you more than four weeks to break that many new laws.

You're going to be a busy guy.

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed Mr.Infidel, you have a point! Anyone that know's me know's how all my life I had tried to at least break a law once a day, kind of like "grace before dinner" for me. With all the added law's, it should make it much easier ...thank God! Perhap's we can make a contest or something to see who can break the most, ought to be fun.

I was cruising down Stemmons Frwy here on the Ranch one day, everyone was doing at least 80+ mph. A Dallas PD squad car drive's up alongside folk's passing them so fast it would make some feel like they were going backward's, so dozen's of car's see the squad car ... and all of the sudden they drive the speed limit which was around 55mph .... What did the Ranch Chimp do? I pulled right up behind the squad car in safe distance while it cleared the path and tailgated it's speed, which was close to 90mph ...I mean .... What could he possible do, even seeing me in the rear view mirror? Write me a speeding citation? That would make him have to explain how he knew I was going that fast.
God Bless America! :)

It's a tough job Bubba ... but someone's got to do it! :)

Later Guy! ...........