Friday, January 29, 2010

GOVERNMENT ASSISTED HEALTH CARE: A conversation and opinion from my daughter on the subject .....

What inspire's this posting is a few thing's. First I was on the INFIDEL753 blog sight this morning reading a post on "California's Health Reform Plan" ... a blog that I visit daily that I been reading his stuff for long, because he dig's into so many non mainstream area's, as well as important mainstream issue's, digging up all kind's of info on a wide range of topic's. Then also because for several month's I been ranting throughout this journal and out and about around town with folk's of the Health Care Reform and the proposed Public Option. Yet my posting's on this is somewhat limited ... in other word's ... I write about the scam's and angle's of making a buck, and folk's that been dumped for pre-existing condition's and so forth, but I dont know for instance or had experience much with using these plan's or being dumped myself.I have never used any government assistance and/ or service's other than service's like the library, post office, etc. .... and all my life I have had insurance plan's I bought and only used a couple time's at that, and cant even recall the last time I wasnt insured to be honest. Also because of some early AM breakfast chat I was having with my daughter this morning over these above issue's. My daughter has a decent paying career and benefit's package as far as insurance, salary/ bonuses, etc. But the topic was on these state assisted health care programme's for kid's and the above topic's, which also INFIDEL753 informed me that several state's have assistance health programme's for poor and children. Such as the Dallas/ Fort Worth area's PCHP ( Parkland Community Health Care Plan, Inc ) and CHIP ( Children's Health Insurance Programme ).

My daughter never had to use these service's, and as a child I alway's had decent insurance for her, however when I brought up the CHIP Programme for instance this morning and the PCHP Programme ... she asked me .... " ...have you ever been in a CHIP clinic? ...." ... my response was "No" .... she doesnt have kid's and is single ... but had visited the clinic close to home here on business ... so she enlightened me. She told me that children in this clinic have to wait 6-7 hour's to see a doctor, that the doctor's spend more like 5 minute's or so with the kid, and are paid on how many they can push through per day ... perhap's like a commission? She also told me that the condition's are not very good, and that the place is dirty, and so crowded there is hardly no room in the wait area and such ... not a very nice picture she painted.

She also brought up that she wouldnt buy a Public Option to save a few buck's if one was even offered and dont care whether they pass one or not, much (she is a voting democrat I may add). I asked her to elaborate some .... what she told me basically was that she was for a nationalized across the board universal health care plan ( I am as well having spent time in both Canada and England and having familia as well in their health care industries ), similar to some EU countries or Canada ... where everyone pay's into it for instance. She said her doctor for instance spend's time with her, and treat's her like a person instead of just another one to get through such as one of these programme's she seen .... and at least with a full nationalized plan ... it would include everyone ... not just the poor, and be better than what they can offer with this partial plan. And ... it's make's a little sense to me .... after all ... I myself never needed the PO and just ranted about it so much, strictly because I looked at it as a plan for about 40-50 million or so that will be charged and forced by law to buy inferior service's at premium price's, and I knew damn well, mathematically speaking that this partial PO wont break major insurer's as they cry will, but make them compete, which they dont have to do now. And because I didnt want some unregulated private sector company providing these service's, because they are strictly about profit's and not care for people ... I seen they wanted no public option basically as I previously posted strictly to get those 10's of million's of people to be forced by law to give them premium payment's ... and to put these poor working classes on prescription drug's that will be mostly experimental and imposed as a must buy, by policy regulation's that they will also write and legislate, and I still believe that. But that's just me ... and how I see a scam. Knowing these scam's and such saved my ass many time's in life I may add.

I just was against what I seen these companies up to ... and rather see the government set up a plan for folk's ... because frankly, I trust our government oversight far more than I do these corporate giant's ... and have damn good reason to, as you can see in any of my posting's throughout this journal. So alot of my support for public option has been more of an opposition to major corporate giant's in this, because I know what their angle's and motive's are any time we ask our government for "something". These folk's basically take what we "ask" for and figure out a way to twist it into some way for them to rake in a fortune ... for example the "401K" scam and other's. All plan's are designed to make money for high rolling offshore investor's to play and capitalize off of ... not to give much of anything but a couple dog biscuit's and bone's tossed to us every so often, to keep us in a passive state of mind. Not much different than today's so called stock market for instance, as far as what's offered to us small investor's, which insider tip off's are accessible to all the top dawg's and played, even though for us it's illegal. The one's who capitalize most off our dollar's in other word's are everyone at the top other than us, if that make's any sense. My motto has alway's been basically "Fuck them before they Fuck me" ... it has been a way of survival for me and many other's at the bottom.

Just my opinion and a point from my daughter .... Enough said.


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