Monday, January 25, 2010

BAUHAUS: .... "A God in an Alcove" .... and .... "In the Flat Field" ....

I cant begin to describe the warmth of this group as far as their art ... slithering like a serpent for year's into the psyche. This English Goth Rock group Bauhaus, come's out of Northampton ( between Birmingham and London )... they formed in 1978 ... and disbanded "again" :) back in 2008. I had labeled them year's ago as my " Nocturnal Necrotica from Northampton"! The sound of Pete Murphy's vocal and depth of them combined for me with the bottomless goth bass sound from David J, is a one of a kind .... add Don Ash' guitar and Kevin Haskins percussion's blend ... and so be it! Your art gentlemen is unmatched and a class of it's own .... may it live for eternity with us! Thank You!!

Bauhaus- A God In An Alcove ... Thanx to JOAO MASSAPINA

Bauhaus- In The Flat Field ... Thanx to FETISHXXXGIRL



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