Saturday, October 31, 2009

MC 900 FT JESUS: .... KILLER INSIDE ME .... }: ) (PT.1)

This is just an ole acquaintance that goes back year's ... like back in the 1980's. Even though he is called MC900 ... I am just going to call him Mark ... cause that's all I ever known him by (Mark Griffin). Mark originally was into basically jazz and rock ... and tried his touch at a little hip- hop rap style music with another fella called DJ Zero out of Dallas' Oak Cliff...actually his name is Pat Rollins ... and Mark came up with this ... which was alot of fun back in the day! GO MARK!! :)

MC 900Ft Jesus- KILLER INSIDE ME (1991) ... Thanx to PYENAPPLE



A little history for the record on Mark's title "MC 900 FT JESUS". If anyone can recall ... a christian evangelical minister by the name of Oral Roberts one day announced in the media ... that Jesus appeared to him while he was sleeping, and told him if he did not raise so many million's of dollar's by a certain date ... Jesus said he would kill him. Minister Roberts described this Jesus Christ as being as tall as 3 football field's put together ... a football field is 100 Yd's ... 3 would be 300 Yd's or 900 Ft. That's where Mark came up with the name. And wrote one of his first song's about Minister Roberts experience ... called "Too Bad (your gonna die now)" which can be linked to above. Which is about when Jesus re- appear's to Minister Roberts because he hadnt raised the money ... to ... well ... kill the Minister like a "Thief in the Night". This is not to insult anyones concept of Jesus or anything else ... it was strictly done as satire because of the ridiculous story the Minister laid on the public is all.

Anyway ... Congratulations Mark on the major record contract ......


Friday, October 30, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! .... in the ole tradition of SAMUIN .... (HALLOWEEN PT.1)

Wanting to post a good song for the season ... I couldnt help to post one of my favourite live performer's ... the musician/composer, actor, artist, and journalist born and bred in America's Heartland,Canton,OH "Marilyn Manson" (aka Brian Warner). Mr.Warner I can not say enough about ...the composition of their music is 2nd to none, and a theatrical live performance that warm's the mind/soul! Thank You Sir!

This is Halloween- Marilyn Manson ... Thanx to TRENTCANTDANCE

Little folklore in the tradition ..."Halloween" is traditionally known as "Samuin" or "Samhain" ... meaning the "Summer's End" Ancient Celtic Halloween when the door to the other world is opened for one night."Saman" is the Druidic "Angel of Death". Also known as the Druid's festival of Harvest Fire. Jack-O-Lantern is said to have been the emblem of a "spirit",who had been refused entrance to both Heaven and Hell.

Enjoy! :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dallas Police citate Dallas citizen's for not speaking ENGLISH? (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.2)

I might have not posted this at first ... but as I was watching CNN as part of my daily online ritual...I couldnt help to notice this woman's face ... I happen to be friend's with her familia!! The blonde girl on the left is a friend's daughter as well!! In fact ... most of this familia DOES speak ENGLISH.

RCJ: "Citation Violation Nation" PT.1

Cited for Not Speaking English While Driving in Dallas ... Thanx to THE PEOPLE'S FORUM (TPF)

This is absolutely uncalled for ... and almost unbelievable that this would even happen in the City of Dallas especially! Where in Dallas dont you find "spanish" language? Dallas and the Metroplex is one of the largest latino metropolitain area's in the nation...the Metroplex has about 2 million latino's...and those are "legal" one's! You damn right there need's to be an investigation ... this is not just because the officer's DIDNT know ... this is BS! You dont "work" in a town like Dallas,Houston,Los Angeles,or even Miami for that matter and say .."I didnt know..." This is nothing but more milking of money through citation's ... because you cannot tell me...that after almost 40 of these citation's being issued and paid...that someone in "Fine's/Docket's" Division DIDNT see this! An ex-girlfriend was a night shift supervisor of this division as well for DPD (Back in the late 1970's) ... her name is Deanna Perez.... and YES...she is Mexicano Americano TexMex, born and raised in Dallas' original Little Mexico off Hines Blvd. Ms.Mondragon and familia are Dallasite's as well.

I have no doubt that Chief David Kunkle will get to the bottom of this, he is one of the most fair and straight up Police Chief's in this country. I would also like to question the department's Deputy Chief's as well.Dallas Police Dept. has 7 division's each ran by a Deputy Chief individually ... which are Division's of Dallas as follow's ... Central, Northeast, Southeast, South Central, Southwest, Northwest, and North Central. Each deputy Chief is responsible for his/her Division, and this had to be noticed somewhere's in some division with almost 40 citation's issued ...where it say's in "writing" that the offense is "not speaking english" and the fine is over $200 dollar's. No way... can you overlook these kind's of citation's unless your not paying atencion to your goddamn job!

ABSOLUTELY Ms.Mondragon should be reimbersed for her post stress hospital stay..and a gratuity ... as well as all other's for even if they lost any time at work over this. You dont do this to tax paying citizen's... and believe me...Ms.Mondragon's familia are those of the tax paying working citizen's of this city. Many citizen's in the City of Dallas and surrounding communities DONT know english very well. It's not really needed to know fluently in a town like this anyway's. Her ticket for driving without a liscense is citatable and ligit...and for the illegal U-Turn ticket .. but for not speaking english is just gross injustice.

Best of Luck Ms.Ernestina!

POST NOTE: I also would like to know exactly who wrote all these ticket's? Whether if they were actual DPD Traffic Unit officer's,or Dallas County Constable, or DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)Transit officer's ... AND if or not any money similar to commission's or royalties were paid to citating officer's if so. For the last few year's if you live in Dallas many time's have you noticed actual DPD officer's writing traffic citation's? If you recall...back a few year's ago because of crime and shortage's of new recruit's and officer's, they stopped DPD unit's from responding to wreck's unless there was severe injuries/fatalities, and from writing traffic citation's. They started having Dallas County Constable's and DART Transit Unit's writing traffic ticket's to take the burden off DPD officer's, it is also why several year's ago they started the "311" emergency line .. to stop people from calling "911" for non life threatening emergencies as well.Notice also on the ticket in the video ... that the "offense" was wrote in by hand and pen.The reason I point this because offenses are already pre-printed on the back of part of the ticket and coded for use, to use the code's, so you can look at the attachment sheet for code and instruction's for mailing fine's. Another question I would want to if there was a law/fine for non english speaking driver's...why do the traffic court's as well as the Fines/Docket's Bureau literature,assistance clerk's,court officer's...and every department that handle's and collect's your money are "spanish" speaking? Kind of odd... is it not? I have several question's.

What your telling me can go into the traffic court's...speak spanish and have interpreter's, and even spanish speaking judge's and prosecutor' can call in for info on your citation...and have spanish speaking customer service, you can obtain literature for your fine's and info which is given in "spanish", have spanish speaking clerk's at money transaction window's to "COLLECT YOUR MONEY"...and you can talk "spanish" in any court in the City of Dallas...but your telling cant speak "spanish" when operating a "vehicle"? Until you can prove otherwise to me... I see this crap as nothing more than a goddamn scam to milk more money from working class latino's!! .....Enough said on this BS!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

"LOTTERY SCAM" and ..... "Self Checking" your Lottery ticket's ....

Texas Lottery Winner Willis Willis is represented by Howry Breen in Austin ... Thanx to ANDROVETT

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Man sues Texas Lottery Commission after being cheated out of ticket ... (newsread)

I wanted to post this video in particular (updated, video replaced) ... because this is yet another scam that is very widespread in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex that you just never hear about because most of it is never investigated because the amount's are significantly smaller ... but it is widespread.

I play the multi- million Texas Lotto drawing only ... and I play every drawing ... which is on wednesday's and saturday's. I've won a few thousand and lost a few thousand here and there ... I enjoy it ... but I dont play the array of other lotto game's, and I will play number's on NFL football game's as well ... but that's the extent of any gambling that I do ... just small time entertainment. But for year's ... I have alway's checked my own lotto number's. Back over a decade or so ago ... I could see the scam's that were played by store clerk's ... that were basically no different than shortchanging customer's. Many simply DONT self check their ticket's ... they go into a store and ask for their ticket to be scanned by the clerk ... the clerk can tell them anything they want ... UNLESS you ask to VERIFY the ticket ... they will tell you if and what you may have hit. They wont tell you nothing ... because they would have to return the non- winning ticket to you ... so you may have a $500 winning ticket ... and the clerk can just tell you ... you hit $10 buck's or so ... they give you the cash ... your happy because it cost a buck for the ticket ... you walk away with a smile or buy a couple more ... but you just got shortchanged for $490 buck's.

Believe me ... this happen's all over the metroplex daily ... just not for million's. By law ... I believe the cap limit for cash payment's from store's/location's is about $600 still ... anything over ... you have to take to a "Texas Lotto" claim's center ... present an ID and they write you a check ... I won a couple thousand a couple time's ... I went to the location on Stemmons Freeway/ Empire Central to pick up my check, my small winning's I alway's just pick up my cash from the store ... I had a couple, that did not correctly read my ticket ... but I smiled and politely said ... "please check again" ... little did the SOB know that I already checked my bloody number's before I came in ... and was just there to get my money and split! But about 10 year's or so ago ... I was at the intersection of NW Hwy and Webb Chapel ... (one of a few cases I directly seen) and a homeless panhandler who was spare- changing happened to tell me he found a ticket on the ground ... and if I knew how to read them ... and asked me if it was a winner ... I checked it ... and told him it was $100 buck's ... he went crazy ... couldnt believe it ... it was about as dirty looking as the clothes he had on too. I told him to take it in the corner store there and they will pay him ... in cash ... the next part will require another paragraph to explain what this low- life clerk told him.

He start's to come out of the store ... looking disappointed ... I asked him what was up? he said according to the clerk ... it was only a $10 winner ... even tough he argued with the clerk that he thought it was $100 ... the clerk got angry with him, told him to take his $10 and get out or he will call the police for trying to cheat him and causing a disturbance ... the homeless guy didnt want trouble and bought it, and left the store with his $10 voluntarily. Obviously this flea bearded rag headed bastard clerk, looked at his homeless situation and his worn out dirty attire and shrugged him off! ... the homeless guy was also African American ... which really got me pissed, because this clerk (non-American) ... disrespect's American's daily in this store that look poor or especially those of colour. I told the homeless guy ... "hey man ... come in here with me" he asked why? and told me that the clerk said he will call the police ... I told him ... "he just made a mistake ... let me talk to him ... I'm sure I can explain the ticket to him" ... the guy agreed to come back in with me. I went in and told the clerk that I seen the ticket and read it correctly ... and to show me the ticket. He said he didnt want trouble and will call the police ... I told him to call the police .... because we werent leaving till I seen and verified the winning ticket or the police came. He soon gave in ... then said he was sorry ... he made a mistake.When leaving ... I went into the cooler cabinet's and asked the homeless guy what he wanted to drink ... he chose a Pepsi ... and I had a Coke ... the clerk told me the cost of the drinx ... I told the clerk ..."No ... these are payment for your mistake ... if you have a problem with it call the police ... I have plenty to tell them as well". He said nothing and let us walk. The homeless guy outside offered me half the money, I told him to forget it ... the cold Coke is fine, and one day I may need a favour from him.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Hell of a time to get "Born Again" ...Guy ... Geeeez ... Stop Ya'll's goddamn whining! ....

I always hear that folk's find Jesus usually in Jail/Prison ... but during a score (hold-up)is not very common.Good thing he didnt have a partner ...cause the partner would be one miserable SOB the next morning waiting in "chow line" at County! The most annoying part of all the goddamn whining and hug's and kisses!

***** ABC NEWS: Clerk: Robber 'Just Broke Down' Out of Desperation ... (newsread/ video)

Ms.Rita(comment's)of the "Around Town with Rita" blog, made a good point on some perhap's of the more fundamentalist type of religious folk's may look at this and talk about thing's like "prayer work's" ... think of the "power of Jesus" or a number of other religious connected thought's ... even "miracle's".It's a nice thought...and I realize the power of spiritualism ... but understand...when you are dealing with a scenario of the flesh and reality that you live CANT bank on that ...if you could...we wouldnt have any of the problem's we have .... period.

In my opinion...this is a rare case ... and all the whining, hugging and kissing or what have you ...did do some good here...but in most cases it could worsen your situation as a victim.To make it simple(and YES...this IS simple)when you are a victim being taken down in a score in this manner, dont say what your told, you can look at your assailant... but dont stare too long...this can worry the robber for "ID" purposes, more than any camera. You may argue though that making that "human contact"...showing the robber that you are human, emotion's, connection etc. would be good to do? Understand...this is not some well calculated art or fantasy piece of a serial killer...where you are simply an object to play a role in a scene ...this type of crime/act is more spontaneous and not focused much on you, the focus is to try to get the money/good's with the least amount of hassle and time...and to cut and run....period.Dont avoid eye contact ... just dont use prolonged direct eye what you are told in a timely manner ... make them comfortable that you are NOT going to try to talk them out or in of anything,they dont need to ask twice ...and your not a hero or challenge...and just another Joe/Jane trying to earn a living ... you have NO conflict with what they are or doing in other word's.And if you do have a gun and are armed...if they already are drawn down on you...dont pull it out...unless you dont mind getting shot ...bottom line...too much talk or action in a situation like this can complicate it.If the assailant is a dope fiend for instance...and edgy because of that and adrenaline... they can easily react too quick and shoot in panic without thinking.Again...make them feel their thing and get the hell out.

And for those who decide to fall to their knee's and repent in a job/score like this yourself a goddamn favour for Pete's sake .. dont go take down a goddamn score like this if you dont think you will be able to see it through! Cause the court's and law/law enforcement dont give a rat's ass whether you get born again on the job or took down a score...and their job is to take you down!This man claimed he needed this money by a certain time for his kid...they will be in the street etc. Dont be so goddamn stupid! You could have taken and pawned or sold that gun for more than $20...or a number of other thing's to hustle up a some quick cash...other than pulling a gun on someone...threatening their goddamn life ... and facing a goddamn death penalty in some cases over some chump change ....Geeeez! What the hell were you thinking? ...or should I ask, if you were thinking? Now your ass is sitting in County lockdown without your kid...and you have to wait probably month's if you dont make your multi hundred thousand dollar bail, or even if you do...because your familia had to put up their goddamn home's and car's or whatever as collateral to just get you a 10%/15% bond out, which their "cash" end is not refundable.... and wait for a court/jury to decide later...if you were sincere about your sudden change of heart.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Medical Money Madness (PT.1) ... A brief look at the reality on Main St. instead of Wall St.

I wanted to add this short clip to this journal to show some of the operation's that are huge in this nation that we hardly ever hear about. And to show example of where in some of my previous posting's I talked about the flip side of the coin on who is all scamming who.

***** CNN: Organized crime's new target: Medicare (newsread/ video)

Let me add....that Los Angeles is probably the biggest and hottest scam hub for this that I have personally seen in America...and dont think that any of this is "new". This game goes back so long...I remember the game well on the street's of NYC back in the 1970's ... and have also seen much of the game in LA ... even back that long. I also want to point out that this is only a fraction of what is going on,on Main St. America ... one town and area only.

The reason California is such a hotspot for this... is also because California is one of the best state's in the nation for any social help/assistance.Many of the scammer's you see in this video are foreigner's ... but this has been ungoing for long by native born American's.New York tightened up year's ago...and made scamming more difficult on social service's...but everyone on the street coast to coast know's how LA and California...there is a fortune to be made... and Texas and Florida are two more 21st century hotspot's for scam activity...but California is even better because...they offered so many state assistance programme's combined with Federal.

The reason here I am not just focusing on "medicare" ... is because this is absolutely so widespread that it cover's every single social assistance institution across the nation.The junkies/dopefiend's in California(I want to be fair here and say...NOT ALL)are milking everything from food stamp assistance, to voucher programme's as well. I have also posted before how even insurance companies are being milked to the gill's in this country...OH YES ... when they are BMB (bitching,moaning and bellyaching) about the rising cost's of everything... understand ... that there is even a whole network coast to coast...especially big time in the City of Angels...that have phoney prescription racket's...and even storefront community clinic's set up where personel are milking insurance provider's, as well as state assistance programme's,federal,state and city and everything else imaginable. To be even more honest here...I dont think I can even name one of these institution's private or government that IS NOT being milked.

I realize that MOST American's DONT do this...what my point though is that there is a significant amount of folk's that do ... that it actually cost's billion's across the board annually in this country.This is actually so popular even on a global level...that even many American scam's are even being headquartered these day's out of Latin American countries...and as far away as counties in Africa...more and more because of the technologies and ability to tranfer fund's so quick now the fact that when you scam using an international network and laundering...because of border's and law' make's it even hard for Interpol to track and keep up with all what's going on.But trust me...this is huge. Another reason why I have called America in this journal ..."The Land of Milking Money". And the reason I stated time and again that the people are not saint's and also part of this corrupt system ... but again...I will state that most people DO NOT participate in these thing's.I have also posted that because of some of these thing' why California is so deep in the hole and the red.

That's the REALITY ....


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pregnancy and Birth Control .... Right to Life? ...or Right to Self Destruct? ....

I wanted to post this video and some added opinion's of mine to this journal because I havent wrote enough about this ... and it is one of our very serious issue's. I really admire Ms.Velez- Mitchell (HLN/ CNN) here for really slamming it to the point of the reality of the current condition ... this is something that all teen's across our great nation should really be concerned with and discussing more.

CNN Blames Bush, Anti- Feminists, & Procreation For High School With 115 Pregnancies ... Thanx to GREG HENGLER

I certainly couldnt stress enough the importance of this.I sure as Hell dont like abortion any more than the pro-life American ... never did. There are many thing's that I dont like though ... such as our troop's dying daily in these corporate and fundamental radical muslim group's manufactured war's ... I could go on and on. But to just tell our young to use restrain ... or abstinence ... is obviously not working ... and never did throughout human history. Year's back ... it was essential to have as many children as you can ... for instance to help work the crop's on the farm ... or to have enough defender's in battle ... and to replenish those large number's that simply died from diseases or other life threatening complication's when we not only had no medical cure ... but no actual medicine's ... and you simply died.

In recent month's past even the Pope of the Vatican visited some African nation's trying to send a message to not use contraceptives ... yet some of these nation's have some of the highest birth rate's amongst poverty stricken folk's with corrupt government's who do much of nothing for the people ... and even large HIV/ AIDS related problem's and death's. A christian woman who is devoted to her belief's once told me that the Bible say's to be fruitful and multiply ... this is so ... however look at the time that was wrote in the Old Testament and folk's died alot younger than they do in these times. Put it this way ... we have been very fruitful and have multiplied beyond God's expectation's I told her ... and now is a time to use common sense ... because of the changing times ... and perhap's take a break.

It's very easy for older conditioned folk's like myself to talk to kid's about abstinence ... but we all know that,that is very difficult ... after all ... we were kid's ourselves ... remember? Even though how strict you may be with your moral standard's or belief's ... a true believer know's the flesh and how it react's seperate from one's spiritual self ... or moral values ... as Mitchell point's out in the video above ... adult's cant even control themselves! And Mitchell is so right on the money about the "drumbeat" of society ... on "pro-create" pop culture talk ... and this campaign from all those (3 entities of mega religion's, corporation's, and government's) to do so, because of this "consume, consume" mentality that they foster on us. I have posted about this so many time's about getting an overabundance of cheap labour and people to consume more than they need and to be in a lifetime of debt to these institution's.

I recall a very troubled experience in detail a few year's back (I briefly touched on in some earliest posting's) ... I was at Parkland Memorial Hospital one night (Parkland is a Dallas County hospital ... that deliver's more babies than any hospital in the nation annually, the majority of those to non english speaking immigrant's and people with low income) to deliver something to a nurse there who is a family friend. She worked graveyard shift in maternity ward. While I visited the newborn's department just to look ... my eye's focused upon a baby in such horrible condition, it looked like legalized torture to me, probably one of the most awful sight's I ever seen. A baby with tubes coming and going from it ... sore's, undernourished, etc. I asked the nurse what was wrong with the baby? She said it was born to a mother who is a combo cocaine/ heroin addict and the father is unknown. Last I checked then ... it cost the County about a half a million to keep that baby alive and suffering in it's horrible state of existence ... yet ... the State of Texas would not pay (about $500 or so I gathered) for the girl to have an abortion which she wanted from what I heard. I then wondered to myself ... which is truely inhumane or an atrocity? Personally speaking ... I could never put a child through that, no matter what the pop culture morality may say. I simply dont have that amount of cruelty and lack of regard inside me I reckon. They say God is one of mercy ... I must say that I too am. The medical problem's I found out from the nurse that this child was going to have were awful ... downright horrible by my standard's ... and hopefully they would be able to find adoptive parent's ... if not ... I reckon the child goes into that life surrounded by poverty,crime,and drug abuse (if the child does live) ... since the child was born addicted ... it will never even be able to use prescribed opiate's or clinical cocaine ... because it may trigger automatic addiction.

Every era throughout our civilized history has it's own challenges ... no different with our 21st century challenges especially in our highly overpopulated areas. But also we have adjusted our morality thoughout the centuries to work for the best interest of the challenges of it's times .I can list off a number of thing's ... that were at a time considered morally unacceptable ... that your most devout religious people do today as common as eating breakfast cereal ... and even your churches condone to it. Why? ... Because even the church know's that it has a responsibility to try to preserve our well being, and Self Destruction is not Life ... it is anti- life.

Because of these experiences I mentioned above ... I strongly support birth control/ contraceptives ... with a mindset to embrace and love life ... not put it in misery and harm's way.


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Long and Winding Road ... of the latest twisted BS ....we are being "spoon fed" ....

I wanted to post this particular video as an example of the "new BS" that I keep writing about in previous posting's.To especially show the true face's of those who negotiate on behalf of the People.This video show's two opposite faces of the exact same with Mr.Michael Cannon, and Ms.Jennifer Palmieri ... both who probably bought each other round's of drink's after this display of a well calculated conjob I will explain after the video..........What the Hell does this anchor journalist mean by "Compromise for the sake of saving reform"?!! There is NOTHING to compromise... the people/consumer's have spoken...made clear what the majority wanted since last year and prior...and ya'll been paid to do a goddamn job and deliver the product "ordered"...period!

Unplugged: Is A Public Option Off The Table? ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

Let me explain here. What you are seeing here is the muddling and watering down that I was speaking of coming in past post's...where they will start to "change" the definition of what "public option" is...or meant...their goal's,and what they will eventually try to twist it into.This is also sponsored by the corporation's behind healthcare insurer's and pharmaceutical's ... dont be so naive to think it doesnt happen...or one wouldnt want to invest so much in this destruction of "true" public option and competition...people will kill their own family for a fraction of this...$100 billion dollar's for instance could influence a halocaust type scenario in these day's if they wanted it to. It wouldnt suprise me at all if I could guess who the sponsor's were to this segment as well.These thieve's and lowlife's are in every party and wing of our system, simply because of money...they even control the people's dont think you can run to them for solution's...their part of it as well,as you can see how they bought the majority of republican church going people and brainwashed them.

Out of desperation...since they already tried about everything from teabagging to programme's on how "big government" is going to destroy capitalism, and free market...and set up euthanasian death panel's for senior' how high your premium's will go as well as the national they are resorting to having even democrat's negotiate behind closed door's this week(NO C-SPAN) ... with these so called "moderate" Senate democrat's...and these two faced flip-flopper's who are putting on a show ... with alternative goal's of how to sustain business as usual with simply a face-lift or a "tigger-plan" or other twisted delayed horse crap that they are spending hour's creating. And the nerve of this show host asking if "republican's and libertarian's are being left out?",OH ....BOOOO HOOOO we are heart broken. And both Cannon and Palmieri are as full of crap as even Sen.Snowe here. They are now sugar coating with a few from all parties and interest's, because they have all had their backside's buttered so to speak with million's for themselves and their parties...and they simply "owe" .. and have to give something in return.Another reason why I am a big advocate for "NON-HUMAN" government representation. Let computer's/technologies debate and decide on our behalf? Absolutely!! Why the Hell not!!?

And NO!! .... Canon and Palmieri ..."Co-Op" is NOT government option ... and too many hardline liberal's and other's can see through ya'll's soft talk.The longer ya'll delay...the more American's are getting keen to your game's and tactic's...and the endless appetizer's in between entree's of BS! And trust me...all these two faced bastard's will pay eventually in the voting booth's or elsewhere's ... heh,heh, heh, heh, heh's just a matter of time! Ya'll's idea of "HELL"...will become eventually a reality you will face! YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!!


Swine Flu Blues News ....can get to You ...Part 2 "The TAMIFLU SCREW" ....

This posting is part 2 of original posting on april 30,2009 ... to follow up on the "scam's" that we will get...because of this "rush of fear". (I had to replace below video)

swine flu April 28 2009 only 500 million doses of tamiflu , 5.5 billion at risk ... Thanx to DELTAPECO

This is what happen's everytime when we let these thing's "get to us". Remember ... wherever there is will find it ...the wolves smell the blood and sense the fear...and they prey on matter WHAT the new scare is.

The reason I posted this originally back in April of this because of the panic that will come that we see now...and will see increase over the next few month's.They are trying to grow this stuff as quick as possible...we have the BEST in medical science working across the globe ... so there is no reason to panic and buy this crap that will be pushed off on folk's whether it's bunk Tamiflu ... or a number of other thing's that will be conjured up and created to "rescue and save you".

Take the basic "precaution's"...stay aware and alert ...and your forearmed as you can get...but as I posted in part one ... dont let this get to you ... because your "mind" can play you more than the "player". We have to expect these thing's...and it's just another challenge we will have to deal with.Get used to it, because as I also posted time and again...understand because of this "global warming" or the politically correct term "climate change"... you must expect also for possible new viruses to mutate at a fairly quick rate ... after all ... they are life as well...and life evolve's. BUT ... it will be dealt with ... and it make's us sharper and more aware of the condition's we will be faced with.

You may think ..."well...there's been death's..." etc. Every year you have death's due to influenza ... every day you have death's/fatalities from motor vehicle accident's. You dont run and panic to avoid the motor vehicle's deal with it. No different actually.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas Execution's: Should they be indefinitely suspended? ...ABSOLUTELY! .....

I could have chosen some videos to post for this ... I chose this one from CNN, because watching his defense attorney loathe this interview, and the fact that he looked like he just woke up hungover and milked a cow ... had me laughing up a storm! : )

CNN AC360 Oct 15, 2009 Part 2/2: Todd Willingham's Defense Attorney Disgraces Texas Justice ... Thanx to STUDENTS AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY

I also want to say here ... that once, I was in the Navarro County Jail before (20+yr's ago?) ... and was tried in Navarro County Court for possessing and transporting illegal narcotic's. I was stopped in this town on an interstate for driving about 90+mph in the middle of the night ... I was in a hurry to get home to Dallas ... just left Houston a few hour's before and only had about 60 mile's to go, and didnt expect to be pulled over when most people were asleep (out in the wood's). A search was called, drug's were found ... and my residency was in question since the computer said I lived in various state's (Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas), also questioned why I had so many road map's in the vehicle for other town's, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Chicago, etc (it's my 'right' to, I told them, since I have had to drive around all these town's) I also was well dressed, and in a new vehicle, so I didnt look like a druggie, and DID NOT own the vehicle the drug's were found in.

At the trial ... I hired the retired Navarro County District Attorney to defend me ... who just wanted to try a defense case and thought that my search was in question. I even took the stand at my trial ... and made the jury and judge laugh when I explained the stop (lil added humor on my part during my testimony : ) and search. I was found "not guilty" based on the fact that the search was questionable ... and I did not technically own the vehicle. But I must say ... it was one of the most friendliest little town's that I have ever been to ... known worldwide for it's "fruitcake" ... it seemed like everyone in town wanted to sell me fruitcake! :) (town's name is Corsicana, County of Navarro) NOTE: I did not own the vehicle, was not under influence of drug's and was found NOT GUILTY. Newsread and video below.

CNN: Texas Commission signals halt to investigation of 2004 execution ... this case concerning the alleged wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham .

NIGHTLINE: The wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham ... Thanx to FREETHEINNOCENT

I want to be fair here to all side's ... because I dont really buy the fact that this man was innocent yet ... I have read too many testimonies that make's me think that this man is possibly guilty ... and I know that Governor Perry is angry because the CNN as well as Dallas' WFAA/ Dallas Morning News both take the liberal slant and are not alway's fair. But that is the whole point here I am trying to make ... I may FEEL he is guilty from what I have read ... BUT ... the fact is ... I have REASONABLE DOUBT ... and when you have that ... and a man's life is on the line ... you DONT execute until you have ALL the fact's ... okay?

I am interested in this case ... and been hoping this would come to national media atencion sooner or later with a strong case ... if not this one. Yes ... I am pro death penalty ... BUT ... would have NO PROBLEMO at all with abolishment of it. I only support it for the families of the victim's ... and many of these convicted are like a wolf, once they had the taste of "blood" (killing) it can be difficult to rehabilitate. Anyone who has raised or spent time around wolves know what I am talking about, the kill can desensitize you and become what it is ... which is "nature". This desensitizing though work's as well on the citizen's ... and in this case ... the people's of Texas. Why? Because many in Texas has slipped into this mindset that if you get 8 or 9 out of 10 right ... it's okay. NO ... that is not okay! When you let sloth control you ... and accept that ... you are not doing your job right as a citizen or a juror, defense, or prosecution. It doesnt matter his past record ... or his abusive style ... this particular case is all that matter's in this trial ... and there are forensic scientist's that question whether or not the fire was intentional. Therefore our Governor has a responsibility to DO HIS JOB as well ... and to stop this execution until this is cleared up. It doesnt matter if the Appeal's Court's, even Federal have passed on it ... which they DID ... more than once ... what matter's here is the scientific proof and evidence.

For too long I have questioned some of those execution's that were done in Texas ... especially in these small town's ... because of forensic's and especially these state appointed defense attorney's who show up in court looking half hungover and half asleep ... even falling asleep in a couple cases during the trial's. I cannot stand people that do a half assed job ... period! If this case did not get national media atencion ... this guy would have never been thought of again ... because to many he is nothing more than poor trailer trash ... to be honest here. And this happen's to, too many that are poor I feel. Even his wife who testified in his defense during the trial ... just a few day's ago told a newpaper that he confessed to it, to her before his execution. Even jailhouse snitches have told authorities that he admitted to it. So this is NOT by any mean's cut and dry ... and he certainly wasnt the most loving husband and daddy that some paint him to be ... nor was his wife either.

But ... in my opinion ... ALL execution's in Texas should be put on hold period! We need to stop this from happening ... and science and technologies will help us clear much of this up ... but they cant if you dont let them do their JOB as well.

Word Out ....


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 3: Baucus ...and the Democratic"BITE" ...Step#3 of the "Snowejob" ...

Max Baucus Health Care Bill Saves More Money Than Lives Polls Show Public Wants Public Option ... Thanx to THE VIRTUE ALL LIBERAL SOCIETY ... (I had to replace this video with another)

This of course is the third posting of Baucus' bite and the Snowejob to follow the previous 2 posting's.Snowe's "Trigger Plan" I posted sept.09,09, as well as Baucus' "bite" first posting,then the 2nd Baucus "bite" sept.30,09.

First of all congratulation's to Ed Schultz on his new show on MSNBC ...he is no stranger though to talk radio where he has been known for year's.Ed was also a Quarterback for Minnesota State University Moorhead ... and even led the nation at a time in "passing".

But Ed hit's the nail straight on the head here,this guy is skeptical as I am on this hogwash we are seeing...this is nothing but a smokescreen and a conjob! No ... I have no idea what is the game plan here...but I do know that I have no reason to trust Snowe on this sudden change of heart that she has been working up to for almost a week now.While most democrat's are jumping for joy thinking that they just got a top notched republican(Snowe) to side with Baucus and them...and republican's are acting as though they loathe what she done and it's now doom and gloom for them ...there is still something we are missing here...and this IS NOT what it look's like.

First of all ...Baucus is a scammer to begin with...including his plan.My guess is this is simply a new strategy as a last hope for the insurer's...and their attorney's are actually the one's coaching both Snowe as well as Baucus in this. Because they tried having the right and left through primarily these two, to tell the people's that a plan with public option will not make it through, so might as well just drop it.Then when the corporation's seen the people's response through their representative's...and seen they were still going to go for a public option, they simply got one more strike against them...despite the "billion's" they are throwing into this "future investment"...even their teabagging thing didnt work (thank goodness for computer technologies,and their accessibility to the people) and the people are giving these sob's a run for their money.Remember...the No#1 objective is to STOP "public option" in it's track' I posted earlier time and again ...there is more money in this for them than all the scam no bid contract's that was manufactured in the Iraq War ...pharmaceutical companies alone tossed in $80 billion on it was just a matter of writing a we realize how much money that is?

My guess is...that Snowe started shaping this almost a week ago when she started making public statement's of thinking about the people's need's...then this week she slip's in that her decision is based on doing what's right and history coming along and not wanting to miss opportunity and other rubbish(I dont buy a single word of anything she say's) ... so now she make's it look like she is giving in...but Baucus is in on this too!She wanted to get this through fast as possible I figure...because they see that the longer it is taking...the more folk's are being able to put 2 and 2 together and it's getting more complex and divided.So get her vote...get everybody shook up thinking it was a rush it into a position of the last leg of opposition...then set up the "compromise" ... knowing that the President will buy "compromise" if he see's bipartisan effort,because hardline liberal's are pressuring him to be they need to soften him up...Snowe accomplished that obviously...and I dont know if the President "made" this or not?

Now...this all rushes it to the next that all the revision's or modification's can be done...knowing that there will be so much divide and controversy this early will get all muddled in fine what they are hoping for...all to the corporate advantage...even though republican's and corporation's will put on a face like they are getting the shaft...then if they CANT come up with some kind of twisted public option that isnt truely what public option mean's...they will throw in a compromise...presented by Snowe and associate's... which will be what I wrote about earlier as another scam they will call the "Trigger Plan" ...which basically change's public option into a "threat" to be used against insurer's that if they DONT clean up their act in a few year's(probably 5 year's, because as I posted ...they do most in 3's,5's,and 9's because of term's/election's) they will throw in public option.But as I wrote earlier...and need to repeat here .. a trigger will just be another diversion...and a few year's down the road nothing will get done anywayz...because they will create other diversion's to avoid it buy's time for their attorney's to alter legislation over the time period to create back door's and other loophole's.

We are really going to have to be on our toe's and their asses here and to come...because we now should all know that both parties that control our political representation are dirty...and we the people have to depend on the few that are not bought and paid for...the hardliner's,and the power of our vote. We can just hope for this to have a REAL public option ... and keep on their asses ...because too much money has already been invested by our adversaries...they even control the majority of all prime time commericial space now.I was listening to the NFL football game's last weekend for instance...and everytime a punter went to kick a "field goal" the sportscaster would announce..."Bank of America field goal" or the "Aetna touchdown pass" and so on...geeeez...we cant even watch a goddamn ballgame any more without every point being scored, being sponsored by one of the same corporation's we just gave billion's to or their affiliate's cause they were so called "broke".

We are getting cornholed like red headed step children.

POST NOTE: I have been writing alot about this I know...and it is not about me at all.I am emailing political rep's and writing all this for this country, I didnt get to serve when I tried enlisting in the Naval Seabee's at 17 ... ended up in jail. Never was able to do much for my country but excercise my right to vote .. and if I can write anything that would help one person in any way of this country,it is a small contribution long overdue! ... a country that has gave me more than I expected, and who I gained much from.I am this mean's nothing for me... plus...the present basic's of the bill's I have read WITHOUT the public option as it is...would only make me come out a winner period...because of my age and income status...and I know how to utilize every little thing that is in my grasp and benefit as well.But this is about those like my daughter especially that are young professional's with degree's across our nation ... because it is THEY ... not the poor as much...that will feel the effect's of this...and those like our grandchildren on the way up as well.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

LGBT Rights ... is there all TALK and not enough ACTION? ....

I just wanted to add this to this journal to take a look at how slow Government is when it come's to the right's of the American people, too goddamn slow in my opinion ... period!

CNN: Part 2, Sirius XM's Michelangelo Signorile and others Debate Obama's Speech to Gay Group ... Thanx to MICHELANGELO SIGNORILE

Now I understand what Rosen is saying about having patience, doing it the right way, etc, etc. That's the thing though ... gay folk's have been very patient, doing everything by the rules, waiting and waiting and waiting ... and it's a shame that a veteran like Choi has to even confront a battle like this at home ... after what veteran's like him have done to show their patriotism and love for America! No ... absolutely ... I agree more with Choi, Savage, and Signorile here ... how much goddamn time do you need to simply make law ... basic rights that our citizen's should just have without having to wait year's to get? Their sick and goddamn tired of waiting period! Doing it right ... or having to seek top brass military approval is just horseshit. Basic rights is just that ... BASIC ... there is no right or wrong ... it's a matter of equal rights ... and very simple ... you just sign the goddamn law, there is no need for study, debate, or the other crap ... get it the Hell done!

Even bisexual's that keep low profile's should be concerned with this ... but many ignore it ... there are many that are bisexual in this nation ... that dont even say a thing about this because they can just swing either way and play the field ... but they should be concerned ... because it may effect you in some way later down the road ... especially if you keep it fairly concealed. There are also the transgender's/transexual's ... they are all under the same umbrella ... because they can ALL be discriminated against ... simply because of sexual orientation. Straight folk's dont have to worry ... and believe me ... straight folk's do some of the most kinkiest crap you can imagine ... far from normal sexual practice's ... yet they are exempt from similar criticism and discrimination ... because they are considered straight?

Right now there is a case ... I just briefly heard about going on here in Dallas County Court's where a gay couple is filing for divorce ... the judge want's to go along with it in Dallas...but now higher up's in the court's for the state want to not let it go through ... because it will screw with the peoples majority vote defining in Texas ... marriage as being between one man and one woman ... and open a door for marriage here ... I need to look into this more and get a posting on it, because it just came up this last week here in court. They were married somewheres in the Northeast legally ... but relocated to Dallas ... and simply want to divorce, and thank goodness ... they are ready to fight the state here on this. Why? Because Dallas has a large gay community ... and other Texas cities ... Dallas has an open lesbian Sheriff as well, Lupe Valdez ... and came very, very close to having a gay mayor who is a City Council member in the last election, Ed Oakley ... who barely lost by a couple point's. If Ed won ... and I voted for him as well ... Dallas would have been the only American city with a gay sheriff and mayor. Dallas' LGBT community has been too patient especially ... this is too strong of a community here to put up with this nonsense ... especially having Texan's from rural area's vote and decide what we do in our goddamn cities!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feline "sCAT" Fetish? ... no ...just good ole Potty Training .... : )

I just had to post this piece in this journal for the Hell of it. I am alway's amazed at what animal's will do when their God's/Master's supply them with our teaching's .... : )

Sierra's 2nd month on the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Success!!! ... Thanx to DARTHMAUL666


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Credit Card Pinch .... "Last Call" to rob Ya'll (PART 1) .... : )

I just wanted to post this short video to show an example of what I was pointing out in several of my earliest posting's in 2008 ... about how credit card companies will pull a last "bite" later because of the outgoing of the Bush administration...and the rumor's that credit regulation's was fixin to come down on them in 2010, so they would pop out a bag of new scam's. This is one of the example's here.How did I detect this "bite"? Lesson here is once any law's/ legislation get's proposed, and they know that it's fixin to come down on a certain date ... that gives them time to readjust new scam's to lock in a contractual scam before the deadline, making it all legal. NEVER listen to the swarm of ad's and call's, mail, etc. now (or after date of new legislation is locked in) and buy into it ... as I posted earlier ... they will rush to make a bite because of the time frame ... as Paulson did when I said they would try to rush bailout before closing administration as well ... because of the lock- in factor. Same with those who refinance you ... dont buy into it, and you wont get burned.

***** CNN: After credit card outrage, Ohio couple gets relief

***** CNN/ MONEY: Overdraft fees: Senate gets tough

POST NOTE: This is especially important if you live in such state's like New York, Florida, California to name a few ... because those state's are stricter as far as the power for these bank's to garnish wage's and even in some cases incarcerate folk's who cant fork up the buck's they owe. In Texas this isnt law though ... in Texas ... your wages can only be garnished or property tampered with because of back child support (deadbeat dad's/ mom's) or on income taxes state/federal (Texas also has NO state income tax either). Bottom line ... in Texas ... you could actually go to a Delaware Bank as example (or out of state of your choice) borrow ten's of thousand's, and legally ... if you defaulted ... they couldnt touch you unless it was through a court proceedure(s) in hearing's in your presence ... and STILL could not garnish your wage's or take property ... and it would cost them an arm and a leg to pursue you. By NOT pursuing you ... they can take your defaulted loan ... push it off to a collection enterprise set up out of some storefront joint or even just an online existence, and sell your default for say pennies on the dollar ... then the buyer and the intitial lender could both write them off yearly on taxes as a "loss" and get tax credit for the loan amount and do it the next year and so on ... so in reality they make a fortune off of your default ... meaning in a state like Texas to pursue you would be their loss. Contact your State Attorney General's Office for info on your rights.



Monday, October 5, 2009

Alternative Fuels and Energies ... for future use ....

I am not one that know's a Hell of alot about scientific engineering or theories, research, what work's and doesnt work or the practicality of some of these trial's and such, but I do know without trying, you'll never know ... so whenever I can pick up a lil education I try. So what inspire's this posting is a gentleman (Leon)  here in the DFW Metroplex that I have done business with a couple year's, who is a small business owner ... when we see each other time to time, we usually have a little small chat concerning various thing's.

When I seen Leon the other day ... he brought up that he has seen a couple of my post's in this journal ... although he hasnt commented ... but did think that my talk about Global Warming ... and Alternative Energies and fuels and such was not very practical thinking and more harm than any good, economically speaking. Leon brought up some good point's though ... and of course ... I give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt. Some of my non-practical and sci- fi thinking he pointed out is below.

He told me to try using a couple solar panel's on my roof to run my air conditioner and utilities in august, which is the hottest month in this part of Texas ... unlike today in Dallas was about a high of 70 degree's for instance ... which is open the door's and window's type air conditioning. Also he asked me if I had a electric car and it was charging while I was at work, or whatever I was doing elsewheres ... what if an emergency came up and I needed to drive right then and there? He also brought up all the money spent by oil companies to try to make reformulated grade's of fuel for our existing vehicles ... and they will find the answer's with their scientist's that they spend so much on ... because they have the money to do the research ... and who else could pay for it? Also he stressed the importance of petro fuels right now, and the idea of shutting this all down or over- regulating such would be disastrous economically, being the ripple effect on the economy and job's. And regardless right now of whatever measures we take ... the climate is still changing and we dont have a snowball's chance in Hell of stopping what changes the earth goes through by just trying to convert all over to green tech. And he seem's to disagree with me when I tell him that green-tech's is a great investment right now ... because what if it dont even turn over as far as product meeting consumer's demand's? ... and we have no reason to think it will be the next big thing as far as energy being solar roof's or electric car's, etc. But, I think that these are some reasonable concern's. But alot of this is based as well on my talk about global warming, I know ... because Leon dont quite "buy" that what we are seeing is caused by human's let me add. Does it really matter who or what caused it? IT'S HERE ....

No ... I DONT KNOW what the answer's are to energy demand for human's in the future, but I do know that energy and fuel of today will become history. Nor do I think that a couple solar panel's in "2009" will cool my home and serve for all my utility usage in august ... not just in Dallas ... but most of the USA, nor do I think that batteries charging car's all day is the answer ... or even nuclear power. What I am saying is that it is "possible" to get our energies from wind, water, and sunlight is all ... but not trying to change wont change a damn thing ... bottom line. Until someone can show me it's "impossible", I simply dont buy it. We dont run a locomotive/ train these day's with steam engine's either, in fact all of transport need's on land and air are quite a bit different than the last century. I also have stated time and again throughout this journal ... that I havent heard one good reason why polluting the earth the way we do is beneficial to it or us? Money and job's? ... well ... yeah, okay ... but, method's of manufacturing, occupation's/ trade's, and how the market's work changes as well ... especially the market's! India a couple year's ago came up with a car that can run off of over 90% air compression ... now it doesnt have all the luxuries of many of our vehicles ... but it does do the job ... and it is a start ... and there is a buck to be made off it ... and it does create job's ... as long as none of the big money entities try to interfere with that as well. I do realize how well nuclear power work's in France as well ... but I believe that we are even to the point to move one step beyond that as well. I am with the President on wanting to eliminate especially all nuclear use period ... I dont see any enviromental advantage to it. Right now we need it for defense ... especially now. My concern isnt that it kill's human's ... because my objective in war (unlike most of our representatives) is to kill the enemy ... but I know that "Drones" (un-piloted aircraft's, not piloted from a human in the cockpit, instead on a ground based computer system) and many new defense technologies can handle the future ... and will. My problemo though was damage and possible damages to the earth from nuclear power ... not because of human casualties ... human's replenish like the bloody season's change.

But we will come up with much and better alternative's for energy and fuel demand's, it's simply a matter of how long and when is all. But just sitting around thinking we are happy now, and all our need's are met ... and it is alot better than 50 year's ago, or that our biggest and best petro producer's are the high priest's of energy, and they will find all the answer's, etc, etc ... is not the answer as well. Maybe we will have nothing we ever even thought of in the future ... and maybe a combination of energies for different usages ... much more variety and ideas than we have now, and way more competitive ... I dont know how it's going to get done ... I just know it "CAN" be done. And these studies, trial's, and creation's/ invention's do generate job's. Mr.T.Boone Pickens even, who made his million's off of oil ... is now in the process of investing in the largest windfarm development this nation ever had here in Texas ... and been also investing in natural gas production. Believe it or not ... just natural gas can easily fuel the existing vehicles our country has, with simple small modification's/ attachment's to the vehicles we have now ... but also realize that there are many who dont want to see that either. What we "can" do ... and what we will/ want to "do", is two different thing's.

Our science's/ technologies is all that will save us on every avenue ... and will make us the God's that we once wrote folklore about ... IN TIME ... with a little luck from nature. Why do I say luck? Because ... all considered ... we have been simply in the right place at the right time ... understand that we will have challenges to come ... and I dont mean in 100 or 200 year's from now ... so we can just sit on our asses and write fantasy novel's about the future. The earth is fixin to go through some serious changes ... with this ice melting and change in atmospheric condition's, marine life ... and the list goes on ... with "ALL" life form's ... meaning bacteria's, viruses, that may effect not only human's ... but also other form's of life ... and may even mutate quicker in some instances than we can keep up with as far as fighting. The universe is also alwayz in motion and changing as well ... and we have to be ready for thing's like even an asteroid hitting the earth, or other challenges. Just because we havent had to experience these thing's in our history doesnt mean we should dismiss them as non- possibilities ... especially with all we have learned about the evolution of this earth and universe.

POST NOTE: I also want to point out that even if we just convert the fuel usage of our daily vehicles ... as natural gas, electric, or any other alternative ... this idea that it will hurt oil producer's and job's is nonsense ... DO NOT BUY THAT. Sure ... it will affect a little profit- wise at most. But look at the list of the thousand's thing's we use/ consume that are made from petroleum ... also consider that the last I read was the largest consumer in the USA of oil was our military ... and we know that isnt going to cease any time soon. The bottom line is they just want more of a monopoly than actual progress ... it's all about money ... these alternatives for our daily vehicles will not send any of them to the poor house or even within walking distance of it ... or massively contribute to unemployment. Again ... dont buy this nonsense.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unemployment and Restructuring our Economy ....

***** CNN/ MONEY: UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 10.2% ... (newsread) ... I changed out the original PBS video because it expired

Of course the unemployment we see in our nation is not the whole picture ... but it give's us a good idea of where we are month to month ... year to year. You have "hidden" figure's that dont show either of folk's that simply dont exist, many been out of legitimate employment for so long for instance ... they dont qualify for unemployment benefit's ... and simply just gave up trying to be in mainstream workforce. Unemployment in the City of Detroit for instance (and this is above board figure's at that)is about at 28% as I write this ... meaning there is also another percentage "hidden" that isnt even accounted for. These figure's are great for political campaign's ... or for folk's in the media's to push an agenda ... but they are meaningless to those who you see daily in the street's that simply dont exist...unless of course they want you to exist.

The good news is ... the majority of the work force in America is working ... which I believe is about 85% ... because the way the world economy is ... and how interdependent it is today ... it could be worse ... much worse. You see though ... just because Wall St. is recovering from the recession ... and enjoying nicer profit margin's as I write this ... as I stated before ... the "Peoples Recession" is still in full swing. History show's us that after any recession ... the job's are the last thing to rebound ... usually around 2 year's after the recession end's. Now considering the math ... and losing only a quarter of a million to a half a million job's per month, is no reason to jump for joy. Why? ... Sure it's better than losing a million per month ... but you are still losing ... and the need for employment still keep's growing ... grad's, unemployed, immigrant's, new entries that may have dropped out of school into the job market's etc. In President Bush' term for instance ... many created job's were simply service sector job's ... as I posted in my earlier post's it seemed like we were on a mission to have our grad's all serving burger's and fries to each other, while many of our serious profession's and trades are going to place's like India to keep foreign government's and corporate interest's folk's ... "comfortable" about their "capital" worth ... and investing power.

So ... as anyone can see in my previous posting's and comment's ... I couldnt possibly see ... mathematically speaking how job's in this nation would meet demand and get better ... meaning as a result ... I seen more poverty coming, crime, needed assistance, and the list goes on. I feel though the best thing we done was put a cap on our spending, borrowing and tightening our belt's ... even though corporation's are now doing everything they can to get us back to our old way's of getting more and more in debt ... and spend, spend, spend ... because when we slow they slow. Yet at the same time ... this also give's them reason to cut more job's and tighten their belt's. So we are in a situation to where the people's simply cant win for losing. And simply by rehashing our old mistake's will just line us up for a repeat of these recession's ... bubble burst's and all the crap that we rehash decade after decade ... which can only escalate in damage to the people's down the road. So ... there you have my reasoning. Imagine if a politician figure told you one year ... we only lost 3 million job's this year which is down from last ... and that next year ... they tell you ... we only lost 2 million job's this year ... so it's down. Yes ... that is progress ... however ... do the math ... just them 2 year's you have a combined loss of 5 million ... unless we had a combined loss of folk's entering the workforce and needing work ... where's the victory?

Restructuring our economy is also essential to anything ... we simply dont focus enough(or at least our representative's who only kiss up and serve the entities that control this cesspool) on "OUR" interest's as much as we should. And they have us so worried over war's and other distraction's that they created simply to oppress more around the globe and rape them of their resource's, who only know lies and greed ... and will ... trust me ... fail and fall in time. You can only get away with so much before something backfire's on you ... even the good criminal mind know's that, after all ... those who dictate us ... are nothing more than crook's ... period. How do you fight this? By using their own tool's and strategies against them is how ... and we will ... eventually. These folk's are not inventor's, scientist's, entrepreneur's, workforce, manufacturer's, contributing patriot's as companies may have been more like back in the 1960's or other previous point's in America. These are nothing but a bunch of hustler's ... who havent created a damn thing or contributed a damn thing not just to America ... but the globe ... except misery and manipulation ... we can do far better than this trash we support ... trust me ... and will ... IN TIME.


Friday, October 2, 2009

How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital? (PT.1)

I havent seen Michael Moore's new movie yet ... but I will ... probably this week. I dont think you can explain the condition any more simple and to the point than Mr. Moore does here.

Michael Moore's Tense Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer ... Thanx to NEWS CHANNEL365

I am a lifelong capitalist ... sided with conservatism politically most of my life. Alway's supported free market ... and all that comes with it. But ... I really thought conservative when it came to business ... and am all for bonuses, tax incentive's, and rewarding those who get the job done ... especially those entrepreneurs that start these brilliant idea's and venture's ... and make a big success.

But the market is not free as it once was ... because today's market place is controlled by an entity ... who has destroyed the whole definition of it. I have posted so much on how these mega corporation's basically control everything ... and now it's gone global. Even small businesses who employ 3 quarter's of America's workforce ... cant even get the loan's they need to stay in business and keep their head's above water in difficult time's ... and when they do get some backing ... they have to fork up ridiculous amount's of payback ... and damn near sign over their business. The government's of the free world are becoming their puppet's and enslaved by them as well ... and the people ... havent got a snowball's chance in Hell of tackling them. Their influence is dominant in everything from defense to politics, to the food you eat, and the drug's you are prescribed, to the programmes you see on the tele. Why? Because they have the money ... and money is the power ... period.

What they have done ... was figured out a way to keep all the money in one sector ... and to control the majority of wealth on the globe. Conservatives today, have lost true conservatism and neither side would recognize free market if it came up and slapped them. And when I say "conservative" ... dont mix that up with the extreme religious right and their shenanigan's...those are not as conservative as they think ... they're just brainwashed by mega religious institution's who are also controlled by the same power to programme the masses to use as political puppet's who cant even think for themselves ... they needed a "party" ... so they weaseled them into the conservative party ... to play off on people to think that is what the controlling party is about as far as value's and America first and all the other patriotic rubbish they try to portray themselves as ... they dont give a rat's ass about those religious right people that protest and raise Hell in their defense, or would even help their families in time of distress. The objective ..."voting power" ... and monopoly. All the entities done ... was found a mass of flunkies to support them and use their vote and mouth for propaganda and warfare. When the entity say's jump ... they ask how high is all.

As I said ... we are a society who see's only right/ left, black/ white, etc. This ... rest assured along with this controlling entity will all fail and fall eventually. We see the problem's ... and you can bet the future generation's are going to dispose of this trash. I know many look up to these inbred and self appointed elitist's as power and knowledge ... and king ... and dread what would we do without them. I'll tell you what we would do ... forget about them, get on with our lives ... and pursue "OUR" dream's and goal's without their interference. These folk's ARE NOT elite ... they cant even pull themselves up by their own bootstrap's ... their not creative, no special intelligence level ... in fact ... take away their empire ... and they couldnt even survive as well as working poor folk's have to ... especially managing what little they have.

Elite? ... elite my ass ... all they can master is manipulation through spending, and loaning. They even buy all their idea's from new and fresh mind's ... recent grad's and entrepreneur's. All these are today are a bunch of overpaid freeloader's in fine suit's and pretty smile's.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Gator ..... Later! ......... : )

I just had to add this short clip to this journal for memorabilia .........

Actually this area(Livingston)is roughly 60 mile's up the Eastex Frwy out of Downtown Houston...and it is this area that I done the majority of my hunting in my late teen year's when I lived in the City of Houston(I dont hunt no more ... or at least havent in year's)...but weekend's in the wood's between Ruby and Woodville anyone that know's the area...about 16 mile's outside Livingston ... is where I done much hunting throughout mile's of wood's in the Big Thicket. One of my most memorable experience's to this the one time I came face to face with wild Boar ...and he was certainly a big boy! :)

I know this may not appeal to some when the boy say's that next year he will even kill a bigger animal...especially at 5 year's old...but this is actually a way of life in these region's...even 5 year old's hunt,shoot,etc.Beside's...I can assure you...with the size of that gator...that boy would have only been one "gulp" :) and ended up on the side of a milk carton with his picture asking ..."Have you seen this boy?" Nice "kill" little man! :)

TEXTING and CELL use ...Menace or Necessity to society? ....

I am the last person ... who want's to create more evil's to legislate new law's to soak people for more money. So I wonder ... how can this be addressed? I dont think there is a town in this country today ... large or small that isnt effected by this problem. I posted in an earlier post that I was against trying to demonize cell phone usage (on driver's), and the reason why ... is because we demonize these day's damn near everything beside's farting ... and that is probably next considering all the whiner's for every imaginable cause these day's.

I cant drive a single day in the Dalas/ Fort Worth Metroplex ... without running into a traffic problem with a cell phone user ... and I mean ... this is constant ... some day's multiple instances. Just the other day ... while on the LBJ Frwy just merged onto it off Stemmons Frwy, right here by my home ... I was probably doing about 75mph or so ... it was what the majority traffic flow was at that time ... traffic was light ... so I zipped into the 5th lane to be in the fast lane, which I alway's do for just basic safety,heading to the North Dallas Tollway and North Central Expressway interchange's ... there is a SUV to my right in the 4th lane staying at my speed, that all of the sudden merge's into my lane and me. I applied my brake's quickly and barely avoided a collision with the SUV. I couldnt believe this person didnt see me ... I beeped my horn ... no response ... I then pulled up alongside it ... and this lady is yapping away on her cell ... again beeped my horn ... she didnt even recognize anything that just went down ... or even realize that I was alongside her for that matter. Going at 75mph would have been a mess to both vehicle's. The same freeway this happened to me down by the Central Expwy High Five interchange a couple year's ago ... where a lady drove into my lane while yapping on the phone ... I couldnt avoid her that time because she was too sudden ... she sideswiped my car damaging half of the right side ... and refused to come to a stop ... I chased her down and basically forced her off the road ... and got necessary insurance info ... cause Dallas Police wont stop unless there are injuries or fatalities. She apologized ... and said she didnt see any car in the lane. I could go on and on here ... but my point is made.

The other problem is the text messaging deal. Almost everyday I'm driving in town ... I have someone in front of me at the stop light waiting for it to turn ... texting away ... that dont even see the light turn green ... then I have to lay on the horn to get them to see the light is green ... and this is constant ... and many of them are on a street for instance ... where the speed limit may be 30/ 40mph ... yet they are so consumed in their chat or texting that they dont even realize their driving 20mph ... even with angry driver's zipping around them and tooting their horn's ... they dont seem to notice ... or have much regard for other's around them. I was pulling into a gas station the other day up the street ... pulling into the pump bay ... a young lady texting away almost collided with me ... when she didnt even notice me ... and drove straight into the pump from an angle in front of me ... she paused and smiled for a moment ... I wonder if she realizes how distracted she was?

Both in Washington (DC) as well as NYC cell's are outlawed as far as usage in trafic ... yet all around both town's everyone's on them ... so how do you enforce law's like that? Dallas dont have such law's ... but I know damn well in a town like Dallas they couldnt enforce it either. I would hope ... that people would just try to be more responsible ... because I dont know what the Hell to do ... but know it is a really big problem. No ... I dont text ... Yes ... I do use my cell while driving ... but all my conversation's are short, to the point and alway's business ... I sure as hell dont talk about ball game's or other crap ... I am brief ... and get to my point ... and I'm a very good driver.