Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Credit Card Pinch ..."Last Call" to rob Ya'll ...PART 2 ..."BORROWER BEWARE" ...

This Part 2 is a follow up to the first posting Part 1, posted on Tuesday Oct.06,2009 and previous posting's related to the scam's that lender's will seek to advance on, due to the new regulation's that will come 2010, below, the PBS documentary "Card Game" that will show what to look for, which I would recommend to anyone.

***** The Card Game | Watch S28 E6 | FRONTLINE PBS ... (video)

The only reason I started posting this so long ago in this because one...I knew if this President got elected, one of the first thing's he was going to attack is lender's ... because when he was Senator...this was a big concern of his, and I was keeping an eye on Obama before he even attempted to announce candidacy for Presidential run ... because of his concern's. And two ...because I had to learn the hard way to get keen to this industries practice's and scam's back over 20 year's ago when I got caught in it's web in the 1980's.And also so many college student's in our nation are eaten alive by these companies without realizing what they are actually caught in until after they graduate. I am not out to knock lender's here, but just to act on behalf of simply consumer advocacy, and just to say ... BORROWER BEWARE is all. I mean ... where would most of us be without a little loan to help in those tough time's? But also understand ... that any of these businesses are in business for one make money ... not as a helping hand.

Now many American's will just be lazy to think or hesitant...and just bank on the fact that with these new regulation's and guideline's ... everything is cool now...and we have "protection". This is fine and great that we do get some protection...and is just "fair" ...after all...the American people have to live by more rule's and regulation's than any company or entity that control's the market's, so why not should they be regulated more strictly as well ...beside's...all these are looked at in today's reality as "elite" ... and they are nothing more than a bunch of college educated thug's actually. Lesson No#1 ...NEVER think you are "safe", and understand that any legislation that is imposed on them...anything that can be "made" can be "unmade" they WILL find backdoor's and loophole's to get around new regulatory law, (you cant be "safe" and "free" both in this point of history, and "thinking" like that will make you vulnerable) ...they simply have their attorney's and accountant expert's devise plan's... to still find one way or another to milk the borrower to the maximum it can is all. There is no such thing in today's reality as being "safe" from anything ... and never depend on government to protect you from everything... especially your own wrong action's and move's. Learn to stay a step ahead of them, as they do in staying a step ahead of you ...and you will win more than you lose.


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