Saturday, November 21, 2009

MR. ROB HALFORD ... "Electric Eye" (live) ....

The music selection of this journal I want to mostly devote to the numerous talent's that are not reckonized enough in my opinion,with outstanding talent's ..I could post all day long the endless array of great musician's in the mainstream limelight that get honored daily ...which would be easy ...and they are great.But I want to point out those perhap's less publicized because of corporate decision's on signing to label's, and those who just love their work more than the limelight, and love more their art, than just trying to compete for stardom let's say at the dictation of corporate marketing.

One of those great vocalist's and songwriter's would have to be Mr.Rob Halford. Known as the "Metal God" ...with his former group "Judas Priest" who formed in the mid 1970's, to one of his most recent group's from the early 1990's named "Fight". Mr.Halford is most known for his Operatic Style almost 4 octave vocal range, which in the industry is unique. I could not begin to give the credit due to this man in a paragraph ...but I certainly know...I can NOT exclude his work from this journal. I am a big fan of his and have been for 30 year's, and he is still going strong in 2009 and 5 year's older than I am. I have seen them live as well...and a show that is breathtaking to say the least.Mr.Halford is originally from outside Birmingham,England (my grandpa's hometown actually)and relocated to outside Phoenix,AZ where he is simply a "rancher".

This piece (live) is called "Electric Eye" ...... Enjoy!



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