Monday, November 23, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 3: ....Effect's on HUMAN species migration ....

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I choose to call this "Global Warming" in this journal instead of the NEW title called "Climate Change" ...because I see no reason to change what the original title was.The title of this event was changed strictly for "political correctness" to pander to the whimpering masses in the world who want to BMB (bitch,moan bellyache) day and night from these two polarizing power's of our society,who do nothing but point finger's at each other to blame...and are more concerned with their theories and being either right or wrong than what is actually happening and trying to address it.


We been talking mostly about Greenland,Polar Ice Cap's,the Polar Bear's and such. And that's fine ...but there is not much talk in the media about human migration. This event ...could drastically change where and how human's live and migrate, which was clear as day even a few year's back, and were not just talking about Bolivia, it's not like once this get's into a higher gear it will just target small isolated area's of peasant villager's.No doubt that wherever human's migrate or move to, you can rest assured that they will bring their filthy lifestyle's along with them too. And no one will BMB too much until it hit's home...then they will act...because that is how our nature work's.We have it embedded in our brain's at this point of our evolution that we still are nature's little precious creature's ...God's personal little Teddy Bear's ...and nature and the universe including the eco system's are here to cater to us and our need's.

The fact is as I pointed out before ...we dont realize how lucky we are.Why? Because we are still here and able to thrust our carbon footprint knee deep in the ass of nature.We could be wiped out so quick by any simple a large asteroid smashing into the earth ...wiped out to where it may take million's of year's and another species to come to find out that we actually existed at a time...or just be forgotten altogether if we never were.Were special alright the manner that we are probably the most destructive and filthiest creature that this planet has ever seen.If there was such a title of "evil" to be credited to a life form, human's would be most deserving of it.If a sudden mass virus started to quickly mutate because of climatic change's for instance that wiped out half the human species would probably be a blessing to the planet as a whole.

I am not trying to sound cruel here ...and display "hate" for our species...after all...I am part of the same mess and just as filthy.But I am trying to point out how we should show a tad more respect to the planet ...not unless you/we have another one where we can quickly be transported to if we needed to.We are only a product of the controlling power's dictation's.We drive filthy burning fossil fuel transport vehicle's ...because that is what is manufactured in mass ...and sold to us to use.We dont focus nearly as much on alternative fuel's ...simply to please those power's to maintain their wealth and power.Dont blame it on "need for job's and a robust economy" ...that is BS talk ...any alternative fuel/energy investment's will create plenty of new job's as it grow's and change how we work ...and be a positive to the economy.This is also why I state over and again in this journal that this whole system need's to collapse because we have reached our max of this level...and it is time to move into the future and change everything for the next step of our evolution... and to show more respect for our planet ... something that is long overdue.

Probably the most nauseating part of all this "global warming" issue has been having to listen to both of the two controlling side's BMB about each other,point their finger's and find someone to call wrong, or to put blame on...and spend several year's argueing over this pointless rubbish. It doesnt really matter who's fault it is...nature doesnt give a rat's ass which of us is right or wrong, or what "party" we belong to. I am not close to being a scientist or educated enviromentalist for that matter...but I do also have to wonder with all we "extract" from the earth ...wont that have some kind of effect as well on the eco system's just by itself? We cant fix any already changed, or even damaged, with a quick remedy, and we will have to deal with what's to come ...but is that excuse to also not change our filthy way's? I am sure nature would be able to survive without us thrusting million's of ton's of trash into the atmoshere and water .. after all it did for million's of year's before us. And you can bet people are going to have to migrate and shift around quite a bit...because of all the flooding and additional dought area's as well...even in continental USA place's like Colorado for instance will effect those who depend on fresh run-off water from mountain's too.

Interesting enough ...I was watching a programme the other day on the tele, it was one of them political talk show's ... and they were laughing and cracking joke's on Al Gore when he stated that deep in the earth it may be million's of degree's. He simply made that statement in the heat of the moment while explaining something else, similar when someone claim's they have a zillion problem's to deal with.But this entire show was focused on that statement by Mr.Gore, and that alone was used to say that he is a crack pot and off on the deep end.Well ...I'm sure it was entertaining for many ... but what they are that this man is actually working ... unlike some ...who seem to be alien to that word...and do nothing much ...but show's such as those.



What are the effects of global warminb? said...

Hehe. I agree with your position. There is no need to make it seem more gentle, you must call the animal by it's name. And GLOBAL WARMING is the name, thank you sirs.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Afternoon and Thank You for your link to the site it took me too as well. Yes ... that is the only problemo I had with all the politically fashionable talk/ title's we create to BS ourselves out of the realities that surround us, so ... you can say I'm an old fashioned type feller, I call it/ those what they are basically.

Thank You for the link again and stopping by ....