Friday, November 20, 2009

AFGHANISTAN ..."Funding and Stupidity" are NOT Compatible (PT.1) ....

I know throughout this journal I have whined more than my fair share about this, but didnt give much support on what I was trying to point out. This is a video where the former Afghan Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani ... openly admit's to what the reality is as far as the corruption in this nation, of course none of our deadwood representation is addressing this, or anybody looking at this with the least amount of common sense.

Afghanistan's Government Is A "Looting Machine"- Former Afghan Finance Minister To CNN's Amanpour ... Thanx to ashrafghaniaf

The level of which we have been brainwashed in our contemporary society is unmatched to anything I have seen in America's history ... not even the Russian's who are neighbor's with this country want's to get involved to the extent we are in this nonsense ... and they have much more at risk in this than us ... as far as pipelining petro is concerned through this region ... and this is what this is all about ... bank on it ... although you may not hear that from the media ... but that IS the reality here. And can you blame Russia for being reluctant to act more? ... or even any petro companies beside's "playing" sapling government's like our's? Of course you cant, why would you even get involved when you have sucker's like our country to go around the globe and kiss everyone's asses? And we cant blame this on our President ... you can solely blame this on our government for decade's who are worn out, over the hill, relic's, and corporate pocket puppet's, in all their thought's and idea's ... and in bad need of a retirement check and letting some fresh blood take over this mess with practical approaches and idea's.

And get this ... we are also currently spending million's to rip out the opium crop's ... and going to spend million's more for these folk's to re-crop with agriculture to go into the world market to make money. Why not just use them crop's to feed themselves and screw the world market? Why even funding the destruction of opium plantation's/ farm's?, half the opiate's are intercepted as it is ... by Iran, and Iran currently has probably the largest stash of uncut opium in the world ... you know damn well if you have half a brain that Iran is pushing this product on the black market to get into the west ... even if the media or anyone doesnt tell you. This goes to show you the depth of the corruption on a global level, and in particular these region's of the world ... they make western corruption in place's like Mexico look like Girl Scout activities. And did you ever look at half these village's and peoples and their standard of living ... their education level ... their superstition's and clinging to these radical religious cult's and terror group's? Are we stupid enough to even slightly believe that any change we bring to these region's like such would be significant? Dont a person become stronger and more independent and free when they do for themselves? How can anyone learn to prosper and be strong and independent ... when they havent learned how to take care of themselves and mold their own destiny and future? Did America become the GREAT NATION it is on the back's and funding of foreign government's? Absolutely not ... and that is exactly how we became so strong and world leader's.

This isnt solely about Afghanistan ... I have posted before how we are looked at globally as "sucker's" ... and the biggest sucker's at that in the world. We are played relentlessly like a day old "mark" these day's ... and they know we will eat right from their hand while we empty our pocket's to these nation's ... and it's all done for business and cheap labour ... nothing else. Anyone who think's that this is about freeing peoples from evil clenches are so lost on the reality of the world it is almost unbelievable. Or that we will be safer ... or that we will be loved ... or that these folk's will overnight become like us and not look at us as simply occupier's and a free lunch ... or any other nonsensical thing's we have been embedded with psychologically to believe. People become stronger and more independent when they do for themselves ... if they fail ... then they just fail and stay the same in the same rut. If they move forward and achieve on their own ... they cherish their act's and become more appreciative of their accomplishment's and enjoy more the reward's of their success.

Trust me ... if we dont see this now ... we will in time see the nonsense that we tolerate and how many lives we lost of our finest in the longrun over these folk's who cant possibly right now or anytime soon do much of anything to insure our safety or even their own for that matter. This is not funding and assistance, as much as it is simply pure stupidity to be honest. And YES I am alway's concerned with these region's ... but there are different way's to deal with issue's, we have became accustomed to doing everything one way, the "old fashioned" way, with the same folk's making the same decision's decade after decade until they just get old and die off ... which is the only blessing we get sometime's since they are reluctant to retire and we just keep supporting these people instead of giving them a pink slip and getting rid of them.

POST NOTE: It's most incredible to hear some of our representative's call these terrorist's coward's ... I mean ... look who's talking. I dont think I need to point out here to anyone with half a brain who can think for themselves who the coward's are here.


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