Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AL GORE ... Give him 23 minutes of your attention ... it's well worth it ....

Even though this video is over 32 minutes ... you need to only see the first 23 minutes to absorb the important issue here. Set aside politic's for a moment, and take a look at what this man ... has been busting his ass on doing. You can call it "climate change" ... you can call it "global warming" ... you can argue all day about who or what caused it ... but the bottom line is ... it's here to stay and we WILL have to deal with it ... you can bank on that part! Just give him 23 minute's of your atencion ... he deserve's that much.Beside's that ... this man has some great economic's tip's as well, where we can utilize the market instead of fearing the market's and building America to a stronger point as well, all by dealing with this pollution problem in the same process. All the tool's are already here!

@katiecouric: Al Gore ... Thanx to KATIE COURIC


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