Wednesday, November 18, 2009

End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" (PT.1)

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RCJ: End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the "PUBLIC" has ever been "PRIVATE" ... (PT.2) posted 29 December 2011

First of all ... understand that nothing in the public is private ... and this is not the government's fault or Big Brother spying on you in a conspiracy ... this is America, not communist China ... and Big Brother could give a rat's ass less most of the time about most of us to begin with or what we say, or who we have sex with, or the other pop culture nonsense of mainstream thought that so many are concerned with. This is part of being free and it's price is all ... each individual must learn to "think" for themselves instead of asking your church, government or corporation to think for you. Thinking you can do all this and that in cyberspace, especially when you conduct business and private financial transaction's and not be possibly seen or may be a target for those who would capitalize off whatever you have to give up is silly thinking.In a sense, we are all sitting "mark's" for a scam/ bite. Also if you "work" for a living in the employment sector of mainstream America ... everybody is going to do check's on you, not just criminal these day's ... but credit history. Why? Why not? ... the employer's today can get to choose from the cream of the crop and bargain for bargain basement low wages ... because we still kiss up to their nonsense ... by populating like dumbasses ... and letting them do whatever they want, and thinking like they want us to think and do.

I myself work for myself ... so I am not looked at since basically I dont exist. I dont do ANY transaction's financially online, buy online or give credit info or the like's online. You have something to sell me ... that I want to buy ... I will send you a cashier's check, international money order, or whatever other way I can. I have had people that told me they dont do that ... so what did I do? ... well, I cranked my brain up and found someone that will do it because they want my money ... again ... supply will alway's meet demand. I dont use my cell phone to take pictures and send pictures of my intimate leisure around through cyberspace ... not because I give a rat's ass if anybody found out ... but just because, Why? who give's a rat's ass what I do in my leisure time sexually or otherwise. Nor would I want a girlfriend to "sext" me a nude photo of her ... again, Why? What would be the purpose? To wank with one hand and hold my cell in the other? Pleeeease. A day will come to where we will have to do almost all this in cyberspace ... but until that time come's ... I will do as I please ... and everyone should "think" before they "do".

I have seen my life as an open book ... and left it to where I really dont care what anybody find's out about me one way or another. Why? Why should I? Unless it put's money in my pocket or food in my belly or make's my life better ... other than that ... I really dont care. So dont think that our "privacy" is being taken away and that you are a victim, if you want to have peace of mind ... you alone are mostly responsible for making your information widely available. And do yourself a favour, and dont expect government to do it for you and waste their time on petty nonsense.


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