Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kami Baker of Richland High School ...Is there racial tension here? ....

First of all I understand that this video clip is about how the security at this school isnt supplied equally because they feel since it is a minority school .. the cost's or fair distribution or employment of such has been denied ... or let's just say "inadequate" for those who are too sensitive to such blunt description's in our oversensitive PC society, which is a problem all over the nation ... especially in even your "liberated" cities that constantly talk how diverse they are ... and "fair". But I sense more to this.

***** SFist: Richland High School sexual assault news link's  ... I added this on tuesday 22 october 2013 for updated reference on where this case went

Friend of Richmond High gang rape victim blasts  school officials says whites are minority Flock ... Thanx to REPUBLICAN RJL

After watching this video of Kami Baker speaking out on the security of Richland High School ... I cant help to sense that there is some race tension here, at least to a degree. I am sure that I am not the only one who senses that ... I mean ... this girl is pretty shook up ... and I can understand from the brutal experience that her friend fell victim to. I mean ... from what I have read ... this girl was not only raped ... but near death in critical condition when she was air lifted to the hospital, which tell's me it must have been severe as far as physical assault, even foreign object's not specified used on the girl sexually. From what I read ... possibly "murder" was acceptable to these young men as well ... because according to report's ... if this didnt get broken up when it did ... this girl may have well been a corpse instead of a living testimony.

I understand when you have a rape victim that is a minor ... it is kept quiet as to any information on the victim ... because of age. But for over an hour I have been all over info on this girl online ... or just anything about her ... or even her familia, I havent found one bit of info on her ... or even her race for that matter. This is about as tight lipped a case that I have seen... and it seem's as well...that even popular media has avoided some question's and answer's like the plague on this. After hearing Ms. Baker I wonder if the victim of this offense was white? Does "race" play an issue? Well ... it absolutely does ... I mean ... let's say if the victim was of color ... and the suspected assailant's were white ... well ... every network would be talking about this endlessly ... especially the left/ liberal slanted media ... yelling "racism" ... "nazi men raping women of color" or what have you ... you get the picture. Also ... if this is a white victim ... and the suspect's are mostly of color ... should this qualify as a "hate crime"? ... in my opinion absolutely. Or can only "hate crime's" be charged to white heterosexual male's? My point is ... to be truely racially unbiased  ... you must be "true" and "honest" ... or else ... you are not for real ... but only a cowardly phoney with a mouth and no spine or courage ... something that our society is saturated with.

But I have no idea what the race of the girl is ... for all I know she could be black ... after all ... it is a minority majority school. But I just felt as if there was some racial tension here after listening to Ms.Baker ... not saying she is a racist ... but rather that she feel's she may be a victim of racism is all. No ... no one I can find on the internet is talking a peep about Ms.Baker's statement, or any of this for that matter ... and as you can see ... when CNN grabbed her testimony ... they labeled it as strictly talking about security ... again no mention of her race remark. I feel if she was a girl of color ... every network and liberal blogger coast to coast would have a mouthful to say and rant about it ... is this not true? And dont think for a moment that I am defending conservative media/ blogger's ... they are some of the biggest sniveling pussies of the 21st century ... and play race in everything or else gender. Hell they will choose candidate's strictly on race or gender more than the liberal's.

Also ... this is America ... and all these suspect's ARE INNOCENT until proven to have knowingly and willingly committed any offenses. However ... if any of these men are found guilty ... dont start sniveling about their background and being too young to know and all the other crap. And if they are truely men with any spine or dignity at all ... they will if found guilty ... not whine like a pussy during their pre- sentencing arguement's like coward's ... but stand and face the consequence's of their action's without begging a court or jury for mercy. When you participate in sexually assaulting and beating the crap out of some young girl probably physically smaller than you are ... and do this for over 2 hour's ... you know exactly what you are doing. There should be NO MERCY ... the victim had none.

That's the REALITY!!

POST NOTE: No ... I have not checked YouTube yet on this ... I usually just go to YouTube for entertainment. But I have checked much of the mainstream news and other media. After all ... this is a mainstream issue ... is it not?



Rita said...

It is amazing that other people didn't do anything about it & some even watched. I wonder what was up with that?
What ever other issue there was, I bet the rapists weren't Atheists, homosexuals, or satanists.

How much you wanna bet they were Christians?

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Ms.Rita ...probably many wonder the same.My guess is it was mixed reason's,some were friend's or at least acquaintances and didnt want to snitch,some may even may not have had a clear view and was somewhat numb from intoxicant's and maybe wasnt fully aware that it was not voluntary,or some other reason I havent thought of. But I didnt know there was no law against not intervening or at least reporting something of this nature.I do know that there are some law's on fleeing a scene, and not saying nothing,obviously that doesnt stand in this. There are alot of question's.I even hear some from what I gathered say that the girl knew some of her assailant's and asked for it.And if this is the case... sure...she has the right to ask for multiple or group sex ... however...if I was a prosecutor...I would still go for the suspect's throat on this...because when she was transported to the hospital she was near death ... even in an SM role play scenario ... it is not likely to ASK to be beaten to death and "robbed" as well! I would also bet like you that they were not satanist's,atheist's,or queer. NO ... I wont bet if they were christian, or at least use that as a plea.... which many do "after the fact" for forgiveness amongst their accuser's, or after they are sitting in prison/jail. You can bet the usual whining will come out later during the know...the intoxicant's, not having control,bad parenting,broken relationship's, the list goes on of all the scapegoat's and cop-out's they and their defenses conjure up. I will be curious to find out more about I's been unusually tight lipped.What is suprising to me, is that even some pro women right's liberal blogger's havent even touched this?