Thursday, December 31, 2009

MC 900FT JESUS: "TRUTH IS OUT OF STYLE" .... to close out the year 2009 .... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! .... (PT.3)

I wanted to post a song/ video in this journal, I felt is appropriate to represent and close out the year of 2009 .... and chose to post a song from an old buddy of our's Mark Griffin from Dallas. Even though this came out 20 year's ago this year (1989), being off Mark's debut album/cd called "HELL WITH THE LID OFF" ... I see it also fitting as a song that I feel represent's 2009 very well in my view. This song is called "TRUTH IS OUT OF STYLE" Enjoy .... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

MC 900 Ft Jesus- TRUTH IS OUT OF STYLE (1989) ... Thanx to PYENAPPLE

And the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex New Year's Eve weather forecast is ...... look's like great party weather as well, for that Dallas New Year's Eve outdoor party at Victory Plaza .... and remember, if you want to get shitfaced (drunk) you can alway's hop the train at the Victory Station to avoid driving.

Chimp Tip's: For those going to DNYE at Victory Park .... Keep your Blackberry's, card's and cash somewhere's beside's your pocket's or handbag's ... my daughter and friend's for instance last year went, and her girlfriend got robbed by pick pocket ... and I am sure there was many more. No#2 .... depending on what part of the Metroplex you live in ....between 11:45pm and 12:15am try to get under some cover or roof ... especially if you are in a heavy latino immigrant community, you know the custom of shooting gun's in the air at that time ... those bullet's must come down somewhere's.

PD/ RCJ: "MC 900 FT JESUS" PART'S 2 & 1


Monday, December 28, 2009

KMFDM: "Ganja Rock" .... and "Drug Against War" ....

For the music sector of this journal .... It is my obligation and show of respect to post this hard working group of artist's who have really grown and were a cornerstone of the post modern industrial rock sound. They have put together so many fine piece's of work ...I wouldnt know where to start, but just selected a couple of my favourite's here. At the invitation of band member's in the early 1990's, I and my buddy Greg(RIP), spent time with the group after a concert tour here in Dallas aboard their tour bus, which was really nice ...a large style coach bus, with all the accomodation's of an apartment ...on wheel's you can say .... over some drink's and small chat in the wee pre-dawn hour's. They were a very politically aware group and very interesting to say the least....and most friendly and warm as anyone I have ever met ...sincerly.

For the record .... KMFDM formed in Germany back in 1984 .... and early in their movement relocated to Seattle,WA USA. Their music and message is strongly politically influenced. They have a wide range of style's that they have worked with as well over the year's .... which I will post these two particular piece's to display that. This first piece is from the "UAIOE" cd/album released in 1989 called "Ganja Rock" .... Enjoy!

KFMDM- Ganja Rock ... Thanx to ZHALT123

This next piece is called "Drug against War" from their 1993 cd/album called "ANGST" ... Thanx to THEFOURTHSURVIVOR


Friday, December 25, 2009

CHIMPMAS EVE: Ranch Chimp on the Ranch (Dallas) wishing he was with Kin Chimp's in Fort Pierce, Fl. ....

Image result for chimpmas

Yesterday afternoon ...while sitting in a traffic jam with about a two mile back-up for an hour ...having turned off my car stereo out of nausea from last minute Christmas advertising and other Christmas marketing crap and all the excitement of an incoming snow storm, trying to avoid any section of town that had a WalMart, because of the traffic of last minute masochist's trying to get into it's football stadium sized parking lot's, and feeling the car getting hammered by 40mph wind's and snow coming down at 2" inches per hour sideway's ... I thought to myself .... "There must be something better than this" ....

Here is Dallas yesterday just when it was starting to come in...around mid-afternoon .... temp's across the Metroplex quickly drop from low 40's to mid 20's in less than a couple hour's. But this was not the first snow of Dallas this year...our first hit on Dec.02,2009 ... a few week's back. This first video below is in Denton, which is a Dallas- Fort Worth suburb about 35 miles from downtown Dallas.

Christmas Eve snow in Denton, Tx Dec. 24, 2009 ... Thanx to SILKOLIVE

And below linked here are my kin (relative's) folk's in Fort Pierce,Fl. enjoying the great 80 degree or so weather... no need for a coat and hat ... or even pant's or shirt's for that matter ... just soaking up the weather and enjoying present exchanges ... thy call it Chimpmas, they also enjoy other holidays, but chimp style of course.

Chimpmas at Save the Chimps ... Thanx to SavetheChimpsInc **** this is an updated video, because the older one expired


Image result for chimpmas


Sunday, December 20, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 6: The Bad, the Bold, and the Beautiful .... the PEOPLE get another 2" INCHES up their ASS ....

This will start with two recent CNN video's from Sen.Ben Nelson(D-NE) and President Obama ... both explaining their reason's for this passage and compromise, which in my opinion simply is not good enough ... and this is not true reform, period.

This particular series start's with Part 1 posted Sept.09,2009 on Senator Olympia Snowe's so called "trigger plan" scam ... and I detailed there how that scam work's as well. Part 2 posted Sept.30,2009 introduce's the Sen.Baucus bite and scam. Part 3 posted Oct.14,2009 is a sequel to the Baucus bite, and extended BS. Part 4 posted Nov.11,2009 show's the pay out's that Congress and Senate member's received prior to their vote from the medical/insurance industries. Part 5 posted Dec.11,2009 show's the recent Demopublican unification on this issue. And today ...I wanted to show our President and Sen.Nelson describing more UNACCEPTABLE BS. This will clearly show what direction this is going and what we will most likely end up with. And this isnt to show any favour toward's republican's ... most of them are totally worthless on this issue as well. Hopefully eventually ... all these worthless outdated and overpaid representative's will be eliminated.


Se. Nelson answers critics on becoming 60th vote on CNN (12- 20- 2009 @ 11:31 am) ... Thanx to AULACTION ... *****NOTE: All of this is being engineered to get rid of a public option, because it mean's billion's to the insurance industry and also forcefeed's mandatory purchasing of their insurance by the low scale working classes, which you can bet they will get inferior service at a premium rate.


Weekly Address: The Patients Bill of Rights and Health Reform ... Thanx to THE WHITE HOUSE

And let me point out for the record as well ...even though I voted for President Obama and had agreed with him on so many thing's ...on this particular item... he has failed the People in actually getting "true" reform...period. There can be no excuse or no compromise, when you make a "promise" you keep that promise, if you dont you are worthy of no credit, if you flip flop like the season's change, without damn good reason you are also a failure and lack integrity. When you represent those who supported and voted for you ... you go down to the death if necessary ...or else ... you are not worthy of leading a pack of rat's. When I make promises ...I keep every promise that I make ... even if it cost's me ... that is the difference between those who talk and those who do. Most of all representation on both of these polarizing side's as well now as even independent's bottom line have failed the American People... and have proven to be nothing more than a side show of weakling's and liar's that most likely couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag .. and are basically good for just talk and showmanship. Also I know for a fact ... if I was getting a salary ...had a small business venture and a degree like probably most of these Senator's do I would imagine ...NO ... ABSOLUTELY NOT by my own self integrity would not accept ANY money from ANY of these group's when it come's to taking a vote on what the people want, deserve, and need ... nor do I look at human health care ... especially when people have to pay so much for it percentage wise, as a commodity like utilities or such.

What you have is just plain ole spinelessness and untruthful people here ... across the board, and this is what I suspected since the beginning of this...not just in those other 5 posting's of this series...but all the other posting's as well on this ... my instinct's just tell me that most are full of shit. What is the real disappointment to me is that President Obama will actually go with this without no more of a fight ... he know's better than anyone the game and how it is played, so you cant say he dont know ...he know's and said he would fight for a public option. There is NO public option at all ... and the compromise is also a scam ... because they are all acting now like the insurance industry is even bucking this ... this is also a lie ... the insurance industry is praising this behind closed door's and they are the victor's all across the board ... even friday their stock's hit a record high across the board in something like a half century record. So that tell's you right there all this is a lie... and on both side's ... the peoples representation is a "total" failure across the board ... period. They will have all kind's of fancy cliche's and talk, explanation's, compromise's, reason's, etc,etc ... but the bottom line is ... they failed ... and didnt do what they said time and time again, and will continue to do so until the people just reject this whole cesspool across the board and do what the people need to do.

There Ya'll have it ... clear as day .............

POST NOTE: When I was a shop foreman in the printing graphic art's industry ( I ran a film and pre-press department) I stood for the employee's who worked for me. When it came time for a raise and business was good (and many that know me personally would verify it till this day) for an employee and if ever late ...I was first in the office of the owner ... asking where it is? I didnt care even if I got replaced or fired ... I NEVER HALF STEPPED on a thing. One gal we hired out of college because student's were cheaper ... and she was female and black ... which is also lower pay back then... and still today at some place's ... got a run around on her raise ... she busted ass ... I went straight to the owner ... told him ... she need's the raise, she earned it, and deserve's it ... she is an asset ... and we need her ...period ... what took almost 6 month's for them to review, took me about 6 minute's to get her. Her name was Carolyn Bell for the record ... and the list goes on from there. Would I have walked if they wronged her or stood by her in legal proceeding's? Absolutely in a heart beat ... and all the employee's knew that as well. That is simply what I expect from anyone who lead's anything ... period. Anything less ... your NOT "for real" and weak, and lack integrity.


Friday, December 18, 2009

SONIC YOUTH: .... does "Kool Thing" ... and ... "Nevermind" ....

Related image

There would be no possible way in Hell, I could exclude this music group from this journal ... so it's about time I post them! For their fan's "Sonic Youth" certainly need's no introduction ... however a formality of this journal for the record....

The Youth came out of the "No Wave" music scene of New York City the early 1980's (1981/1982 I believe) ... with a unique vocal's and protopunk image ... and the unorthodox and alternative method's of guitar and other instrumental tuning with common work tool's ... to the psyhedelic and punk styled undertone's ... all what made this group of artist's as unique as their method's of instrumental manipulation/ modification's. And they are still active in 2009 with a release this last summer. And genius in my opinion!

This first piece released off the 1990 "GOO" CD titled "Kool Thing" is of course one of their classic's ... and bring's back memories for me of cruisin through the desert of SW Texas in the darkened wee hour's of the morning with a pint of Jose Cuervo Tequila in my left hand and the steering wheel in my right hand heading for the Mexicano Border (yes ...drinking and driving...but no one..."literally" is out there to hurt on the backroad's I travelled) listening to the intoxicating sound of "Kool Thing" and the feel of the cool night desert breeze with the windows down. Enjoy! .....

Sonic Youth- Kool Thing ... Thanx to SONICYOUTHVEVO

Sonic Youth- Nevermind ... Thanx to JULUCHA



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Violence ... Criminal Action ... Justice ... and the ... "Evolution of Revolution" ....

What inspired this posting was a comment left by "Longtimer" on my last posting Tues.Dec.15,2009 about "Mrs.Christine Cayton"  ... who attempted to rob back her money from a financial institution who robbed her legally ... and this "Longtimer" character's comment's about criminal activity and violence and other nauseating pop culture crap.

First, before I get into posting ... I randomly picked two very short video's off CNN News a few minute's ago to show some violence and also some justice. First video will show some violence from police to civilize angry protestor's in Copenhagen at the Climate Summit ( I had to change out this first video with a new one 11/ 02/ 13) ... then you will see "justice" served and a man (Donald Gates) being found innocent and freed of phoney rape and murder charges after 28 year's in a cage/ prison.

Police Warming- Copenhagen 2009 ... Thanx to FEMORE

DNA Evidence Frees Black Man after 28 years in Prison ... Thanx to THE GRIO

First of all ... VIOLENCE is ALWAY'S an option if you care to get result's in any timely fashion, or any actual beneficial result period in many cases. In other word's ...when all else fail's ... and your neck is in the noose ... sometime's you have no alternative but to act with violence ... and sometime's ... criminal action's. Yes ... I believe in violence ... but controlled and organized violence, controlled by your personal self integrity and honor and organized to get any actual result's and leverage. Mrs.Cayton wasnt organized by not having her ammo in her gun ... and acting while using legal drug's (alcohol/ prescription pill's) ... and not having her mind set straight ... that she is not a criminal, but a victim ... letting her action's afterward's bring her regret and thinking she was wrong ... she was NOT wrong ... she was wronged! Infidel753 (a blog post that I frequent daily) also made a comment ... refering to ... what do you do, when someone is robbing your car for instance? ... do you let them just do it, or defend what is your's? And I know Infidel, and he is not a violent, criminal, uncivilized person ... what he asked/ said is just a common question any civilized person would ask with half a brain, unless they are so clouded with this pop culture mentality that the law is your justice and will protect you and your's and serve justice in every situation, and we live in Utopia.

Look ... I believe that violence and even breaking law's is sometime's necessary ... period. I look at many of our revolution's throughout history ... I mean let's face it ... according to the British at a time former first President of this country George Washington was a criminal or tyrant. The people who overthrew the government and attacked the leadership in the French Revolution were also criminal's ... those who fought for slave's freedom during the American Civil War were criminal's ... the Boston Tea Party participant's ... those civil right's demonstrator's in the deep south, the list is just endless of ordinary folk's who took extraordinary action's throughout even modern history to get result's from the oppression's they went through and injustice served by the self proclaimed righteous on them. As I have said before ... we are still in the primitive stages of our evolution ... and can and will go much further than we are ... and the world is less violent now than ever before ... but nonetheless still violent because we are still in a stage of our evolution where we are all animal, tribal/ territorial etc. Maybe in 100 year's from now ... or how ever long it will take ... we will finally be past that point and already into the new transitionary period of our evolution ... but until that time ... we will revolt even more when we feel it is necessary, or the longer it may take even to get to that transition.

Look at the video above ... the good guy's are using hand held weapon's against people with no weapon's, hitting them randomly in the face/ head, which if hit just right can permanently cause lifelong damage ... BUT ... those are the "good guy's" so we are programmed to overlook it ... and to label the victim as the criminal or one who is violent ... and most of us do. Many are cheering on the man released in the above video for "justice" being served ... including him after 28 year's in a cage for something he didnt do ... I am sure after about 6 month's back in the free world he will not be so forgiving unless he is just so old and laid back now ... and dont want to house anger or hostility ... usually you can achieve this mindset by brainwashing yourself with pop culture religion's which there are a buffet of them created by the same entities to make us think we will get even across the board justice and freedom after we serve as passive asshole's in life and die. And anger isnt alway's the answer either ... or violence ... I mean to each their own. Some say that anger will make them unhappy ... maybe it will for you. I can tell you I will be 54 year's old in about a month ... I been angry all my life and have alway's been happy ... and had a Hell of a good time as well!

After Infidel753 made his comment for instance on what you should do if someone is outright robbing you? ... I mentioned that the fact is ... that across much of America ... the "right" acceptable thing to do ... is let whoever do whatever to you ... report it to the authorities ... and of course wait your turn in court to get justice served to you ... or at least what is considered justice in what era you preside in .... that changes like season's or moral's actually. In Washington, DC for instance as I have posted on ... folk's fought for the right to have a gun in their home's for year's to protect themselves against the gang's and hoodlum's that they face daily ... I have also posted on Baltimore (DC's neighbor) and the reality that working class people have to face daily. A law was recently made to where folk's can have a gun in their home ... but only a revolver and unloaded at that .. you must load in other word's with ammo AFTER the criminal who is about to violate you and your property does so by definition of law ... I shouldnt need to hit anyone with a brick in the head to figure out that one.

Recently I posted a piece about Kami Baker of Richland High School in California, back on Nov.01,2009 ... who was speaking out about the two hour or so rape and brutal beating of her friend at a Richland High School party ...where many student's and other's stood to watch with their cell phone's in their hand's witnessing it... but not intervening or doing anything to help the victim  ... or simply even calling "911". Law enforcement said that they cant be charged with anything ... but if it was a prominent person of our loving society having this done to them ... every pop culture blogger and media source would be endlessly writing about it ... or if it was a victim of color and the perpetrator's were white male ... we would all like trained dog's lap it up like starving dog's. Yet in most of the country to not report a felony crime in progress, it is a crime to do so. Some may say ... like I am sure this anonymous character "Longtimer" who posted on my last posting ... that the system isnt perfect ...well ... let me elaborate on that some ... it is VERY FAR from perfect! And for this reason ... it is also necessary to take extraordinary measure's and action's at time's to protect ourselves and ours to actually get anything remotely considered as "justice" ... even breaking the law's at time's to do so, or even violence.

Enough said ....


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Since I been on a trip down memory lane with 1960's childhood like's in music (such as James Brown and Janis Joplin), I must add these 2 songs with most potent lyric's from the 1960's "Temptations" ... with harmonizing so tight and so right from the Motor City group ... who formed originally in Detroit, Michigan as "The Elgins" back in 1960 ... their vocal's are a one of a kind, and lyric's unmatched. But they have to be in this journal ... because as a child ... I thought they were tight, and to inducted into this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" ... Enjoy!

"Cloud Nine" ... Thanx to VOLCANICIMAGES

This next piece is called "Ball of Confusion" (1970) .... Thanx to DAHMEREDSBACK


CHRISTINE CAYTON .... "CRIMINAL" ? ...NO ... a "HERO" in my opinion (Updated 22 August 2013)

Christine Cayton

This posting is updated today 22 August 2013 with a YouTube video and UPI link below, as far as charge's being dropped on Ms. Cayton (congratulation's too) ... but fist some newread/ video linked, then my original posting with no change's after below it.

***** BUSINESS INSIDER: Crazy Story Of Texas Woman Holding Up Alleged Ponzi Scheme That Hired Heisman Trophy Winners (newsread)

***** UPI.COM/ U.S. NEWS: Charge dropped in Ponzi gun incident

Felony charges dropped for Christine Clayton ... Thanx to KXAN


The town is Bee Cave,Texas (Austin Area) ... the institution that was the so called victim of this politically incorrect villian/criminal was called "Triton Financial". The woman charged with this so called crime is Christine Cayton. I read a couple brief clip's of this online ... and there is not much to it actually ... no real big news ... but enough for me to post in this journal to rant about.

In 2008 Mrs.Cayton took all her money out of her 401K and IRA both and invested it in real estate through "Triton Financial" ... a total of $125,000 dollar's. After not hearing from them for month's and not receiving any statement's from Triton, she decided that she wanted out of this ... and went to Triton and tried to talk, because they kept avoiding her and/or giving her any statement of her investment, having already given her the run around via mail as well as phone call's. They again gave her the run around a few more time's ... then decided to settle ... and gave her a check for $25,000 ... keeping $100,000 ... I reckon their end for the risk taking ... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh. :) She's no dummy ... she knew she just got bitten/burned. She decided to sue for the remainder ... which is a lengthy process ... but you should get through before you die of natural causes.

Her Husband work's out of the country ... so she is the primary care holder of all the families finances .... and had to act alone on this. She put two and two together ... seen the reality of the scam and the difficulty and length of time and money it will take to get back any of her money. She got high one day on prescription drug's and wine ... with a gun she bought at a yard sale ...unloaded ... with the ammo in her purse ... went to Triton ... approached the CEO Mr.Kurt Barton, demanded her money back ... and had ready the account she wanted it wired to immediately, thinking he would get scared and wire it cause she had a gun. She went then into her purse to get the ammo to load the gun, when an employee then grabbed her and escorted her to the front where Bee Cave PD was waiting to arrest her. She was charged with a second degree felony of "Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon" and held on a bond overnight of $20,000 ($2000 cash through a bonding company in Texas) and released on bond the next day.

Now she say's she made a dumb mistake ... and regret's it and scared of the jail time she is facing and also losing the $100,000. Well ... I'll admit that not having the gun loaded was pretty dumb ... but to be frank ... I look at this gal as a "hero" of sort. I mean ... there is not a snowball's chance in Hell if I was on a jury ...from what I see ...I could not find her guilty enough to send to jail or prison for even a day. As a matter of fact ... since the law's favour these inbred piece's of shit that write this complex legislation to protect these thug's like Triton and make it so difficult for anyone to ever get back any decent portion of what they got burned the time the court, attorney, and other's get their fee for getting what they call "justice" ... I would hope to see more citizen's do what Mrs.Cayton done and get the justice that the American people and small investor's deserve and the respect that is long overdue.

Some may say ... well ...she is the one who decided to invest ... which is true, but know how these folk's lure in people to invest just specifically to rob. That is the whole reason that I posted this because these institution's are all over the USA and rip off ten's of thousand's of average American's on a daily basis ...I cant even count all the people that I known or met over the year's that have gotten burned through that or some other investment scam and lost ten's of thousand's, and the law's are designed to protect those who do it...if they find the right law and learn how to manipulate it to their advantage.

Mrs.Cayton ... to me ...your my HERO!! and best of luck ... sincerly!! ... from a fellow Texan ......


Monday, December 14, 2009

JANIS JOPLIN does "PIECE OF MY HEART" .... and "CRY BABY" (live) ....

Thinking and writing about these investment banker's couldnt help to make me think of two song's by Janis Joplin ... as if the word's to these song's could be fitting enough to be directed at those in the banking industry. :-)

Of course ...I posted previously some of my childhood favourite music from the 60's being of course James Brown (I have seen James Brown "live" ... but unfortunately not Janis)... another one in the 1960's that just blew me away with her singing was Janis Joplin who I absolutely idolized. In my opinion ...even though she is recognized in classic rock circle's most ... she was one of the greatest soul/ R&B singer's in American history. Her voice made me melt ... and I thought she was a Doll/ cute as Hell as well!

And being since this is a Texan's journal ... and I want to post some Texas music ... this is one Texan I just couldnt leave out. Ms.Joplin was born and raised in the small port city on the northern Texas Coast of Port Arthur. She sang in choir as a kid ... and was mostly influenced by great blue's artist's such as Lead Belly and Bessie Smith. Ms.Joplin died accidently in 1970 ... but still to this day has alwayz been a "piece of my heart"! Which is the title of this first piece .... Enjoy!

"Piece Of My Heart" ... Thanx to PRETZELFARMER (Live Frankfurt, Germany 1969)

This next one is called "Cry Baby" ... Thanx to GVOZDEN NESKOVIC


"BIG DAWG" (President Obama) .... bark's about "FAT CAT'S" ( Big Banker's) ....

I wanted to post this for the record in this journal ...because ... again is short and to the point. And I like when someone can make it short and too the point since I have a difficult time writing anything "short" ... simply because I really dont have a "writer's background and education" in such. Another reason I want this for the record to hold our President to his word's here ... I like you Sir ... but dont try to be too bipartisan with these misfit's ... they are "bull-headed" like those you see now you are having to deal with on the Hill ... and you see how well "they" have adapted and welcomed your way of thinking. In other word's ... be nice at first ... then go for their throat's! You da man Sir ... and you da "Big Dawg" .... you do have thing's like "Executive Power's" Sir.(just a friendly reminder) :)

But the President sum's it up perfectly here in a few word's as well ... because he's right (polite) ... because that payback "was" exactly their intention with motivation being to cut and run from regulatory responsibilities ... I have myself posted too much about this in my previous posting's nearly a year ago if we do bail these folk's out ... what kind of stuff their going to pull ... and how they will scramble to pay back specifically for this reason. Which wasnt too hard for anyone to see ... unless you delude yourself thinking that these money hound's are actually "patriotic" ... and care about the country beside's just securing their golfing territories or other domestic properties. If they were so goddamn patriotic or had any respect or gratitude for American's ... they wouldnt use the goddamn money we gave them to buy up all the nation's prime time commercial space to try to sell us more scam's that are clear as day to anyone with half a brain. Or use all the rest of the money for more offshore investing, just to name a couple of their stunt's. If anyone need's a foot in their asses ...they would be a prime candidate!

***** CBS/ 60 MINUTES: Obama Slams "Fat Cat Bankers" (video & transcript)

Obama Blasts Bank Bonuses ... Thanx to CBS


Friday, December 11, 2009


Part 5 of this "SnoweJob" (I got this term from Sen.Snowe and her first introductory "Trigger Plan"). Which will show what I term now as the "Unification of the Demopublican" "Coalition" and "Plan". Basically all this video will show you is just more lies,covering each other's asses to keep strength in their parties for upcoming election's, no "definitive" statement's, and a crock of other flip flopping nonsense to keep people in a state of mental limbo. As I posted previously in this particular series, they may "twist" the term "public option" to scam us ... but they are even bolder than I expected...they are outright tossing it out, accept for a few ... who will have to buy into the scam anywayz eventually or lose. Or make a PO not really public or an option, but some non profit faith based group care clinic's (or similar crap) for those of low income, to where they can milk them too or penalize them or garnish wage's perhap's. But also totally controlled and profited by the insurance companies, and their Hill pocket puppet's ... put it this way ...what you see materializing will be more regulation's and less option's on the people and more for the corporation's,as far as "their" option's, and their regulation increases will also work to their benefit. Why? Because they simply wrote them ...... bottom line. Also I want to point out ... dont "blame" this on Speaker Pelosi .... Bank on it that she was simply "betrayed" like I wrote how former Treasury Secretary Hank "Bank of Hank" Paulson played her, she is not the villain as this video may make one suspect, trust me on this.

Although this journal in earlier posting's is fairly covered with health care crap and their scam's ...this particular series start's with Part 1 posted Sept.09,2009 with Snowe's "Trigger Plan" ... Part 2 introduce's the "Baucus Democratic Bite" posted Sept.30,2009 ... Part 3 posted Oct.14,2009 about more of the "Baucus Bite" and other treat's .... Part 4 posted Nov.11,2009 will show how much each Congress and Senate (both democrat and republican) received in pay-off's from the medical/ insurance/ pharma industries, which I believe was close to a half million per in Congress and close to one and a half million per in Senate ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ...and even most of that can be written off on taxes. A partial solution to this problem is to stop these payoff's from being accepted or offered, I mean this is nothing more than legalized "bribery", you or I would be indicted if we done such, aside campaign contibution's. How the tax write off? Because who do you think write's legislation and tax codes? Certainly not your neighbor or mom and dad.


***** CNN: Public option pullback? ... (news video)

***** REUTERS: Most in U.S. want public health option: poll ... (newsread)

One of the reason's I focused so much on this health care reform issue had nothing to do with it's popularity in the various media's and masses. But because I look at just say the last 30 year's and see what happen's every time American people "ask" for something ... and our rep's take it up to consideration and a vote ...the entities of corporation's who actually own our representation figure out how they can take what we want and ask for ...and make a profit off it somehow, then coach and have their attorney's prepare legislative proposal's for our rep's to debate in conference over .. so it's nothing new...just old school hustle technniques, I mean ... the average street kid who hustles can pick up on most of this stuff in a heartbeat ...these folk's in control though have their legal expert's make it very complex to understand for that reason that it is a saturation as I posted earlier of a couple thousand pages no one could actually piece together and figure all out enough to tear it apart during the process or probably at least a decade...however as you can see in the video's above...because of distrust amongst American's now ...we are figuring out their scam's I posted will happen as we evolve into this crap and begin to get less distracted and more focused.

This particular scam ...I just went with the basic approach to the game, thought like they did for a moment...then put together a scam I just guessed they would try as stated in the 4 previous posting's ... unfortunately ... the awful part of thinking like this is the raw reality you have to see and think, and deep down ... you hope you can be wrong on what you see coming ... but have to face it anywayz. But this guess appear's to be with percision accuracy ... meaning that the hustler's didnt work as hard on the scam as they could of ...or I couldnt have detected it quickly, or any of the other's who see this as the investigative reporter's in these video's.

Now I dont think at all that our representative's are all "corrupt" or intentionally out to screw us. We have alot of rep's with a good heart, that many may even came from background's just like any of us. What the problem we have is ...the way thing's are done and have been done for decade's in Washington ... and how the controlling entities we dont see behind the scene's pulling the string's work to keep these people in term after term to condition them to the atmosphere and make them comfortable to be the slave master's as they dictate to them to be. Inevitably this grow's like a cancer and become's the standard for many who dont see what is actually happening to them. Another way they are able to control our rep's is by the money portion's they give them ... even if a rep may not be all fond of receiving it ...the fact is ...they are left feeling like they owe back a favour ... which is natural ... I mean ...when someone support's you monitarily of just any other way ... you naturally owe a favour ... it work's the same way the banking industry does us favour's by loaning us credit ...the objective? is that the "party" receiving become's in "debt" to those who support or lend. So this is why I stated in posting after posting how important it is to break the chain link of this ceespool and way ... to actually get change ...or else ... you can never really get ANY change ...only as I said, "rehashing" what exist's into another "look" or "new packaging" only.

This is also why I titled this the "Demopublican" (to unite the two for the entities only on getting what the controlling entities want)... simply because what the entities managed to do now for decade's ... is deprive us through their morality structure they establish through the mega religious establishment's that they also control that we are pre-occupied with petty issue's of moralities to stay at each other's throat's with for decade's, buying them more time to sow new seed's for their plan's and agenda's ... to gain even more power and control. Example ... the issue of same sex marriage ... they all know it will become legal and it is a basic fair right, but keep our rep's in debate over it for year's to delay ... so that our hunger grow's ... teasing and tempting us, but denying us to taste ... you give a little at a time in other word's ... you dont give the dog the bone until it's fetched the ball repetitively in other word's.

And trust me ...what we are seeing here taking form in this so called health care reform is actually even worse than I thought or wrote it would be, unfortunately. This is really turning out to be a huge pile of horseshit. Unless someone can stop and make a turn somewhere's and detour from what this is winding into. Understand that in order to see what they are doing...YOU MUST ...think like them ... and not think how you have been taught to think ... only this can keep you one step ahead of their bite's ... and you must set aside this left/right, good/evil thinking, that has become almost genetic with us ...understand that they decide who has the most money and power, what is right/wrong, good/evil, left/right ... and educate us in our social system's to think by the guideline's they created for us to. YOU MUST THINK LIKE THEM.

POST NOTE: Also understand that this applies to all our war's and terrorism, this is all manipulated by the same entities ...through religion's,politic's and corporate giant's (3 entities) for the same exact reason's .... even the immigration and the list goes on.It take's money and arm's support to support and let these war's and terror thrive ... and that "support" is funded directly or indirectly through the same power's to achieve the same goal ...which is not good or evil but dominance and submission.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

LOU REED (PT.1): Does "Romeo had Juliette" and ... "Dirty Boulevard" .... (LIVE)

Lou Reed in my opinion is one of the greatest American poet's and lyricist's of the 20th and 21st centuries. Born and raised in the New York City Area ... known as the "Godfather of Punk" ... and of course his endless amount of music in his solo career as well as the primary songwriter and vocalist/ guitarist of the 1960's "Velvet Underground", and a real icon and legend of the industry ... I couldnt even post here all the credit's I can think of giving him.

I was alway's impressed with his lyric's and stories of life through his music, so raw, and a real look at the reality around him. He is as well known for the hard knock's he dealt with in life ... from his heroin addiction, to as a teen receiving electroconvulsive therapy to cure his so called homosexual behavior ... and the list goes on. He is a man I have admired for many year's, which the music sector of this journal couldnt be without, and THANK YOU for so much great inspiring art Sir!

This first piece is from earlier this year in a sound studio live at WNYC in New York City doing his piece "Romeo had Juliette" off of his CD called "New York". Thanx to WNYC ... Enjoy ....

This next piece of his also "live" off of the same CD "New York" ... is called the "Dirty Boulevard" ... Thanx to ANUBISCTBA ... Enjoy! ....


GLOBAL WARMING PT. 6: "INDONESIA" .... Paper, Pulp, Palm Oil, and Profit's vs. Eco Prosperities ....

Part 5 of this series posted previously Dec.09,2009 concerning Peru's coming battle over water, Part 4 posted Dec.04,2009 on the Himalayan mountain range in Asia,Part 3 posted Nov.23,2009 on the country of Bolivia, Part 2 posted Sept.23,2009 on USA's West Coast Forestry, Part 1 posted Sept.21,2009 on Greenland. This posting today will focus on the devastation of forestry in Indonesia ... and the Eco impact's that are to come for our action's ... as well as the economic's end of all this in this video below. This vdeo is also not entertaining, or humorous, or even pleasant ... but it is a look at REALITY. **** the video that was below, I replaced with a 2015 article.

***** WASHINGTON POST: Why 'the biggest climate story on the planet' is happening in Indonesia right now ... (newsread)

***** REUTERS: INSIGHT- Big palm oil's pledge to preserve forests vexes Indonesia ... (newsread)

Now some may think ..."What the Hell does this got to do with climatic change?" and that climate change is already in progress ... so what is the point? ...thinking that we are not going to be able to stop what has already begun. First of all ... this has everything to do with climate change, because it is our action's now ...that determine thing's like how far and at what rate of acceleration and what level of severity it will bring to not only the eco system's of the planet, but to also our economies worldwide ... since today's economic's are more interdependent than ever in history as well as the conflict's of humanity that will also intensify over this. It is true that we cant stop what has begun to unfold ... but it is a wake up call to look at our action's and what we can do to lessen the blow ... so it isnt just about the ape's in the jungle's, or the bird's and tree's ... it is about how all this and our action's will come to haunt us more in the future if we dont take action now.

It is easy to get deluded living in the convenience's of our cities and staying busy beaver's on our personal endeavor's... and to think we are so civilised, loved by the universe, as well as God's personal little "teddy bear's", and because of our book smart's ...the pinnacle of universal knowledge ... or that nature is going to consider our feeling's or thought's. One thing that humanity lack's most is "respect" for nature ... and we are so optimistic since we never had anything really catastrophic happen to our species ... that we will alway's dictate ... and our hope's and prayer's and other fantasies will save us from our action's and the inevitable.

The arguement all over the globe on this global warming issue now boil's down this last week to scientist's and their email's or cheating or other nonsensical rubbish. Yet after year's of these debate's and arguement's and finger pointing ... not one of these conflict's deal with the question as to why it is so important to pollute and ravish the earth the way we do? And any arguement's are simply about the No#1 God of humanity, as my father told me as a child ... "The Almighty Dollar". We are so hypocritical ... but taught to be this way from childhood by our social system's. And it is only a small segment of humanity responsible for fostering this way of life on us ... those who control everything. We can have a very strong and robust economy with changes to our enviromental approaches and pratice's ... but being lazy, or too content, or confident and satisfied with what we are and have wont do it. The "economy" is our making, not nature's, nature doesnt have anything to do with it ... we do ... and whatever we make ...we can unmake or revise and alway's improve ...our history show's that. Making excuse after excuse as for what reason's we continue to not better ourselves and way's that we do thing's wont cut it or get us further, or do a damn thing to IMPROVE or HELP or even to show long overdue RESPECT and GRATITUDE for all we have been able to utilize to make our lives more pleasant, profitable and prosperous. And by the way ... I am VERY pro business as well ... so any idea that I may live in a mud and hay hut, and wear a Green Peace tattoo, and hug tree's would be very inaccurate ... new business, and new technologies and idea's is very pro-business ... staying in a time warp and not staying on top of change and progress is very anti-business. The prosperities of our eco system's are also very pro-business.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Here I will post Part 5 of my "Global Warming" series. Part 1 was posted Sept.21,2009 focusing on Greenland ... Part 2 posted on Sept.23,2009 focusing on continental USA's West Coast Forestry effect's ... Part 3 posted Nov.23,2009 effect's in South America's Bolivia .... Part 4 posted Dec.04,2009 in the Himalayan Mountain Region's of Asia. Earlier throughout the journal ...other miscellaneous posting's on this warming as well and effect's to come.


One of the thing's I was pointing to in my earliest part's of this journal concerning this warming ...was also the effect's that will materialize when mountain run off water start's to fade in various region's worldwide ... including such region's in continental USA such as the Rocky Mountain's. There are region's all over the globe where people depend on this fresh water to survive. This should also effect human migration to come ...and of coarse will come the economic impact's that we are not seeing yet ...but rest assured ...will. This particular segment is about the conflict's arising in South America's country of Peru ... over water supplies for the people.

Climate Change and Water in Peru ... Thanx to PROGRESSIOUK


JOAN JETT does "Bad Reputation"(live) ... and AVRIL LAVIGNE does "Bad Reputation" ...

Since my last posting was about the great City of Philadelphia, I chose one of my favourite live performer's from that town to post in the music journal ... Joan Jett of "Joan Jett and the Blackheart's" doing one of my favourite's of her many favourite's of mine "Bad Reputation". I have seen Joan Jett live twice, and am even old enough to have rocked on her former band "The Runaways" back in the 1970's. But I love this gal live ...her music is so straight to the point no nonsense rock and roll and punk ...truly a party must. She is also one Hell of a great looking woman as well ....Enjoy!

Joan Jett- Bad Reputation ... Thanx to JOANJETTVEVO

I also want to compliment Ms.Avril Lavigne from Belleville,Ontario(Canada) for an excellent remake of this piece year's later. I have never seen Ms.Lavigne in concert, but have admired several of her piece's in her portfolio, and am sure with her great talent's will have much more to come ... Enjoy!

Avril Lavigne- Bad Reputation ... Thanx to AVRILERJAPAN


Friday, December 4, 2009

SKATENIGS: ..."Loudspeaker" and "Chemical Imbalance" ....

I wanted to post some more Texas musician's as well ... and this wouldnt become complete for this journal without the work's of this group of hard working musician's homebased out of Austin as a band called the "Skatenigs" ...but actually live from what I gather in Dallas, Austin, and South Texas individually.

They arrived in the scene sometime early 1990's from a conceptual idea of the legendary Al Jourgensen of the Ministry, and worked with earlier supposedly to fill a "support slot" for the Ministry. When I seen the group perform in a small Dallas venue around 1995 or so, I didnt know much about them ...but was amazed of their sound "live" as far as the clarity and engineering is concerned, considering the heavy guitar work and percussion's blended with a touch of electronica/industrial and volume in a smaller venue ...the clarity was as close to perfection as you could get. And an outstanding live performance stage wise. I had the opportunity to meet this crew at the time, through a buddy that was a volunteer DJ for a local community funded and sponsored radio station who interviewed group's. A truely hard working group of folk's with a great sound that I just couldnt leave out of this Texas journal. This first video (both early 1990's) is called "Loudspeaker" ... Enjoy! ...

SKATE NIGS- "Loudspeaker" ... Thanx to ROIO420

U-MV081- Skatenigs- Chemical Imbalance ... Thanx to MYPARTOFTHETHING



GLOBAL WARMING PT. 4 .... Welcome to ASIA ... Heating the HIMALAYAN'S ....

I am posting this as Part 4 of this particular video series, for a "visual" of what is happening for this journal. On Sept.21,2009 I posted on the effect's in Greenland, on Sept.23,2009 ...effect's on West Coast Forestry and fire's in the continental USA, on Nov.23,2009 ... the effect's in the South American country of Bolivia. Here We will take a look at another "part" of the world .... Asia. So now we can clearly see why this "warming" is ...well ..."global". And an idea for us all to realize what to expect from all this. Understand ...that much of these ranges of mountain's worldwide are and have been strictly held in place our entire evolution period, by ice being solid and holding soil's and rock's in "place". So when you melt such a structure ...what happen's? The structure start's to fall apart is what. Anyway's ...take a "look" for yourself .......... after all .... the camera isnt lying ....




Monday, November 30, 2009

Pulling the Plug on Granny? ... dont worry ....Granny herself couldnt even pull it!! ...

I am posting this video because of all the "talk" about euthanasia death panel's we seen out of health care reform opponent's over this last several month's such as from this "Teabag" movement cult that has been sweeping America. In past posting's on euthanasian death panel's, I said that the idea that we would do this is so ridiculous, we are so far from any mindset of such,the leftee's or the rightee's would never do such a thing. And the other important factor is because of money, as this video will clearly show how valuable it is to keep even those who are just about dead ... alive. My guess is that if anyone tried to even remotely advocate euthanasia at this point of our evolution ... not just the right and left would oppose it strongly, but even health care provider's and drug companies and every other sector of the medical industry would throw billion's in to stop it, there is a fortune to be made off keeping near corpses alive.

End Of Life Debate ... Thanx to CBS

However ... sooner or later we may have to address this issue. As it stand's right now, even if you wanted to end your own life ... you do not legally have that right ... in the State of Oregon you have a right to death with dignity, but even that is carefully regulated as what justifies it and who can assist and other factor's. The mainstream public's view on this is also that ending your life is a crime and immoral and is forbidden, and it is also not very common for any animal to be suicidal anyway's.

It's a difficult subject for me to write about ... my mother who had an infection travel into her bloodstream and organ's that made her flesh and inside's slowly deteriorate, got to the point on her final death bed where she wanted to die, even asked me to help her, the suffering was so bad ... the experience for me had me in tear's and one that I will never forget. The hospital said she was delusional ... not in her right mind ... and force fed her more drug's and done more test's and test's on her and kept her going and suffering as long as they could ... which was by our societies standard's ... the "moral" or "right" thing to do. And of course after her force fed torture and death ... my father was sent his end of the billing which was close to $200,000. My mom died not of being old ...she never got old. I had two other close friend's that had long suffering ordeal's before their death's who also couldnt wait to die, who I spent their last day's being at their side, and having them beg me to help them die because it was too much of a burden to withstand the suffering ... so this all is VERY emotional for me.It is easy to say what you would do in a situation like this ... but unless you have laid side by side with, and stared death in the face ... it is not as easy as you may think to say you know what is the "right decision", and "moral decision" to do.

I am NOT suicidal ... I never even thought once in my life of suicide as an option or idea ... even when hospitalized bleeding internally and told I probably wouldnt make it after an accidental incident ... all I could think of in that bed is how bad I wanted to live. So I would NEVER advocate suicide. But I do feel that, that choice should be left to every individual to decide ... and be able to do it legally without being criminalized or called insane for deciding to choose this.

It is so strange how we will call a soldier who throw's themselves on a grenade to save another soldier a hero ... yet if that same soldier was close to death and wanted to choose to die, call them insane or immoral. Wouldnt you agree? ....

That's the Reality!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

SLAVERY 2009 .... a "taste" ... 21st Century Style ....

***** USA TODAY: Human trafficking a growing crime in U.S. ... (newsread ... I updated this piece with a later article)

This posting is inspired because of another myth that our society seem's to mostly believe ... that "slavery" no longer exist's. This is just one case of one person out of million's that fall prey to this ... and is much heavier in the USA than most people want to think ... or at least admit to. I am also inspired to post this as my familia ... some of who are also recent immigrant's, prepare for a familia get together today at my daughter's home in a nice lakefront community outside Dallas, where everyone in her neighborhood does well and lives the American dream, and never had to face this reality. Today we will be watching Cowboys football on big screen and stuffing our faces with turkey and a 10ft variety of food's to choose from, and enough drink's to get a football team smashed. But these slave's will be the choice of meat consumption today for other's across our Great Nation, along with drink's.

First place ... slavery has alway's existed ... and will continue to as long as our species is still in this primitive stage of it's evolution ... we are still all animal, which will change in generation's to come. This particular case was about a Ukrainian immigrant ... but I see it also all around Dallas with immigrant's from Asia and Latin America. And not just prostitution or exotic dancing ... even adult male's are commonly enslaved on "what they owe" to those who made their move here possible. Meaning having to work free hour's, and getting caught in the IOU cycle that is difficult to get out of for many. This Ukranian gal's fee appear's to be exotic dancing ... but any of us with half a brain know's what else come's with that, especially us guy's.

In some countries where it is done mostly with it's own people instead of immigrant's that are poor countries ... such as Thailand, other Asian or Latin American or African countries ... it isnt even kept secretive ... it's a way of life, basically ... you want your familia to eat ... you become a sex slave ... even in childhood year's. Even young boy's in Afghanistan for instance are dressed up as girl's and dance to entertain grown men ... and you know it goes further than just dancing ... regardless of how anti- homosexual these same men would boast of being. Here it's more secretive and behind closed door's ... because also ... it is an uncomfortable image ... and American's like to create a reality in their mind's of being the perfect society ... and liberated ... and denying the nature of human reality.

We dont no longer put folk's on slave ship's in shackle's and beat them to row across the ocean in the belly of the ship. We just now ... smile ... and say ... here's your choice ... you do this or starve to death ... a much "nicer" way to enslave folk's ... and more liberated and fashionable.

POST NOTE: This is not to slander prostitution at all, or exotic dancing. I as a early runaway teen was taken in off the street by a group of 4 prostitute's at a time to live with them, and work around the house for them to earn my stay ... I had learned alot from these gal's ... and much more than I would have from other people. They treated me like a son they never had. The difference is ... none of them were forced into the business ... it was their choice ... and they treated it like any other profession.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ZZ TOP (Tres Hombres de Tejas) "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers", "Just Got Paid" and "La Grange" ....

This band didnt get a lack of publicity ... but is posted because this IS a Texan's journal and Texas is not Texas without "ZZ Top" or simply them "Tres Hombre's de Tejas". Besides ... when it come's to blue's guitar ... they dont come more unique as that sound out of "Reverend Willy G" (guitarist Billy Gibbons ... and yes ... he actually is a minister) ... and believe me ... there is nothing like a ZZ Top Barbeque Party! These pieces are from the early 1970's, and some of my favourites of their early dayz, the first here called "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers". ZZ TOP is originally out of a little Texas town called Spring. ... Enjoy! ....

ZZ Top at Hard Rock Hollywood June 12, 2012- Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers ... Thanx to KEN ROTBERG

ZZ TOP Just got paid 2007 Live (Gilford, NH) ... Thanx to saskatchawan

ZZ TOP- La Grange live ver. ... Thanx to MYPK13



Credit Card Pinch ..."Last Call" to rob Ya'll ...PART 2 ..."BORROWER BEWARE" ...

This Part 2 is a follow up to the first posting Part 1, posted on Tuesday Oct.06,2009 and previous posting's related to the scam's that lender's will seek to advance on, due to the new regulation's that will come 2010, below, the PBS documentary "Card Game" that will show what to look for, which I would recommend to anyone.

***** The Card Game | Watch S28 E6 | FRONTLINE PBS ... (video)

The only reason I started posting this so long ago in this because one...I knew if this President got elected, one of the first thing's he was going to attack is lender's ... because when he was Senator...this was a big concern of his, and I was keeping an eye on Obama before he even attempted to announce candidacy for Presidential run ... because of his concern's. And two ...because I had to learn the hard way to get keen to this industries practice's and scam's back over 20 year's ago when I got caught in it's web in the 1980's.And also so many college student's in our nation are eaten alive by these companies without realizing what they are actually caught in until after they graduate. I am not out to knock lender's here, but just to act on behalf of simply consumer advocacy, and just to say ... BORROWER BEWARE is all. I mean ... where would most of us be without a little loan to help in those tough time's? But also understand ... that any of these businesses are in business for one make money ... not as a helping hand.

Now many American's will just be lazy to think or hesitant...and just bank on the fact that with these new regulation's and guideline's ... everything is cool now...and we have "protection". This is fine and great that we do get some protection...and is just "fair" ...after all...the American people have to live by more rule's and regulation's than any company or entity that control's the market's, so why not should they be regulated more strictly as well ...beside's...all these are looked at in today's reality as "elite" ... and they are nothing more than a bunch of college educated thug's actually. Lesson No#1 ...NEVER think you are "safe", and understand that any legislation that is imposed on them...anything that can be "made" can be "unmade" they WILL find backdoor's and loophole's to get around new regulatory law, (you cant be "safe" and "free" both in this point of history, and "thinking" like that will make you vulnerable) ...they simply have their attorney's and accountant expert's devise plan's... to still find one way or another to milk the borrower to the maximum it can is all. There is no such thing in today's reality as being "safe" from anything ... and never depend on government to protect you from everything... especially your own wrong action's and move's. Learn to stay a step ahead of them, as they do in staying a step ahead of you ...and you will win more than you lose.


Monday, November 23, 2009

JAMES BROWN ...get's on the "GOOD FOOT" ... and "Get's Up Offa That Thing" ...

James Brown with keytar

The 1960's was a time of alot of great music out of America and the UK as well. We all had idol's and favourite's in music as kid's. This is one of those artist's who stand's out to me in my childhood as far as inspiring my love of contemporary American music, Mr. James Brown ... an artist with such an intense sound, especially "live", but what a sound he produced "live" and the adrenaline rush of his show!

Mr.Brown also known as the "Godfather of Soul" well early on as the hardest working man in the industry ... passed away back in 2006 ... and lived a full solid life, even on the edge. He was a post Depression Era kid ... that was street smart and moved around alot ... and certainly knew how to move the "good foot" while entertaining. His music really energized me as a child and I love him to this day. Mr.Brown was born in Barnwell,SC. This music sector of this journal would not be without this man ... this is a couple  of my favourite song's as a kid ... Enjoy! ... **** additional "live" James Brown here

James Brown- Good Foot ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS

James Brown- Get Up Offa That Thing ... Thanx to HAVEN COVERS


Image result for james brown concert poster   Image result for james brown art


GLOBAL WARMING PT. 3: ....Effect's on HUMAN species migration ....

***** MIGRATIONPOLICY.ORG:  Climate Change and Migration: Sorting through Complex Issues without the Hype ... (updated this with new link here)

I choose to call this "Global Warming" in this journal instead of the NEW title called "Climate Change" ...because I see no reason to change what the original title was.The title of this event was changed strictly for "political correctness" to pander to the whimpering masses in the world who want to BMB (bitch,moan bellyache) day and night from these two polarizing power's of our society,who do nothing but point finger's at each other to blame...and are more concerned with their theories and being either right or wrong than what is actually happening and trying to address it.


We been talking mostly about Greenland,Polar Ice Cap's,the Polar Bear's and such. And that's fine ...but there is not much talk in the media about human migration. This event ...could drastically change where and how human's live and migrate, which was clear as day even a few year's back, and were not just talking about Bolivia, it's not like once this get's into a higher gear it will just target small isolated area's of peasant villager's.No doubt that wherever human's migrate or move to, you can rest assured that they will bring their filthy lifestyle's along with them too. And no one will BMB too much until it hit's home...then they will act...because that is how our nature work's.We have it embedded in our brain's at this point of our evolution that we still are nature's little precious creature's ...God's personal little Teddy Bear's ...and nature and the universe including the eco system's are here to cater to us and our need's.

The fact is as I pointed out before ...we dont realize how lucky we are.Why? Because we are still here and able to thrust our carbon footprint knee deep in the ass of nature.We could be wiped out so quick by any simple a large asteroid smashing into the earth ...wiped out to where it may take million's of year's and another species to come to find out that we actually existed at a time...or just be forgotten altogether if we never were.Were special alright the manner that we are probably the most destructive and filthiest creature that this planet has ever seen.If there was such a title of "evil" to be credited to a life form, human's would be most deserving of it.If a sudden mass virus started to quickly mutate because of climatic change's for instance that wiped out half the human species would probably be a blessing to the planet as a whole.

I am not trying to sound cruel here ...and display "hate" for our species...after all...I am part of the same mess and just as filthy.But I am trying to point out how we should show a tad more respect to the planet ...not unless you/we have another one where we can quickly be transported to if we needed to.We are only a product of the controlling power's dictation's.We drive filthy burning fossil fuel transport vehicle's ...because that is what is manufactured in mass ...and sold to us to use.We dont focus nearly as much on alternative fuel's ...simply to please those power's to maintain their wealth and power.Dont blame it on "need for job's and a robust economy" ...that is BS talk ...any alternative fuel/energy investment's will create plenty of new job's as it grow's and change how we work ...and be a positive to the economy.This is also why I state over and again in this journal that this whole system need's to collapse because we have reached our max of this level...and it is time to move into the future and change everything for the next step of our evolution... and to show more respect for our planet ... something that is long overdue.

Probably the most nauseating part of all this "global warming" issue has been having to listen to both of the two controlling side's BMB about each other,point their finger's and find someone to call wrong, or to put blame on...and spend several year's argueing over this pointless rubbish. It doesnt really matter who's fault it is...nature doesnt give a rat's ass which of us is right or wrong, or what "party" we belong to. I am not close to being a scientist or educated enviromentalist for that matter...but I do also have to wonder with all we "extract" from the earth ...wont that have some kind of effect as well on the eco system's just by itself? We cant fix any already changed, or even damaged, with a quick remedy, and we will have to deal with what's to come ...but is that excuse to also not change our filthy way's? I am sure nature would be able to survive without us thrusting million's of ton's of trash into the atmoshere and water .. after all it did for million's of year's before us. And you can bet people are going to have to migrate and shift around quite a bit...because of all the flooding and additional dought area's as well...even in continental USA place's like Colorado for instance will effect those who depend on fresh run-off water from mountain's too.

Interesting enough ...I was watching a programme the other day on the tele, it was one of them political talk show's ... and they were laughing and cracking joke's on Al Gore when he stated that deep in the earth it may be million's of degree's. He simply made that statement in the heat of the moment while explaining something else, similar when someone claim's they have a zillion problem's to deal with.But this entire show was focused on that statement by Mr.Gore, and that alone was used to say that he is a crack pot and off on the deep end.Well ...I'm sure it was entertaining for many ... but what they are that this man is actually working ... unlike some ...who seem to be alien to that word...and do nothing much ...but show's such as those.