Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 2: Baucus ...and the Democratic"BITE" ... Step#2 of the "SNOWEjob" ....

This posting is to show the Part #2 of the Democratic "BITE" that I explained in detail that would happen in Part#1 on Sept.09,2009 which I wrote as a follow-up from the initial posting about the "SNOWEjob" to come...mostly influenced through the backdoor by Sen.Snowe and former Sen.Bob Dole.This is today's reaction from Michael Moore (A man that is second to none when it come's to speaking about reality .. I love this guy!) I was more accurate than I actually expected ... only because this "bite" was so clear to see back over a month ago,by any street hustler ... it was so clear what they were trying to pull off ... and of course the bastard's did it! : )


I know Sept.17th I wrote I hoped I was wrong on this one ... but that's how it goes. I would only hope now that there is some glimmer of light and folk's email, protest, and still try to put it in ... at least what uncontaminated democrat's are left ... but I am still skeptical. Why? because this was all staged so carefully and hundred's of million's have already been paid into this scam ... meaning the corporation's that pulled this off ... have spent so much ... and they would kill before they let this pass. In my past posting's I pretty much detailed the scam and how it is put together, including the teabag show's, the talk radio prop's, and especially all the recent saturation of commercial's on prime time tele/ TV ... in other word's ... they paid out the ass as it is...and had the best attorney's even working on this ... because the profit's as I said before are enormous ... more than the Iraqi invasion scam that was done with no- bid contractor's that I posted about in earlier post's.

Mr. Moore hit straight on the head when he said that many American's thought that we could relax because we have the democrat majority ... this is so true. But as I posted in my earlier posting's ... understand that they have already bought and paid for several democrat's to set this up ... basically we just got "conned/ played" one more time. My only hope now ... would be that the American people ... especially our young ... and minority communities of low income ... take to the street's and raise Hell that makes the Teabag Hellraising look like CampFire Girl's ... organize and do everything we can to tear down this entire cesspool ... by whatever mean's necessary. Because also as I said before ... this is all just the tip of the iceberg ... this victory will only make them stronger and more confident ... they will devour us 110% if we dont attack back at this.

DO NOT buy their excuses ... the reason they been so quiet is because they are cooking up a batch of BS while I write this that should be aired through the mainstream media within the next 48 hour's or so ... which will be a pack of lie's even from democrat's about how hard they worked and how this is all "better than nothing" or crap like the "Snowe Trigger Plan" ... that they will do something 5 year's for now if insurance dont clean up etc, etc. DO NOT believe a word of it ...WE ARE BEING HAD ... period ... and this is all well calculated and staged ... because they know whatever bill they get through will stand fairly solid for at least a generation.


I am not sure if they can pass anything without a signature of the President? Or how many vote's they need in what category ... BUT ... if we can create a roadblock of some sort so the non- option plan is NOT passed ... that would be to our benefit and these corporation's would hurt. Why? ... Because even though they have acted like they werent interested in change for over a decade ... once they can weasel this scam plan through ... they will act quicker than the people trying to get reform passed ... because it gives them about 50 million new client's forced by law to buy their plan's ... meaning every month or even year that we can delay this plan from going through ... they are losing revenue from new premium's.

Once this scam plan get's officiated as the one ... those who been avoiding reform will be hungry to push it in other word's ... because the plan was tailored by them and their attorney's (dont listen to this nonsense about our politician's putting this plan together ... they ARE NOT, it is all presented to them and drawn up elsewhere by ...well ... scammer's/ attorney's and the major "player" attorney's are our representatives (many have law degree's). The flip- side is ... we wont get any reform by doing this ... we will stay where we are. Is it worth it ... and the stretch? Absolutely ... because they dont get the business ... and will have to offer something else ... because the longer they play ... the more money they lose ... in other word's ... the number one way to hurt those with big money ... is to go for their money ... make them pay ... wait ... and hurt ... because you can rest assured today that with yesterday's victory ... they are going to be full speed ahead now to get it on the road and start collecting the money ... and this time if you dont buy their insurance ... you will be treated as a criminal ... because this will be MANDATORY/LAW ... remember that.



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Snowe needs to listen to her voters.

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