Monday, September 21, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 1: .... Greenhouse to turn Greenland Greener? ....

I just wanted to post this to show how massive this ice is that is rapidly melting. I have been watching this myself for more than a few year's now. No I dont belong to any environmental organization's ... nor am posting this to point finger's. I am posting this to "show" the reality of the current condition.

***** CNN: Global Warming: A natural cycle or human result?

Must see video of Greenland melting (2009.02.20) ... Thanx to STARRDREAMS

Funny thing ... a week or so ago ... I was in the Uptown area grabbing a bite at lunch. Sitting in a booth right next to me was two plain clothes detective's for Dallas County. I know that they had a college education ... to acquire that job, at least some college. I couldnt help hearing when one brought up to the other about the weather ... it has rained in Dallas for over a week straight ... and temp's were below normal. The one told the other ... "Look at this (looking out the window) ... that's why I dont buy this global warming scare ... all summer it's been like this ..." ... the other responded ... "Yep ... Dallas sure hasnt been warming very much ..." etc ... it went on. (warming will cause more precip in certain area's, frozen in winter when furthest from sun, liquid in summer, is how I see it ... no, I havent been to college, or high school for that matter ... do you need to, to understand that?)

Now ... whether or not you "buy" global warming ... or you are a pop culture person who wishes to call it climate change ... because it sound's more "pleasant" (Bush cabinet marketing) ... the fact is ... that what you see ... is what you get. Some may say ... it's too late to fix or reverse it ... some may say ... oh well ... it's gonna happen ... or they may feel it's part of some religious apocalyptic prophecy ... some just want to ignore it period ... because of money. All in all there are 1001 excuse's and blames as to why this is happening. But I never hear any reason why we must brutalize the earth so much? Sometime's I wonder if folk's may feel ... that if we dont pump enough trash into the water's, ground, and air ... we may die off? Will nature stop functioning if we were to clean up our way's a little more ... and at a much faster pace?

Some folk's may think ... we have too many problem's to deal with. Well ... one thing is for sure ... and that is all of our goddamn problem's came from our own action's. Some may think it's about having the money ... the technologies ... etc. As I posted before ... the technologies are here ... the money and investor's are abundant. What we are seeing is an attempt to spend more on exploration for fossil fuel's ... only to have a rathole reserve of them to market for something or another.Another problem is just plain being cheap. We are led to believe that if industry as we know it fail's/ collapses ... it's the end of the world for us, another myth we are programmed to believe. There are folk's ... much smaller all over the globe ... waiting in line for ya'll to die so they can replace you with new idea's and investment's/venture's. Ya'll been controlling everything from the free market, to what industries will rule and even law's and legislation.

As difficult as it may seem ... being a little cleaner ... certainly wont damage the earth any more than we have already damaged it. And YES ... I am VERY pro- business and thinking about the economy ... How?, Because ... that is the economy of new, and fossil fuel's are just that ... a fossil. One thing for sure ... when them sea level's rise more ... I sure will be happy I live in Dallas.

***** PD/ RCJ: The "MELTING" is the tip of the Iceberg ... "CHANGE" you can bank on ... **** an earlier related posting



Infidel753 said...

It's unfortunate that the most dramatic effects of global warming are being seen mainly in the polar areas, which don't have much population to directly witness them. Nevertheless, we can't say we weren't warned. Changes like these in the Greenland glaciers make it clear what's happening except to those who, for whatever reason, are determined not to see.

Sometime's I wonder if folk's may feel...that if we dont pump enough trash into the water's, ground, and air...we may die off?

Beacause the Earth is so huge and humans are so small, many people intuitively just can't swallow the idea that human activity could have major effects on the whole planet. As is so often the case, intuition is wrong. A bacterium is thousands of times smaller than a single cell of the human body, but consider the damage that their activities can do to a whole human!

Ranch Chimp said...

Damn good point's Mr.Infidel!

Thanx for your input here .........