Saturday, September 12, 2009

OBAMA / HITLER HEALTHCARE: ... And this all started over our President offering the people a "choice/ option"? ....

Well ... it appear's that,that is exactly what happened. It certainly is very American to take to the street and protest ... and to defend our nation from tyranny, and to excersize our right to defend ourselves. And of course no American want's to be driven into something like communism ... so I hear ya'll on that part. And I realize that I posted in my earliest post's that American's will eventually "wake up" and take to the street's ... and take some action as well ... out of anger of what is happening as far as getting milked by some of these corporation's and even politician's ... but I didnt think it would be from this crowd and party ... singled out alone.Ya'll are overlooking the REAL threat!

***** DAILY MOTION: Santa Monica Tea Party protest "Obama is the new Hitler!" ... (video)

Santa Monica Tea Party Protest "Obama is the new Hitler!" ... Thanx to VENICE4CHANGE ... (no audio, due to copyright crap)

Believe it or not ... as you can see above ... this is simply American people being fed another smokescreen ... and I would hope that good conservative American's would wake up and see how these giant's are using you ... oh yes ... ya'll are being "played" as fool's here ... this is all staged, rest assured!

Just look at what ya'll been protesting about for instance ... tyranny, socialism, communism, comparing the President and Administration to Nazi's etc. You may want to slow down a minute and take a "time- out" ... and give that a tad of thought. Ya'll know good and well ... this President is not a Nazi or even a commi.Whether one is for a public option or not as far as health care reform is concerned ... take a close look at what the public option is saying ... it is very simple ... to give the lower income working American's and the poor something that can take care of them ... it would even benefit some of ya'll's families ... just like social security does or even medicare ... and these two programme's are actually socialist style programmes ... but if the government wanted to take those from your loved one's of age and retired ... you wouldnt be happy. This so called "option" is a small ragtag offer ... to those who may not be able to afford nothing else ... and it work's as a benefit as well to all taxpayer's. I mean what do you want to do? ... keep paying taxes for your county hospital emergency room's to be backed up with uninsured folk's and illegal's, who have no money? You wouldnt want that if your loved one or friend just was in a near fatality car wreck though ... think about it a moment.

Insurance companies wont go out of business or even bankrupt ... not unless ya'll start buying up this public option ya'll's self ... and they still wouldnt go broke. Why? .... well when you can afford to hand out 10's of billion's to your top exec's annually ... spend 10's of billion's more to protest having any "competition" ... uhhhh ... your nowhere's near broke or even within any distance of it. That's right ... that is what these mega insurer's spend and do. Then ... they have the nerve ... after you paid them all you had ... to tell you something like your acne ... or a number of other thing's is a pre- condition. To top it off ... they give training to those you discuss your claim's with on the phone,in person,or online ... on how to minimize any expense you will cost them ... and pay them a bonus or commission to do so to you, and what should be your limit's of treatment based on dollar's you worked your asses off for and never missed a beat in payment ... Hell ... if ya'll wanna talk about "death panel's" ... we in a sense already have them ... look at the whole picture.

Believe it or not ... this public option with other measure's to protect the people's interest's ... will actually benefit each and every working American across the board, dont let yourself be played as fool's to these mega corporation's ... if they were so free market even ... they wouldnt try to position themselves to be a monopoly the way they do. If they loved American's so much ... they wouldnt divert so much into offshore investment's and do so much business with the communist party of China ... oh yeah! Dont take what I say as the Gospel truth ... check it out ya'll's self. I aint got no reason to lie here ... I'm 53 year's old ... never drawn a damn bit of government assistance in my life ... and knock on wood that I dont ever have too! I have voted straight republican most of my life as well ... and have worked for low to moderate workin wages all my life as well ... just like many of ya'll. But I know when I'm getting the shaft ... and sure as Hell know who's getting the goldmine ... if you get my drift! Alot of these folk's are all in bed with the rest ... like AIG and them, these investment banker's ... and the rest of them. Yeah...they love to stay in America ... but not alway's display their appreciation for having their home in the greatest country in the world ... who has been kind enough to make them all so wealthy and powerful.

I am not saying to not beware of tyranny ... absolutely not. I am saying dont let yourself be directed by corporate special interest's who control and bought ya'll's media, and many of ya'll's own party ... look at them ... and start to question "them" as well. And all this started simply from the President offering a public option in the health care reform package? Now that there ... should tell you something ... I mean ... that lil option lead's to a communist takeover? Uh, uh ... I will tell you what lead's to deterioration of our nation ... and that is when folk's like GW Bush start's to sell us out to Arab's ... and the Chinese ... on trade that is so unbalanced it aint funny ... and creating war's ... that doesnt even pay back the terrorist's who attack's us ... (which he done) and I myself even voted for former President Bush. I feel now ... like he abandoned my nation ... and as well as the State of Texas in way's.



Infidel753 said...

All these comparisons with Nazism and Communism are an insult to the victims of real Nazism and Communism. Setting up a government agency to provide cheap basic health insurance to poor people is the same as mass murder and putting millions of people in slave-labor camps?! "Gestapo tactics" (guy early on in the video) and "taking our liberties away" -- does this guy have the foggiest idea what the actual Gestapo was like?

Notice how all the yelling and screaming is without specifics. They can't articulate what exactly the government is going that they object to so much, it's just generalities and scare words.

I am not saying to not beware of tyranny ...

The shortcoming in their thinking is that they believe the only place tyranny can come from is the government.

Ranch Chimp said...

As you know...(or I previously mentioned) my Dad was a prisoner of the Nazi's(US Army WW2)and I have personally talked to a few...German's as well as Jew's who were in Germany at the time,and even a couple who were in camp's of the Nazi' beside's what I read or even viewed through documentary film...I had some first hand talk about it with those who were there. I know an elderly man to this day...who still has the tattoo on his arm from the camp's...he will never have it taken off. I seen a sign I believe it was the other day at a gathering that said "marxist muslim" refering to the President....I was puzzled trying to figure out what exactly that was?

Oh yes ... unfortuantely these folk's are having a scam ran on them big time too, is how I see it.You have basically propagandist's behind the scene's setting this all up. How do you know it? Because you simply cant just logically make up these particular title's to describe what not only our President is doing ...but even our government is and has been doing. What we are seeing here(this is only my opinion) is a last attempt by a handful of corporate institution's to do anything they can to get the public option thrown out...they are taking it...and manufacturing a phoney scare tactic...since their money isnt working paying off folk's like it did so well with the last administration(who I shamefully voted for and was conned myself by Bush) where you toss around a couple million here and there...and everything is said and done and put in writing.These are nothing but scam's. And one day...some of these folk's are going to step up to the plate,and expose this stuff for what it really is. This is just like the scam I said/wrote over a year ago was coming out of Hank Paulson...I even detailed the timeline and how they were going to do it all posted in my earlier posting's...a couple month's before they did(on the bailout scam).How did I know? Because...there are some thing's I dont know a damn thing about...but when it come's to a hustle...I can usually "make" it fairly quick...because I myself...have been given the shaft so many time's in life.

All these people are being scammed is what this is...and because of frustration in the economy(many who even lost percentage's of their 401K money recently)the corporate folk's found these frustrated people to be convenient "mark's" ... talk about nazi style propaganda ...Goebbels (not sure of spelling off hand) done the same for the Nazi party.So you may want to ask yourself...who is REALLY usig "nazi" tactic's...oh yes...just look it up...there are all kind's of files and info on it, no one has to take my word for it.

Thanx for your voice here Sir....

Rita said...

You are doing it too! Everyone's covering the hatemongers on this morning.
I think I'm going to go back to bed & put the covers over my head.

Seriously, this is so unbelievable.
I am dismayed at the mentality of these people. & I bet they all would call themselves good Christians.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Ms.Rita... unfortuantely I am covering this... it's just a big political issue right now is why. But I understand going back to bed over this. Unfortunately...I just got out of the shower and have to work today and drive off about 125 miles or so,in solid's been raining for 3 straight day's here.Stopped by to check my mail and journal. Hope thing's are going well for you...apparently they are. I did visit your post on the "Bangkok Art and Culture" piece's...good post ... I didnt comment...because when it come's to that... I am speechless,beside's having an understanding of the history and culture...which would be a bore to most.

Thanx for your visit ... sorry for the disappointment though. :)
Have a good un..........

Infidel753 said...

Everyone's covering the hatemongers on this morning.

Well, Friday was their big day. That was their day to wave their NO PUBIC OPTION YOU MORANS signs and shout "Obama is a Commie!"

They were claiming they'd get a million people. By objective estimates they got 60,000.

Now that that's over with, maybe we can get back to discussion of the actual issues.