Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "American Dream" & the "New Normal" PT.1

I just wanted to post this news link and video below, I changed out the link and added video ... because throughout this journal I have been posting about how the American Dream is changing ... and about the new BS phrase that came up last year of crap to feed American's called "The New Normal".

***** THE SEATTLE TIMES: Fewer limits sought on tent cities ... (newsread)

Laura "timed out" from a homeless shelter after 90 days and now lives in a tent with her children ... Thanx to Invisible People

One of the reason's I wrote so much about this ... is because it's a new reality of current America that will continue to grow (until we change leadership) ... despite all the statistic's we will be force fed on how well everyone is doing, and all the reason's we need the current political structure we have or we wont survive. Take just this small community in Seattle for instance ... they cant go to the street's because of the danger's to their families and selves ... they cant even depend on law enforcement to protect them, the government wont help them ... even so many that are actually veteran's and have fought for this country they wont even help...they only want for "faith based" group's to handle this all themselves in return for a tax exempt status...and those group's demand your mind/soul, or NO 3 hot's (meal's) and a cot (bed/ shelter).

I have wrote time and again especially how not one veteran in this country should ever be without a roof over their head ... I have met and talked to so many ... I have actually lost count. The health care reform scam that is happening now ... is also wanting on the republican side mostly as pocket puppet's for the "3 entities" (mega religion group's, corpopration's, and political structure's) and several democrat's are even bought and paid for ... setting up phoney staged battle's to make it look like they are a true opposition ... but in reality part of the same cesspool of filth and corruption that plague our nation ... setting up reform as faith based community clinic's that will feed you through an assembly line type system ... and use these poor and rejected American's to try their experimental drug trial's on ... telling them ... "it's for free".

The whole mentality of the 3 entities that control the system ... is for one objective. To keep the masses ignorant ... and to reproduce and teach more of the same ... and most importantly to demoralize you to the point to where anything you get even if it is a slap in the face ... you should say ... "Well ... it's better than nothing ... "You may say that we have it so much better than other's around the globe ... or it could be worse ... that's my point though. There is NO REASON in such a wealthy nation to even have to think with that mentality and attitude ... there is actually no reason why any veteran should be in this mess ... and no reason why any homeless people should exist at all in this nation ... period. While our tax dollar's are being fed to con artist's in places like the middle east who create uprising's just to get us to get involved so they can milk us for more money and welfare ... then laugh at us after 5 year's or so ... look at us as dumb- asses ... and spit on our flag ... but many of our representative's would rather support them before their own.



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