Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A billion THANX to Scientist's, Geologist's, Astronomer's, and Associate's ...

What bring's me to post this...is two thing's here...previous posting's...and the last posting on Greenland getting more GREEN ...and because of a gal I see who is a clerk at a local store I frequent a couple times per week at least, and we have a little small chat.

This morning she was as usual...bringing up about one of the tele show's on the tele(TV) that she watches like a religion.She is up to date on all the latest show's...I was actually inspired to research who the hell Jon and Kate was...because of this gal, since she stay's up with their lives as if they were part of her own familia.

But this morning she asked me..... "I thought you watch TV?"(since I was unfamiliar..with yet...another popular show) ... I told her..."I do...just about everyday for that matter ...I love TV show's! ..." She said then ..."Well what kind of show's do you watch then...cause you never mention them?" So I told her that I do mention them...but dont advertise them as this week's show or episode. I watch tele, it's just that mostly all I watch...is political...from BBC or PBS or other USA news,and my favourite station's are like History Channel,Discovery, ... like for hour's yesterday...I was watching History...and they had hour's of documentary after documentary...about the Universe,planetary formation's,Super Nova's,outer galaxy orbit's,black hole's...and the list goes on. She said...it sound's "boring" ... well okay ... I'll buy that for some...but I love them show's! period...call me a bore...that's fine...to each their own. She wanted to know what I watch for entertainment ... I told her the Dallas Cowboys(football) ... she said...she dont find violent sport's entertaining ....oh well......(I cant win for losing here) :)

I want to THANK ALL those who work hard and put together these documentaries and programme's and do so much to explore the unexplored...and find answer's for us that are essential to know ...where would we be without these folk's? Probably still using pony express ...and drinking from a well...and thinking that we all lived with dinosaur's side by side 6000 year's or so ago...as a big happy familia until they all died...even Jon and Kate wouldnt have a show for that matter without them, THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!!!!


B.J. said...

Gulty! But, let me explain.

My TV tastes were the same as yours, Ranch Chimp. I watched all the documentaries on History, Discovery, National Geographic. I loved the true crime stuff on TruTV (formerly Court TV). I watched the nighttime cable news talk shows and loved C-SPAN.

For sheer entertainment, I watched ONLY two programs: PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” and TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Unfortunatly, they were on at the same time on Monday nights.

Four months ago I disconnected my cable and have not missed TV one iota, except for “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Charter Communications had begun to pull off all the channels I watched, including C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2. They explained these channels no longer were signing contracts to be on basic cable plans and were only signing up to be on the more expensive cable digital packages. Last year they pulled 15 channels from my basic cable package, including all the ones I loved to watch.

I am legally blind and cannot see TV, so why would I want to pay more for digital? The reason I loved all the documentaries is they are narrated and can be enjoyed whether one can see them or not. (Same with news and C-SPAN.)

That coupled with the endless bias on cable news, was the final straw! I decided I would no longer pay for crap!

As for “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” the joy of the show is the unscripted children, all priceless and precious. Ironically, the breakup of the parents came at the same time I gave up cable, so I’ve not kept up with the show since, other than seeing the tabloid headlines about Jon’s & Kate’s marital problems. Ask your store clerk friend, and she will tell you the real attraction of the show are the little kids.

I now read straight news online and form my own opinions about issues sans partisan talking points.

Being TV-less has its merits: I can now hear rainfall and birdsong! :-)


Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...Well...I reckon you dont find my taste's "boring" then? Maybe I would like some of these pop show's...I just dont know cause I never watched them, I just couldnt get around to it...since my time goes to watching those other's.Yeah...I have the cable tele hook-up...but not the movie channel's...had 49 movie channel's (all HBO's,Starz,Cinemax's,etc) for awhile...because my daughter done marketing for the company(she just took another offer with an international firm)...but who can watch all them... and most of them movies I never even attempted to watch.Yes...I from time to time watch "Antiques Road Show" (learned alot about what to look for in antique's..big business especially in Dallas,lot's of wealthy people in this town) ... a buddy whose wife was a maid for a wealthy lady that passed away...had a picture/painting on his wall...that the lady gave his wife...my buddy thought nothing of it...I took a close look at it...and told him..it probbaly is worth some money(late 1700's setting of a lady under a canopy and a gent trying to talk to her, I could tell the era from the clothing in it)he laughed ...wondering who would want to buy it?...and almost put it in the yard sale..I told him..."PLEASE DONT!!...just let me take it somewhere's to check it out".... Guess what? ... I had him a buyer for $20,000! True story! Of coarse I accept gratuities. :)

Yes...when your eyesight goes from what I gather...your other senses get keener ... self defense lesson. I figure something or another will go on me sometime...I'm 53 now...but havent had any eye problem's yet,never wore glasses or anything like that.But I hear...it's a matter of time...when my dad hit early 70's, I noticed he started wearing reading glasses he bought from the drug store...they were fairly inexpensive though.

Later Ms.BJ ... it was fun! and I like your posting's too!