Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting back to NORMAL ... and What is NORMAL?

Well ... I have been spending time listening to the economist's ... and what their assessment's are on the economy ... what need's to be done, where we lack, what's next, etc,etc. Getting on the road back to "normal", then you have other's feeding us the newest pop culture phrase ... the "new normal". How much have we recovered out of the recession? Is the recession officially over? It's somewhat entertaining watching all these expert's give their idea's on what is happening and what need's to be done, or what is normal, or not normal etc. I had a posting back awhile ago ... about this "new normal" because this is what is supposed to make us put on our happy faces again. : )

I posted Treasury Secretary Geithner's interview last ... because he is well aware of what is happening ... yet ... he is NOT an economist ... he simply work's with what is available ... and doing his best to see to a smooth as possible transition ... because to be frank ... many major corporation's cannot stand him ... or Obama ... or even this G-20 group for that matter because they see what is coming! We hear complaint's about this President and Administration doing business with Arab's and Chinese as well. Look ... I dont like having too much business with those myself ... but does our new administration have a choice? This type of trade was established way back ... and been going on through the Bush and Clinton administration's ... it's business ... period. The fact is ... as much as I hate to say this ... WE OWE THESE COUNTRIES! And it's NOT Obama's fault ... he has to deal with it and them ... period.

Many want government out of our business to an extent ... which is fine ... we sit nice and calm ... work, spend, and let them do their job's and we do our's. In this same frame of mind ... we the people need to look out for our best interest's as well. Cash for Clunker's for instance was a great programme ... you trade in your old and get $4000 toward's a new vehicle. It's not in swing no more from what I gather, and I dont know if or when it will restart. Actually Texas had this before anyone else did ... and now in Texas, actual private sector dealer's are offering similar programmes that they designed themselves (in- house financing of course). We are told this is part of our end of the stimulus ... to the people's. Rubbish ... this is basically like what Bush done when he gave American's $300/ $600 rebate check's ... in the hope's that we would spend them ... but many ratholed it ... and much was spent in the black market as well, as well as being used to pay off pre- existing debt's ... so ... it failed. The cash for old car's was another promotion ... to get you to buy a new car ... get financed putting you back in debt on a car payment ... you can bet ... if most people paid cash for their vehicle's ... no such programme would have even been introduced. Bottom line and lesson, think like they do, and get better than them at their game.They give you a rebate check for $500 ... figure out how to turn that into $750- $1000. Get my drift?

Now we have economist's saying that sure ... we are leveling out ... and lay- off count's are decreasing, etc. ... which is a good sign of getting out of the hole ... but they also complain that we the average consumer have tightened our belt's and are not spending like "we should" ... not borrowing like before ... and even lender's because of the new unstable playing field are not lending like before ... and we need this to get back to "normal". WRONG!!!! The last thing we want to do is get back to "NORMAL". Why? Well if your a economic's masochist maybe not. Ask yourself ... what in Hell got us here to begin with? It was THAT idea of normality. Going back to that will get you what? The same as we just got done with and maybe worse next time. I previously posted about my own trouble's of past where over 20 year's ago ... I got into debt almost $30K just on credit card's ... and how it took me a decade to clear it up. 2009 ... I have NO debt ... period ... and I plan to keep it minimal as possible. That new tele I may see and want today ... should I charge it? Or wait a year and just save my cash as if I been making payment's for financing ... then in a year or a little more ... I take that cash I've accumulated ... go out and buy it after the price even dropped ... or buy a more advanced model just as cheap? Get my drift?

We have became addicted/ habitual to borrowing. When we see that new car ... we cant wait ... even if we know it is going to cost us ... an extra $5K to finance it, yet knowing it will not likely get paid off ... because we will trade it before and roll over the finance ... compounding more interest even. And if we do pay it off ... we find out that it is so worn and has internal repair's that are needed that require more than just basic's in car repair knowledge ... as all new car's do, transmission, engine, etc. So ... it become's less of a financial burden, just to trade, sell, and buy newer. We are like this in just about everything we consume actually. The whole economy, not just of our country... but now the world ... depend's on us ... to work more hour's than anyone else and consume and spend like there's no tomorrow. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... American people are a world commodity! : )

Whether we are in a recession ... out of a recession ... kind of in a recession, borderline or whatever ... not a damn bit good will come of it to any of us who actually work. The last thing we want to do ... FOR OUR OWN GOOD is start to rush out and spend thinking it will save a few job's ... job's are controlled not by us ... but by those who run from the top and even control most small business owner's in our country. Until we start to let this "normal" system collapse and deteriorate, and/ or diversify to the next transition ... we will only rehash the same decade after decade. With the same fighting and argueing amongst each other, teabagging,  protesting etc, etc ...while those at the top ... do what they have alway's done best ... which is to pull our string's and keep us as their puppet's ... and our politician's as pocket puppet's. Tightening our belt's ... and not borrowing like we have been is the smartest thing that we as a people have done in year's! They cry that they are seeing drop's in profit's ... and it will take us to the poorhouse and put us in a world of misery? Dont believe a word of it ... when they collapse at the top ... it will "free" all the small money on the globe ... their empires will collapse ... and they will have to join us or live in their own little resort world away from the action ... cause the bottom will rise and weed them out.

Our biggest problem as well is "fear"... fear can be healthy ... but there is also a flip- side to it ... know the difference ... and utilize it to your advantage. When I post about this system collapsing ... one of the first responses I get ... is folk's thinking this mean's the end, apocalypse, chaos, or Helter Skelter. Actually none of this would happen in that manner or will when the time comes ... and believe me ... it will come. Why? ...  because human's pull together when it comes to survival ... and stand out for one another ... it's these 3 entities and powers that keep us not only in fear, debt, and at each other's throat's ... that will "solely" fail, our end of suffering will be short and out the door in no time ... sure it wont be easy ... but the payoff will be great! We have simply become attached to this created "normal", and fear what would we do or become without it ... because it is all we have known.

The power, will, and change ... is within each and everyone of us ... it's our nature, and that is something that they dont own. It is also IMPORTANT to realize ... that once we get BACK to this so called NORMAL... in spending and borrowing ... trust me, I bet my paycheck on this ... everything inflation wise will start to go up ... even gas at the pump's will sky- rocket, rent, interest, food and the worx ... the minute they see that we are back to NORMAL ... they will increase all the necessities, causing an across the board ripple effect. So dont be in such a hurry to buy their word's and do what they say is best for you ... were not doing that bad now ... they are. : )


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