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Oil Profit Record's BREAK, While Gas Pump's RAKE ... the "SPECULATION GAME" (Jumping for Joy in America PT.2)

This "Jumping for Joy in America PT.2" will take a look at the again record breaking oil profit's, that I been waiting for their quarterly report for the last month or so, which was released in the last couple day's. Some link's and video below, then some word's on this from the Chimp ....



***** ABC NEWS: High Gas Prices Mean Record Profits for Big Oil

NEWS VIDEO BELOW ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS (and President Obama's brief statement here is accurate, as well as the comment's of analyst Phil Flynn)

10 year's or so ago (as well as 3 year's ago when I started this journal) , I was talking about the gas/ oil game to folk's when gas was under a buck ($1.00) a gallon, only a decade ago ... as far as how it will go up to say $4.00, then drop to say $3.00 and average out for awhile, making people jump for joy thinking it's time to mega spend again, because it dropped from $4 to $3, thinking they are getting a deal or saving, etc ... it's about as pointless and senseless though as believing these advertisement's of happy customer's saying they just bought over inflated car insurance and saved over $500 annually ... IT DIDNT HAPPEN, except in your mind, certainly not your pocket book, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :) So ... how did I know this? ... because I made my assessment and calculation's looking at the Middle Eastern conflict's that were starting to emerge more rapidly, the new market's, the Texas Crude market, etc, etc ... I was looking at many thing's brewing, that havent materialized YET, but the math showed they were inevitable simply.

By the time this summer is over, especially if the action slow's down in place's abroad with these conflict's ... and we repeat this same game once again (last time was 2008) and price's stabilize ... there's a good chance that people again will jump for joy over $3.50 a gallon gas/ petro price's ... we ("we" being our pocket book's) are played like pawn's on a chess board basically, and no one has to intentionally "play us" ... because we hold on to what we been holding onto for year's and keep repeating the same mistake's and embracing the same ole same ... it is "we" that dont "change". You cant change without changing, any more than you can be free without freeing your own mind ... NO legislation can do that for you.

But YES ... some legislation can be proposed/ written that would REALLY put an end to subsidizing these too big oil entities, and how essential need's commodities are dealt with in the global marketplace ... the problemo is ... there is no one in any position to do it. Yet ... year after year ... we will hear political mouth piece's talk about what can change the price at the pump or the price of energy, etc, etc, etc ... the thing is ... none of them do nothing but "say" what can be done and/ or what "they" would if you gave them more power. I dont care if it's the top dawg's like President Obama or House Speaker Boehner ... you cant do a thing without "action" first and "support" 2nd. ... and looking at the way ya'll get along up there ... ya'll arent going to get a thing done on this, this year or next year, or the year after that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and it only become's a political debate and show. Were looking for solution's and answer's too, in all the wrong place's, or with folk's that dont have a bloody thing to do with it, especially politician's on both these polarizing side's.

The fact of the matter also ... is that the oil companies dont even have much to do with these price's at the pump's ... as much as these folk's who are employee's at these gas station's I see at all hour's of the night and day 24/ 7 in this town especially changing the price on the sign outside, especially on weekend's when there isnt even any bloody trading going on ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... this is ALL bullshit. Also understand to show how much more bullshit this all is (at least I know it worx like this in Texas), is that the barrel price DOES NOT effect the pump price for at least a couple week's, and due to the way the station's pay and at what price, so when you see these station's changing price's in mid- day or whenever, their doing it on a "gamble" or else due to competitor's in the neighboring community, it hasnt a goddamn thing to do with the global barrel market's, this is nonsense and deceptive bullshit. The bottom line is that gas price's are fluxuating more than ever in history because of the speculation game on Wall St these days ... betting that thing's will get worse in oil rich Middle Eastern countries or such and trading based strictly like that or placing a bet like you do in Vegas or at the Race Track ... the oil companies dont even control that. Stopping oil subsidies of $4 billion combined for these mega entities is nothing but a drop in the bucket for them, $4 billion is pocket change or week's interest compared to the hundred's of billion's in profit's they earn, so they shouldnt whine either, even though they will. But both these polarizing political side's will hammer this till the cow's come home to get vote's as if they are actually going to act instead of just talk about what they can do. In 2008 Sen. McCain as well as Sen. Obama said what "can" be done ... and till this day ... not a goddamn thing has been done, that there should tell you something I dont need to here.

Couple weeks ago I struck up some small chat with a gal who was pumping gas next to me, and she had 4 little kid's in the van she had ... she was talking about the outrageous gas price's (I was filling up a small Honda, ultra fuel efficient and low emission's sport coup) saying that she needed the gas guzzler to take her 4 kid's to school ... as a family mom. I gave her a tip and explained to her that my little vehicle could fit me and them 4 kid's in it comfortably and cost half the gas ... she actually paused in thought. That's the whole point here .... THINK

Over and Out ....


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

The most enjoyable fun part of keeping this journal and being online for 3 year's, has been being able to search for, choose, and compile the music/ art's choice's for this journal to honour for their outstanding and unique contribution's to these art's, of course I can be selective too, as many who love these art's are, so many may not even make it to this journal, and this journal as far as that part can never be complete. Several video's on this will also have to be replaced, and posting's redone, updated, and rearranged because of file's lost due to copyright law or whatever as well, that I alway's have to keep up with.

But this posting is just an honour roll list of these artist's/ performer's I chose to be in here .... and ALL CREDIT AND THANX to all those folk's who were so generous to share and post these artist's on site's such as YouTube ... YA'LL ARE GREAT!! And Thanx to Dave (guitarist) of "Sights & Sounds", Arlington (TX), who partly inspired this compilation last week, when he suggested that I start up some kind of compilation posting ... so here it is!

This list link in some type of alphabetical arrangement, I divided into two part's because of the length ... will accompany each music/ art's posting selection added to this journal's HONOUR ROLL ... Enjoy! : )


NASA JOHNSON: The Peoples Planet ... From a PICTURE PERFECT Place in Space ... The "Home Sweet Home" Edition ... (ABOVE & BELOW PT.19)

NUCLEAR FUSION G: "Space Exploration"

NURSE WITH WOUND: "Bottom Feeder", "I've plummed this whole Neighborhood", "She and Me fall Together"

ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ ENGINEERING GROUND ZERO: From Debris & Ash to World Class Architectural/ Structural Design

17586063: does guitar cover's of "Hot for Teacher"(Van Halen), "Crazy Train"(Ozzy Osbourne)

OTEP SHAMAYA: "Confrontation", "Apex Predator", "Breed" ... also Otep retort on "Climate Change" and 9/11 Poetry "USA MA"

OTEP SHAMAYA: "Smash The Control Machine"

OZZY OSBOURNE: "Crazy Train"

PAUL McCARTNEY: "Juniors Farm", "Back In The USSR"

PEACHES: "Peaches- Interview", "Free Drink Ticket", "Sick in The Head", "Vaginoplasty", "Mommy Complex" & "Kick it- feat. Iggy Pop"

PHARMAKON/ MARGARET CHARDIET: Live at NYC's Webster Hall & Interview

PIERCE THE VEIL: "Dont Fear The Reaper" (BOC cover)

PIGFACE: "The Horse You Rode In On", "Mind Your Own Business", "The Good, The Bad and The Druggly" & "KY Re: Amin (Live)"

PINK FLOYD/ LIVE @ POMPEII: "A Saucerful Of Secrets/ Celestial Voices", "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", "One Of These Days"

PRIMUS: "Tommy The Cat", "My Name Is Mud", & "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"

RAMONES: 1977 New Year's Eve "live" @ London's Rainbow

R.E.M: "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"

REMCO HENDRIX: "Badass Fretless Grooves", "Experimental Funk Rock Slap Bass", "Experimental Fretless Bass Grooves with Delay" & "Heavy Funk Rock Rhythm Section"

RESIDENTS: (PT.1) "Smack your lip's/ Clap your teeth", "Gingerbread Man"

RESIDENTS: (PT.2) "Constantinople", "Betty's Body", "Hit The Road Jack"

RESIDENTS (PT.3)/ MUSH- ROOM (2013 Album): "Mush- Room", "Between a Rock and a Hard Space" & "Broken Brake"

RESIDENTS (PT.4): SANTA DOG SEASON'S GREETINGS 2017 ... with The Residents

REVCO/ REVOLTING COCKS: "Beers, Steers & Queers"

REVEREND HORTON HEAT: "Bales of Cocaine", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Psychobilly Freakout", "Rural Point of View"

RHYTHM SOPHIE/ TOM STORMY TRIO: "Rockabilly Rhythm", "Gotta Gimme What'cha Got", "Finders Keepers" & Folsom Prison Blues

RICK WAKEMAN: "Solo", "Jane Seymour" & "The Battle"

ROB HALFORD: "Electric Eye"

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "Nailed To The Gun", "Into The Pit", & "A Little Crazy"

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "Contortion" (live 1994)

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "War of Words"

ROBERT JOHNSON- Fathering The Formula of Rock Music: "Terraplane Blues", "They're Red Hot", "Cross Road Blues", "Hellhound On My Trail", "Sweet Home Chicago" & "Me And The Devil Blues"

ROBIN TROWER: "Too Rolling Stoned", "Day of the Eagle"

RODNEY DANGERFIELD PT.1: Stand up comedy on Johnny Carson Show, and "Rappin Rodney" video

RODNEY DANGERFIELD PT.2: More Stand- Up Comedy ....

RODNEY DANGERFIELD | PT.3: ... the most "DISRESPECTED" man in America ....

RODRIGO & GABRIELA: "Diablo Rojo", "Orion", "Buster Voodoo", & "Hanuman"

ROLLING STONES: "19th Nervous Breakdown", "Happy", "Tumbling Dice" & "Sympathy For The Devil"

ROLLING STONES: "Mothers Little Helper"

RONNIE JAMES DIO: "Stand up and Shout", "I"

ROY CLARK: "Malaguena", "Ghost Riders In The Sky", "12th Street Rag" & "Dueling Banjos w/ Buck Trent"


RUSH: "Spirit Of Radio", "Tom Sawyer", "Working Man" (live)

RUTH WHITE/ BAUDELAIRE'S (Les Fleurs du Mal): "Spleen", "The Cat"

SAMANTHA FISH BAND: "I Put A Spell On You", "Black Cat Bone", "Lay It Down" & "Shake 'Em On Down"

SAMHAIN/ HALLOWEEN 2015 GREETINGS: ... In Culture, Art & Music

SCHMILLION: "Overgrown"

SCORPIONS (Blackout Album): "Blackout", "Dynamite" & "No One Like You"

SCOTT JOPLIN: "Stoptime Rag", "Sugar Cane", "The Entertainer", "Heliotrope Bouquet"

SEALED IN SCARLETT: "Unleash the Beast"

SEASICK STEVE: "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks", "Back In The Dog House", "Hobo Low" & "Walkin' Man"

SERGI PUERTAS/ GOLD IS THE METAL: "Everyone Loves Mr. Eggman" (A Tribute to John Waters)

SEVERED HEADS: "Dead Eyes Opened", "Lamborghini", "Gashing The Old Mae West", & "We Have Come To Bless The House"

SEX PISTOLS/ SID VICIOUS:  "My Way", "God save the Queen"

SKATENIGS: "Loudspeaker", "Chemical Imbalance"

SKINNY PUPPY: "Tin Omen", "Pro- Test"

SKINNY PUPPY/ KEVIN "OGRE" OGILVIE (PT.2): "Worlock", " Hexonexxon"

SOMMORE: Give Us Some More Sommore ... Point's and Tip's from the Comedy Queen

SONIC YOUTH: "Kool Thing", "Nevermind"


STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN: "Voodoo Child", "Pride and Joy"


STOLEN BABIES: "Spill", "Tablescrap", "Push Button" & "So Close"

STRAY CATS: "Rock This Town", "Race With The Devil", & "Somethin' Else"

ST.VINCENT/ ANNIE CLARK: "Your Lips Are Red", "Dig A Pony", "Birth In Reverse" & "Huey Newton" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.20)

SUNGHA JUNG: "Cancion Del Mariachi", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "River Flows In You", "Bittersweet"

SUZZAN BLAC (PT.1): A video collection of some of her finest art

SUZZAN BLAC (PT.2): "The Rebirth": A Personal Story of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL & SEXUAL Abuse ... "The REALITY in Surrealism" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.11)

SVETLANAS: "147 Voices", "Crimea River", "Go F*ck You Self", "Tales from the Alpha Brigade" & "I Am a Spy"

SVETLANAS: "I Must Break You"

SYSTEM OF A DOWN: "Toxicity", "Chop Suey", "Suite- Pee" & "B.Y.O.B."

TASH SULTANA: "Jungle", "Blackbird", " Surrender To The Night", "Brain Flower" and Interview

T- BONE WALKER: "Call It Stormy Monday"

"TED" ... The Official Movie Trailer (A "Jason" Pick)

TEMPTATIONS: "Cloud Nine", "Ball of Confusion"

THE BLACK BELLES: "Wishing Well", "What Can I Do?", "Honky Tonk Horror" & "Lies"

THE CRAMPS: "What's Inside A Girl", "Hot Pearl Snatch", "Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon", "Peter Gunn" & "Heartbreak Hotel" ... (In Memoriam of LUX INTERIOR)

THE CREEPSHOW: "Hellbound", "The Devil's Son", "Zombies Ate Her Brain", "Sinners And Saints" & "Take My Hand"

THE CREEPSHOW: "Halloween"

THE FLAMING LIPS (Cover Tributes): "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/ feat. Miley Cyrus", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Space Oddity", "The Who Tribute" & "War Pigs"


THE FLYING LIZARDS: "Money (That's what I want)"

THE HELLFREAKS: "Boogie Man", "Circus Of Shame", "Last Nail", & "We Prefer"

THE HIPPY NUTS: "30 Days In The Hole"

THE MARS VOLTA: "Wax Simulacra", "Goliath", "The Widow" & "Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) "

THE TOADIES: "Summer of the Strange", "I Burn", "Rattler's Revival" & "Possum Kingdom (live)"

THE WHO: "I Can See For Miles", "See Me, Feel Me/ Listening To You", "My Generation", "Pinball Wizard" & "Won't Get Fooled Again"

TINA S/ GUITAR COVERS (PT.1): "Eruption", "Through the Fire and Flames", "Vivaldi Tribute" & "Master Of Puppets"

TINA S (PT.2): "Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement" (Beethoven Cover)

TOM PETTY: "American Girl"


U2: "New Year's Day"

U.K. SUBS: "Emotional Blackmail", "Strychnine", "Creation" & "Riot" (for Skirzi)

UNEXPECT: "Unfed Pendulum", "Summoning Scenes", "Desert Urbania" & "The Quantum Symphony"

URIAH HEEP: "Easy Living", "Look at Yourself"

VAN HALEN: "Atomic Punk", "Running With The Devil", "Sinner's Swing", "You Really Got Me (1978 Japan TV Performance & Interview)"

VAN HALEN: "Dancing In The Street"

VAN HALEN: "So This Is Love?"

VAN HALEN: "I'm The One"

VON MAGNET: "Gitanear", "Polarized", "Capricious Horse (Who Leads The)?" & "Archipielagos"

WHITNEY HOUSTON: "Whatchulookinat", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "Queen Of The Night"

WHITNEY HOUSTON: "Star Spangled Banner"

THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.1) "Dark In Dallas", Deep Dallas Studio Sessions", "87 MIles"

THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.2) "Right On Time" Live Session

WILLIE NELSON: "Whiskey River", "Stay all Night"

X- RAY SPEX: "I am a Cliche", "Identity", "Oh Bondage Up Yours"

YELLO (MEIER/ PERON/ & BLANK): ... "Oh Yeah", "The Expert", "Jungle Bill", & "Bostich"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: "Anguish & Fear"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: "Far beyond the Sun"

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/ Featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO & JAPAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: "Fugue", "Disciples of Hell", "U.S. National Anthem"

ZEPPARELLA: "Dazed and Confused" & "When The Levee Breaks"

ZZ TOP: "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers", "Just Got Paid" and "La Grange"

ZZ TOP: "Tush"

ZZ TOP: "My Head's In Mississippi"


Monday, April 25, 2011

GEORGE CARLIN (PT.1): ... "The American Dream" ... and "The Illusion of Choice" ...

This music/ art's posting will be to honour Mr. George Carlin , and even though I am posting this as a "lesson" of sort, or at least to "enlighten", I will include it in music/ art's because Mr. Carlin is an actor/ comedian, so a "must" for this journal's music/ art's "Honour Roll Society". I also want to add here ... that ALL credit for this choice/ posting, goes to Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff , and to those you were so generous to share these on YouTube, because I didnt really keep up with George Carlin over the year's, and didnt know much about him to give much opinion or rating. Put it this way ... my knowledge of Mr. Carlin was many year's back ... like going over to a friend's house and hearing his record album playing in the background, or maybe catching a couple brief clip's on HBO or something, which was also year's back. But ... I am very impressed with the blunt honesty of this man, as well as the blog of the man who posted and inspired these two video posting's here ... Mr. Waters ... who is also straight to the point. And Thank You Mr. Carlin for your contribution's!

Some may find this as somewhat depressing as well ... or just a good laugh ... but I find it as "enlightening", especially for those who may not be as aware, because of all the distraction's. This sort of thing doesnt depress me at all ... and the reason is only because I known just how much of a society of bullshit and lies we live in for year's ... I also take what I know and learn and capitalize off it, and decide my move's in life based on what I know, so I never end up in a soup line, or snowballed into thinking the world is something it is not ... you know ... forewarned is forearmed type thing. So this kind of "talk" work's very well for me ... and is sort of "Gospel Talk" ... like a "Good Word" to me ... Learn ... and especially Enjoy!





Friday, April 22, 2011

REV. HORTON HEAT: ... "Bales of Cocaine", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Psychobilly Freakout", "Rural Point of View" ....

**** Reverend Horton Heat (website)

For this music piece of the art's/ music Honour Roll Society ... it will be past due and have to be an old buddy/ associate, Rev. Horton Heat . I am being partial here and posting 4 video's because not just being an old buddy, but this Guy is one of the best guitarist's I've ever met ... really (also let me add that a fellow blogger Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff play's a classic Gretsch guitar too), and the piece's are short and to the point, and this trio is absolutely tight "live". His/ their music and style was also greatly admired by another musician and old buddy of our's (RIP) "Joe Christ" , which is kind of like a Rockabilly Punk with a tad of Texas Swing(?) ... Rev!! I dont know how the fuck to categorize ya'll :) Also let me add, that back in the day when the Rev first started playing the dive's we loved off Elm, Commerce, and Canton Street's ... old warehouses that we would rent from the old Jewish merchant's at night, throw a couple porta- toilet's in there and folk's/ band's used to play for beer/ booze back then instead of money! ... there is probably no one I loved partying with after hour's more than the Rev ("Rev" is simply what I call him, and he had a great sense of humor and personality, just really good people), the Rev could handle his liquor well, I couldnt stand partying with those who just passed out or got stupid after a few drinx, throw up, get sick, etc ... I sure as Hell could put it away too, but this guy could run me a close tie in that! (I realize that liquor is not good for you, I didnt drink daily, but when out partying I sure did ... And man oh man ... were they some parties too! ) And that had to be at least the mid 1980's, but I dont think the Rev and them even had any album's back then, maybe a couple demo's or something. But anywayz ... the crew paid their dues and contributed so much great music to the underground, and their still kicking ass! ... Thanx Guy's! Below some fav's ... Enjoy! :)


1) "BALES OF COCAINE" "Live" 2009 New Haven, CT Thanx to MARCANDBRYON

2) "FOLSOM PRISON BLUES" A Johnny Cash cover ... Thanx to RIFFIENKUNINGAS666

3) "PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT" Live @ Revival Fest Austin, TX 05/ 28/ 11 ... Thanx to VAKOCKER62

4) "RURAL POINT OF VIEW" Thanx to Yep Roc Records


Image result for reverend horton heat


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time for Hypermiling, Haggling, and Hybrid's? or Demanding INNOVATIVE Idea's? ... (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.1)

"Jumping for Joy in America" will be another series to start in this journal because we are also a nation who turn's on and off quicker than a speedfreak on steroid's slamming energy drinx : ) Push our button's and we will respond the exact way you want us to, and whenever we ask for anything from any of the 3 entities that control our subconscious, emotion's, economic and social lives (3 Entities are mega religion's, mega corporate's/ finance, and mega puppet government's), as I have said time and again ... they will only give you a sliver of what you ask for providing they can twist it to capitalize off it to their advantage. And it even work's with our social injustices even ... ask for a basic right such as same sex marriage, and instead they will give you new rules that you can now say your gay and not have to hide it or your mates, then use your want's to make you have to haggle more shit once you get caught up in their pop culture way of thinking and acting. Basically our lives are put on hold.

What inspire's Part One of this series is the recent concern again over rising gas/ petro prices ... I see it weekly at the pump's ... the person on the other side of the pump looking at the scales in frustration and/ or shaking their head's, folk's whining daily, but feeling helpless to be able to do a bloody thing, the constant update's from the media's ... and of course the usual mouthpieces to tell us what we already know and despise with our happy face mask's on. I'm one of them fella's that "act's" ... life is not too long (at least at this point of our evolution), and I dont waste much time ... when something dont work, I dispose of it and move on to something else, if other's arent doing it, and just accepting what their told ... I'm going to do what I have to do to stay one step ahead and disassociate myself with those and/ or any roadblock's. Yet, when we get any of these bone's/ dog biscuit's tossed to us, and save a few cent's/ buck's for a couple month's on petro or other thing's we consume in mass ... we jump for joy as if we were done a favour, and constantly being told that we alway's need to sacrifice more.

The first video clip below show's how to save every drop of petro that you can, in order of course to save money ... at the same time I may add ... you can do some serious damage to other component's of your vehicles if you are not aware of the flip side of what you are doing, which of course will/ can result in major expenses for repair's. Even if you are one who does the repair's yourself, your still talking about down time as well as part's expenses, and I can assure you today's vehicles are nothing like the ones we old schooler's worked on ourselves even only 20 year's ago. In the case below of Wayne Gerdes ... I can just look at this video and tell you that this will wear out your distributor cap/ rotor's, it screw's with the multi fuel injection port's, chip/ relay's that control the under dash computer, timing, and most expensive below probably being the transmission problemo's this will cause, and you know damn well that even a decent rebuilt transmission would have you down a week and cost at least a grand ($1000). THINK as well while you "act".

APRIL 22, 2011 UPDATE NEWS: VARIOUS LINK'S ON RISING GAS PRICE'S ... You can "bet" were getting screwed basically, even the market oil price's are not fluxuating like the pump's are ... ABC World News this evening was reporting and .11 cent's increase across the Garden State of New Jersey just overnight ... this is a "scam" ... bank on it.

"MDI RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT" ... Some read and video link's

POPULAR MECHANICS article from 2008 on India's Tata Motors car debut for America

1) Wayne Gerdes demonstrating his hypermiling technique's ... Thanx to CNNGURU

The thing is, I been following this stuff for at least 5 year's now, and even the link's here and vid's are at least a few year's old, so none of this is "new", yet try to find any of these vehicles on the road's in America. We are constantly thinking about these hybrid's that cost an arm and a leg, and even the repair's I can imagine would be high looking under the hood's of a couple of these myself. Or we are thinking about car's that are all electric and over priced, where you may be hauling and sitting on a quarter ton of batteries that take hour's to charge for a hundred miles here and there, etc. Sure ... it's a step ... but not enough in my opinion. Also we have too much advertising/ promotion's/ marketing lacking in this area of alternative vehicles, yet ... I look at these as a sure big win investment of the very near future. Supply is supposed to meet demand, it's just that we dont demand enough, and quickly accept what we are sold.

Some think it's because it would hurt the car and petro industries ... it wont ... the car industries need to produce competitively and if they dont ... FAIL ... not get our sympathy, handout's, or dollar's ... that IS "free market" ... is it not? The mega petro producer's have so much to sell as it is, since damn near every damn thing we use from diaper's, to our tele's, computer's, utensil's, and a long list of product's that come from petro ... PARTIAL LIST OF 144 OF 6000 PRODUCT'S THAT COME FROM PETROLEUM ... plus all those huge transport vehicles, land, sea and military/ defense will use plenty still (and are the largest consumer's of such at that) ... so that idea is simply excessive and imbalanced greed is all.

Some folk's dont look at these vehicles as practical or in conjuction with what customer's want ... but customer's are only accustomed to that which is available. I also look at these vehicles of personal use, as very essential to having much cleaner air in our urban areas that cover the globe, it is easy to vision a few billion of these on our urban road's for instance, and is a huge market and job's creator ... and great investment's for many. Yet ... for 5 year's at least ... I been bringing this up to people as barbeque chat/ small talk ... and I hardly find anyone that even know's a damn thing, or heard about these car's and innovative technologies in air compression engines, despite how long this has been in the worx. How will people know and be able to shop without a stronger presence? In the meantime ... most folk's are worrying themselves to madness over whether to buy the gas at inflated prices or have enough money for other essential's they need ... with these mega finance folk's agreeing to finance them to buy another vehicle which could just be a stepping stone throwaway concept obsolete in less than a decade ... haggling deal's with dealership's that take hours of the sales rep running back and forth to the manager, then to top it off ... for a couple thousand more dollar's (also financed) they will sell you a guarantee/ extended warranty that you wont have to worry if your new highly marketed vehicle you bought will break down and cost you another limb in repair cost's, and a clear- coat over the body to assure you the paint job wont crack and peel and fall off.

And credit below in this next video to folk's like Guy and Cyril (son) Negre of MDI Reseach and Development and Angelo Di Pietro ... these are "truly" the elite types of humanity.

2) AIR CAR: Info and Demo Thanx to 420SUBYLOVER


Friday, April 15, 2011

JIMMY BUFFETT: "Brown Eyed Girl" and "Margaritaville" (For Bum and Margie)

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This posting will first honour a real Gulf Coast giant and American music trendsetter Mr. Jimmy Buffett, and there's plenty to say about this man here ... this guy is a workaholic as well, who just make's it look too easy with a casual lifestyle, he is into everything, and still very active nearly a half century into it! But this is at the same time an artist who doesnt frankly need a damn thing but a basic 6 string acoustic to be the main drive engine of a party ... and a great stage persona too! He has a fan base known as Parrothead's in multiple countries of the globe as well. And needed to be added to this journal's music/ art's "Honour Roll Society".

But this posting is also dedicated to a Parrothead and blogger I frequent as well, who requested some of Jimmy's sound's, who goes by the pen name of "Beach Bum", of the blog "The Life and Time's of a Carolina Parrothead" , who was thinking of those great time's of leisure, margarita's, and beautiful Senorita's! At the same time ... this bring's back old memories of a friend I met year's back in Rio Bravo (Webb County Texas) while spending time down in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, by the name of Ms. Margarita Salazar, who absolutely blew me away with her intense thunderous bass guitar chopping method's she created on her bass with a couple local South Texas band's ... she was into the Heavy Metal genre, and strongly influenced by old school "Black Sabbath" ... Friend's of her's and I just called her "Margie" (musically a motorhead madhouse!). But one night just out partying together in Mexico at a run down dive nightclub ... I selected a piece on the jukebox to dedicate to her, that was a Van Morrison piece she loved called "Brown Eyed Girl". It just so happened that Jimmy Buffet also has a cover of this song as well! And what great memories indeed, of a time past ... so this is also dedicated to that beautiful brown eyed motorhead madhouse Senorita Margie too, wherever in Hell she is these dayz ... YOU F'N ROCK GIRL!!

I had reviewed so many Buffett vid's on YouTube, not just this time, but in the past as well, because he is one of the artist's I been planning to honour in this journal also for some time. Trying to find good "live" performance's of this artist is difficult too I may add (as far as audio/ visual tech's and recording's), folk's that know me know how hard I can be when it come's to engineering of "live" performance's as well as studio cut's, and too many frankly didnt give Jimmy the justice this excellent artist deserves ... I had suspicion's that several of the folk's recording also had simply too many reefer's(pot) and margarita's in them at the time ... but what the Hell ... what should you expect ... after all ... it's a Jimmy Buffett party! :) But THANX to Mr. Buffet for all the great composition's he has contributed to the art's. Enjoy!

Having this in this journal will come in handy some night all alone as well ... since my daughter just brought me back a bottle of "Aha Toro" tequila from a recent business trip in Mexico! :)


1) "BROWN EYED GIRL" ... this "live" piece with Jimmy's "Coral Reefer" band was done 06/ 20/ 2009 in Camden, NJ ... that may not have been the best visual's, but certainly a nice mix sound wise, with a nice percussion's solo flare included ... Special Thanx to PARROTISLA


A bonus video I wanted to add below from cruising down Memory Ln ... of what's called in Nuevo Laredo a "Street Dance", Margie was familiar with these growing up down there, and invited me to a couple of these Street Dance's in town after a few drinx at some local dive ... which is here at the Guerrero St Mercado/ Market. What is great about these ... is it start's very mellow and laid back ... but after it goes deeper into the night, and the booze get's flowing ... the whole marketplace become's a huge out door dance hall that can be heard from block's around, they are really alot of fun though .... (real nice sound production on this as well, considering it's amateur)

Special Thanx to GATOMAS


Monday, April 11, 2011


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

The most enjoyable fun part of keeping this journal and being online for 3 year's, has been being able to search for, choose, and compile the music/ art's choice's for this journal to honour for their outstanding and unique contribution's to these art's, of course I can be selective too, as many who love these art's are, so many may not even make it to this journal, and this journal as far as that part can never be complete. Several video's on this will also have to be replaced, and posting's redone, updated, and rearranged because of file's lost due to copyright law or whatever as well, that I alway's have to keep up with.

But this posting is just an honour roll list of these artist's/ performer's I chose to be in here .... and ALL CREDIT AND THANX to all those folk's who were so generous to share and post these artist's on site's such as YouTube ... YA'LL ARE GREAT!! And Thanx to Dave (guitarist) of "Sights & Sounds", Arlington (TX), who partly inspired this compilation last week, when he suggested that I start up some kind of compilation posting ... so here it is!

This list link in some type of alphabetical arrangement, I divided into two part's because of the length ... will accompany each music/ art's posting selection added to this journal's HONOUR ROLL ... Enjoy! : )


AC/ DC- BON SCOTT: "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Dog Eat Dog", "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" & "Shot Down In Flames" ... A Tribute To BON SCOTT

AC/ DC: "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)"

AC/ DC: "Highway To Hell"

ACES WILD: "Wild, Wild Woman"

ADAM ANT: "Stand and Deliver", "Plastic Surgery", "Goody Two Shoes"

ALLEN DALE: "The Charleston", "Somebody Stole My Gal", "There's A Tavern In Town", & "Oh Johnny Oh"

ALICE COOPER/ VINCENT FURNIER: "Cold Ethyl", "I'm Eighteen", & "Killer" (For DeeAnn)

ALICE COOPER: "Schools Out"


ALIEN SEX FIEND: "Aint got time to Bleed", "Nightmare Zone"

AMERICAN ATTITUDE: "Requiem" & "Redemption (PTSD Tribute Song)"


ANIMALS AS LEADERS: "Cognitive Contortions", "Wave of Babies | Tosin Abasi", "Physical Education", "Ectogenesis" ... & Interview

ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY/ BLANCHE BARTON: Romancing his keyboard's, and explain's his music and theory


ARMANDO PALOMAS: "Necrofilia Enamorada" and the art's of "Dia de los Muertos"


BAD BRAINS: "I Against I", "Soul Craft", "Right Brigade", "Rise" & "House Of Suffering"

BAD COMPANY: "Gone, Gone, Gone" (Live)

BAD KID'S: "Black Lip's", "Born to be a Man"

BANGLES: "Hazy Shade Of Winter"

BAUHAUS: "God in an Alcove", "In the flat field"

BEATLES: "Taxman"

BEATLES: "Act Naturally"

BEATLES/ JOHN LENNON:   "You Can't Do That", "Paperback Writer", "Rain", "Helter Skelter"

BERNIE MAC: Def Comedy Jam Stand- Up

BERNIE MAC (PT.2): Jammin Down Ho Down Style in Texas with Samuel Jackson

BERNIE MAC (with intro from Ranch Chimp) On The Word "MOTHER FUCKER"

BIG BLACK: "Bad Penny", "Passing Complexion"

BILLY IDOL: "Scream", "White Wedding"

BLACK CROWES: "Hard To Handle", "Jealous Again", "Twice As Hard", & "Stare It Cold"

BLACK SABBATH PT.1: "War Pigs", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", & "Paranoid"

BLACK SABBATH PT.2-- 20"13": "God Is Dead?" & "End Of The Beginning"

BLACK VIOLIN: "A Flat", "Rock Anthem", "Fanfare" & "Triumph"

BLUE OYSTER CULT/ BOC: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Burnin' For You", "Godzilla", "Born To Be Wild" & "Dominance and Submission"

BOBBY BLUE BLAND: "Members Only", "Ain't No Love", "Poverty", & "St. James Infirmary" (For Booney & Chef)


BOWLING FOR SOUP/ MERRY FLIPPIN CHRISTMAS: "Feliz Navidad", "All I Want For Christmas Is You", "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" & "Even Santa Needs A Break Sometimes"

BRODY DALLE(PT.1)/ THE DISTILLERS: ... "Drain The Blood", "Young Crazed Peeling", & "Warriors"

BRODY DALLE(PT.2)/ SPINNERETTE: "Ghetto Love", "Valium Knights", & "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Suprise"

BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS: "Peggy Sue", "Oh Boy", "That'll Be The Day", "Not Fade Away", & "Rave On" ... with input from Paul McCartney, Ron Wood, & John Lennon

BUTTHOLE SURFERS: "Shame of Life", "Pepper", "Lady Sniff"

BUTTHOLE SURFERS: "The Lord Is A Monkey", "Entering Texas- Bar- B- Que Movie" (In Memory of Joe Christ)

BUTTHOLE SURFERS: "Who Was In My Room Last Night", "Dust Devil", "The Annoying Song"

CAPPUCCINI A PALERMO/ ROSALIA LOMBARDO: video art compilation and catacomb tour

CARAVAN PALACE: "Rock It For Me", "Jolie Coquine", "Clash" & "Brotherswing"

CARLOS SANTANA: "Soul Sacrifice", "Oye Como Va", "Hope You're Feeling Better" & Black Magic Woman"

CARTER USM: "Sheriff Fatman", "Midnight on the Murder Mile", "Rubbish"

CHARLESTON with Django Reinhardt ... also featuring: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra ... (For Thora & Millie)


CHEAP TRICK: "Ain't That A Shame", "Surrender", "I Want You To Want Me", "Dream Police", "Day Tripper" & Interview

CHEECH & CHONG: "At the Welfare Office", "Cheech & Chong- Save the Whale's", "Cheech/ Redneck Red", "Mexican Americans/ Beaners"

CHRISSIE HYNDE/ THE PRETENDERS: "Boots Of Chinese Plastic", "Middle Of The Road", "Break Up The Concrete" & "Don't Cut Your Hair" ... (Beautifil Girlz PT.15)

CHUCK BERRY: "Johnny B. Goode", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Sweet Little Sixteen" & "Maybellene"

CISSIE(CIZZIE888): Cissie does Metallica cover of "Blackened" and has chat with James Hetfield

CISSIE/ CIZZIE888: Cover's Metallica's Kirk Hammett guitar piece/ solo "Master of Puppets"

CITY RATS: "Sickurity" (punk Israel)

CIVET: "The End", "Cherie", "Gin and Tonic", "You Got It (live)"

CIVET: "Son of a Bitch"

COIL: "The Pope Held Upside Down", "Solar Lodge", & "Penetralia II"



DANA FUCHS: "Helter Skelter"

DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET: "Take The A Train", "Take Five" & "40 Days"

DAVID BOWIE: "Ziggy Stardust", "Blackstar", "Pablo Picasso", "Rebel Rebel" & "Space Oddity"

DAVID COVERDALE/ WHITESNAKE: "Still of the Night", "Slow and Easy", "Bad Boys"

DAVID LEE ROTH: "Yankee Rose", "California Girls", "Goin' Crazy"

DEAD KENNEDYS: "Take this job and Shove it", "Holiday in Cambodia"

DEATH: "Politicians In My Eyes"

DEREK PARAVICINI: Nature's human music computer

DESIREE' APOLONIO BASSETT & "THE TIME MACHINE": "A Kool New Way", "Purple Haze", "D.B. Original's" & "All Along The Watchtower"

DEVO: "Whip It", "Smart Patrol/ Mr.DNA"

DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA: "Black Box Messiah", "A Tap Dancer's Dilemma", "Voodoo Mon Amour" & "Balrog Boogie"

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS/ TEJAS: Celebrating the LIVES of the DEAD Through The LIVING ... The "Viva la Vida" Edition

DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.1): "Let's not chat about despair"

DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.2): "Malediction", "The Litanies Of Satan", "My World Is Empty Without You", "Free Among The Dead"

DIAMANDA GALAS (PT.3): Interview, "Skotoseme", "Double Barrel Prayer", "Lamentations & Sono L'Antichristo"

DICK CLARK: In Honour of the Master Blaster MC of Contemporary Music and Entertainment

DISTURBED: "Another Way To Die"

DISTURBED: "Indestructible"

DJANGO REINHARDT: "The Sheik of Araby", "J'attendrai Swing"

DON CORNELIUS: ... The DON "MC" of R&B/ Soul ... & Special Guest "James Brown" (BLACK HISTORY MONTH PT.2)


DRESDEN DOLLS: "Girl Anachronism", "War Pigs", "Missed me (w/ Vau De Vire Society)"

EAGLES: "Hotel California, "Take it Easy", "Already Gone", "Witchy Woman"

EDDIE GRIFFIN: Religions & Politicians ... The COMEDY of the STRIFE in LIFE

EDGAR WINTER: "Frankenstein"

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Mr.44", "Incubus"

ELTON JOHN/ LIVE: "Honky Cat", "60 Years On", & "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"


EMILIE AUTUMN: "Manic Depression", "EA Live- Violin Solo", "Unlaced" & "It's Time For Tea"

EMINEM/ MARSHALL MATHERS LP2/ 2013: "Berzerk", "Rap God" & "Survival"

EPIC MEAL TIME: "Fast Food Sacrifice", "TexMex Lasagna" & "Chocolate and Hearts"

ESTAS TONNE: "Timeless Burn Out/ feat. Fodor Reka", "The Song of the Golden Dragon" & "Cuban Dance"

ETTA JAMES: "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", "Tell Mama" & "At Last"

FOCUS/ THIJS VAN LEER: "Hocus Pocus", "Sylvia"

FOETUS/ J.G THIRLWELL: "I Hate You", "Wash It All Off" & "Descent into the Inferno"

FRANK ZAPPA: Interview, Music, Morality & More ... "He's So Gay & Bobby Brown", "Stevie's Spanking feat. Steve Vai", "Cosmik Debris", "Black Napkins" & "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing"

FREDDIE MERCURY/ QUEEN: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Fat Bottomed Girl's", "We Will Rock You/ Let Me Entertain You"

FRONT242: "Welcome to Paradise", "Work 01", "Headhunter"

FRONT 242: "Felines"

GARY HOEY: "Lunatic Fringe"

GENESIS P- ORRIDGE/ THROBBING GRISTLE: "Discipline" & "Persuasion" (Live)

GENITORTURERS: "Flesh Is The Law", "Take It", & "Lecher Bitch" (For Dave)

GEORGE CARLIN (PT1): "The American Dream", "The Illusion of Choice"

GEORGE CARLIN (PT.2): "Lying Politicians And Words"

GEORGE JONES: "Still Doin' Time"

GEORGE LOPEZ: From New York City to Alcatraz ... An American who's been asked for his "Birth Certificate" more then President Obama : )

GOLDEN EARRING: "Twilight Zone" & "Radar Love"

GOTTHARD BASE TUNNEL CEREMONY/ VOLKER HESSE 2016: (performing arts ceremony)

GRACE JONES: "Corporate Cannibal", "Demolition Man", "Love is like a Drug"


GREATER THAN ONE: "Dance of the Coward's", "Everything is in a State of Flux", "Ignorance is the Agent of Fear"

GREEN DAY: "99 Revolutions"

GREEN DAY: "Know Your Enemy"

GUNS N' ROSES: "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Welcome To The Jungle", "Paradise City" (A "Tess" Pick)

HAYLEY RICHMAN: "Crosstown Traffic"

HALLOWEEN TRIBUTE RANCH MUSIC 2017: "Broken Peach- This is Halloween", "Therion- The Falling Stone", "Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi's Dead", "Diamanda Galas- Exeloume", "Anton LaVey/ Blanche Barton- Satan Takes a Holiday" "Alien Sex Fiend- I Walk The Line"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2016: A Look at the Chills, Stills and Thrills of VINTAGE Halloween

H.I.M.: "Rebel Yell" live

H.R GIGER: video compilation of some of his finest art piece's

IAN ANDERSON/ JETHRO TULL: "Skating Away", "Aqualung", "Locomotive Breath"


ICEBERG SLIM/ ROBERT BECK: ... Urban American Street Life Author ... (For HARMON LOFT PT.4)

ICE T/ BODY COUNT: "Cop Killer", "Ricochet"

IF YOU CAN'T PLEASE YOURSELF ... YOU CAN'T PLEASE YOUR SOUL: "1985 Classic Industrial Compilation Sample"

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: "Politics to Prose" (interview), "Wake Up", & "Peruvian Cocaine"

IN THIS MOMENT/ MARIA BRINK: "Blood", "Adrenalize", & "The Gun Show"

IRON MAIDEN: "Run To The Hills" (live)

JACK OFF JILL: "My Cat", "American Made"

JAMES BROWN: "Good Foot", "Get up offa that Thing"

JANIS JOPLIN: "Piece of my heart", "Crybaby"

JEFF O'CORBETT: "San Antonio Rose"

JENNIFER LYNN/ THE VIOLUTION: "Toxicity", "Pretender", "Down and Out", & "Evolution of the Violin"

JERRY LEE LEWIS: "Whole Lotta Shakin going on", "Great Balls of Fire"

JERRY LEE LEWIS: "Chantilly Lace", "Me and Bobby McGee"

JERRY REED: "Guitar Medley", "Guitar Man", & "Wabash Cannonball"

JIMI HENDRIX (PT.1): "Machine Gun", "Fire" & "Hey Joe"

JIMI HENDRIX (PT.2) 2013/ PEOPLE, HELL & ANGELS: "Foxey Lady", "Hear My Train A Comin", "Somewhere", & "Earth Blues"

JIMMY BUFFETT: "Brown Eyed Girl", "Margaritaville"

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN: Jimmy play's on BBC tele w/ his band in 1957, and "live" with his band in the 1970's Led Zeppelin, doing "Since I've been Loving You" (PT.1)

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.2): 2012 Rolling Stone Interview and more ... "THE SPIRIT REMAINS THE SAME"

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.3) The ROCK to BACH Transformation- Pres. Obama Tribute to LZ, Celebration Day & Chord's Creation of Kashmir

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN (PT.4): "Hot Dog" and "White Summer/ Black Mountain Side" ... (inspired by Tim)

JOAN JETT/ AVRIL LAVIGNE: both artist's doing their version's of "Bad Reputation"

JOAN JETT: "I Hate Myself For Loving You", "Bad Reputation", "I Love Rock N Roll", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

JOE CHRIST (PT.1): Interview, movie trailers, and "Dead in the Suburbs" (live)

JOE CHRIST (LINHART) PT.2: "They Die Next- Vol.1 DVD Movie Trailer" and "Gun In My Mouth"

JOHNNY ARCO: The Violinist, Writer, Teacher/ Instructor

JOHNNY CASH: "Boy named Sue"

JOHNNY WINTER: "Interview 1984", "Stranger Blues", "Tobacco Road/ feat. Edgar Winter", "Mean Town Blues" & "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

JOSE GUADALUPE POSADA: The Art & Satire ... A Lighter Look at the Darker Side of Humanity (In Memory of Isabella)

JUDAS PRIEST: "Electric Eye" (live)

JULIA DALE: "Star Spangled Banner", "Born This Way", & "Someone Like You"

JUSTIN JOHNSON: "Malaguena | Rockabilly Surf Version", "Bootleg Turn", "3- String Funk", "New Orleans Heavy Swamp Blues" & "Cemetery Blues"

KARA WALKER/ BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2013: ... "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love" ... (for Harmon Loft PT.6)

KING DIAMOND/ MERCYFUL FATE: "Witches' Dance", "The Invisible Guests", "Egypt"' & "Burn" (BIRTHDAY GREETING'S to the King)

KING DIAMOND: "Halloween"

KINKY FRIEDMAN: "They Aint Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore", "Asshole From El Paso", "We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to you" (For Thora & Millie)

KINSEY SICKS (MERRY CHRISTMAS): "Twisted Christmas Parodies", "God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians", "Touch-A Touch Me, TSA Security"

KMFDM: "Ganja Rock", "Drug against War"

KITTIE: "Cut Throat", "Witch Hunt"

KITTY IN A CASKET: "Don't Get Me Wrong", "Run Run", "Space Invaders", "Bride Of The Monster"

L7: "Bad Things", "Everglade", & "Fast And Frightening"

LADY GAGA (PT.2): "Judas", "Born this Way", "Poker Face" solo @ BBC/ Radio 1 Live Lounge

LADY GAGA (PT.1)/ BEYOUNCE: "Telephone"

LADY GAGA (PT.4) Feat. MARILYN MANSON: "Love Game- Remix"

LADY GAGA (PT.5) 2016: "National Anthem" at SuperBowl 50 ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.18)

LARISA MIGACHYOV: "Arugula Leaf", "Purple Chicken Rag", "Sauerkraut Sorbet"

LAURA COX BAND: "Hard Blues Shot", "La Grange", "Take Me Back Home" & "Just Got Paid"

LED ZEPPELIN/ LADY GAGA- PT.3 (Stefani Germanotta): "The Crunge" & "D'yer Maker" (A Tribute to James Brown)

LIMOUZINA EXPRESS: "These Boots Are Made For Walking"

LITTLE RICHARD: "Ready Teddy", "Long Tall Sally", "Tutti Frutti", "Jenny Jenny" & "Good Golly Miss Molly"

LONGEVITY: "Tantrum"

LOU REED (PT.1): "Romeo had Juliette", "Dirty Boulevard"

LOU REED (PT.2): "Walk On The Wildside", "Sweet Jane", & "Heroin"

LOUISE BOURGEOIS: "Supplica a mia Madre" compilation of her sculpture/ art with music by Galas/ Pasolini

LUNACHICKS: "Heart Of Glass", "FDS (live)", "Dear Dotti"

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: "Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement" ... with Tina S guitar cover

LYDIA LUNCH: "Touch My Evil", "Atomic Bongos", "3 x 3", "Snakepit Breakdown" & "No Excuse"

MADISON ELLE BEER: "At Last" & "Someone Like You" (cover's)

MAGIC OF RAHAT: The Magician Prankster (In Memory of Dad)

MAID OF ACE: "Bone Deth", "Dickhead", "Dirty Girl", "Stay Away" & "Made In England"

MARILYN MANSON: "This is Halloween"

MARILYN MANSON: "The beautiful people"

MARILYN MANSON: "Rock is Dead"

MARILYN MANSON: "Astonishing Panorama of the End Times", "The Dope Show", "This is the New Shit"

MARILYN MANSON (2012 album): "Born Villain", "Slo- Mo- Tion"

MARILYN MANSON: "Sweet Dreams" (are made of this)

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. MEMORIAL & TRIBUTE: A Lei Yixin Sculpture (For Harmon Loft PT. 3)

MARVIN FREDERICK HAMLISCH: "The Entertainer", "Famous Song Medley", "Bananas"

MC 900FT JESUS: "Born with Monkey Asses", "UFO's are REAL"

MC 900FT JESUS: "Killer inside me"

MC 900FT JESUS: "Too bad (your gonna die now)"

MC 900FT JESUS: "Truth is out of Style"

MC 900 FT JESUS (PT.5): "Talking To The Spirits", "Dali's Handgun"

METALLICA: "Master of Puppets", "Iron Man" (for Ozzy), and "Orion" a Tribute and Memorial to Cliff Burton ...

METALLICA: "No Remorse"

METALLICA: "Don't Tread On Me"

MICHAEL JACKSON/ HAPPY HALLOWEEN: "Thriller", "I Got The Feeling", "Stormy Monday"

MIGUEL CABALLERO: "FASHION & ACTION" ... Fashion in Mind, for those Special Time's ...

MINH NGUYEN: cover's J.S Bach' "Toccata & Fugue" in D minor

MINISTRY: "Rio Grande Blood", "New World Order"

MINISTRY/ AL JOURGENSEN: interview with Al and "Psalm 69"

MINISTRY (CLASSIC COVER'S): "Radar Love", "Black Betty", "Mississippi Queen", "Just Got Paid"

MINISTRY: "Jesus Built My Hotrod"

MINISTRY: "Just One Fix"

MINISTRY: "Stigmata"

MIYAVI/ TAKAMASA ISHIHARA (PT.1): "Survive", "What's My Name?", "Selfish Love", "Torture"

MIYAVI/ TAKAMASA ISHIHARA (PT.2): "Futuristic Love", "Kimi Funky Monkey Vibration", "Gig Pig Boogie", & "Are You Ready To Rock"


MOE BANDY: "I Just Started Hating Cheating Song's Today"

MOTION DEVICE (Feat. SARA on vox): "Drama Queen", "Sweet Dreams", "School's Out" & "Paranoid"

MOTLEY CRUE: "Live Wire", "Take Me To The Top", "Shout At The Devil" & "Piece Of Your Action"

MOTLEY CRUE: "Anarchy In The UK"

MUDDY WATERS/ SONY BOY WILLIAMSON: "Got my Mojo workin", "Keep it to Yourself"

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT: (CONFESSIONS OF A KNIFE) "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan", "Days of Swine and Roses", "Ride The Mindway"



MY RUIN: "Have A Drink On Me" (AC/ DC cover)


Friday, April 8, 2011

GVMNT SHUT' EM DOWN?: Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.1 ... and a Solution from Mr. Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (Veteran's Spotlight PT.9)

First some vid's and news link's below then a word from the Chimp on this.






Sanders: GOP plan is 'totally absurd' ... Thanx to CNN

No ... the Governmnt hasnt shut down (yet), and this posting is NOT to depress folk's at all, but again to "enlighten" to the reality that surround's us, so again I feel it is importante to record these issue's/ event's in this journal. In this particular posting to show a portrait of a dysfunctional Gvmnt. And the reason for adding this to "Veteran's Spotlight" series as Part 9 ... is to not depress Veteran's at all either ... but to clearly show how the petty political bitch fight's of grown adult's who lost all touch with reality, of who we vote for and consider as "leader's", effect's, or can effect one of the most vital interest's of our nation, which is our defense/ military and it's personel, not to even mention everything else it effect's.

It is sad that for week's our Gvmnt been playing these childish selfish game's with America ... the political grandstanding, highsiding, finger pointing, etc ... we must be a laugh to some of our EU allies the way we act and address serious issue's here ... and of course this is mostly about money/ business. And the President isnt at fault here, as a matter of fact, he has been VERY bipartisan and generous in my opinion ... I dont even think I could display his amount of tolerance ... he is one of the few up there who actually act's like an adult even for that matter. We have been running our gvmnt for week's basically one or two week's at a time because of this bullshit petty bickering ... and the President was accurate the other day when he said that this is simply the Republican's pushing this, that they wont budge unless they get 110% of what they want ... this is so true. As a matter of fact ... even though the GOP blame's all this shit on this President and administration, it was the Bush Administration that we can thank 110% for the total financial and war mess that we are in, which is mainly also influenced by mega corporate business actually. The one's that shouldnt get a goddamn paycheck is this bunch up there frankly, their who should be SHUT DOWN.


The Lyric's here I chose as for the solution that I have constantly posted throughout this journal on solving many of the issue's we American's have, because we have the tool's and Constitution/ Right's to do so actually (Public Enemy is also at the top's of my list as far as contemporary American poetry in music/ lyric's as well). They alway's "talk" about "shutting down" Government ... well perhap's we need to shut their ass down for a change ... as Mr. Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (aka Chuck D) of Public Enemy put's it here.