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ARMANDO PALOMAS: ..."Necrofilia Enamorada" (song) ... and Art's of "Dia de los Muertos" (PT.1) ...

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Armando Palomas

This piece for the music selection of this journal will be first of all to honour the Mexicano songwriter and excellent guitarist Mr. Armando Palomas ... who is one of Mexico's most popular artists in the rock category, and in my opinion a poetic legend as well, doing the piece "Necrofilia Enamorada" (Necrophilia Love). I chose this piece as well, because of the outstanding artwork incorporated into the video. Then a few words concerning arts/ crafts and culture, and even some on more taboo subjects as far as to the meaning of the song. Enjoy!



Year's ago as a young man ... having the opportunity to spend some time in the City of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico), I met a friend named Isabella, a few year's older than I, that was what's called a "Bruja" in Mexico, which basically is a sort of female mystical spiritualist in the art of "Brujeria" (a type of spiritualism). She took me to my first "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) celebration in Mexico, which is pretty much a folklore cultural event held annually, similar to our Halloween, but with some of the most beautiful and colourful pageantry and art that I ever seen! She was the one who also introduced me to the ancient MesoAmericano, Toltec-Maya history, folklore and culture which dates back before the Spanish arrived in what is now Mexico (as well as other Central and South American countries), appoximately 3000 years, as well as introducing me to the arts and crafts of Santeria/ Palo Mayombe practices, which is a sort of spiritualism and culture, that she sort of educated me on, sharing literature and such ... just an educational venture of sort.

All this was new to me, but was odd and interesting, being attracted to odd thing's that stood out as far as art and such and were not so mainstream. But after knowing her awhile ... I found out that she had a type of necrophilia interest . I must admit ... at first it sounded somewhat scary, being young and unfamiliar with this. But ... she was really a great gal, great personality, and not one who would hurt anyone, who I was comfortable around ... so she sparked my interest to learn more from her ... she was really an intelligent woman which really blew me away, because of being older than me, and teaching me thing's I never knew ... like a teacher of sort I reckon. But the way she described it, sounded so romantic as well ... but she actually found it romantic and sexually stimulating to be with a man after his death. Which was okay to learn ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... as long as I wasnt the fella! :) But it wasnt that she couldnt find a man, she was a very attractive woman as well, who would no way in Hell not have guy's lined up to date her. But her "mind" and "art", was what really fascinated me about her!

But this was a taboo subject indeed, and one may only relate this sort of thing to some pervert serial killer or such, being they kill then have sexual contact with the victim. But like Isabella explained to me ... she would not kill anyone, but just the idea of the corpse was arousing, making me feel a tad more comfortable of course. After reading up on this taboo subject in particular ... I soon found out that this desire or practice has went on for centuries in recorded human history as well. And was not of course connected just to serial killers or anything of that sort, but a practice that was multi- cultural, ancient root's, and all gender. So many may ask what may be wrong with it? In this short video from Ms. Jorben of Norway ... she touches on this taboo subject as well. And of course this is what the song by Mr. Palomas was about, being the romance of necrophilia, that some may feel. However all in all ... it was an educational interest. Also I want to add, that the only reason I mentioned Isabella by name, is because unfortunately she passed away over a decade ago ... but we stayed in touch for many years after, and she even spent time up here in Dallas as well.



Tim said...

RC, hey brother. Interesting art. You know all cultures have a fascination with death. Whether it's Zombies,spirits,or Vampires. Look how big Vampires are today. Hell I stared to write a book about a vampire but gave up on it. The market is to saturated with it.
I do have a funny true life story.
About 30 years ago I was working with this Black guy who was cool as hell.
One day he told me of his girlfriend. Apparently she was also about 10 years his senior. As the story was told,they were making love as per usual when she seemed to really get into it. Thrashing about and making all kinds of noises. That is until she didn't move at all. She was dead. Shocked, I asked him what he did, He responded "I finished". I laughed my ass off. Yeah after he was done,went home and dropped a dime to let the police know she needed to be picked up. I haven't thought of that in years. lol

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Tim! Indeed that is a rare story, even though statiscally there are cases that I have read of in medical info where several male gender have suffered cardiac arrest's during sex. Of course though my sympathy as far as the poor guy losing his girlfriend over the act, of course he finished, but I am sure suffered the loss psychologically later unfortunately. But quite a story Guy! Thanx for sharing.

tnlib said...

I think you need to lie down on my couch and talk about this. ;-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Dr.Leslie: .... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well Thank You for the offer Doc ... but I'm fairly balanced psychologically I reckon for now ... and hope to stay that way for awhile. :)

However ... when posting Mr.Palomas video piece, which I absolutely love this guy's guitar work BTW ... it just made me think of that incident, and the research I done into it back then, the initial reason for the post was not to explore "necrophilism", it just popped up, and I had a tad of knowledge in the subject ... it was out of the mainstream, and I just figured to cover it.

Thanx for your visit and input Leslie ....

Prash said...

here i am.. in your lovely country of the United States of America ...

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Prash!

Well it's about goddamn time Guy! Welcome to the USA and the town so nice, they had to name it twice! Although you may miss Hong Kong a tad at first ... you will find alot to love in New York! I lived in Brooklyn year's back myself. I will be dropping by your site.