Friday, August 6, 2010

YASER SAID: (KILLER PARENT'S PT.3) ... murdered by Dad, for being GOOD TEEN GIRL'S ...

(left to right) Sarah and Amina Said

This Part 3 of the "Killer Parent's" series (Part's 1&2 here) will focus on yet another local Dallas Area case .... that locally hasnt even gotten the atencion it deserve's, if it wasnt for the national media on this, it would be almost totally burned out ... again ... in this case, political reason's and correctness, because this man happen's to be an Egyptian Muslim (This is Dallas, not back home!!)... and it is said to have been an "honour killing" ... having to do again with religious/ cultural crap ... and it is! But folk's have been criticized locally for saying such, for insensitivity actually, even nationwide (local talk radio got hammered hard by those in the community for relating it to his muslim religion and culture). But I am not posting this to talk religion ... but to show the harsh reality of what happened here and have a record of it for this journal ... because this killer is still loose, and even the familia of this piece of shit, is covering for him. This happened New Year's Day 2008 .... and I wanted to post on this for sometime ... since I have this series now, it fit's in place, and past due.

ABCNEWS: 'Honor Killing' Motive for Slain Sisters? (newsread)

This video is somewhat more graphic in a way .... because it record's one of the girl's calling 911, still on the phone with police, when the father come's back into his cab/ car to finish her off for calling police from her cell, as she's dying. Click here for more news and personal piece's from the victim's website's by this site called "Girl's Without Border's".

Disturbing 911 call- "I'm dying, I'm dying" ... Thanx to themachine91090

These poor girl's have been in fear of their Dad for year's ... there has been allegation's of even sexual abuse, threat's and more ... this just didnt pop into this man's head overnight .... and so many knew in this familia that this was trouble, plain and simple .... but ... I reckon it's one of them thing's where Dad is King of the household. But these young ladies were the kind of kid's that most parent's would love to have .... these werent problem teen's in any way .... just what folk's would consider ... actually good obedient kid's. This is truely a sad case .... really a tough one ... I mean ... I had to parent a teen girl before ... I had no boy's (beside's a stepson already in his late teen's, who never been to a concert, so I took him to see Van Halen, Ted Nugent, and Michael Schenker).... so it's a lil difficult for me to swallow no matter what your familia value's are.

This man Mr.Said was a Dallas Area cab driver ... lived in a laid back suburban community (Lewisville).... and has no excuse of financial hard time's, or drug abuse, or a damn thing to be frank to pawn these action's off on ... except that he didnt like his daughter's, dressing, acting, and talking too much like local teen's, and taking interest's in non muslim boy's. I mean .... what the Hell are they supposed to dress like or talk like, or whatever, when they are High School girl's?

This case should be cut and dry ... there is overwhelming evidence, if they can get this guy in a court here without having to buckle up or give into some political intervention. He actually even completed the murder with local police on the phone witnessing it. This is two seperate cases of capital murder one ... and should/ would certainly qualify for the death penalty in Texas, providing the prosecution has any courage to get the job done. Personally I dont give a damn if it is his religion or culture or any other goddamn excuse, including bullshit like hearing voice's/ message's, having a bad childhood, a cheating spouse or any of the other lame shit these come up with when they have to face something like death themselves, I cant stand whiner's period, and especially out of a man, and I have contact with several over the year's on death row, but they dont whine. This was well pre meditated and calculated murder ... plain and simple. And those in his familia who are covering for this man I would also go after like a wolf on a rabbit! Every last one of them for conspiring after the fact if anything.

That's the Reality ....



Tim said...

What a waste. These poor kids.I can't imagine the fear they experienced.
Mr.Said needs to feel some fear himself.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: It is remarkable that Mr.Said to this day, 2.5 year's later, still avoided capture, but he too had several familia in New York as well as Egypt to help him evade capture too. These were actually the kind of daughter's most parent's would be grateful to have ... but the father was more than just "strict" ... and I also think very unbalanced ... his past show's this ... regardless though, I would expect him to pay for his action's and would think that he also see's why as well. He may be unbalanced ... but certainly no dummy ... and clever enough to avoid capture and prosecution thus far.

Thank You for your voice here as usual Guy ....

Infidel753 said...

Such killings are frighteningly common among Muslims in Europe, and of course in the Middle East itself. This shows what an abnormal culture Islam is. In many societies, including ours, parents sometimes get upset if their children become too modern or liberated -- but in no other culture is there an established pattern of parents killing their own children in such cases.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank's for you frankness here Mr.Infidel ... I actually feel, too many unfortunately fear even acknowledging this. What the really strange part to me behind this was ... looking at the history of the girl's ... as far as student's, socializing, familia responsibilities, etc ... these are the kind of girl's that are actually what most folk's consider as "good role model" type's. OH believe me Guy ... I have read to much on how gal's are treated in some of these culture's, it is almost unbelievable, some of the stuff gal's are having to go through even were finding out recently in Afghanistan is incredible.

Thanx for your voice here Guy ... gotsto run .... Later