Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MID-TERM CAMPAIGN (2010 SHOW PT.6) ... If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many POLITICIAN'S would call in SICK? (PT.1)

No doubt that I been talking about this exciting mid term 2010 for over a year .... and wanted to start the "2010 Show" series approximately 6 month's before the vote, to take a peek at all the bullshit that we will see. Part 5 I focus on how thing's like racism, sexism, fear, are force fed on us at time's to assure that herd mentality and keep us distracted from what they are actually doing. Part 4 focuses on show's like putting BP CEO Tony Hayward on the Hill Grill, and getting tough on him, which I said would do not a damn bit of good, and as anyone can see it didnt, (Tony has a new job after his vacation in Russia, and multi million's) in fact it was all a show for politician's to show they are "tough", no different than when they marched investment banker's to the Hill to drill them, then gave them 100's of billion's of your tax dollar's.

In Part 3 I focused on all the BS from Health Care Reform, to border security, to unfair/ unbalanced trade policies all dictated by special corporate interest's, which include's pay- off's to politician's ... to the bullshit of the recession, to American job's and why job's will still be tight, even moreso to come. Part 2 I focus on the strategies to the sillyism of it all, and how our loved one's have already sold us out to folk's like the Chinese and Arab's ... and long ago. Part 1 show's more of the strategies behind the scene's with the puppet master's of special interest's who will dictate to our representative's what advertising, campaign propaganda, and other BS they will sell us ... along with all those old and over the hill relic politician's ... who have claimed to have answer's for decade's in all their campaign's ... and instead were an integral part of creating the entire mess that we currently have ... and NO .... HAVE NO ANSWER'S. {: )

And Part 6 here take's a look at how much trash and bullshit will come out of the airwave's from cyberspace to the tele/ radio to paper's/ journal's ... who will be paid million's to advertise all the bullshit, so the positive end of this ... is that it will spend a Hell of alot of money doing so, and create alot of salaries. The downside is .... that this administration is doing everything humanly possible, to try to get semi out of the mess were in ... and they can only make the ride to come, perhap's a smoother ride, but to repair the mess that we have created ... will be in the work's for year's to come, as I have posted time and again ... there is no quick fix, not even to job figure's, but with "proper moves" can at least get some job's to generate. I am voting straight democrat (only one of these two parties will control at this point in time, because the special interest's make sure to that, but this will also all backfire in time as I have also pointed out, and eventually destroy itself) not because I am devoted to a party, or I think they can solve this heavy load, but only because of petty selfishness, because I know damn well, how tough times can and will most likely get ... and this party, regardless of if they lie or not, are the only ones that are even making any move's with at least American's in mind ... although they are also controlled largely, and basically held hostage ... so I am grateful what ever I can get out of them as a citizen/ American of working class ... and if and when they give up .... we will have no choice but to take alternative measure's ourselves ... either that, or just get totally taken over by the corporate dictatorship's, who basically already own everything, period.

Even all this war from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Yemen to Iraq ... we will pay with lives/troop's and dollar's and has no end in sight (and dont be suprised if after these critical election's, if the subject of a military draft come's up, it's already water cooler chat, that no one is daring to talk about, strictly because of election's, if and when they do talk about it, they will put a twist on it, and sell it with a pack of lie's also) regardless of what you may coach your brain into believing ... and it is all about not just shutting down inde terror group's, because they are damaging to the wealth more than the people in actuality, none at the top dont give a shit how many of us die, just as long as it doesnt disrupt their market and investment flow ... and there are billion's in mining contract's with China ... and even Russia will be onboard to rip Afghanistan apart too (although American's will foot the biggest sacrifice) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and we wonder why we have terrorism? {: )

When I seen this video it made me wonder, if habitual lying was an illness, how many of our politician's would have to call in sick? {: )

***** PD/ RCJ: "If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many Politician's would call in SICK?" PART 2 with George Carlin

CNN: The Dirtiest campaign ads of 2010 ... Thanx to CNN



tnlib said...

Fantastic title, RC. Right on the money - so to speak. They all lie. Some are just bigger than others.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie(TNlib): Greeting's and Good Morning!

The title was simply a serious question for me that came to mind when I was watching this video on CNN at first, wasnt even intended for a title at all.

I actually would hate to be in a position like that, we all have to lie from time to time, but since childhood, it was something I just naturally didnt like doing, and tried my damndest to avoid as much of it as I could, not that I was drilled with it by parent's or adult's ... it just take's the excitement out of life, or lack's something concerning interest and fact's is all ... and it's rather boring too. I feel sorry in a way also for our President, I think he also tries to be as too the point as possible and see's what all this is about, and feel's at time's like he's pissing in the wind, but he is so determined on just getting some result's and realize that he has to do a job, regardless of how much of a task it is. I have NEVER seen a President in my lifetime with an agenda and plate like this in front of them, and a crew to work with like this bunch.

Thank You for your voice here Ms.Leslie ....