Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SHAQUAN DULEY: (KILLER PARENT'S PT 4) ... Broke, Upset, Angry ... and Just wanting to be FREE ... {: (

Part 4 here of the "KILLER PARENT'S" series for this journal (Part's 1 thru 3 here) will focus on a recent case of Ms.Shaquan Duley , who openly admitted on record after her detainment, that she suffocated her two son's in a motel room, put them in her car after, then released the car into a river. I want to state also, that Ms.Duley is innocent until proven guilty, and I am basing this assumption of "mine" alone, strictly on her own confession and deposition taken, she could later change her story, and if she does ... I will immediately post so.

***** CNN: Sheriff: Woman suffocated sons before submerging bodies in car ... (newsread)

There are a whole buffet of reason's why these folk's do what they do, as you can see in every case where the motive's and reason's are available. And of course Ms. Duley was broke, upset, angry ... and simply wanted to be free .. and my heart goes out to those who are victim's of our cruel society as her... you know ... the same society that is so fair and all loving we talk so much about .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. And Dr.Ludwig above bring's up some great point's on these and what motivate's one to do such. And the bottom line with me is ... we do what we do ... for whatever reason and excuse, and with those act's come's the consequence's, well, at least should. As Dr. Ludwig explained in the Ms.Smith South Carolina case above in sentencing, and as I did in previous posting's in this series ... you have so many cases that are settled on minimal punishment's. Smith for instance, get's what .. 30 year's to life? ... which translate's into how many year's or so with good time, and other knock off's? (only in federal prison sentence's in the USA you serve day for day), so dont think she will actually do the minimal 30 year's as she supposedly is said to have to do. You have several cases in Texas where the mom's, like Yates , Schlosser , have just walked and didnt even do day one in a prison. Why? ... because they had the "politically correct" explanation of why they kill their kid's, that the sap's on these jury's buy. These are more serious offenses in our society, were not talking about some kid's that boost a car to go joy riding, or break in a vending machine.

Ms. Duley was broke of course ... so broke that she had the cash on hand to rent a motel room to commit the offense. She didnt wake up one day and just decided to kill the kid's as Sheriff Williams pointed out ... I agree ... this also goes to motive of what I argue as premeditated and calculated murder one, as to also the room rental. Ms.Duley even had complained that a gent didnt want to see her anymore previous to this, because she had kid's ... that's also a Hell of an excuse ... you let your lousy romance or sex life determine whether or not to kill your own children? Did you ever wonder if it may be you that's the problemo? Unemployed, broke, angry, frustrated, etc, etc ... million's of us are at these stage's at some time or another, either one or the other. I realize that many will have many reason's to show this lady sympathy in this case, and 101 reason's to say she couldnt help herself ... maybe voices could be a reason too, maybe she was abused as a kid, I dont know ... what I do know, that she admitted to smothering her two boy's, planned it well, even to the initial 911 call after the offense, then lied about the accident, which they would have found out anywayz, with no other vehicle ID or even skid mark's or anything else to verify it. And even if she didnt confess, whether she know's it or not ... after forensic work and the autopsy, they will know that the kid's didnt drown, because there will be no large amount's of water in the lung's, or evidence of that type trauma, because the lung's were already dead when they went into the water, meaning they wont absorb/ intake such as in a drowning incident, also there will be hard evidence of the suffocation, and match up's to her directly as being the one who done it.

I am one who is strongly for birth control and even abortion fully supported and funded by government even ... so you can say, I am even a step beyond the pro choice thing ... I am also for sterilization of some of these both male and female who commit these act's or similar. It's not fair as far as right's of choice or humanitarian to think like this? ... where is the victim's right's and the compassion for them? Dont get me wrong, I dont have a fetish to punish and execute folk's at all ... but I dont see any reason why they should be allowed to walk away the way many do. I mean ... we look at a guy who gawk's at a 15 year old girl, and want to hang, tar and feather him ... and rant out the ass over it. We find folk's of no harm as well in other nation's who choose their wives and "purchase" as slave's, and marry them at age 8 even, and just say ... "Oh Well" and continue to support them. And these like Duley, we want to love, understand, cry over, share, hug, etc? How hypocritical and truely twisted is all that? I also wonder if Ms. Duley or any of these other's ever heard of "adoption"? As far as I'm concerned ... if there is a death penalty ... this would be a candidate in my opinion.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: This here has just been released by Ms.Duley's attorney ... she of course will plea "not guilty", her defense also saying that there is more to this than reported, and the not guilty plea is to only say she "is" innocent until proven guilty or such, which is legally proper as motion for defense. Let me take a wild guess on where this will go in the near future, okay? I am guessing that this will eventually twist into Ms.Duley's mother being of course the pop culture "choice of evil", and she drove her daughter to do it, or perhap's a boyfriend or someone else motivated her, anyone of course but herself. And of course this motion I want to add to be fair, is simply to assure her right to a "fair trial" ... her attorney know's much more than us on this. However ... my question would be ... Did Ms.Duley do what she said she done? And does forensic's back it? (which so far they overwhelmingly do) ... I also wonder why her 5 year old daughter wasnt included, who was at home with mom? Perhap's she was sensitive to age and gender? And still my point is ... no matter what reason or panty bind ... will she be held accountable for what her part was? Even if her mom, boyfriend, or anyone inspired her through word's, or if she was motivated by Dr.Phil, Cosmopolitain magazine, or the Easter Bunny, a bad hair day, or whatever ... if/ and she done it (and so far she say's she did)... she still done it, is the point.



Tim said...

A horrendous vile thing happened. Just awful. They have the death penalty there I believe. I think this woman is probably mentally ill.
I don't have anything else to say until more is brought forth.
Sickening..and I can't imagine it..

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim .... If indeed she is mentally impaired, and they can get a unanimous and/ or majority cross selection of both side's to confirm this through testimony coming in evaluation's from psych expert's ... she will get to walk away from this, no doubt, or do little time if anything. Plus the fact that support group's will come out of the woodwork for this defendant, as they did in Houston's Yates case, where they had every excuse in the book to blame but her. I have seen this too many time's. And it is considered as inhumane to execute anyone I think, at least in Texas with an IQ of 70 or below, if I recall correctly. I just wonder what law of humane support would support and defend these two little boy's? BTW ... did you see the picture of these two boy's? They were the cutest pair of kid's ... they looked like they belong in an advertisement or on the tele, not on the tele in this unfortunate manner though.

And I am certainly not one who is "anti offender" by any stretch of the term, and I have been in contact with several on death row, and known quite a few con's/ offender's. But this sort of act is not a wise thing to let ride and support too much, or be too forgiving of. Because it will increase if you do, and many more will try their luck, knowing that they can just knock off their kid's and have a simple excuse to get away with it. These type's of act's are far different than dope cases, or common burglary cases, etc. I also am not here to say she is evil or a monster, etc ... only to point out the act, nothing is good/ evil ... it is a case of action/ reaction and a choice folk's make and act out. She may think she is justified in doing this because she been wronged, even if society think's she is wrong ... what is right or wrong is irrelevant ... none of it will bring back the life of these two young boy's ... she made a "choice" is all.

Thanx for your voice here Tim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I have spent approx. 6 year's in close contact, with an offender sentenced to multiple death penalties in another state, who commited act's that are seen as most horrific to society, so graphic, I couldnt even mention them here, that make this look like child's play. I will not mention the name of this offender in a public setting, because it is one that is widely known. During our 6 year's ... we discussed everything from sport's to murder to romance, you name it. This person was very comfortable around me after we got to chating, and if this person didnt commit the act's that they did ... you would have never known what this person was like ... they had a great personality, appearance, likeable in conversation, even fairly smart, even gave greeting card's out on special occassion's etc. Gave me several personal art piece's they made in prison as a gift to me. But the mind of this person had a part to it, that was very extreme as well, and also was a victim as a child of abuse, a time bomb/ kill machine ready to detonate at any moment they got angry, I have no doubt regardless of how likable this person was, that they would continue to commit these offenses if they were able to, once they got the taste of blood, like a wolf, they couldnt get enough, the person even admitted to me that they had a mission to kill only,oddly though, not anyone they knew personally, only stranger's, and loved it as a sport of sort, in a calm manner ... it was just as routine a thought as waking up and having breakfast .. it wasnt right or wrong to this person, good or evil ... just thought it was their nature, and had no problem themselves with their sentence ... when this person recieved multiple death penalties, their reaction was "So what, kill me, I dont give a shit"