Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mammatus cloud's invade New York City.... Apocalypse? or Invigorating Imagination? ....

What make's this posting is the response I have been reading and hearing out of folk's in the city so nice... they had to name it twice...New York, New York, after being invaded by what are called mammatus cloud's the other day,that supposedly looked like the cloud's in the movie called "Independence Day",where space alien's in space craft's came out of the cloud's and tried to take over the human race and earth.Why any advanced intelligent life species would want us or our polluted planet has alway's puzzled me?

But as these cloud's hovered over the Big Apple,everyone from up in the Bronx, to down in the Village, out to Yonkers to Staten Island had came out and pulled out their camera's and cell's to record the event, many with themselve's in the picture's.Endless blog posting's talked about the event,YouTube posting's and every major media across the land. Many thought it was some sort of apocalyptic message from God... thousand's from up in Harlem to Downtown and the Battery had said they seen Michael Jackson's image in them.... even CNN made a display of the likeness... and one of their reporter's seen him as well.Many just thought it was such a cool and rare sight... that they just wanted to gawk and click it,or just simply savor the moment over a drink... many felt a sudden urge for romance and sex even! Thousand's seen it, and there were just as many opinion's and concept's of scenario's to go with it as well.

But... it is a rare sight indeed in that area... it is much more frequent and common in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for instance because of the unusual and unique storm pattern's that form over this region throughout the year.The flow of imagination didnt suprise me... after all... when the movie "Independence Day" first screened in this country... some reporter's in Hollywood/LA interviewed it's first movie-goer's after viewing it.... and believe it or not...80% of those interviewed said that they believe that this could really happen. I am not saying it couldnt happen,I am just saying that the movie didnt make me think that. There's a place in Houston if I recall correctly... a latino community where Mother Mary(the biblical character) appear's in a tree stump or sidewalk or something, and thousand's come by to view it.

The human mind is really unique and complex I reckon... and the imagination of us is just as complex and unique it seem's. This was entertaining to me to say the least... I just wonder if I think hard enough... the next time some form over DFW, if I can see Johnny Cash,James Brown, or Sid Vicious(Sex Pistols)? Three that I love and miss! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Drive-Thru's" ... are they necessary...?

This posting is partially inspired by the last post while discussing folk's driving habit's.

This time of the year in the USA it is hot... and Texas is alway's in the upper 90's this time of the year,give or take a couple degree's(with exception to the SF Bay Area, Alaska or perhap's the Pacific Northwest/Portland/Seattle) and part's of Southern California, along with Arizona and Nevada are even hotter than here!And in urban area's... on hot day's... it make's the smog more miserable.Even petro/gas is reformulated for the summer month's... and according to region of usage.

But Drive-Thru's are alway's bustling with business...especially in this town, even all through the night after partying.Would it hurt folk's to step out of their car's? Have we lost our ability to walk? I look around at lunch hour for instance ... you have car's stacked up by the dozen's at these drive-thru's, not only for food to go... but for pharmacies,booze/alcohol, They even have drive-thru funeral home's where you can drive thru to view the corpse now of your friend or loved one ... someone even tried now... a drive-thru prayer type joint ... to order prayer's on the go! Are we afraid if we dont sit on our asses enough it will lose it's flat figure? It's ridiculous.

The thing is.... some of the wait's at these drive-thru's can get lengthy ... dont get me wrong here... I have used them as well ... but most of the time... they are so long of a line... that.. I cant just sit like that...I get the hell out and go inside to the counter, and usually as I am walking out the door with my order.... most of the car's that were in line are still in line. Their engine's are running just smogging up the urban air. I doubt that many even think about it... kind of like traffic jam's... many folk's will just drive into them, and just sit there like dummies.... waiting to get through... as if there was no alternative routes... or exit ramp's to get on another road to avoid the delay.That's a personal choice I realize... but me personally...I'll be damned if I am just going to sit there without trying to get out of it somehow.

Personally I think drive-thru's should be outlawed....period, for enviromental reason's! Now I know... that some will say ..."There goes Commi Tommy on one of his Commi suggestion's..." or whatever, heh,heh,heh ... and that's fine.But considering the amount of traffic from these drive-thru's, it would actually make a significant difference in the air. I think we have just become too damn lazy... and became so used to just idleing our vehicle's as second nature. It will harm no one to park... and get out of their vehicle's.

And how many times has Texas been warned already by Washington to do something about air quality in our urban area's? It got so heavy in Houston... that back in 2000 it became the nation's smog capital,surpassing LA, and Dallas isnt too far behind. Now some will say...."Ahhhh...screw what Washington think's!...." Which is fine and dandy... however.... where do you think most of the money come's from to run our rail/mass transit system's... and build the ton's of freeway's that we have? Certainly not from Texan's! If they cut us off... we will be whining a different tune.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Opportunity, Option, Optimism ... and Straight Business ....

What inspires this posting is because again ... talk out of Americans, and their concerns of the time. The usual questions you hear in the communities, is what's happening to the American Dream? What's becoming of our Right's? And are we becoming a socialist government controlled and owned society? There is much worry about our President's moves ... and how he is anti- business ... against wealth, and the list goes on.

This is still the "Land of Milk and Honey" even though I jokingly refer to it in previous post's as the "Land of Milking Money"... the 2 feed each other actually. The President isnt against wealth and trying to lead us into financial hardship, he is doing just the opposite ... and trying to sustain what America is so great for, which is Opportunity, Option, Optimism is all. The whining over this ... especially out of our representatives on the right is relentless ... listening to the conservative views on our President and the road he is taking us down. All this new regulation in business is needed. Why? Because we lost what straight business is all about. This last Administration under Bush for instance ... was for zero regulation ... with an attitude that business will just take care of itself with no outside oversight.

Well ... we seen where that leads to obviously. I remember as a kid in Vegas back in the early 1960's the entrepreneurs who took a desert rest stop for GI's and turned it into the entertainment capital of the world ... folk's that done straight business and had game rules, integrity, vision, etc. On the east coast they were called criminals and gangsters ... in Vegas ... they were welcome. Called the "mob" by many, and talked about for decades as criminals. But these folk's had more integrity and vision, backbone, ambition, than any of these clowns that run the corporate sector these day's ... and were straight up when it came to business! They had ground rules as well ... you screw up peoples investment ... and dont play straight, you may end up in one of many holes in the desert. This is wrong? Well ... whatever ... it kept order is what it done ... and showed example and consequence.

You look at these investors on Wall St these dayz and the associates of them, and the mega corporations with their monopoly type control ... the lack of any oversight, accountability , their outright bold moves, begging for taxpayer money ... then not returning the favour,etc. Someone needs to put a foot in their asses! I guarantee you ... if the so called "mob" was governing over their actions ... they would straighten up real quick! It got to the point where you can do anything you want, screw anyone you want, and you have no consequences for what you do. They have even destroyed what "free market" is all about! It is these folk's that are the true anti- wealth ... who are destructive to capitalism ... and in my opinion..... need to fail! And these weakling's are running the market's and laying the rules! There isnt even any repercussion's for incompetence these day's ... just run wild and dont give a damn about anything ... the tax payers will pamper you and forgive you.

We have no shortage of entrepreneurs, or competent people with innovative ideas, that would love to do straight business if they can get backed financially. More of our money needs to end up in their hands ... instead of rewarding and babysitting those we do now with our taxes. We need these regulation's, and some ground rules, some order ... it's what capitalism is all about and straight business. As common folks with a dream ... we not only have our Constitution ... but we also have a great deal of Opportunity, Options, and a spirit of Optimism. We dont need the crap we have been recently shown and given ... they need us!


Friday, June 19, 2009

President Obama HARASSED by Domestic EXTREMIST GROUP ... "PETA" ....

Now I know that this isnt important as say ... the seperation of Jon and Kate (God forbid) ... I mean ... I was sleepless with worry for just thinking that Jon would cheat on Kate! Or not as concerning as trying to figure out what the Supreme Raghead Council of Iran will decide to do about the voter fraud allegation's ... but ... nonetheless this has been an issue domestically ... so I feel a need to post it in this journal.

The other day during an interview with CNBC ... a "fly" (common house fly) was buzzing around the President's head and face while he was answering a question ... distracting him ... and harassing him, although the President did try to "brush" it away and give it ample warning. Therefore the President decided to retaliate ... and swat and kill the fly ... after the interview ... he did reach down to the floor and pick up the fly he just killed with a tissue. Actually I didnt even know this until yesterday (thursday 18, June, 09) ... as I was driving on a North Dallas Freeway ... listening to a local "talk radio" show ... and folk's were calling in questioning why the President would kill a poor innocent fly like that? I thought it was some kind of joke ... but these caller's were serious!

Then I went online later to read that the VP for Policy of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's), Mr. Bruce Friedrich, made a statement about the President doing this (newsread here) ... and reprimanded the President for his action's. This is the same group who said previously they were pleased with the President ... on his denouncement of factory farming and Canadian Seal hunting, and First Lady Michelle's stance against wearing fur. For Pete's sake ... what the hell do they want?!! They went as far as to send a "Katcha Bug" device to the White House for the President to carry with him ... which is basically a "humane fly catcher". Now can you imagine what our foreign adversaries may think if the President showed up in one of these fly infested nation's to negotiate/ talk with it's leader's ... and during the talk's ... the President pull's this out to humanely catch a fly? ... and we wonder why we get threat's or intimidated? The President was instructed by Mr.Friedrich to "Brush, dont Kill". The President did try to brush ... but understand a fly's nature ... it will keep coming back as though you are "playing" in most cases doing this.

Perhap's Mr. Friedrich could use some knowledge on the nature of the fly, since he is so concerned for their welfare. Sure ... I am one that brushes the flies off ... but if I for instance am online like this, busy ... and it keep's getting up in my face ... the SOB WILL DIE! ... you can call it an act of "hate" on my part. I had a job a few year's back ... where I was called on by fellow employee's whenever a stray fly was buzzing around ... because my co- worker's were fascinated by watching me catch flies in mid air ... keeping them alive in my hand ... then even somewhat taming them ... to where they didnt even try to fly off when I opened my hand to let them go. This is no joke ... folk's at work use to treat it as a spectacle to watch me do this ... and wonder how I did it. Actually it's quite simple ... I would tell them ... and fun ... for me it's somewhat of a sport I reckon ... but it's simply understanding the movement and reaction's of the fly is all, and being quicker than it, without acting so ... they never see me coming, or are even aware of me ... is my "trick" you can say.

PS: If you never caught flies in mid air ... and want to ... just for fun ... I'll explain here a start. From my experience ... most of these little creature's will just play or resist I learned at childhood. Watch the movement of it for a little bit, so you are "ahead" of it before it move's, they are faster to us, simply because of size/ weight and the amount of space.Brushing it away mostly will make it play and stay. Just stay still ... then quickly... not with the whole body, but a flick of the wrist, aim for the area you see in it's pattern ... not directly at the fly ... but about 5"/ 6" inches away from it where you assume it will head, so that you both meet the area at the same time.Snatch and close hand, cupping your thumb over index finger. You'll feel it buzzing around in there, shake it around within ... and it somewhat disable's it to where it wont fly immediately, open your hand flat ... and it just stumble's around (or toss it out). If it's on a flat surface ... same method applies ... you move about the same distance from it, above it ... when it catches your motion it will act to move ... you simply want to meet at the same place and time of it.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sexual Problem's, Phobia's, Confusion, Hypocrisy ... of American's and the species ....

It is rare that I would think about writing post's on sexual habit's,eating habit's, or even toilet habit's.... but looking at how IMPORTANT of an issue this is in our country and most of the species... I feel to add in this journal on the subject.

And this trashing of folk's because of these silly thing's is ridiculous.But it seem's that our live's are consumed with sex phobia's, gossip, dicrimination, crime, deprivation of equality and right's, clergy of the respected church's,our representative's in government,etc,etc. It is absolutely nut's! I mean ... does it actually worry folk's what David Carradine done behind closed door's... and his sexual desire's? Or that a man like Sen.John Edwards had a sex affair? With all that we have to concern ourselve's with.... that is REALLY serious... does any of this really matter? The list I could post here is endless actually.

We have this "dont ask,dont tell" policy for example in our military for starter's. I dont know what the purpose was behind it, because I never really read up on it, because to be frank... I really dont care what anyone does sexually, or even if they put their elbow's on the table while eating or say "grace" before meal's... or whether they use conventional toilet's or the toilet's like wealthy folk's do.... that may water spray your anus for wiping/cleansing after you use the toilet.Maybe I would be considered weird... but those thing's really dont concern me. Nor did I have any problem's with meeting gal's or dating gal's over the year's, or care if a guy who was sharing a bunk with me in anywhere's was gay, or otherwise.I reckon the dont tell thing would be not to frighten guy's in the military who would feel odd about sharing a bunk,tent,shower with a guy who like's guy's sexually... who the hell know's?

We say we should have all these taboo's on sex ... you turn on a tele in this nation.... you have a gal dancing with only her breast nipple's covered barely, and a shot of her crotch area... that barely has enough cloth to cover the genital, and the camera is as close as you can possibly get.And if it is a nude person... whether it's male or female... a black box looking block-out is covering these area's.My wife was breast feeding our daughter one day while we were shopping... and everyone in the store damn near was gawking at her.Why? Is this not natural? We show chimpanzee's and other's doing it on our educational network's.We put out this thing and say.... look...but dont touch... and what is the "right" reaction to have or whatever.We take the oldest known profession to human's(prostitution)and condemn those doing it... who basically do it... because so many of us are purchasing their service's.The confusion and hypocrisy both is incredible... it's about moral's? Who's moral's? And what era... or what tribe?

Most of us use the same bathroom at home...male/female share... yet when we go in public...we have to use a bathroom with designated sexes? Is that not sexist? or even discriminatory? If I need to take a leak... do I need to look for a restroom for male gender?,or piss my pant's? And if you were to urinate on a public sidewalk... it is a crime? and, Why is that? I mean... if you have to go... well... you have to go. If being gay should be open as well in the military... should not bunk's,shower's,dressing room's,etc,be unisex? Shouldnt all restroom's be as well?

I look at all the crime we have as far as sex crime's... I think one of the reason's there is so much sex crime's is because of how taboo and sexually isolated we make ourselve's. Why do I think there is nothing "wrong" with unisex restroom's or what have you? Because for one... it isnt true equality... and also if anyone does commit a sexual offense toward's a non participant person(s)... we have law's in place to deal with them... for one... they call it "sexual assault". At least... should that option not be available? For those who claim to be liberated(left),if you have any hang up about any of this ... you are not as liberated,as you claim to be or believe you are.For those who are right wing... and of the current era popular moral value's, did not God put breast's on women to breast feed their young? Why do you see this as "wrong".... why do you see sexuality if not done by some person's specification as "wrong",is there a "right" way to wipe ass your too? After all... God did not write the Bible.... man did. If you claim that he was inspired by God.... well then... so was Rev.Jim Jones, Vernon Howell(David Koresh) as well as Adolf Hitler, and the list goes on. And why does even males get to spread the good word(gospel) in most cases.... when in the gospel... it say's that after Jesus arose from the dead... he first appeared to "women" outside his tomb... and told "THEM" to witness as to what they seen and heard? Has he not appointed them right there to be priest's/preacher's? Did he not invite a prostitute to dine with him as well?

You can see why also I am not with the right or left ... I went beyond that point year's ago actually.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MARK W. SMITH/ Constitutional Lawyer ... Want's to outlaw Free Speech? ... and Defusing the "Ticking Timebomb"....

What inspire's this posting on this heavy stormy morning (Dallas has it's worst thunder/ hail storm's in the summer actually), is all I been reading and viewing online while enjoying breakfast ... about this Holocaust Museum shooting in the bustling City of Washington ... and the usual question's as to why these folk's do these act's ... and how to stop them?

I first ran across an interview on CNN with the Constitutional Law Attorney Mark W. Smith ... who is on a campaign to I reckon ..."modify" the First Amendment Right of  "Freedom of Speech". "Mr.Smith goes to Washington"... to claim that (in his own word's) ... "We are too tolerant of Hatemonger's" ... and of course the way to crack down on this is to start to make a set of rule's as to what you can say and write ... and how/what context. Actually a very complex system which would be open to a schlew of various interpretation's and draw some confusing line's in the court of law in my opinion.

This is coming to light mostly ... the same as 2nd Amendment Right's opponent's do, because of event's like this Holocaust Museum killing which was initiated by a suspect by the name of James von Brunn ... who been supposedly on a warpath against Jew's, Black's, the IRS, the Federal Reserve to name a few of his favourite's. Mr. von Brunn was gunned down himself ... but not before killing a security officer at the location unfortunately ... yet ... last I heard is von Brunn was still alive, even though he is 88 year's old ... he's a tough ole cookie ... heh? He's one of them ole boy's that probably seen his day's are numbered ... and wanted to go out at least with a bang ... after all ... his book "Kill the best Gentile" probably didnt make the Jew (New)York Times best seller list? (many of these folk's like to call New York ... Jew York I've noticed in their material's).

Then you have this Roeder case where he killed Womens Health Care Director Dr.Tiller, both Tiller and Roeder are heroes now to their own supporter's. Basically Tiller was a baby killing nazi to his killer ... and his killer call's himself a baby saver/ hero. What's next out of these folk's? Perhap's to start a movement to oppose eating egg's for breakfast because of the baby chick's that are killed in the process of cooking the egg? Um, um, um ... perhap's I should shut up ... I wouldnt want to inspire anyone to do something so stupid, because there are plenty of stupid people out there who who would consider it! Personally speaking ... I think Tiller should have hunted down Roeder before Roeder got to him ... because of all the harassment and assault's on him and his business, that would have solved that! They also say that the 1978 book "The Turner Diaries"(another "Mighty Whitey" publication) inspired Tim McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building .... uhhhh ... does Mr.Smith think that should also be banned? Perhap's the Holy Bible or Quran, since it also inspire's killing? I mean ... it is endless as to what can inspire someone to kill ... why not ban the 6 O'Clock News while were at it ... heh?

Having these right's we have ... also comes with a price ... freedom mean's just that ..."FREEDOM", on any level. This is why I say that most people dont truely understand the word. I personally am OPPOSED to ANY kind of modification's as to where the line is drawn on free speech ... as a matter of fact ... I think we are too tolerant of political correctness ... and indirect censorship for that matter. When I was a kid in grammar school ... one of the easiest way's to offend a kid in school was to insult their mother ... should we censor that as well?

All we are seeing is a ticking timebomb in many cases here. As I posted in several previous posting's ... we will see a rise of public unrest ... killing's ... suicide, etc. Simply the reaction to tension and the times is all. Everyone of us has thing's that we "hate" ... even the most liberated, loving, and worldly people, they are human too. If these hate group's need law enforcement to infiltrate, or need to have extensive investigation's done ... then they should get the job done ... period, NOT decide that they need to censor what we say! Do ya'll's goddamn job's! This DOES NOT defuse the ticking timebomb within ... it simply make's it harder to detect it by censoring our speech and thought's as a matter of fact. They keep it bottled up ... tell no one ... say nothing ... then just go off on a killing spree one day ... with no clue/ warning what they were thinking ... cause we didnt want to hear it.

What's even more nutty ... is Mr.Smith is even a conservative commentator ... imagine that!


Monday, June 8, 2009

CHINA: the "Sleeping Giant" ( PART 2 ) ... Global economic change's ... and the next step of the Global Economic Transition ....

Since I am not a "writer" ... by what define's a well rounded writer .... much of this journal will be bit's and piece's of what I posted in my earliest posting's, simply taking it step by step ... not very well organized, it may not seem ... very captivating or colorful, stylish, etc. But it all intertwine's in a way ... such as in my earliest writing's about the global transition to come, and the unique qualities of this particular recession, because the global effect's this time will be different than past one's, etc. Again ... this is a look at the entire picture instead of what we only want to look at. And the reason it is wise to look at the entire picture... is to be ready for the possibilities and obstacle's to come. However ... it is each person's "choice" to create whatever reality they choose in their mind's. I dont have any stories to create, or an agenda for that matter, or am one who think's I am right or wrong, or take a side with the left or right, etc. I am basically "nothing" ... literally ... except a reflection. My only goal in this journal ... is just to get the job done ... nothing else.


I call China the "sleeping giant" because of the reason's I stated in my first posting called "China: The'Sleeping Giant' PT 1 ... Hu Jintao and his Technocrat's ... positioning to lead...". Why the focus on China? Because like everyone else on this "ball of mud"(dirt and water) ... they have alot at stake... and because of the size of their investment, and ties to folk's like even North Korea ... and the amount we owe to them ... are some of the reason's of interest's... let's just say.I personally like some thing's about Hu Jintao(President) myself ... he is a new breed, and with his group of technocrat's are taking the old hardline communist way's of China in a new direction, and this country has alot to offer as well, as long as they stay on this path. We all know that China has been watching/ spying on us like a fox on a henhouse for year's, and it's not just because of their quest to take a major lead on the globe ... but to be frank ... they MUST look out for their interest's ... they have alot of American dollar's ... dollar's that were made off us ... and the trade with this country is so strong ... that one slip in it could be devasting to all countries on the globe economically. And we also owe them enormously ... and rightfully so ... I mean ... did we not ( our representation ) accept these loan's and investment's/ trade from them? And in a way ... we taken them for a goddamn ride too! We are not the spit and polish saint's that we fantasize we are ... at least the representative's of us. And everybody on the damn Hill in Washington know's all this ... better than the Hell I or any other American does ... they just dont say a damn thing! And most American's dont want to see reality ... even if they claim they do ... actually most human's for that matter.

We are seeing sign's of economic recovery domestically now. Now I know you may say ... we still are losing job's. Yes ... we are ... but not as bad ... as I said earlier ... if and when this President get's elected ... he will do everything he can, and there are just thing's that he will not be able to do ... they must "do" themselves is all, and it take's time ... because what is going to change is the economic transition that I talked about. We have to do this ... because you cant just build a global market like this simply by announcing ... "We are all now one big happy family", etc. And it is importante to downsize these mega financial entities as well! For Pete's sake ... by now ... I would hope we have duuuuuhhh ... "learned" how the failure of one of these can put us into war and crash the world market's all in the same day! This is why I focused so much on this in my earlier posting's! So we are not gaining job's, and just losing job's a little less ... well ... it's a start.

And for these gambler's and tightwad's that are still waiting to see how low home prices can go before they invest ... well ... ya'll better consider jumping in soon ... dont press your luck! Let me explain a little better here ... if you have money to invest ... within the next year is the best time ... and you better look at the whole picture ... not unless you want to lose your ass like other's did. Buy now/ soon! ... the interest rate's are low by past and future standard's, price's are dirt bottom too ... and the time for car investment's is now too, as far as financing is concerned. Let your money work for you, instead of you working for your money is all I am saying. Because the way thing's look mathematically and looking at past recession's ... in about a year to two ... we "may" be looking at interest rate's soaring to ridiculous rate's, and inflation going through the roof as well, perhap's tax increases, etc! And because of all the tossing around of billion's to "stimulate" us now ... as we been doing, and future domestic need's like "MORE" infrastructure money, and this transition of health care ... I dont see how we cannot raise taxes, so look at the taxing of everything to increase at some significance. All this will create it's own ripple effect as well ... so other area's will experience loss and hardship's that are not feeling too much strain perhap's right now. Heh, heh, heh ... you can say ... there is a little bit for everyone ... just get in line and wait your turn. :) Are we all going to the "poorhouse" who are working class? NO! ... Let's just say... we will learn to live more economically and modest is all ... we will be a little more like EU countries in a way ... BUT uniquely American as well. Is Obama a socialist? No ... he is a man of the times is all ... and needed ... he is a boyscout in a way ... actually an old school type patriot at heart ... which may sound odd ... considering all he's been labeled as ... but he is one of them guy's ... that idolizes the old school crowd ... like Lincoln ... fascinated with our Constitution, etc. Actually ... one could have seen this ... if they just looked at this guy way before he was even a candidate for President ... but most are more interested in their personal agenda's ... and just wanted to trash the man ... and get other's to listen to them. He's a damn fine man, but no ... he is no miracle worker though.

Another thing ... we cant just be concerned with what every other country is experiencing economically ... focus more on here, we cannot save all the hardship's that will come and go around the globe ... no matter how big of a happy family we delude ourselves into thinking we are. Much will need to be done by us for us. A little nationalism wont hurt anyone on the globe at this time. Jeff Rubin for instance ... author of the book "Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller" make's some interesting point's. And believe's that we may even see oil price's soar in the next couple year's to $200 a barrel (but who know's in this oil market today) ... and if this happen's ... we will also see a need for alot of domestic agriculture, and less coming into our port's from elsewhere's ... perhap's even see a revitalization to the rust belt area's (steel, auto, etc) up north. Why? Who can afford the transport/import price's? ... $$$$$ is why! We may see more increase to urban population's instead of suburbia as well, simply because of commuting expense's. This is also why President Obama been acting so vigorously on alternative fuel vehicle's as well ... not because of just going green ... or being less dependent on foreign oil or the other popular reason's you hear ... but because he see's what may come is all ... as far as how the oil price's will effect economic's on a very large scale is why. It's a matter of looking at the entire picture and being ready for the unexpected is all. You have to also consider this because ... our military is in high use right now ... and more to come ... and ... according to the last report I seen in 2006 ... of the "DoD" (Dept.of Defense) we are the largest oil consuming government body of not just the USA ... but the entire world ... our defense guzzle's oil ... at an incredible rate!

The recession being over talk ... this is needed ... not that it mean's that those poor worker's will be any better off ... but because ... we need to take the fear out of the mind's of those who have money to invest. Everyone is ratholing because of the fear ... the more confidence we can instill in them ... the more they will spend ... is the bottom line. And without this spending it would even be worse ... period. The system does need to collapse ... but it will over time ... through this transition that we are working on. The tax increases will actually help the working poor as crazy as that may sound (only because American's arent used to this as say European's) as far as social service's and such ... instead of a bunch of private gambler's and investor's playing only with our money ... a governing people's party will ... and make sure it is spent more wisely ... and less recklessly on a bet, and a little more domestically as well.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dr.George Tiller... and dealing with the threat of Domestic Terrorism ....

What inspire's this posting is first.... the death of Dr.George Tiller, and 2nd ... the outcry I been hearing all over the internet about folk's feeling there is a threat now of domestic terror.

I never even known of Dr.Tiller before this incident actually, so I been reading up a little bit on the guy the last couple day's, after his murder.Apparently,the fella was firm about fighting for his right's, and didnt scare too easy, already took a couple slug's some time back a gal gave him in his arm's,went through a bombing, going to work via armoured car, and his own armoured vehicle as well, amongst constant threat's for year's to name a few thing's he had to experience.... just to excersize his right's and do his job, being a Medical Director for a Wichita(KS) Womens Health Care Service's provider.

A suspect is being held without bond, by the name of Scott Roeder,and... he is innocent in this land until proven guilty.I know that he has beaten a previous case of possessing explosive's with the intent of pulling off a project he had in mind, on an illegal search technicality.But... since I am not on the jury and wont be... I can add my 2 cent's here. The evidence I see look's very conclusive... this include's testimonies from friend's,family, and supporting associate's as well. Last I read was he had a murder one count and two aggravated assault's.Kansas does have a death penalty... however... it hasnt actually executed anyone since 1976, and currently has 10 on death row. I feel that Texas could serve a more "fair" trial for the man. Texas has currently about 358 on death row(9 of those are women)and probably just executed someone in the last few week's or so... not sure... we move a little quicker here. I personally from what I see and know... would sentence the man to death... and immediately as possible.Why the urgency? To show that you are serious about getting the job done. Beside's...Mr.Roeder shouldnt have any problem with it ... he's a grown man and know's what consequences mean.

It appear's a softee defense is already brewing.All I hear about is, is he mentally insane? No... absolutely not... he is well organized and calculated. Is he doing this for God? Absolutely not... Mr.Roeder if truely a believer know's that God would strike down folk's like Dr.Tiller if he wanted to. Secondly ... this is not the spiritual world ... so Mr.Roeder must pay for his action's here... and NOW.If God want's to testify in his defense or whatever... he's welcome to show up in court. Now I hear some say that Mr.Roeder is only saving live's and the lesser of the two evil's.This doesnt matter either... the point is... he done what he done...was caught and should be executed in a timely manner if found guilty... none of this 20 year's on death row baloney. He is not protecting us from anything like tyranny, he is using death/terror as a threat to our right's as American's... he is a threat to your liberties... and using a tool that scare's people into doing what him and any associate's want.Much... similar tactic's of group's like the older KKK of America, and group's that we are fighting abroad like the Taliban or who have you.

I been reading, alot of folk's in America... are feeling now a threat of terror from those like this man Roeder or associate's... and trying to figure out what to expect or do? Well.... you do like Dr.Tiller done... you fight against a threat... that want's to take away your liberties... because this is the true tyrant.And if this is organized terror... you round up those committing these act's against American's... and you eliminate them through execution... and act efficiently and promptly, or else you will end up with the same stupidity we are having our troop's up against abroad.Some say murder is not the answer? Well... that's fine and dandy.... however... while you're looking for the answer... we need to get the job done... and eliminate the threat.

If you let anyone take any of your liberties/right's that you have without fighting it... your not acting very American or protective of what few right's we still do have!