Thursday, September 29, 2011

NAIM MUHAMMAD: 2 son's Elijah (3) and Naim (5) Drowned to Death on 1st day of School ... "Out of Love" (KILLER PARENT'S PT. 7)

This PT.7 of "Killer Parent's" will take a look at a local Dallas case where 2 young boyz Elijah (3) and Naim (5) were allegedly drowned to death, by their Dad who also according to news report's confessed to the offense. Some newsread/ video below, then some word's I will add.

DALLASNEWS.COM ... Dallas Police hold man suspected of Kidnapping, Drowning 2 young son's

DALLASNEWS.COM ... Police Documents: Man confessed to drowning two sons in remote area of Dallas County

***** NBC5 DFW: Father Who Drowned Sons Sentenced to Death ... this updated thursday 24 april 2014


There are a few thing's I want to bring up here, inspired by these cases and other issue's and concern's, being a father is what mainly inspired me to do this series to begin with. Another thing that really get's me in question about so many cases, is this endless mouthjabbering out of these incompetent parent's and their supporter's on how "loving" these folk's were of their children and loved one's, and how shocked everyone is, etc ... Mr. Muhammad for instance has basically just proclaimed love for his son's, over and over and over (I have also read alot of opinion's/ view's on this case over the last month). Then there is the record of domestic violence here, over, and over ... and these poor kid's have to live in this enviroment, simply because of one or both parent's who cant get their shit together or just walk away. In this case the Mom was the victim repeatedly and not even protected fairly by CPS or even Dallas County Sheriff's. Naim, the 5 year old was on his way to his first day of Kindergarten School when this occurred.

While in the car the other day listening to local talk radio, the discussion led to, how Father's these dayz are being discriminated in custody cases, not being able to have equal visitation right's etc ... from what I gathered, there is some organization/ movement concerning this, which I understand, it need's to be fair ... However in these cases like here with Mr. Muhammad ... how can you be fair or equal when these guy's constantly beat the shit out of their wives/ girlfriend's? No! ... this Guy has a history of this, including taking a hammer to the head of his own sister. And for those gent's upset that they cant hold their relationship's ... how can you ... well .... expect to have a woman at least halfway have confidence and love in you when your constantly either beating the shit out of her, screwing her out of her right's, scaring the children, etc? Now they argue that if the men were treated fairly, we wouldnt have these problemo's, or have at least alot less ... really? ... then how can you support it as a "mental disability"?, dont speak out of both side's of your goddamn mouth's to cover for this bullshit. This man has a history of violence on not just his women, but even his sister, giving him more right's to his kid's will not solve this issue, but only make it worse on all victim's. This is why I have also been a strong advocate in my area of women at least defending themselves and their children .

Another thing that got me about this case was the Dallas County Sheriff Dept officer that the mother ran to while her kid's were abducted/ kidnapped and forced into the vehicle by their Dad ... there was a Dallas County Constable (Officer) at the "scene" who stopped her from chasing the car with her children in it, because she didnt have flashing cruiser light's and a siren ... okay, I'll buy that, however, that officer just call's Dallas Police instead and stand's there ... the arguement on that was "following proceedure" ... another case of where someone let's a rule book think for them in a case of solid kidnapping and possible life endangerment to the kid's/ abductee's ... I mean ... what in Hell are you thinking man?! This is nothing but a cover for this growing laziness and incompetence, or just officer's whining about jurisdiction's or their job limitation's, union rules, or other slacker bullshit! The Sheriff's Dept whined that they only have 40 officer's for warrant pursuit's, and over 65,000 outstanding felony warrant's ... okay ... well why dont you take those officer's you put at intersection's to write ticket's to cover Dallas Police, so DPD officer's dont have to write ticket's? What's more importante, writing citation's or stopping folk's like this? ... supposedly Mr. Muhammad had outstanding felony warrant's on probation violation's (verified), that resulted from ... well ... violence on women.

I also need to add here that Mr. Muhammad is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty ... I'm basing this posting on, being there is a confession by the accused on this and all the strong evidence, including an eyewitness County Constable, the victim's mother, etc. In the State of Texas to qualify for the Death Penalty, it has to be at least one case of Capital/ Murder One, along with another serious felony ... example ... an armed robber hold's up a store and kill's the clerk and/ or customer's (which is actually quite common in this town) ... you have the murder one count accompanied by the felony assault and armed robbery count ... meaning you qualify basically. In this case I would just assume, that the other felony that could be raised here by the prosecution to qualify would be the kidnapping charge, and the fact that the brick used is also battery in this manner, unless that is a seperate federal count as far as kidnapping, not sure, just assuming that there is also a state count, even though kidnapping is widely known as a "federal" offense ... so this has to be looked at tighter as far as jurisdiction's, precedent's, etc, I reckon.

Word Out ....


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GENITORTURERS: "Flesh Is The Law", "Take It", & "Lecher Bitch" (For Dave)

This posting will be a look at "Genitorturers" ... and also it's induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . But also because whenever this group/ crew comes up in talk, it seem's like the first thing you hear about is their theatric's/ stage show, which is great, however, it should not highlight this crew's music/ composition ... much of the show's that got notoriety, were behind the sexual theme's incorporated, which also heavily included Sado/ Masochism and related fetishes ... but this crew is really a tight group "live", as well as their studio work music- wise, even if they didnt have any show for that matter, trust the Chimp here! I put this group in the upper crust of their music ... I wont say "genre" here, because I know that this group does NOT like to be categorized in any, that's Wikipedia's job as far as I'm concerned : ) And frontwoman Gen is really an excellent vocalist as well, who I also credit so much of the band's longevity and direction with, playing a very intrical part.

Crew's such as "Alice Cooper" and/ or "Marilyn Manson" for instance who have achieved much success in the industry were also heavily noted at first for their unique theatric's only, but both those crew's as well as I have pointed out before were very tight as far as music/ composition too ... I put this group at that same level of work and intensity, and really commend them for their heavy touring and working on a much tighter budget and backing than those larger act's. But some chat about this group with a couple guitarist's the other day Mike, and Dave of Sights & Sounds Arlington is what inspired this posting that is past due as well. Both Mike and Dave are about 20 year's younger than myself, and Dave, was playing venues underage, going back into Dallas' underground at least 20 year's, but alot of folk's may think of this crew as new rookies, but this crew has been around awhile and really paid their due's as well with their work ... it was an old friend and fellow musician "Joe Christ" , who turned me onto this band, and this was nearly 20 year's back. I have seen Genitorturers twice "live" here in Dallas over the year's, show's about 5 year's apart, and even both show's had entirely different theme's and sound, both excellent in my opinion, from a hand's first experience and assessment.

Trying to find "live" performance's that were good audio- wise was a tad difficult on YouTube being of some of the folk's who just had not so good luck taping/ recording/ reproduction, etc, some just didnt serve properly to the group audio- wise, because "live" they sound very good as far as engineering, but I also seen them in a couple prime small venue's, that are set up well as far as acoustic's. So I tried to select what I could of a few favourite's here ... and Thanx to this crew for all their art!! ... Enjoy! : )



"TAKE IT" (Live) Thanx to RJHWEB

"LECHER BITCH" ... Thanx to CAB5776



Monday, September 26, 2011

AMERICAN JOBS PT. 1: "Jobs, Jobs, & Mo Jobs" ... Looking for a JOB in America? ... Check the CHINA DAILY employment section {: 0

This was a MUST for this journal's miscellaneous piece's! I was taking this as a serious issue, but busted a gut in laughter once the video was complete below ... because this is another ABC News piece ... that just make's one wonder about what our loving great leader's/ representative's are doing in the first place about "Jobs in America"? I mean ... are they not on both side's in the daily news talking about the newest buzz talk ... "Jobs, Jobs & Mo Jobs"? : )

Nothing at all here against the Chinese, as a matter of fact, I am hoping for a great future alliance with this nation ... but this must make you wonder once again ... is there "anything" even halfway sincere or halfway honest about any of these mouth piece's we see in the news daily? ... with their offer's of what they will give us, if we vote for them, the GOP for instance in their debate's I hear are talking about "jobs" like there's nothing else, mind you ... the same folk's who said for year's, that government cant do a damn thing about jobs or should ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I mean, which is it ... can ya'll create jobs and/ or should, or not? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... these folk's are mostly more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant. : ) Sure there's been already plenty of jobs ... were just looking in the wrong newpaper's for them : ) ... Oh by the way ... Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has a different offer ... vote for her and she will get you gas/ petrol for your vehicle for under $2 a gallon ... I wonder ... will we need a vouchure programme for that? {: )

ABC NEWS/ US ... Bringing America Back: Are Infrastructure Jobs Being Shipped To China? ... this is newsread for this and additional video for the ABC News series "Bringing Back America".


And a lil song fitting for the time's of awareness ... from the Godfather of Soul and the hardest working man in the industry Mr. James Brown ... "Living in America" ... Thanx to JAMES BROWN VEVO : )


Friday, September 23, 2011

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN ... "Stand- Off & Outta Town by Sundown" (PT.1) ... The Return of the SATAN SANDWICH {: (

Well ... It's that time of the year once again, and time to put back on our "frightened mask's" and once again become Scary Mary & Larry, shivering in fear and at each other's throat's in that good ole American tradition bitching to each other who is good and who is evil, which satan sandwich is worse, and asking again after were told to jump in fear ... "How high Master?". Some video's/ newsread below, then of course, a few word's from the Chimp here ...

RCJ: Satan Sandwich, Fright Fries, & Potomac Piss Tea To- Go ... Leadership Vs. Weakness & RC's "Liberal Perspective" (Debt Crisis PT.4) this is the previous "satan sandwich" piece which partly inspired this title, you can look at the face of fear that should loom once again viewing mid- way in this piece the reaction of Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver in particular.

This will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1, THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

CNN: Senate reject's GOP spending plan as SHUTDOWN LOOM'S

Andy Cooper voice's his note's here perfectly clear ... but also note the math here as far as figure's on how much work GOT DONE when Democrat's were a majority in both the Congress and Senate, a Hell of alot more work! This "show's" you CLEARLY that the Republican Party are the entire "instigator's" of this circus that's going on, the MATH speak's for itself. Now, one may say if the Republican's had both houses they would get MORE DONE(?) ... True ... however ... being a former Republican voter and also very keen to the Republican agenda today ... YOU DO NOT want them to have a majority in both houses.

***** CNN: KTH: 'Do- nothing' Congress ... (video)

As for myself, I dont have much sympathy and/ or explaining why this or that is done, asking what we should do? etc, etc ... I know what to do as I have posted previously time and again ... it's just a matter of how long will the American People put up with this continuous nonsense? Again, this is all staged over and over and over ... they get into a bind, each side blame's each other (the stand- off), they deal the fear card, then all take another week or month vacation (outta town by sundown) while we shiver in fear, and wait in anticipation, worrying/ wondering what we will have to give into next, or suck up to, to appease these of what's over half a crew of incompetent misfit's, while they are on vacation brewing up a fresh batch of the same bullshit to package in a new cover to come back with, let the clock run down while we sweat and shiver, then at the last moment ... miraculously agree to something or some package that cut's deeper into us and leave's us holding the expense and burden of their ill action's. And especially notice how when I said "miraculously" at the last moment ... manage to all of the "sudden", to be able to agree ... once of course they managed to draft some bullshit to screw us and give in to their special interest's support. All this right there, show's you CLEARLY just how full of shit this crew is as a whole ... even a person by now with a below average IQ could see this ... need I say more?

Word Out!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

PRES. AHMADINEJAD of IRAN ... present's the UN with some unfashionable Truth's, that make's Member's/ Delegate's "Walk Out" ...

This will be just another miscellaneous reference posting to look at the President of Iran's statement's to the UN today, which made UN members/ delegate's walk out again. I know of Iran's reputation of oppression, even my brother- in- law left Iran year's ago, he was born and raised there, his son (my nephew) though is US born and a US Marine Sgt., but he cant even return to visit familia without the possibility of imprisonment simply because of the stand he took against the government's wayz, till this day. And I know the political stories in the news today, like why the hiker's were released yesterday, the eve of this address, etc ... but this posting is not about politic's or to point out who is more evil or good, more right or wrong, but to simply look at these two short's clip's and what the President "said".

Early in this journal I talked about the war's/ terror that we may face, simply because of our interference in other land's interest's, not us personally, but those who dictate our circus for instance. And I dont know if the President wrote this address himself or those who dictate him, however, it is true what he sayz here, at least in my opinion and view, and looking at history ... and this posting is only to look at that, not the politic's or whatever else.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE/ LONGER OF THE ADDRESS (posted on YouTube) ... I recommend watching this more in length one too, because it's well put together and worth it. And I actually started laughing on this toward's the end, just seeing "which" delegate's were walking out : ) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the truth can really constipate some folk's.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech sparks UN walkout ... Thanx to THE TELEGRAPH


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WASHINGTON'S $16 Muffin & Multi Million Dollar Bluffin ... (Not just another Cheatin Song!) "Mo of Yo Money PT.1"

This will just be another reference posting for this journal, and Part 1 of a new series called "Mo of Yo Money" ... to show just how Washington operate's on some avenue's ... there is more cheatin, lyin/ bluffin, etc, than the greatest Country Western cheatin song classic's! Frankly if it were up to me ... I would have all these SOB's as I wrote in the past, eating to-go bucket's of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway Sandwiches, etc. But enough from me, and just read and view the piece's below, because it's our tax dollar's ... Word Out!

The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley- Audit finds wasteful spending in DOJ events ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

ABC NEWS: Audit finds $16 muffins at Justice Department Conferences ... some newsread on this.

After reading/ viewing this piece, I could'nt help to think of an ole favourite 1974 C&W classic I loved by the legend Moe Bandy "I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today" ... Thanx to GYPSYLAW
This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



This Veteran's Spotlight posting will be primarily to highlight Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, but I felt a need to include his brothers here Juan Rodriquez- Chavez and Adeomola Fabayo (who both received Navy Crosses), because of how this crew operated together on the decision of then Cpl. Meyer to defy order's and all else to do the moral thing and save their brother's that they could. I have been reading so much about this over the last two week's, that I could probably write a short story on Meyer ... but I also lack formal writing background/ education, so it was hard enough to try to select just what to put in this posting too!

Meyer since all this rise to atencion, had also turned down corporate job offer's and quit from contracting to such after seeing what he called the "politic's" that were involved, and the pay was much more than working last I heard as a inde mechanic, who just want's one day to have his own small business ... and this is what you frankly dont see much of in our society and it's overall mindset, this also show's his want for freedom and independence ... he said in one interview ... why should he work for some of these folk's and have to listen to them tell him what to do, if they dont even know how to do their own job's? ... which is right on the money. Some folk's just dont get that though heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

However ... what stood out to me so much about Meyer is his defiance and integrity, and this has went on not only in the Corp, but in his everyday life even before and after his active duties in the Corp, and once a Marine, alwayz a Marine. Despite repeated orders to stand back, Meyer defied order's and WOULD NOT leave his brother's dead or alive, no matter even the consequence's of charge's against him ... he said in one interview I recalled ... that it was no decision to make, he would either save his brother's or go to jail trying, for disobeying. He has had run in's time and again for being so straight spoken and an independent thinker even in the Corp with commanding officer's, and was told even by a recruiter once, that he could never make it as a Marine ... well ... so much for the formal bullshit, eh? I have heard some war stories myself, and this one really stood out as well ... but enough from me, and let the rest of this and link's tell. And a damn good JOB!

WASHINGTON POST NATIONAL: At Medal of Honor event, the story left untold




And a lil music piece here to dedicate to those, from Jason Reed ... "MARINES HYMN" (as you've never heard it before!) ... Thanx to JTREED05


Monday, September 19, 2011


This Part 2 of Gov. Perry is to show some other figure's as far as poverty as well in the Lone Star State, which has increased here as fast as the job growth that's so talked about in the media's, and the Governor brag's about constantly. SEE CNN MONEY PIECE BELOW ....



***** "Los Colonias de Tejas" ***** ... this video link here will show just one of the many colonies of part's of South Texas, area's that I have frequented for many year's, so it is very accurate as to the condition, and this is 2011 ... and my friend Margie Salazar grew up down here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

KEPLER- 16b (TATOOINE): ... "Planet of the Rise of Sun's" (Above & Below PT.3)

Related image

Another recent find below to be added to the "Above & Below" series of this journal. And this is something that I visioned for year's in thought ... not from a read or movie though, just something that popped up randomly in my head, I never seen "Star Wars" that they speak of ... just didnt have much interest in that I reckon as far as film ... my favourite film's though are all the old Clint Eastwood Western's for the record ... but these find's are alwayz fun to read about! : )

By the way ... the title I gave this as far as "Planet of the Rise of Sun's" was inspired by the classic song, made most popular in the mid- 1960's when recorded by the Brit group, "The Animals" ... called "House of the Rising Sun" ...

POST NOTE: I also want to add that after a blogger INFIDEL753 ,commented that the nickname "Tatooine" kind of mixes I reckon sci- fi with actual science, I will put the other name first on the title of this posting, "Kepler- 16b", so that no one will mix this up with the movie creation, before having a chance to read it. I didnt give it much thought at first or ever watched the series of movies or read any of the stories/ book's of "Star Wars" or other related movies/ book's ... but I do know that they have a big following and these people have sat outside movie theater's even an entire night in the element's to watch a new release of such according to mainstream media news source's.

***** NASA: NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers a World Orbiting Two Stars ... (newsread)

***** PD/ RCJ: "ABOVE & BELOW" PART'S 2 & 1


Thursday, September 15, 2011

SOLYNDRA (ABCNEWS): "Job's Deal's" & FISHING for "Political Meal's"

First here some link's and video's below on this "fishing expedition" then a few word's of opinion I will add after ....

ABCNEWS/ THE BLOTTER: Solyndra Loan ... Now Treasury Department Launching investigation ... some additional newsread and video

ABC NEWS ON SOLYNDRA: White House on the Hot Seat ... Thanx to ENERGYANDCOMMERCE

One of the reason's we are so slow to get a goddamn thing done in this country is basically the political grandstanding that these two parties take, who spend more goddamn time on bullshit, nitpicking and henpecking each other than doing their job's actually ... I mean, every little thing that come's up that they can bum- rush on either side, they are all over like a cheap suit. This time we have the Republican Party (once again ... and this is an old familiar tune with this crew especially) all over this half billion dollar so called "loss" as far as this "Solyndra" government investment. And were quick to gobble it up especially, if we only look at the politic's instead of the reality of the situation. But again, the President and this Administration will of course be the one's holding the bag on this ... and this was a so- called bipartisan joint effort actually that obviously the Republican's supported 110% at the last of the Bush Administration. I also want to point out here that what I write in this, is truely from a real bipartisan view as well as a real conservative pro- business view ... not this politipop herd of today's conservatism in America or this religious cult conservatism.

I mean even this job plan that the President just proposed will not even get any damn where's without being twisted into something that it wasnt even meant to be, by the time that everyone feed's their lil side order of pork into it. Then when someone does make a bold move and take a chance at trying to create some actual job stimulation and/ or growth in the private sector ... and it take's a bump or a total loss, each side is grandstanding on how they were/ are against it, and how the American people need answer's, as if they ever give us any goddamn answer's to begin with, half these folk's that represent us cant even do their own goddamn job's efficiently to begin with ... I sware that if I ever had a group of misfit's working on my crew like this, I would fire/ terminate half their asses. As far as nitpicking this one, who knew what or who mislead who ... you got alot of folk's involved on both side's, and if there was any mislead fact's or presentation's or such ... let the FBI and affiliate's do their work, and ya'll get off ya'll's asses and get the Hell back to ya'll's work! The only real loss is these poor folk's that worked for the company and had the door's shut on them without no warning.

"IF" you really want to stimulate job growth in even a half- assed type capitalistic/ free market society (I say "half- assed" type, because we are truely not a total free- market at all, regardless of the talk you may hear, if we were, those who cant stand their ground would be allowed to fail, period) ... you HAVE TO make investment's and you HAVE TO expect even LOSSES ... that is part of the game simply ... we lost a half billion dollar's basically on this is all ... get the Hell over it, cry for a day, then forget it the next and get on to business, the company filed bankruptcy and is history, another will take it's place ... this is the world of "Loss Vs Gain", period. I dont hear one of this bunch on the Republican side mentioning one thing ever about the several billion dollar's in shrink- wrapped U.S. currency that was sent to Iraq when the bank's were inoperable by the last Administration, that ended up missing to this day and is still unaccounted for to this day (something in the range of about $12 billion on one count) ... not a peep. Not one peep about the excessive and unecessary defense spending we do for mega- corporate interest's/ international investment banking in these foreign land's that we occupy either. You dont see the GOP bitching about THIS HERE , wonder why?

Word Out ....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ALICE COOPER/ VINCENT FURNIER: "Cold Ethyl", "I'm Eighteen", & "Killer" (For DeeAnn)

Related image

The other day while going over some of my music posting's with a friend (Dee), I was broadsided with the question as to why in Hell ... I dont have any Alice Cooper in this journal?!! The thing is, I have many pick's, some I have been sorting through the wide selection's on YouTube, which is time consuming, because I take many factor's into consideration when choosing a video as I pointed out in previous posting's. Alice is one of those I was getting to, and would not be without in this journal, believe me.

So this will be Alice's induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . There is a whole buffet of stuff I could write about this outstanding artist/ composer, but with such a lengthy and controversial history, I will let the above Wikipedia link handle most of it. Mr. Furnier was so unique in a time when he actually had probably the hardest time trying to get into the music scene of what was hard rock and early metal foundation sound's ... I mean, here was the son of a preacher out of Detroit, who goes to the West Coast to try to compete with a scene that was basically post psychedelic era band's, with flower's in their hair in some cases and writing more about peace and love as well, or acid(LSD) trip's. Mr. Furnier incorporated violence, death, the macabre, etc, and also he had a thing for incorporating much theatrics and choreographic idea's as well, which was somewhat fresh, unusual and considerate to serve the themes of his composition and performance ... others were not touching on this or related. And he was definitely and still is one of the hardest working people in the industry next to the legend James Brown ... and both these artist's in particular had much influence on me as well as a kid/ young man, as far as my interest's and love of music ... Alice as well had much influence on many in this industry, and of course another icon Marilyn Manson was strongly influenced by him.

Dee (DeeAnn) was only a baby in the early 1970's not being able to catch the experience of an Alice Cooper performance of that time of his explosive prime, a time where he set a new trend in the industry as well. I myself first experienced Alice Cooper "live" in Montreal, QE (Canada) as a teenager (early 1970's), then a decade later in Dallas, TX ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you could also have some psychedelic drug's at his show such as acid, just hope you dont get it confused with reality, being it would have a reverse effect on your trip, let's just say, between the beheading/ execution's, killing, snake's, blood/ gore, etc (you who know what I mean, get my point, so enough on that : ) Dee is absolutely in love with Alice Cooper, and one of the biggest fan's of him I ever known! ... she has a room at home strictly devoted to his music and memorabilia even ... so Dee ... this posting is dedicated to you Dear! Enjoy!

"COLD ETHYL" (Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY 08/ 26/ 2017) ... Thanx to Otom Izot

"I'M EIGHTEEN" (Live 1979 San Diego, CA) ... Thanx to SHOUTFACTORYMUSIC

Alice Cooper- Killer- 11/ 2/ 1972- Hofstra University (Official) ... Thanx to ALICE COOPER ON MV


Image result for alice cooper vintage poster


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CNN/ NASA NEWS: 16 'SUPER EARTHS' found outside Solar System (Above & Below PT.2)

This news just in today, that was a must to add to this journal, with newsread and various link's below pertaining to this find and other project's from NASA and affiliate's, and announcement's to be made this week, not that they found life, but just other planet's of great size. But a must, because I have just commonly thought my whole life that there are other planet's out there, that also have life very similar to our planet, and perhap's an identical evolutionary cycle at that ... simply meaning the same element's that make this planet what it has become, whether it's as evolved as our's, or maybe in other stage's similar to what we went through over the last couple billion year's to this date, or perhap's even beyond.

***** CNN/ IN SPACE: 16 'Super Earths' found outside Solar System *****

PD/ RCJ: "ABOVE & BELOW PT.1" ... Image's in TIME and EVOLUTION ...


16 New Super- Earths Just Discovered ... Thanx to VIDEOFROMSPACE


Sunday, September 11, 2011

GORILLA'S PT.2: CNN Track's Gorilla Survivor's of Human Terror on their communities ... Human's TERROR on Nature (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.2)

CNN here does a follow up on the community of the rare Gorilla's that were massacred execution style, even set on fire, a few year's back. One of the reason's for posting this is to show what terror the human species bring's to not just human's, but to damn near everything of nature period, and all this was strictly for money/ energy. Now I know that extinction of species is as common in nature as the changing of the season's ... I mean, right now for instance as species are becoming extinct, numerous new species are developing, that's part of evolution. But what is unique about the human species is it's quest to ravish and destroy everything natural, and of course, it's common that human's consider themselves as superior to everything as well, and as for those religious type's, that simply have an ancient human written doctrine to allow themselves to do whatever with no consequence, and to be forgiven for whatever they do, and to believe that it is a mission from a higher power, the same higher power that they say created it all ... yet have little regard for what their creator, created ... now if that isnt twisted human thinking ... I dont know what is, but it is the reality.

Of course these ape's have also been blindsided again by our corrupted twist to accepting human's as a non- threat ... then also being vulnerable to our weapon's. Again, this wasnt in defense or for food and done on a species that was plentiful like a hunter would do for food (I hunted alot myself as a young man, but alwayz ate and shared for food what I hunted, and never a fellow ape species) so they begin to trust human's because of those they can, only to be massacred by the other human's, with no defense of their own, just like duck's sitting in a pond.

U.S.NEWS/ POLITICS: The story behind the Killings of Congo's rare Mountain Gorilla's


RCJ: GORILLA'S PT.1/ The Other Tenant's PT.1: .... Almost Human? ... or is it ... Human almost Gorilla? ... and "Familia Value's" ....


Help STOP the Mountain Gorilla Massacre ... Thanx to MARY ALICE PETCH- POLLARD


Saturday, September 10, 2011

CISSIE/ CIZZIE888: Cover's Metallica's Kirk Hammett guitar piece/ solo of "Master of Puppets" ...

Another piece here from Cissie , who is already in this journal's RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY to be added here is her cover of Kirk Hammett's guitar piece and solo of Metallica's "Master of Puppet's" , and what a job she does here, with her own unique flavour on it! ... and Thank You for sharing Cissie ... Enjoy! : )


Friday, September 9, 2011

KELLY THOMAS PT.2: Toxicology Test's from O.C.' Best & America's changing Homeless Societies (Police Brutality PT.6)

This PT.2 of Kelly Thomas (Police Brutality PT.6) is to look at what is shameful about this case, below, what the father of Kelly is having to go through, who is also career law enforcement and trained officer's himself on dealing with these situation's ... yet even now, a couple month's after the murder of his son, Orange County still are waiting for toxicology result's, and other rambling's/ excuse's they have ... I mean ... what country are they being done in?, and are they travelling by boat/ ship to return? This is clearly more of the intoxicated mind boggling bullshit and runaraound that has plagued the working citizen's and middle America in recent year's, that just continues on a decline, not just from our government but even law enforcement. Posting's/ link's and video below, then some word's I will add, as well as taking a look at the changing face of America's homeless societies.

LOS ANGELES TIMES/ L.A.NOW: Kelly Thomas' father accuses Orange County D.A. of foot dragging

RCJ: KELLY THOMAS PT.1: Fullerton PD hogtie, electrocute, & beat man's skull to a pulp on transit park curb, that led to DEATH (Police Brutality PT.6) ... and link to "Police Brutality" Part's 5 thru 1

Garo Mardirossian: Details revealed in Beating Death of Kelly Thomas ... GAROLAW

Another reason of this posting is because recently over the last couple month's, I have also heard various rant's about the victim, community, and familia of the victim ... mainly asking why all these folk's are all of the sudden jumping up to defend this homeless man, including his father, when he was homeless and getting no support before he was murdered? So because of this, I want to point out some of the various circumstance's of homelessness in America, and the various societies of homelessness you see today in urban America. I basically came up as a street kid, spent alot of time as well around such, and done a few year's working security in an active nightclub district watching the street and patron's/ customer's who frequented the venue's, etc ... you had many commissioned and non commissioned security working out there, several undercover unit's, and several contract moonlighting police officer's that were just making a lil extra side cash, while off duty. But when out there working with folk's on both side's, it is difficult to put your emotion's to the side, and not have some compassion for what you run into, such as in this case here I pointed out (last paragraph).

Look, I dont know Kelly Thomas' personal familia situation, nor does it pertain to this case as far as I'm concerned, but we have openly accepted this large homeless situation that will grow even alot more over the next several year's ... which is a creation of ALL OF US! But that is his familia's business, and damn well doesnt excuse the recklessness of these officer's involved with his death. I can tell you this though, that many that have mental illness condition's are on the street's by choice in many cases and simply cannot any longer function in the societies that they were originally bred in ... many have been drugged half to death through institution's, that use these type's to also experiment as well as try to help, many of those who come from lower/ moderate income background's who become too much burden, and of no longer any use to the establishment get discarded from their care center's, literally dropped in the street's to the closest skidrow (usually by unmarked van's without window's in the back area of the vehicle), without further med's, service's, and many time's just basic clothes that they were given to put on their back from charity center's, only so they cant be identified or connected with what institution they were at, and this is very popular of a practice especially in Central Los Angeles.

Year's back, you had the common homeless, boxcar hopper's, hitchhiking transient's, and wino type's that were all over the inner urban area's, then came the 1970's addicts, who were just strapped out for cash or keeping a roof over their head because their heroin addiction got the best of them, with personal hygenic decline, health care, etc ... they too became permanent fixture's in a new society of squat type's staying in the abandoned place's they could find, who's going to hire them?, or even give them a chance? where's the drug rehabilitation? beside's locking them up in privatized prison industries on petty drug offenses, where they are now a commodity, and on the stock market's like cattle and worth $35K/ $40K per head annually. Adding to that, the next crowd of the mid 1980's and 1990's was the new crack/ cocaine homeless, and the HIV/ POS ones, etc, then adding to the newer type's came those like Mr. Thomas, dumped from institution's etc ... when they were done with them, many so mentally screwed up even more after their isolation from society and institutionalization, repeatedly fed with new and old drug's (institutional legal drug's), evaluated over and over, then dumped in an urban area, some in smaller cities they buy them a bus ticket to any place as far from where they are, and a couple meal voucher's, just to get rid of them when their of no more or any use. The newer societies of the 21st century are those who dont have any of these problem's, even veteran's in the thousand's, many are simply a victim of the new shape of capitalism with so many variation's now, from unemployment, broken home's, lousy parent's, illness, bankrupt from an illness, home's lost to foreclosure, or any other reason that doesnt even pertain to drug's/ alcohol or mental illness. There is no one or two faces of homelessness now, you can say there is more equality, even on racial/ ethnicity and class lines. I have talked to all type's, and all the cases are different it seem's.

But probably when I worked the street in my late 40's early 50's was when I had my most contact with them, I knew them all in my sector, I was even asked once by my employer, how come so many homeless and deadbeat's know me and alway's are asking for me, or where I am? I explained to him, it is in him and his partner's best interest's that I know all the street people and work with them, they are also an eye's and ear's for law enforcement on the more serious issue's of actual cime, cause they are out there around the clock 24/ 7 rain or shine, they miss hardly anything. Several were even veteran's, which was the most nauseating part for me, knowing that my life is so safe and good because of their past effort's and duty, and it got emotional for me at time's, because I know when they are telling the truth. And I know the scammer's usually that are not even homeless, just posing to be or related to that situation (very few though in number's) ... yes, they have panhandler's, who dress down and hold sign's at intersection's, because if you know your game, the money can be better than working, but they alwayz have a giveaway trait, if you know your game.

About a decade back, I was on Hollywood Blvd with my teen daughter, on the lower end of the Blvd, walking out of a combo liquor/ market store ... out front a shabby dressed aqualung looking man with his shopping cart full of junk, stood alone ... she freaked out over his appearance, which was somewhat striking, at least to a kid (not for me) ... she said something like, look at that Guy dad ... poor Guy, etc ... I told her, dont look directly at him, he's "5-0"/ LAPD ... she said "a cop?" ... I then pointed out to her that his fingernail's were too clean, his clothes well worn but lacked soiling, his hair simply unwashed and uncombed, his beard shabby, but had no split- end's on the edges, he was moving his head back and forth acting mentally challenged, but his eyes squinted sharply and in view of everything 360 ... he hadnt made me/ us, but I made him right off hand ... so you even have a few cop's out there in the crowd, some even dress as player's/ hustler's, mack's/ pimp's.

Many of the street low end prostitute's these dayz that are solo/ inde are simply a product of these institution's and victim's of crack/ heroin, no mack want's them, their unbathed, many are HIV/ POS, they go in and out the revolving door of the system, used, then thrown back to the same society sector that influenced their decline to begin with. These societies are a creation of our societal mentality, and when something drastic happen's is only when many are reckonized, and still then used also. I used to get a few of them odd job's at different small club's, restaraunte's, usually grunt work, outside, groundskeeping, etc ... and found time and again even small business owner's trying to screw them out of pay and downgrading their meal's for payment. So our society is not as loving and generous as we sometime's believe. If Mr. Thomas had no father/ familia, there is a good chance, that not a damn thing would have been noticed. The point here is not to question the personal reason's for Mr. Thomas' homelessness and familia relation's, but the fact that he was an American, who at once was like any other common citizen participating in our type society .. and those who protect us, murdered him. And this current show of a toxicology report/ result's taking month's to complete is just more cover up sidestepping bullshit as well.

That's the Reality ....


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ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ ENGINEERING GROUND ZERO: From Debris & Ash to World Class Architectural/ Structural Design ...

This will also be included into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" , because of the art of the design and those behind it, who in my view ARE artist's for their work ... and what a work of art this will be! But also this posting is inspired by the last few dayz of heavy mainstream media coverage of the decade ago terror event that took place in New York City, the image's, interview's of former leader's, the misery of that day, etc, etc ... so this posting is to view the flip side of the event and the new to rise from the terror, ashes, lives lost, and debris.

When the 9/11 event went down, I was with my daughter taking her to her High School in the Downtown Dallas Art's District at a redlight on Turtle Creek Blvd @ Lemmon Av in Dallas' Oaklawn/ Uptown District, it came over the radio airwave's interrupting regular programming ... I actually thought that some small aircraft somehow went off course and hit the Trade Center Tower, when they announced the 2nd strike on the next tower, I knew it was more than that. The first image's that went through my head was as a kid, how I loved racing my 10- speed bike through the street's of Manhattan super fast on sunday morning, because the traffic very early was the least dense of any time other in the week. One of the place's I loved to stop that just fascinated me, was the World Trade Center construction site ... surrounded for safety by plywood wall's with window's in it to view the site, the holes for the base foundation of Tower Two were gigantic to me as a kid, like looking into the Grand Canyon of sort (remembering flying over the Grand Canyon as a kid going to the West Coast), and were active what seemed to be 24/ 7/ 365 ... and reflecting image's in my mind that I remembered as a kid standing on the roof/ observation of the Trade Center ... what a remarkable view New York was from 110 stories!

Below some video's and info/ link's on the new One World Trade Center and some preview from PBS/ NEWHOUR on the new PBS/ NOVA documentary to be aired tonight, including how new design has come of this event ... Enjoy!


ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ PORT AUTHORITY OF NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY some view's of animation, progress, "live" video cam on the One World Trade Center project

"Engineering Ground Zero" ... Explores challenges of redesigning at Historic Site ... Thanx to PBS/ NEWSHOUR

How has skyscraper design changed since 9/11? ... Thanx to PBS/ NEWSHOUR


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FRONT242: "Welome to Paradise", "Work 01", "Headhunter"

This induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY will be to honour and sample the crew "FRONT242" , a crew out of Brussels, Belgium ... a town with a great alternative music scene as well. But this crew has done some remarkable work and has had a long career and even inspired so much of the newer type Electronika music and other post modern industrial type's, being very unique in their sound as well. I seen them once, and that was in Dallas in the early 1990's only ... and "live" they were more than I expected of them ... really a tight "live" sound and intoxicating as well. Below I picked a few of many to choose from, Thanx to all those YouTube folk's who shared all these! And Thank You much to the Front for all their hard work and contribution's, Ya'll deserve every ounce of credit Ya'll get!





Image result for front242


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SHAWN LOFTIS: The "Career Killer's" ... Breaking the "Psychological Chain's" of "Moral Paranoia" (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.9)

This posting of "Sexploitation Nation" Part 9, will focus on another American case of Mr. Shawn Loftis who was recently fired from the Miami- Dade School's as a teacher, with a great personality, a Master's, and student's who liked him as a teacher, a man basically that cared about the student's and his community, and got the job done, which we are lacking more of in our society today ... and he was also a CNN Citizen Reporter ... basically ... your average stand- up kind of feller American citizen. He was terminated from his position because he also in past career worked in the Adult Film Industry. But simply because you could access some of his past career work, photo's, background, on the former adult industry star and businessman ... the sudden "Moral Paranoia" kicked in ... he even went to the ACLU to assist him, because he feel's his right's were at stake ... and even they took a paranoia stand and declined to jump in, and YES ... as a matter of fact, in my opinion, his right's or what should be right's were trampled on in a disgraceful way at that! Also I noticed that I have many viewer's from countries such as Germany, Holland, France, Denmark, and that area of Europe, which are probably confused as to what's up(?) in our nation on these issue's. But what's up is ... America has psychological chain's deeply rooted and enforced throughout society, that hammer's nonsensical worries over morality issue's, and it simply make's it worse as it intensifies for our overall society. Ya'll's countries/ societies (mentioned above) are way further evolved and ahead of our's, to be honest, in this area ... and is why Ya'll dont have the intensity of related problem's and crime that plague the United States of America.

People like Mr. Loftis would be frankly the last on the list of worries around my children, even if he especially openly admitted to me of his past, I am not worried that his past occupation will have any impact on his doing his job. I look for result's and action, and people that take pride in getting the job done ... I am a simple man ... married with children and grandchildren myself and have many familia values especially ... "result's" meaning ... actual action, not talk and paranoia speculation, fantasies, etc. If we spent as much energy and time on the serious issue's, instead of worrying about what adult had sex with who in their past or whatever ... we wouldnt have nearly the psychological problem's with sex that we currently have, which has twisted our society inside out, even inspiring serial killer's and brutal sex crime's, to be frank ... a large portion of our society would rather even be "career killer's", and would outright hire a silent ticking time bomb person, and give them a "second chance" even if they have an open record, simply based on blind thought and a herd mentality way of thinking ... yet put up a wall of resistance to let a man like this just do his job. And YES ... I feel that Mr. Loftis should pursue this in high gear, because we need to break these chain's and get the Hell over this, if we expect what we alwayz rant about, which is progress, change and result's. Enough from me, more on this case below ....

MIAMI"NEW TIMES"NEWS: Miami- Dade teacher fired over Gay Porn Career


Teacher fired over gay porn career ... Thanx to HLN


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AT&T/ T-MOBILE MERGER: U.S. Dept of Justice ROADBLOCK & DISSOLVING "Too BIG to FAIL" Entities (How to Privatize America PT.6)

This Part 6 of "How to Privatize America" will be an example and actually a "positive" move by the U.S. Dept of Justice ... a move that the President has talked much about before he made President. I have wrote about these thing's continuously since the start of this journal, because it is so critical to the prosperity of our nation, yet, is something that many folk's simply dont care about, and our action's as you can see are what result in our failure or our gain's. I was against the major bailout's, not having anything to do with political party affiliation's, but just knowledge of the condition, which was America losing all it's asset's, surplus etc. Understand that these huge mega outfit's are not like grandma and grandpa's era, and that it mean's job's, cheaper consumer rate's, etc, etc ... that is not how thing's work in the 21st century. And this thing that we think of companies having their root's here, believing in America and patriotism from any mega wealth/ investor's, is a falsehood, it doesnt exist, and frankly none of these outfit's care if America get's job's back or not, as I said time and again, we need to get it through our head's, that we are not needed like we used to be, except to milk us and have one of a few home base's for these icon's ... so NO ... I absolutely would not have bailed out any of them except for maybe one or two like General Motors America ... I didnt care about hustler's like AIG, this bank or that bank ... too bad, that's "business" ... if you make wrong move's ... you fail, etc.

The trick now will be to see if this DOJ roadblock will work or will it fail due to our failed government, pay- off's and even now, our rigged high court's (and many of these issue's are more and more being controlled offshore by global banking and trust's, instead of our nation's, and this make's our nation's of the free world, more and more "unfree", we need to claim back our nation's) then the more and more we ignore this and other related issue's, the more and more will our nation as a whole lose everything else, all in the name of sharing and sacrificing. Even if they told me that the merger by expert's analysis will create 250,000 new job's, I DONT CARE ... that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH, we were losing twice that amout of job's monthly at the end of the last administration ... dont lose 8 million job's in other word's and come back to me/ us, saying that Ya'll can create a quarter of a million job's by supporting them more. All this is about, is not making a better network to serve consumer's, and to bring us all closer together, be more efficient, or any other idiocies they try to make us believe, but it's all about more control of the market's and industries, and making sure that nothing can compete with them, so they have enough asset's/ financial leverage to control everything themselves, which include's eliminating at some point government voice's as well (which is the ONLY voice of smaller entities and people) ... what you are seeing is just the reverse of what we should be seeing and are told, these mega merger's should be halted and none of these too big to fail entities should be given charity or support, after all ... that's what true free market is about, is it not?

This posting is also included in the "Debt Crisis (PT.1), The Paper Doll Show" link series, because they are all connected to the same picture of the current condition.

CNN TECH: Could better mobile network's create more U.S. Job's?

CNN MONEY: AT&T antitrust suit boost's Sprint

CNN MONEY: Fact- checking AT&T's Merger claim's this piece/ read is from 21 March 2011

***** PD/ RCJ: "HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA" Part's 4 thru 1 (it goes to part's 4 thru 1 because I accidentally deleted part 5)


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SMOG 4 JOB'S (Is it "shovel ready"? : ) Obama "Back's Off" New "Clean Air" REGULATION'S & Ken Rogoff "We never left the Recession" ...

All this has really became more politically entertaining than I even anticipated! And what a beautiful warm breezy summer night here on the Ranch I may add, for cruising through the maze of city freewayz ... however, back to business. But part of that inspire's this posting, while on Stemmons Frwy earlier this afternoon looking over downtown Dallas (tonight you cant see it only because it's dark) ... I was actually saying to myself today ... "When in Hell are they going to clean up this bloody smog!" ... it brought back old memories of Los Angeles. Then tonight getting back online and going to CNN ... this news just in, below.

Am I shocked on the recession deal? ... of course not, I been ranting on this recession and how long it will be since day one of this journal ... so no way, but only because when the "bailout" talk's started at the end of the Bush Administration and finding out that he spent all our surplus already otherwise, the math showed me right there, that we were in for a heap o' shit, financially speaking. However ... I am totally amazed on the President's move's which are getting more and more controversial by the week it seem's ... BUT ... NO BIGGIE ... Why? ... because as I write about here in "Truth or Treason" , I'm waiting for the "big one", which is ... will the President and Democrat's side with the GOP (God's Own Party) and the Korporate Klan to cut SSI and Medicare with this new so called Demopublican "Super Committee"? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... cause, just see how that would really get folk's panties in a bind, the leftee's and the rightee's simutaneously, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

But enough of my rattle over this battle and get on to the video/ link's below, which appear as the choice being ... either job's or clean air ... what do you want ... and Hell No! you cant have both ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... is it "shovel ready" Ya'll? : )

CNN MONEY: Obama back's off tough clean air regulation's ... an interesting set of read and link's here, and as far as the President's move's on this enviromental issue ... link's to job's/ employment figure's and the economy ...

Harvard economist "We never left the recession" ... Thanx to CNN MONEY

A lil ole bonus video here, to show just how difficult a day can be for a President in the Oval Office in these trying time's ... Thanx to KEITHARNAULT


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President Obama's FLAP on Job's Speech a Bow to Boehner & Weakness? ... A look at the "Flip Side" of the "Flap Ride"

I have noticed alot of talk on the President bowing to Speaker Boehner, being a sign of weakness, bowing, ass- kissing, etc, etc. So first of all, some newsread and video's below on this so called "Flap" of the President, then some word's I want to add after ....

***** San Diego Union- Tribune: Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept.8 ...

Obama Bow's to Boehner; Jobs Speech on 08 September 2011 ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS

CNN: Some word's from New York Magazine columnist Frank Rich, on this so called "Flap" ....

Rich: 'Speech flap made Obama look weak' ... Thanx to CNN

I have been a big Obama supporter in this journal since he was a Senator, and recently was pointing out some major issue's and disappointment's to me, as far as his choice's on how to handle the debt ceiling/ crisis stuff, tossing in the towel on public option of Health Care Reform, etc ... being major serious issue's of course, the petty social issue's I pretty much am not concerned with. However ... while many folk's are griping or whining over the President's decision to handle this job's speech address deal the way he is, I must say, this one ... I have to compliment the President on a very wise decision, especially in this case politically for the Democrat Party.

Sure, he look's like he's caving in on this one, turning weaker, etc, etc ... but that's exactly the point here ... this isnt about how you look, but trying to get a job done, okay(?) The flip side to this flap ride is this ... if the President decided to buck Boehner on this speech thing, the GOP would have used that to again try to label Obama as a big government socialist type dictator, trying to silence Republican American's, not giving them a fair shake, etc, etc ... let the GOP and their affiliate Teagag's have their prime time show is what I'm saying, this way it also eliminate's distraction from your own show. At the rate the GOP is going and their selection of choice's for candidacy ... they could be digging their own grave sooner than they may think ... now I know all the scare talk, and how even in some poll's this Texas ranch hand character Perry is leading Obama, etc, etc. But most likely this GOP debate show will highlight all by itself what the GOP is about, debating each other, after they just said they loved each other, talking about saving America from homosexual's, putting creationism into your kid's science studies, scaring women into not seeking alternative's to birth's they cant handle ... the relentless talk about "where's the job's", fighting al- Qaeda, how the Obama Administration spent this nation into a debt and the usual circle jerk nonsense basically ... which is nowhere talk, bottom line.

On the other hand the President tried to avoid doing the speech on the day of the start of the NFL Football Season ... dont worry about the football season opener, etc ... and it would even be wiser if her could avoid that date too, basically it would even give the President's job speech even more free play here, however, what's done is done. I would much rather hear whining out of football fan's (and I'm a big football fan too, but that's what we have DVR's, multi- screen viewing, etc for) than hear the relentless bellyaching out of right winger's about how their trampled on by communist liberal's, and America is being overthrown by them, homosexual's, and evil, etc, etc. ... basically, dont sweat the petty stuff ... GOP will be talking about the usual ... and that will create job's as much as I can turn water into wine. The most funny part to this ... was seeing Boehner all pumped up thinking he got some kind of victory out of this ... you been had Pal : )

As far as the President's job speech ... dont get too juiced up over it, it is what it will be, at least he's actually addressing it, something the GOP has not once addressed, only whining and whining, "where's the job's?" ... ask Ya'll's multi billion dollar supporter's where the goddamn job's are ... that's what's funding and/ or "lack of" in much of this ratrace! Even if the speech was to do nothing but uplift folk's like prayer to a religious person, that fine, in these time's, everything is a plus, just let the President here, have his "own show" without distraction from this GOP debate thing. Job's as I have pointed out before are going to be an issue for some time and any political party can only do so much, the GOP of course show's a decade of doing not a damn thing ... many thing's have happened to the market's, globe, etc ... none of this has a bloody thing to do with the President, and this financial mess was already cooking before Obama was even a Senator for that matter, it's a reality we will have to deal with, period. If the President can add a few programme's without interference from the GOP's "where's the job's" crowd ... that is even significant in these time's, every lil bit help's ... you have nothing to lose, and can only win in this shot.

Enough said ... for now that is ....