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KELLY THOMAS PT.2: Toxicology Test's from O.C.' Best & America's changing Homeless Societies (Police Brutality PT.6)

This PT.2 of Kelly Thomas (Police Brutality PT.6) is to look at what is shameful about this case, below, what the father of Kelly is having to go through, who is also career law enforcement and trained officer's himself on dealing with these situation's ... yet even now, a couple month's after the murder of his son, Orange County still are waiting for toxicology result's, and other rambling's/ excuse's they have ... I mean ... what country are they being done in?, and are they travelling by boat/ ship to return? This is clearly more of the intoxicated mind boggling bullshit and runaraound that has plagued the working citizen's and middle America in recent year's, that just continues on a decline, not just from our government but even law enforcement. Posting's/ link's and video below, then some word's I will add, as well as taking a look at the changing face of America's homeless societies.

LOS ANGELES TIMES/ L.A.NOW: Kelly Thomas' father accuses Orange County D.A. of foot dragging

RCJ: KELLY THOMAS PT.1: Fullerton PD hogtie, electrocute, & beat man's skull to a pulp on transit park curb, that led to DEATH (Police Brutality PT.6) ... and link to "Police Brutality" Part's 5 thru 1

Garo Mardirossian: Details revealed in Beating Death of Kelly Thomas ... GAROLAW

Another reason of this posting is because recently over the last couple month's, I have also heard various rant's about the victim, community, and familia of the victim ... mainly asking why all these folk's are all of the sudden jumping up to defend this homeless man, including his father, when he was homeless and getting no support before he was murdered? So because of this, I want to point out some of the various circumstance's of homelessness in America, and the various societies of homelessness you see today in urban America. I basically came up as a street kid, spent alot of time as well around such, and done a few year's working security in an active nightclub district watching the street and patron's/ customer's who frequented the venue's, etc ... you had many commissioned and non commissioned security working out there, several undercover unit's, and several contract moonlighting police officer's that were just making a lil extra side cash, while off duty. But when out there working with folk's on both side's, it is difficult to put your emotion's to the side, and not have some compassion for what you run into, such as in this case here I pointed out (last paragraph).

Look, I dont know Kelly Thomas' personal familia situation, nor does it pertain to this case as far as I'm concerned, but we have openly accepted this large homeless situation that will grow even alot more over the next several year's ... which is a creation of ALL OF US! But that is his familia's business, and damn well doesnt excuse the recklessness of these officer's involved with his death. I can tell you this though, that many that have mental illness condition's are on the street's by choice in many cases and simply cannot any longer function in the societies that they were originally bred in ... many have been drugged half to death through institution's, that use these type's to also experiment as well as try to help, many of those who come from lower/ moderate income background's who become too much burden, and of no longer any use to the establishment get discarded from their care center's, literally dropped in the street's to the closest skidrow (usually by unmarked van's without window's in the back area of the vehicle), without further med's, service's, and many time's just basic clothes that they were given to put on their back from charity center's, only so they cant be identified or connected with what institution they were at, and this is very popular of a practice especially in Central Los Angeles.

Year's back, you had the common homeless, boxcar hopper's, hitchhiking transient's, and wino type's that were all over the inner urban area's, then came the 1970's addicts, who were just strapped out for cash or keeping a roof over their head because their heroin addiction got the best of them, with personal hygenic decline, health care, etc ... they too became permanent fixture's in a new society of squat type's staying in the abandoned place's they could find, who's going to hire them?, or even give them a chance? where's the drug rehabilitation? beside's locking them up in privatized prison industries on petty drug offenses, where they are now a commodity, and on the stock market's like cattle and worth $35K/ $40K per head annually. Adding to that, the next crowd of the mid 1980's and 1990's was the new crack/ cocaine homeless, and the HIV/ POS ones, etc, then adding to the newer type's came those like Mr. Thomas, dumped from institution's etc ... when they were done with them, many so mentally screwed up even more after their isolation from society and institutionalization, repeatedly fed with new and old drug's (institutional legal drug's), evaluated over and over, then dumped in an urban area, some in smaller cities they buy them a bus ticket to any place as far from where they are, and a couple meal voucher's, just to get rid of them when their of no more or any use. The newer societies of the 21st century are those who dont have any of these problem's, even veteran's in the thousand's, many are simply a victim of the new shape of capitalism with so many variation's now, from unemployment, broken home's, lousy parent's, illness, bankrupt from an illness, home's lost to foreclosure, or any other reason that doesnt even pertain to drug's/ alcohol or mental illness. There is no one or two faces of homelessness now, you can say there is more equality, even on racial/ ethnicity and class lines. I have talked to all type's, and all the cases are different it seem's.

But probably when I worked the street in my late 40's early 50's was when I had my most contact with them, I knew them all in my sector, I was even asked once by my employer, how come so many homeless and deadbeat's know me and alway's are asking for me, or where I am? I explained to him, it is in him and his partner's best interest's that I know all the street people and work with them, they are also an eye's and ear's for law enforcement on the more serious issue's of actual cime, cause they are out there around the clock 24/ 7 rain or shine, they miss hardly anything. Several were even veteran's, which was the most nauseating part for me, knowing that my life is so safe and good because of their past effort's and duty, and it got emotional for me at time's, because I know when they are telling the truth. And I know the scammer's usually that are not even homeless, just posing to be or related to that situation (very few though in number's) ... yes, they have panhandler's, who dress down and hold sign's at intersection's, because if you know your game, the money can be better than working, but they alwayz have a giveaway trait, if you know your game.

About a decade back, I was on Hollywood Blvd with my teen daughter, on the lower end of the Blvd, walking out of a combo liquor/ market store ... out front a shabby dressed aqualung looking man with his shopping cart full of junk, stood alone ... she freaked out over his appearance, which was somewhat striking, at least to a kid (not for me) ... she said something like, look at that Guy dad ... poor Guy, etc ... I told her, dont look directly at him, he's "5-0"/ LAPD ... she said "a cop?" ... I then pointed out to her that his fingernail's were too clean, his clothes well worn but lacked soiling, his hair simply unwashed and uncombed, his beard shabby, but had no split- end's on the edges, he was moving his head back and forth acting mentally challenged, but his eyes squinted sharply and in view of everything 360 ... he hadnt made me/ us, but I made him right off hand ... so you even have a few cop's out there in the crowd, some even dress as player's/ hustler's, mack's/ pimp's.

Many of the street low end prostitute's these dayz that are solo/ inde are simply a product of these institution's and victim's of crack/ heroin, no mack want's them, their unbathed, many are HIV/ POS, they go in and out the revolving door of the system, used, then thrown back to the same society sector that influenced their decline to begin with. These societies are a creation of our societal mentality, and when something drastic happen's is only when many are reckonized, and still then used also. I used to get a few of them odd job's at different small club's, restaraunte's, usually grunt work, outside, groundskeeping, etc ... and found time and again even small business owner's trying to screw them out of pay and downgrading their meal's for payment. So our society is not as loving and generous as we sometime's believe. If Mr. Thomas had no father/ familia, there is a good chance, that not a damn thing would have been noticed. The point here is not to question the personal reason's for Mr. Thomas' homelessness and familia relation's, but the fact that he was an American, who at once was like any other common citizen participating in our type society .. and those who protect us, murdered him. And this current show of a toxicology report/ result's taking month's to complete is just more cover up sidestepping bullshit as well.

That's the Reality ....


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