Sunday, September 4, 2011

AT&T/ T-MOBILE MERGER: U.S. Dept of Justice ROADBLOCK & DISSOLVING "Too BIG to FAIL" Entities (How to Privatize America PT.6)

This Part 6 of "How to Privatize America" will be an example and actually a "positive" move by the U.S. Dept of Justice ... a move that the President has talked much about before he made President. I have wrote about these thing's continuously since the start of this journal, because it is so critical to the prosperity of our nation, yet, is something that many folk's simply dont care about, and our action's as you can see are what result in our failure or our gain's. I was against the major bailout's, not having anything to do with political party affiliation's, but just knowledge of the condition, which was America losing all it's asset's, surplus etc. Understand that these huge mega outfit's are not like grandma and grandpa's era, and that it mean's job's, cheaper consumer rate's, etc, etc ... that is not how thing's work in the 21st century. And this thing that we think of companies having their root's here, believing in America and patriotism from any mega wealth/ investor's, is a falsehood, it doesnt exist, and frankly none of these outfit's care if America get's job's back or not, as I said time and again, we need to get it through our head's, that we are not needed like we used to be, except to milk us and have one of a few home base's for these icon's ... so NO ... I absolutely would not have bailed out any of them except for maybe one or two like General Motors America ... I didnt care about hustler's like AIG, this bank or that bank ... too bad, that's "business" ... if you make wrong move's ... you fail, etc.

The trick now will be to see if this DOJ roadblock will work or will it fail due to our failed government, pay- off's and even now, our rigged high court's (and many of these issue's are more and more being controlled offshore by global banking and trust's, instead of our nation's, and this make's our nation's of the free world, more and more "unfree", we need to claim back our nation's) then the more and more we ignore this and other related issue's, the more and more will our nation as a whole lose everything else, all in the name of sharing and sacrificing. Even if they told me that the merger by expert's analysis will create 250,000 new job's, I DONT CARE ... that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH, we were losing twice that amout of job's monthly at the end of the last administration ... dont lose 8 million job's in other word's and come back to me/ us, saying that Ya'll can create a quarter of a million job's by supporting them more. All this is about, is not making a better network to serve consumer's, and to bring us all closer together, be more efficient, or any other idiocies they try to make us believe, but it's all about more control of the market's and industries, and making sure that nothing can compete with them, so they have enough asset's/ financial leverage to control everything themselves, which include's eliminating at some point government voice's as well (which is the ONLY voice of smaller entities and people) ... what you are seeing is just the reverse of what we should be seeing and are told, these mega merger's should be halted and none of these too big to fail entities should be given charity or support, after all ... that's what true free market is about, is it not?

This posting is also included in the "Debt Crisis (PT.1), The Paper Doll Show" link series, because they are all connected to the same picture of the current condition.

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***** PD/ RCJ: "HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA" Part's 4 thru 1 (it goes to part's 4 thru 1 because I accidentally deleted part 5)



Beach Bum said...

This was an exc excellent post!

...frankly none of these outfit's care if America get's job's back or not, as I said time and again...


Ain't that the truth, its one of the reasons I am a liberal. Because while the Democrats have their own issues at least in name they are for the working people. Republicans don't give a fuck and most of them will be upfront and admit it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Bum ... Geeezz Guy ... it's breezy and the low 60's out ... I was outside just wearing short's and sandal's and started shivering, had to run inside after a few minute's to grab a blooby shirt! ... cause I am so used to hot and warmer over June, July & August ... it is still dry though as a bone here, we could use a goddamn heavy thunderstorm, sunny too. I know Bum, it's off subject, but I just crawled out of bed not long ago, so I'm not all there Dude. I need some Led Zeppelin cranked up and a bowl of Cherrio's! : )

The Republican's .... uhhhh ... Oh yeah ... fuck yeah ... I gotcha : ) Funny thing is though Bum ... alot of Republican voter's believe that it is Obama that is taking this country into some sort of communism and that his method's are anti- job growth, etc. They also believe many, in the old school American way ... I mean, take a guy like Boehner for instance ... he is FOR REAL, he REALLY believe's what he sez, and that there is only one way to run capitalism, and that's to let mega business money control eveything, etc ... what they are FAILING to see Bum, is that the big icon's that made this nation and freeworld what it is, is nothing like the root's that started it, even AT&T is no longer AT&T, just as Wal- Mart is nothing like Sam Walton & big inverstment speed trader's computerized destroyed the stock market's of the globe as far as trading amongst the lower investor's, etc ... this is what folk's need to understand ... on the other hand ... Cantor, who is pal's with Boehner is completely different and dont give a rat's ass about any of Boehner's value's even, that is what folk's are missing, Cantor for instance, you couldnt trust a bloody thing coming out of his mouth as sincerity in other word's ... weird story Guy, but as alwayz Bum, Thanx for voicing your opinion here!

Ranch Chimp said...

But YES Bum ... most definitely .... the only sanity and supporter at this point right now on job's is actually the Democrat's 110% as far as the people and the union's, etc. Not even the Teabag's are dealing with any logic or just common sense here, it's that bad.