Friday, September 2, 2011

President Obama's FLAP on Job's Speech a Bow to Boehner & Weakness? ... A look at the "Flip Side" of the "Flap Ride"

I have noticed alot of talk on the President bowing to Speaker Boehner, being a sign of weakness, bowing, ass- kissing, etc, etc. So first of all, some newsread and video's below on this so called "Flap" of the President, then some word's I want to add after ....

TIME: Obama bows to Boehner on Jobs Speech

Obama Bow's to Boehner; Jobs Speech on 08 September 2011 ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS

CNN: Some word's from New York Magazine columnist Frank Rich, on this so called "Flap" ....

Rich: 'Speech flap made Obama look weak' ... Thanx to CNN

I have been a big Obama supporter in this journal since he was a Senator, and recently was pointing out some major issue's and disappointment's to me, as far as his choice's on how to handle the debt ceiling/ crisis stuff, tossing in the towel on public option of Health Care Reform, etc ... being major serious issue's of course, the petty social issue's I pretty much am not concerned with. However ... while many folk's are griping or whining over the President's decision to handle this job's speech address deal the way he is, I must say, this one ... I have to compliment the President on a very wise decision, especially in this case politically for the Democrat Party.

Sure, he look's like he's caving in on this one, turning weaker, etc, etc ... but that's exactly the point here ... this isnt about how you look, but trying to get a job done, okay(?) The flip side to this flap ride is this ... if the President decided to buck Boehner on this speech thing, the GOP would have used that to again try to label Obama as a big government socialist type dictator, trying to silence Republican American's, not giving them a fair shake, etc, etc ... let the GOP and their affiliate Teagag's have their prime time show is what I'm saying, this way it also eliminate's distraction from your own show. At the rate the GOP is going and their selection of choice's for candidacy ... they could be digging their own grave sooner than they may think ... now I know all the scare talk, and how even in some poll's this Texas ranch hand character Perry is leading Obama, etc, etc. But most likely this GOP debate show will highlight all by itself what the GOP is about, debating each other, after they just said they loved each other, talking about saving America from homosexual's, putting creationism into your kid's science studies, scaring women into not seeking alternative's to birth's they cant handle ... the relentless talk about "where's the job's", fighting al- Qaeda, how the Obama Administration spent this nation into a debt and the usual circle jerk nonsense basically ... which is nowhere talk, bottom line.

On the other hand the President tried to avoid doing the speech on the day of the start of the NFL Football Season ... dont worry about the football season opener, etc ... and it would even be wiser if her could avoid that date too, basically it would even give the President's job speech even more free play here, however, what's done is done. I would much rather hear whining out of football fan's (and I'm a big football fan too, but that's what we have DVR's, multi- screen viewing, etc for) than hear the relentless bellyaching out of right winger's about how their trampled on by communist liberal's, and America is being overthrown by them, homosexual's, and evil, etc, etc. ... basically, dont sweat the petty stuff ... GOP will be talking about the usual ... and that will create job's as much as I can turn water into wine. The most funny part to this ... was seeing Boehner all pumped up thinking he got some kind of victory out of this ... you been had Pal : )

As far as the President's job speech ... dont get too juiced up over it, it is what it will be, at least he's actually addressing it, something the GOP has not once addressed, only whining and whining, "where's the job's?" ... ask Ya'll's multi billion dollar supporter's where the goddamn job's are ... that's what's funding and/ or "lack of" in much of this ratrace! Even if the speech was to do nothing but uplift folk's like prayer to a religious person, that fine, in these time's, everything is a plus, just let the President here, have his "own show" without distraction from this GOP debate thing. Job's as I have pointed out before are going to be an issue for some time and any political party can only do so much, the GOP of course show's a decade of doing not a damn thing ... many thing's have happened to the market's, globe, etc ... none of this has a bloody thing to do with the President, and this financial mess was already cooking before Obama was even a Senator for that matter, it's a reality we will have to deal with, period. If the President can add a few programme's without interference from the GOP's "where's the job's" crowd ... that is even significant in these time's, every lil bit help's ... you have nothing to lose, and can only win in this shot.

Enough said ... for now that is ....



Beach Bum said...

I supported Obama almost since the day he declared himself a candidate but the man has no balls and is clueless.

Obama is Boner's bitch, I could say something else starting with the word "Uncle" but that would be far courser than I want to be right now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Bum! ... I know how you feel about Obama, he has let many folk's who supported him down, I pointed out much in a few posting's back, cant recall which one off hand ... but it's here and recent.

I know what Obama stood for as a community organizer, up through the Senate, even in his pre campaign and campaign, the same idea's and value's were right on as at the beginning of his career ... so ... that there tell's me that there's something I am missing, this bipartisan display has been too strong, and I know that he didnt start as a community organizer up through the Senate trying to create an image so that he could strictly cater to the republican agenda ... so ... something happened that I'm not catching between his first week in office and now, because there is no sense to what he done on a couple issue's, and I dont think he's accepting money, his office watch is too transparent, I also know he's been kissing up to Boehner, more than he should ... I also think that the two contaminating factor's in the democratic party are not him the most, but actually Reid and Baucus ... I think that they play a hard role in what the President has been going with, actually more than Boehner. You see, Boehner is "real", believe me, you know right out what he's about, and he believe's and is dedicated and straight out about his view's ... Reid and Baucus have much influenece, yet stay out of the light as much as possible and have been totally behind destroying the President's public option proposal for instance, they also played a big role in the debt crisis show as well as serving an intrical part of this so called "Super Committee", one serving on the committee, one appointing, etc Bottom line Bum ... you know what to expect out of Boehner ... do you know what to expect out of Reid or Baucus and who play's what role's?

Thanx for your voice here Bum as alwayz ....