Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GENITORTURERS: "Flesh Is The Law", "Take It", & "Lecher Bitch" (For Dave)

This posting will be a look at "Genitorturers" ... and also it's induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . But also because whenever this group/ crew comes up in talk, it seem's like the first thing you hear about is their theatric's/ stage show, which is great, however, it should not highlight this crew's music/ composition ... much of the show's that got notoriety, were behind the sexual theme's incorporated, which also heavily included Sado/ Masochism and related fetishes ... but this crew is really a tight group "live", as well as their studio work music- wise, even if they didnt have any show for that matter, trust the Chimp here! I put this group in the upper crust of their music ... I wont say "genre" here, because I know that this group does NOT like to be categorized in any, that's Wikipedia's job as far as I'm concerned : ) And frontwoman Gen is really an excellent vocalist as well, who I also credit so much of the band's longevity and direction with, playing a very intrical part.

Crew's such as "Alice Cooper" and/ or "Marilyn Manson" for instance who have achieved much success in the industry were also heavily noted at first for their unique theatric's only, but both those crew's as well as I have pointed out before were very tight as far as music/ composition too ... I put this group at that same level of work and intensity, and really commend them for their heavy touring and working on a much tighter budget and backing than those larger act's. But some chat about this group with a couple guitarist's the other day Mike, and Dave of Sights & Sounds Arlington is what inspired this posting that is past due as well. Both Mike and Dave are about 20 year's younger than myself, and Dave, was playing venues underage, going back into Dallas' underground at least 20 year's, but alot of folk's may think of this crew as new rookies, but this crew has been around awhile and really paid their due's as well with their work ... it was an old friend and fellow musician "Joe Christ" , who turned me onto this band, and this was nearly 20 year's back. I have seen Genitorturers twice "live" here in Dallas over the year's, show's about 5 year's apart, and even both show's had entirely different theme's and sound, both excellent in my opinion, from a hand's first experience and assessment.

Trying to find "live" performance's that were good audio- wise was a tad difficult on YouTube being of some of the folk's who just had not so good luck taping/ recording/ reproduction, etc, some just didnt serve properly to the group audio- wise, because "live" they sound very good as far as engineering, but I also seen them in a couple prime small venue's, that are set up well as far as acoustic's. So I tried to select what I could of a few favourite's here ... and Thanx to this crew for all their art!! ... Enjoy! : )



"TAKE IT" (Live) Thanx to RJHWEB

"LECHER BITCH" ... Thanx to CAB5776



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