Sunday, September 11, 2011

GORILLA'S PT.2: CNN Track's Gorilla Survivor's of Human Terror on their communities ... Human's TERROR on Nature (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.2)

CNN here does a follow up on the community of the rare Gorilla's that were massacred execution style, even set on fire, a few year's back. One of the reason's for posting this is to show what terror the human species bring's to not just human's, but to damn near everything of nature period, and all this was strictly for money/ energy. Now I know that extinction of species is as common in nature as the changing of the season's ... I mean, right now for instance as species are becoming extinct, numerous new species are developing, that's part of evolution. But what is unique about the human species is it's quest to ravish and destroy everything natural, and of course, it's common that human's consider themselves as superior to everything as well, and as for those religious type's, that simply have an ancient human written doctrine to allow themselves to do whatever with no consequence, and to be forgiven for whatever they do, and to believe that it is a mission from a higher power, the same higher power that they say created it all ... yet have little regard for what their creator, created ... now if that isnt twisted human thinking ... I dont know what is, but it is the reality.

Of course these ape's have also been blindsided again by our corrupted twist to accepting human's as a non- threat ... then also being vulnerable to our weapon's. Again, this wasnt in defense or for food and done on a species that was plentiful like a hunter would do for food (I hunted alot myself as a young man, but alwayz ate and shared for food what I hunted, and never a fellow ape species) so they begin to trust human's because of those they can, only to be massacred by the other human's, with no defense of their own, just like duck's sitting in a pond.

U.S.NEWS/ POLITICS: The story behind the Killings of Congo's rare Mountain Gorilla's


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Help STOP the Mountain Gorilla Massacre ... Thanx to MARY ALICE PETCH- POLLARD


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