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ALICE COOPER/ VINCENT FURNIER: "Cold Ethyl", "I'm Eighteen", & "Killer" (For DeeAnn)

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The other day while going over some of my music posting's with a friend (Dee), I was broadsided with the question as to why in Hell ... I dont have any Alice Cooper in this journal?!! The thing is, I have many pick's, some I have been sorting through the wide selection's on YouTube, which is time consuming, because I take many factor's into consideration when choosing a video as I pointed out in previous posting's. Alice is one of those I was getting to, and would not be without in this journal, believe me.

So this will be Alice's induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" . There is a whole buffet of stuff I could write about this outstanding artist/ composer, but with such a lengthy and controversial history, I will let the above Wikipedia link handle most of it. Mr. Furnier was so unique in a time when he actually had probably the hardest time trying to get into the music scene of what was hard rock and early metal foundation sound's ... I mean, here was the son of a preacher out of Detroit, who goes to the West Coast to try to compete with a scene that was basically post psychedelic era band's, with flower's in their hair in some cases and writing more about peace and love as well, or acid(LSD) trip's. Mr. Furnier incorporated violence, death, the macabre, etc, and also he had a thing for incorporating much theatrics and choreographic idea's as well, which was somewhat fresh, unusual and considerate to serve the themes of his composition and performance ... others were not touching on this or related. And he was definitely and still is one of the hardest working people in the industry next to the legend James Brown ... and both these artist's in particular had much influence on me as well as a kid/ young man, as far as my interest's and love of music ... Alice as well had much influence on many in this industry, and of course another icon Marilyn Manson was strongly influenced by him.

Dee (DeeAnn) was only a baby in the early 1970's not being able to catch the experience of an Alice Cooper performance of that time of his explosive prime, a time where he set a new trend in the industry as well. I myself first experienced Alice Cooper "live" in Montreal, QE (Canada) as a teenager (early 1970's), then a decade later in Dallas, TX ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you could also have some psychedelic drug's at his show such as acid, just hope you dont get it confused with reality, being it would have a reverse effect on your trip, let's just say, between the beheading/ execution's, killing, snake's, blood/ gore, etc (you who know what I mean, get my point, so enough on that : ) Dee is absolutely in love with Alice Cooper, and one of the biggest fan's of him I ever known! ... she has a room at home strictly devoted to his music and memorabilia even ... so Dee ... this posting is dedicated to you Dear! Enjoy!


"I'M EIGHTEEN" (Live 1979 San Diego, CA) ... Thanx to SHOUTFACTORYMUSIC

Alice Cooper- Killer- 11/ 2/ 1972- Hofstra University (Official) ... Thanx to ALICE COOPER ON MV


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