Thursday, September 29, 2011

NAIM MUHAMMAD: 2 son's Elijah (3) and Naim (5) Drowned to Death on 1st day of School ... "Out of Love" (KILLER PARENT'S PT. 7)

This PT.7 of "Killer Parent's" will take a look at a local Dallas case where 2 young boyz Elijah (3) and Naim (5) were allegedly drowned to death, by their Dad who also according to news report's confessed to the offense. Some newsread/ video below, then some word's I will add.

DALLASNEWS.COM ... Dallas Police hold man suspected of Kidnapping, Drowning 2 young son's

DALLASNEWS.COM ... Police Documents: Man confessed to drowning two sons in remote area of Dallas County

***** NBC5 DFW: Father Who Drowned Sons Sentenced to Death ... this updated thursday 24 april 2014


There are a few thing's I want to bring up here, inspired by these cases and other issue's and concern's, being a father is what mainly inspired me to do this series to begin with. Another thing that really get's me in question about so many cases, is this endless mouthjabbering out of these incompetent parent's and their supporter's on how "loving" these folk's were of their children and loved one's, and how shocked everyone is, etc ... Mr. Muhammad for instance has basically just proclaimed love for his son's, over and over and over (I have also read alot of opinion's/ view's on this case over the last month). Then there is the record of domestic violence here, over, and over ... and these poor kid's have to live in this enviroment, simply because of one or both parent's who cant get their shit together or just walk away. In this case the Mom was the victim repeatedly and not even protected fairly by CPS or even Dallas County Sheriff's. Naim, the 5 year old was on his way to his first day of Kindergarten School when this occurred.

While in the car the other day listening to local talk radio, the discussion led to, how Father's these dayz are being discriminated in custody cases, not being able to have equal visitation right's etc ... from what I gathered, there is some organization/ movement concerning this, which I understand, it need's to be fair ... However in these cases like here with Mr. Muhammad ... how can you be fair or equal when these guy's constantly beat the shit out of their wives/ girlfriend's? No! ... this Guy has a history of this, including taking a hammer to the head of his own sister. And for those gent's upset that they cant hold their relationship's ... how can you ... well .... expect to have a woman at least halfway have confidence and love in you when your constantly either beating the shit out of her, screwing her out of her right's, scaring the children, etc? Now they argue that if the men were treated fairly, we wouldnt have these problemo's, or have at least alot less ... really? ... then how can you support it as a "mental disability"?, dont speak out of both side's of your goddamn mouth's to cover for this bullshit. This man has a history of violence on not just his women, but even his sister, giving him more right's to his kid's will not solve this issue, but only make it worse on all victim's. This is why I have also been a strong advocate in my area of women at least defending themselves and their children .

Another thing that got me about this case was the Dallas County Sheriff Dept officer that the mother ran to while her kid's were abducted/ kidnapped and forced into the vehicle by their Dad ... there was a Dallas County Constable (Officer) at the "scene" who stopped her from chasing the car with her children in it, because she didnt have flashing cruiser light's and a siren ... okay, I'll buy that, however, that officer just call's Dallas Police instead and stand's there ... the arguement on that was "following proceedure" ... another case of where someone let's a rule book think for them in a case of solid kidnapping and possible life endangerment to the kid's/ abductee's ... I mean ... what in Hell are you thinking man?! This is nothing but a cover for this growing laziness and incompetence, or just officer's whining about jurisdiction's or their job limitation's, union rules, or other slacker bullshit! The Sheriff's Dept whined that they only have 40 officer's for warrant pursuit's, and over 65,000 outstanding felony warrant's ... okay ... well why dont you take those officer's you put at intersection's to write ticket's to cover Dallas Police, so DPD officer's dont have to write ticket's? What's more importante, writing citation's or stopping folk's like this? ... supposedly Mr. Muhammad had outstanding felony warrant's on probation violation's (verified), that resulted from ... well ... violence on women.

I also need to add here that Mr. Muhammad is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty ... I'm basing this posting on, being there is a confession by the accused on this and all the strong evidence, including an eyewitness County Constable, the victim's mother, etc. In the State of Texas to qualify for the Death Penalty, it has to be at least one case of Capital/ Murder One, along with another serious felony ... example ... an armed robber hold's up a store and kill's the clerk and/ or customer's (which is actually quite common in this town) ... you have the murder one count accompanied by the felony assault and armed robbery count ... meaning you qualify basically. In this case I would just assume, that the other felony that could be raised here by the prosecution to qualify would be the kidnapping charge, and the fact that the brick used is also battery in this manner, unless that is a seperate federal count as far as kidnapping, not sure, just assuming that there is also a state count, even though kidnapping is widely known as a "federal" offense ... so this has to be looked at tighter as far as jurisdiction's, precedent's, etc, I reckon.

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Weaseldog said...

Just dammit.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jack(WD) ... I hear ya Guy! This BS goes on all the time actually. I had neighbor's who were young, and I sware, they battled it seemed 24/ 7, you could hear babies crying, both the man and woman throwing shit, glass breaking, etc, etc ... taking it out to the street and parking lot, I got sick of the shit actually (and they were a good looking young couple, why are they fighting all the time instead of having sex or something? ... geeeezzz) neighbor's called the cop's, they were later evicted from their residence CPS came in, etc (they were renter's) ... then this Guy come's to my door one day after evicted, never saying a word to me before, even when I tried to just nod my head in neighborly friendship more than once (because I just commonly know and have small chat with most of my neighbor's, not that I try to invade anyone's privacy or anything), when I answered the door, I had a handgun in my back wasteband that he didnt know of, I mean, this Guy was radical is all I knew and wouldnt socialize with anyone from what other neighbor's told me, his old lady/ woman was just as wild too, he actually asked if he could store some stuff in my yard/ patio ... can you believe that? I basically told him ... Hey Bud, nothing personal, but I dont even know you, you come here and ask this of me yet never even tried to introduce yourself and you are constantly in battle with your old lady, bringing heat (cop's) in the hood (neighborhood) ... I cant help you man (basically) I tried to be as polite as possible, I didnt give a rat's ass frankly if they were evicted or lost their shit, I felt sorry for the poor infant that had to live in this shit, which neighbor's and I decided to step in on with the law.

Were over 10 degree's above normal today Jack in Dallas, I'm sure you noticed it, I just got back in 8:30pm and it was still 94 degree's out (very dry though, eh?) ... well tommorrow shouldnt get higher than low 80's according to KRLD.

Thanx for you voice here Jack, Later ....

Weaseldog said...

My first wife liked to fight all the time. She had two daughters from a previous marriage, and towards the end, encouraged them to join fighting me.

She'd start a fight, and even though I hadn't done anything to warrant it, she'd call 9/11, just in case.

She'd fight with anyone who'd let her, and all the cops in town knew her. She'd fight with waitresses, tellers, cashiers....

I never saw her physically abuse her children though. They just had to suffer through her daily bouts of rage.

I've done much better with wife #2.

One thing Wife #1 taught me, is how to spot the loonies in under 15 seconds...

Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry to hear about that Jack, I hear ya on the stuff, and I dont really have any problemo with couple's that have dispute's, it's natural, but if you seen first hand Jack what these neighbor's were doing you would be shocked! I was mild as far as telling it all, it got insane! I couldnt believe that they actually went together. I been married only once, so long, we both dont even recall how long, and never found our marriage liscense to check it : ) we actually tried looking for it in all our junk because we think we were married on different date's all the time ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... no shit man! My wife had 2 kid's from previous guy's, she never was married, one was from her high school teacher who got half the girl's in the class pregnant from what I gathered (in the Phillippines, in America he probably would have went to prison : ) the other was from some Guy she didnt really know, just a fling thing, I adopted both in court and brought them here at a young age, they never knew their father's, their cool, they really never knew their mom much either until after we got married and together, then we had our own too, etc. She's not a fighter though, but we disagree on alot, just dont spend much time whining about it.

About the getting angry with waitesses, clerk's and such ... I dated a gal once year's back, she was a knockout too man, I sware!, met in a club ... she was from some upper class background though from White Plains, NY (cant mention background for her familia's sake) however to make it short, she took off her high heel one day and threatened a waitress in Ojedas TexMex Restaraunte on Maple Av @ Kings Rd. (if your familiar with it and the area) and even another time with some other gal in the neighborhood, nothing toward's me though. But I talked to her once about it asking her wassup? ... She just told me straight up she didnt like the fact that I lived around so many Mexican's and knew so many, and she also thought that I defended Mexican's unfairly, which I didnt, I just happened to know a few is all ... then she threw in my face about some previous gal I dated in the neighborhood, who was Mexican, she didnt like the way she looked at me or some shit, etc ... need I say more, anywayz Dude, I stopped seeing her basically, just got tired of it, I think she had an issue though with Mexican's basically.

Sure is beautiful today Jack, eh? 73 degree's, light breeze, the Texas State Fair open's today dude, my daughter's already there, but on business though, I love the Fair Jack! ... Later