Saturday, September 3, 2011

SMOG 4 JOB'S (Is it "shovel ready"? : ) Obama "Back's Off" New "Clean Air" REGULATION'S & Ken Rogoff "We never left the Recession" ...

All this has really became more politically entertaining than I even anticipated! And what a beautiful warm breezy summer night here on the Ranch I may add, for cruising through the maze of city freewayz ... however, back to business. But part of that inspire's this posting, while on Stemmons Frwy earlier this afternoon looking over downtown Dallas (tonight you cant see it only because it's dark) ... I was actually saying to myself today ... "When in Hell are they going to clean up this bloody smog!" ... it brought back old memories of Los Angeles. Then tonight getting back online and going to CNN ... this news just in, below.

Am I shocked on the recession deal? ... of course not, I been ranting on this recession and how long it will be since day one of this journal ... so no way, but only because when the "bailout" talk's started at the end of the Bush Administration and finding out that he spent all our surplus already otherwise, the math showed me right there, that we were in for a heap o' shit, financially speaking. However ... I am totally amazed on the President's move's which are getting more and more controversial by the week it seem's ... BUT ... NO BIGGIE ... Why? ... because as I write about here in "Truth or Treason" , I'm waiting for the "big one", which is ... will the President and Democrat's side with the GOP (God's Own Party) and the Korporate Klan to cut SSI and Medicare with this new so called Demopublican "Super Committee"? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... cause, just see how that would really get folk's panties in a bind, the leftee's and the rightee's simutaneously, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

But enough of my rattle over this battle and get on to the video/ link's below, which appear as the choice being ... either job's or clean air ... what do you want ... and Hell No! you cant have both ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... is it "shovel ready" Ya'll? : )

CNN MONEY: Obama back's off tough clean air regulation's ... an interesting set of read and link's here, and as far as the President's move's on this enviromental issue ... link's to job's/ employment figure's and the economy ...

Harvard economist "We never left the recession" ... Thanx to CNN MONEY

A lil ole bonus video here, to show just how difficult a day can be for a President in the Oval Office in these trying time's ... Thanx to KEITHARNAULT


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