Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to stop "Big Government" takeover? over half the politician's in Washington ... : )

I have posted that a scam of course was going down ... and some of the way's they can pull it ... and they did pull a scam ... however ... this is just way over my head ... I been listening to clip after clip of these session's even "live" and it is just so confusing ... I cant even begin to remotely guess, predict, or assume where the Hell this is going to go to next. I wrote in previous post's that it would be a confusing mess ... because that is how they alway's pull these showcase stunt's ... whether it's a car dealership ... a rebate gimmick ... or even tricky legislation.But to try to figure this one out? I am all tuckered out ... and dont know what the Hell to expect next ... beside's ... I dont trust none of this crap ... I just cant see what the next move is ... but whatever it is ... we need to look at it really closely ... cause these SOB's are slicker than owl shit!

If Sen.Wyden (D-OR) is for real on what he say's ... and if I read him correctly ... I do agree with him ... he say's he want's "ALL" American's ... not just 15% to be able to choose public option, and nationwide ... if I read him correctly ... this is what I want as well! In other word's ... not some BS plan where you have to only be dirt poor to purchase the option ... I mean ... were poor for instance by Washington standard's ... but not dirt poor, if you get my drift ... kind of more I guess like lower middle income I reckon. So even though we have a plan now ... I would still like to have opportunity to look into the option without having to make under $20K annually to do so ... or whatever limit amount they put on it to qualify. Thank Goodness we still have folk's that are going to fight this!

I also hope that this public option isnt going to be twisted into something that isnt truely public option ... call me skeptical or paranoid ... that's fine ... but my thinking kept me alive most of my life ... so I embrace it. Another reason I am concerned ... is because Sen.Hutchison (R-TX) (and just to think ... a year ago I was actually considering voting for this gal ... just to get rid of Texas Gov. Rick Perry from the run- off!!) with some of her buddies is trying to get a state-to-state deal going ... which I am also against ... because I live in Texas ... and I know we'll get screwed ... along with most southern state's as well as midwest state's ... any republican dominated state's that is ... which would suit even the insurance companies fine ... because they could still railroad place's like Texas and the south I reckon. So another issue to watch closely is this public option...and what version's of it are coming up...with what kind of twist's to it.

This is why this is way out of my league ... I can see a bite ... but these elaborate well calculated scheme's ... are alot harder to figure out and see ... plus most of my knowledge as far as law is concerned is criminal ... not civil/ corporate or whatever. I am trying my best ... but cant catch them all. I can only hope for the option to be weaseled in somehow ... or muscled in if they have to use harder measure's.

One thing most up there cry about is big government ... this is why I say the solution to that is fire over half of them ... heh, heh ,heh ,heh, heh : ) ... tell them we want to downsize for quality control and efficiency. : )


HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PART 2: Baucus ...and the Democratic"BITE" ... Step#2 of the "SNOWEjob" ....

This posting is to show the Part #2 of the Democratic "BITE" that I explained in detail that would happen in Part#1 on Sept.09,2009 which I wrote as a follow-up from the initial posting about the "SNOWEjob" to come...mostly influenced through the backdoor by Sen.Snowe and former Sen.Bob Dole.This is today's reaction from Michael Moore (A man that is second to none when it come's to speaking about reality .. I love this guy!) I was more accurate than I actually expected ... only because this "bite" was so clear to see back over a month ago,by any street hustler ... it was so clear what they were trying to pull off ... and of course the bastard's did it! : )


I know Sept.17th I wrote I hoped I was wrong on this one ... but that's how it goes. I would only hope now that there is some glimmer of light and folk's email, protest, and still try to put it in ... at least what uncontaminated democrat's are left ... but I am still skeptical. Why? because this was all staged so carefully and hundred's of million's have already been paid into this scam ... meaning the corporation's that pulled this off ... have spent so much ... and they would kill before they let this pass. In my past posting's I pretty much detailed the scam and how it is put together, including the teabag show's, the talk radio prop's, and especially all the recent saturation of commercial's on prime time tele/ TV ... in other word's ... they paid out the ass as it is...and had the best attorney's even working on this ... because the profit's as I said before are enormous ... more than the Iraqi invasion scam that was done with no- bid contractor's that I posted about in earlier post's.

Mr. Moore hit straight on the head when he said that many American's thought that we could relax because we have the democrat majority ... this is so true. But as I posted in my earlier posting's ... understand that they have already bought and paid for several democrat's to set this up ... basically we just got "conned/ played" one more time. My only hope now ... would be that the American people ... especially our young ... and minority communities of low income ... take to the street's and raise Hell that makes the Teabag Hellraising look like CampFire Girl's ... organize and do everything we can to tear down this entire cesspool ... by whatever mean's necessary. Because also as I said before ... this is all just the tip of the iceberg ... this victory will only make them stronger and more confident ... they will devour us 110% if we dont attack back at this.

DO NOT buy their excuses ... the reason they been so quiet is because they are cooking up a batch of BS while I write this that should be aired through the mainstream media within the next 48 hour's or so ... which will be a pack of lie's even from democrat's about how hard they worked and how this is all "better than nothing" or crap like the "Snowe Trigger Plan" ... that they will do something 5 year's for now if insurance dont clean up etc, etc. DO NOT believe a word of it ...WE ARE BEING HAD ... period ... and this is all well calculated and staged ... because they know whatever bill they get through will stand fairly solid for at least a generation.


I am not sure if they can pass anything without a signature of the President? Or how many vote's they need in what category ... BUT ... if we can create a roadblock of some sort so the non- option plan is NOT passed ... that would be to our benefit and these corporation's would hurt. Why? ... Because even though they have acted like they werent interested in change for over a decade ... once they can weasel this scam plan through ... they will act quicker than the people trying to get reform passed ... because it gives them about 50 million new client's forced by law to buy their plan's ... meaning every month or even year that we can delay this plan from going through ... they are losing revenue from new premium's.

Once this scam plan get's officiated as the one ... those who been avoiding reform will be hungry to push it in other word's ... because the plan was tailored by them and their attorney's (dont listen to this nonsense about our politician's putting this plan together ... they ARE NOT, it is all presented to them and drawn up elsewhere by ...well ... scammer's/ attorney's and the major "player" attorney's are our representatives (many have law degree's). The flip- side is ... we wont get any reform by doing this ... we will stay where we are. Is it worth it ... and the stretch? Absolutely ... because they dont get the business ... and will have to offer something else ... because the longer they play ... the more money they lose ... in other word's ... the number one way to hurt those with big money ... is to go for their money ... make them pay ... wait ... and hurt ... because you can rest assured today that with yesterday's victory ... they are going to be full speed ahead now to get it on the road and start collecting the money ... and this time if you dont buy their insurance ... you will be treated as a criminal ... because this will be MANDATORY/LAW ... remember that.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The "American Dream" & the "New Normal" PT.1

I just wanted to post this news link and video below, I changed out the link and added video ... because throughout this journal I have been posting about how the American Dream is changing ... and about the new BS phrase that came up last year of crap to feed American's called "The New Normal".

***** THE SEATTLE TIMES: Fewer limits sought on tent cities ... (newsread)

Laura "timed out" from a homeless shelter after 90 days and now lives in a tent with her children ... Thanx to Invisible People

One of the reason's I wrote so much about this ... is because it's a new reality of current America that will continue to grow (until we change leadership) ... despite all the statistic's we will be force fed on how well everyone is doing, and all the reason's we need the current political structure we have or we wont survive. Take just this small community in Seattle for instance ... they cant go to the street's because of the danger's to their families and selves ... they cant even depend on law enforcement to protect them, the government wont help them ... even so many that are actually veteran's and have fought for this country they wont even help...they only want for "faith based" group's to handle this all themselves in return for a tax exempt status...and those group's demand your mind/soul, or NO 3 hot's (meal's) and a cot (bed/ shelter).

I have wrote time and again especially how not one veteran in this country should ever be without a roof over their head ... I have met and talked to so many ... I have actually lost count. The health care reform scam that is happening now ... is also wanting on the republican side mostly as pocket puppet's for the "3 entities" (mega religion group's, corpopration's, and political structure's) and several democrat's are even bought and paid for ... setting up phoney staged battle's to make it look like they are a true opposition ... but in reality part of the same cesspool of filth and corruption that plague our nation ... setting up reform as faith based community clinic's that will feed you through an assembly line type system ... and use these poor and rejected American's to try their experimental drug trial's on ... telling them ... "it's for free".

The whole mentality of the 3 entities that control the system ... is for one objective. To keep the masses ignorant ... and to reproduce and teach more of the same ... and most importantly to demoralize you to the point to where anything you get even if it is a slap in the face ... you should say ... "Well ... it's better than nothing ... "You may say that we have it so much better than other's around the globe ... or it could be worse ... that's my point though. There is NO REASON in such a wealthy nation to even have to think with that mentality and attitude ... there is actually no reason why any veteran should be in this mess ... and no reason why any homeless people should exist at all in this nation ... period. While our tax dollar's are being fed to con artist's in places like the middle east who create uprising's just to get us to get involved so they can milk us for more money and welfare ... then laugh at us after 5 year's or so ... look at us as dumb- asses ... and spit on our flag ... but many of our representative's would rather support them before their own.



Looking for "Public Option"? ... dont devote yourself to strictly American option's .....

This post is inspired by all the concern over this health care reform that we are trying to deal with right now ... and because I personally known folk's that have left the country for everything from prescription drug's to having surgery done, and talked to several other's over the year's about it. Another thing I want to point out ... I havent gave up on actual reform in this country at all ... and want to give credit to hardline liberal's in this nation ... that have showed more patriotism recently to the concern's of the people's of this nation than any of the right wing has ... and this is coming from a guy ... that voted mostly republican most of my life. However ... the republican party is no longer what it used to be. These laughed at liberal's, who are alway's joked about as being mush headed socialist's, especially like Speaker of the House Pelosi ... have shown to be more stand up for American's than many of their opposition from the right ... some are really sticking their neck's out, going head on against this wealthy powerful corrupt cesspool that control's our nation.

***** PBS/ FRONTLINE: Health Care Systems-- The Four Basic Models

Traveling Abroad for Healthcare ... Thanx to CCTV AMERICA

I was having some small chat the other morning with a hard working neighbour here in my neighbourhood who we call Wolf (His first name is Wolfgang ... so we call him that for short). But Wolf is a lifelong republican ... he worx his ass off ... and even moreso now ... since his company laid off some worker's ... and he had to take up the work that they used to do. Wolf has to have dental work done ... but didnt have insurance ... he simply cant afford it on the hourly wage he make's even being a single man with no children ... and even in his spare time recycling metal's. I was telling him about having dental work done in Mexico ... after all ... I've known many Texan's and Californian's personally that have went to Mexico for their prescription's as well as dental work. He is getting some help as we speak in loan money for extensive dental work from his sister ... but not everyone who is an hourly lower income worker in this country is fortunate enough to get that financial help for instance.

But Wolf like some other's I have talked to that love this country (Wolf was born in Germany and came here at about age 5) ... and who may be even republican and Texan ... have this idea that not buying everything here is not safe, hygienic, or especially being patriotic as far as love for your country and supporting only American work and employee's doing the work. We are pressured sometime's by those around us ... to only stay within our own country for as much as we can ... and I am 110% all for that myself ... I want to make this nation strong, and I even believe in a certain amount of nationalism even. But my view's have been getting more "social" over the last few year's ... because of the inner virus that has swept across our nation. We have bent over backward's and gave those who run our interest's in this nation the power to create a free marketplace and do what work's and in the country and peoples interest, and they basically have pretty much stabbed us in the back and took advantage of our generosity. Our so called free market icon's ... are basically becoming dictator's ... who even want to take our money themselves ... and spend and invest it everywheres beside's America themselves. They have even bought and paid for a large portion of our political representation, and are in almost total control of even legislation in this country, and even dominate our airwaves with their advertising that is basically propaganda.

If you can afford to travel and get what you need at a better price than you can in our own nation ... you are being very American by doing so ... it's not American to support these type's that want to monopolize our economies/ business ... and control and reign over all our choices and limit our choices by manipulating and influencing all our legislation. In many cases these day's ... it may also be in our best interest's to invite in foreign investor's ... because they may be smaller and more grateful to be in this country and do business ... than those who have just been here so long and only exploit and rape our nation. Million's of American's "want" a public option in health care ... but our insurer's and affiliated corporation's dont want that ... they say it is not in our best interest and will be a danger. They say they want to give us choice ... but never want any competition or offer any real choices ... and only recently concerned themselves with thinking about people when they found out our government was going to force all American's by law to buy insurance, and also a crapload of new and experimental prescription drug's as well ... they see a "fortune" to be made ... and they want it.

The bottom line is also ... they will do everything in their power to also legislate law's that will try to make it difficult more than it is now for American's to buy anything abroad that interferes with their revenues/ profit's. And have us believing that kissing their asses is the patriotic thing to do. The American thing to do ... is what is in the peoples best interest's. If for instance ... we end up with a so called reform package that has no kind of public option ... we shouldnt forgive them, or listen to their reasoning ... or anything else they feed us ... because that is a slap in the face and insult to American's ... especially the hourly hard working American's in lower income bracket's ... and especially minorities and people's of colour ... they are insulting you and telling you that you are going to do what they say and choose, and you have no choice but them.

I'm not just one that run's my mouth on the internet about what the problem's are ... I do something about it ... I get out and vote ... contact representative's ... and try to do what I can as far as taking action. They may say for instance ... that if I refuse to buy their plan and option's they will fine/ penalize me, garnish my wages and even may put me in jail. I am one of the most defiant SOB's one will ever meet. I am the kind of fella that will drop out of the workforce if I need to, and only work unregistered contract, and they wont get to garnish or collect a damn thing ... and as far as jail if I dont pay fines ... even if I have the money ... I will go to jail ... and tell them to screw themselves ... and anyone that know's me, know's when I say something I do it. So they can take their threat's and propaganda BS and scare tactic's and cram them up their asses ... their petty scare tactic's dont phase those like me ... and America has alot of folk's like me! Ya'll better start building some prison's ... cause million's you will have to lock up! : )

POST NOTE: I am not saying by "defiant" that myself or anyone for that matter cant be broken ... I am saying those like myself will give them a run for their money, and some may buckle up sooner or later than other's ... but they'll have their work cut out for them on it.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Thomas Hudson Pickering (3rd) ... born Sept.25th 1922 ...

This post is strictly to honour my father (yes ... I'm THP 4th) who was not just a Dad, but pretty much an  influence period ... a sort of philosophical mentor ... put it this way ... he meant alot to me ... but understood boyz too in a wayz that mom's dont, being that mom's worry too much too : ) My dad knew I was gonna do what I was gonna do and left it at that.

My Dad's familia were immigrant's from England ... came to Pennsylvania to settle, and in New York. He was also US Army (WW2 era). His favourite US city probably would have been Las Vegas ... his passion was casino's, the stock market's, and small investment's and gamble's. Had a Vegas home and stayed in  Southern California awhile, Erie (PA), Pittsburgh, Tampa/ St Petersburg (FL), Buffalo (NY), Louisville (KY), and wherever over the year's and had me in casino's at 8 and 9 year's old when Fremont St. was actually a street and the major hub of Vegas ... and on the strip ... when you had drinks with folks like Sinatra, Martin, Davis (Rat Pack) and house security in them day's were east coast transplant wiseguy's. He never lived in Texas ... but visited me here ... and actually loved Dallas! And was a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan ... before I ever even came to Dallas as a boy ... he told me to put my money on the Cowboys if I bet ... and I'll win more than I lose.

Dad died of heart failure back in July of 1999 ... Birthday Greetings Dad ... love ya!! : )


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 2: .... Effect's on Western U.S. forest fire's ....

Hope for L.A. Wildfire End ... Thanx to CBS

***** NOAA: Wild Fires- August 2009

Now this segment is from a couple week's you probably may have heard today on any radio,tele,or paper,or news blog ... the Los Angeles Area is on fire again ... I think today is up in Ventura County ... none the less more fire certainly the LA Area sure as Hell dont need! And today was low humidity... and about 100 degree's in Central LA for a high temp ... which doesnt help a damn bit, any Angelino would know.


Now ... many scientist's from various sector's of the science communities, along with other's who have to study and fight these fire's know for a fact that changing weather pattern's are contributing to the increase of these fire's ... this short video explain's some of that. Also to get an idea for city folk's on how high 300'ft. flame's would be .... it is about equivalent in height to a 30 story building.

Another issue I want to point several fire's are started as foul play ... intentionally ... law enforcement already know's that as well. This is why I strongly am for the "death penalty" for those found guilty of starting these fire's...or at least life without parole minimal. I know several American's...of various religion's,culture's, political side's,would disagree with me on this ...and feel death penalty (if they support DP)should only apply to those who kill a human being.But my reason for my because I believe that this is more serious than taking a single human life. And also believe that pyromania is a type of addiction or mental handicap...that is deadly if anyone or familia is caught in one of these fire's ... so I see no reason to spend 10's of 1000's or more trying to rehabilitate these offender's...and would support their execution 110%. That's just my opinion.

POST NOTE: I mentioned above the term "mental handicap" ... and of coarse .... most would use that to bring up "defense" for the accused ... on "insanity" plea. I want to point out that I also dont feel these popular plea's should be used in determining punishment phases. I believe in a fair trial...and to supply defense if accused is unable to afford defense representation ... and THAT defense IS TO PROVE that the accused is innocent ... or to enter any plea the accused and defense decide's and chooses only. If found guilty beyond a doubt ... or even a self no contest plea submitted by accused defense ...with acceptance from the people/prosecution to rest on that ...I feel that death/execution should be carried out. opinion.


Dr.Richard Dawkins (PT. 1): ... What religion would God have founded? and "The Greatest Show on Earth" ...

I am not an atheist (I dont claim or feel a need to claim ANY title for what I disbelieve or believe) ... however I am fond of the work of Dr.Richard Dawkins. So ... why would I be fond of his work? Because of just that word ... "WORK" something that has become rare in today's mainstream religion world. He is also here promoting his new book called "Greatest Show on Earth" ... which I will get around to reading some time soon.Dr.Dawkins simply question's alot of these guru's and their claim's, he simply does not believe in a God or spiritual world ... HE IS NOT ....EVIL.... and actually has strong values. I admire the man for his honesty and contribution to the science world in particular.

Richard Dawkins Interview- CNN (2) ... Thanx to ATHEIST STREAM

***** CNN/ DAWKINS: Darwin and the case for 'militant atheism'

 Many of faith may think that...this questioning of God's existence will get you a resort in Hellfire for instance ...obviously he doesnt think so ... nor do I. When asked what religion would God have founded if God was proven to exist? I think Dr.Dawkins sums it up perfectly and simple when he descibe's it as something much more supreme,grandeur,intelligent ... far better than the portrait puny production's of our religion's. And as far as those who believe in God yet deny evolution ... I personally think that,that would be an insult to God...that is like insulting God's very creation by denying evolution. And more shameful to destroy the earth the way we do ... this man has more respect for this earth...than the majority of those attached to these mainstream religion's ... and in my opinion...would be more deserving of a REWARD from God than many!

If your a person of God... ask yourself ...what have you done to show your gratitude to God's creation and the preservation of it? Simply saying "I believe in God" just isnt good enough in my opinion.What are you doing for God's creation?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A billion THANX to Scientist's, Geologist's, Astronomer's, and Associate's ...

What bring's me to post two thing's here...previous posting's...and the last posting on Greenland getting more GREEN ...and because of a gal I see who is a clerk at a local store I frequent a couple times per week at least, and we have a little small chat.

This morning she was as usual...bringing up about one of the tele show's on the tele(TV) that she watches like a religion.She is up to date on all the latest show's...I was actually inspired to research who the hell Jon and Kate was...because of this gal, since she stay's up with their lives as if they were part of her own familia.

But this morning she asked me..... "I thought you watch TV?"(since I was unfamiliar..with yet...another popular show) ... I told her..."I do...just about everyday for that matter ...I love TV show's! ..." She said then ..."Well what kind of show's do you watch then...cause you never mention them?" So I told her that I do mention them...but dont advertise them as this week's show or episode. I watch tele, it's just that mostly all I political...from BBC or PBS or other USA news,and my favourite station's are like History Channel,Discovery, ... like for hour's yesterday...I was watching History...and they had hour's of documentary after documentary...about the Universe,planetary formation's,Super Nova's,outer galaxy orbit's,black hole's...and the list goes on. She sound's "boring" ... well okay ... I'll buy that for some...but I love them show's! me a bore...that's each their own. She wanted to know what I watch for entertainment ... I told her the Dallas Cowboys(football) ... she said...she dont find violent sport's entertaining ....oh well......(I cant win for losing here) :)

I want to THANK ALL those who work hard and put together these documentaries and programme's and do so much to explore the unexplored...and find answer's for us that are essential to know ...where would we be without these folk's? Probably still using pony express ...and drinking from a well...and thinking that we all lived with dinosaur's side by side 6000 year's or so a big happy familia until they all died...even Jon and Kate wouldnt have a show for that matter without them, THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 1: .... Greenhouse to turn Greenland Greener? ....

I just wanted to post this to show how massive this ice is that is rapidly melting. I have been watching this myself for more than a few year's now. No I dont belong to any environmental organization's ... nor am posting this to point finger's. I am posting this to "show" the reality of the current condition.

***** CNN: Global Warming: A natural cycle or human result?

Must see video of Greenland melting (2009.02.20) ... Thanx to STARRDREAMS

Funny thing ... a week or so ago ... I was in the Uptown area grabbing a bite at lunch. Sitting in a booth right next to me was two plain clothes detective's for Dallas County. I know that they had a college education ... to acquire that job, at least some college. I couldnt help hearing when one brought up to the other about the weather ... it has rained in Dallas for over a week straight ... and temp's were below normal. The one told the other ... "Look at this (looking out the window) ... that's why I dont buy this global warming scare ... all summer it's been like this ..." ... the other responded ... "Yep ... Dallas sure hasnt been warming very much ..." etc ... it went on. (warming will cause more precip in certain area's, frozen in winter when furthest from sun, liquid in summer, is how I see it ... no, I havent been to college, or high school for that matter ... do you need to, to understand that?)

Now ... whether or not you "buy" global warming ... or you are a pop culture person who wishes to call it climate change ... because it sound's more "pleasant" (Bush cabinet marketing) ... the fact is ... that what you see ... is what you get. Some may say ... it's too late to fix or reverse it ... some may say ... oh well ... it's gonna happen ... or they may feel it's part of some religious apocalyptic prophecy ... some just want to ignore it period ... because of money. All in all there are 1001 excuse's and blames as to why this is happening. But I never hear any reason why we must brutalize the earth so much? Sometime's I wonder if folk's may feel ... that if we dont pump enough trash into the water's, ground, and air ... we may die off? Will nature stop functioning if we were to clean up our way's a little more ... and at a much faster pace?

Some folk's may think ... we have too many problem's to deal with. Well ... one thing is for sure ... and that is all of our goddamn problem's came from our own action's. Some may think it's about having the money ... the technologies ... etc. As I posted before ... the technologies are here ... the money and investor's are abundant. What we are seeing is an attempt to spend more on exploration for fossil fuel's ... only to have a rathole reserve of them to market for something or another.Another problem is just plain being cheap. We are led to believe that if industry as we know it fail's/ collapses ... it's the end of the world for us, another myth we are programmed to believe. There are folk's ... much smaller all over the globe ... waiting in line for ya'll to die so they can replace you with new idea's and investment's/venture's. Ya'll been controlling everything from the free market, to what industries will rule and even law's and legislation.

As difficult as it may seem ... being a little cleaner ... certainly wont damage the earth any more than we have already damaged it. And YES ... I am VERY pro- business and thinking about the economy ... How?, Because ... that is the economy of new, and fossil fuel's are just that ... a fossil. One thing for sure ... when them sea level's rise more ... I sure will be happy I live in Dallas.

***** PD/ RCJ: The "MELTING" is the tip of the Iceberg ... "CHANGE" you can bank on ... **** an earlier related posting


Friday, September 18, 2009

Chesapeake Bay: One Area, One Plant, One Nation, under God ... with fossil fuel's for ALL ...

Cleanup Effort, Over Decades Fails to Restore America's Largest Estuary ... Thanx to VOA NEWS ... (I had to replace this video with another)

This short video posting is just to record the current reality of the enviroment. I titled it as such...because it is just that..."ONE" in a massive amount.Now...when countries like India,and China see how thing's are handled here...what do you think their response will be to stricter enviromental standard's? Of coarse...they will think that America is basically on a one way street..and simply want's to dictate to everyone else.

This issue is also going to drag out year after year...until the world as a whole really start's to take it's money and move on to the next step of energy... I mean serious attempt' massive solar,wind,water project's...not a few million half battery charged luxury vehicle's for American's to drive wearing green shirt's while sipping their herbal tea for photo shoot's. The money is there...the player's are strong...and IT IS the future of energy supply will need to meet it.

We all talk about our love of God's creation....yet are so fast at destroying every bit of it with no regard for it,God,or even our grandchildren. Then we whine when nature goes haywire ... well ... you can see...we get exactly what we deserve. Thank goodness most of our grandchildren are smarter than us! They received the best lesson .....watching us.

POST NOTE: For those billionaire's out there old and new with them entrepreneurial mind's,big goal's,who still like thinking and a challenge ... this is their golden opportunity! Money make's money ... no one know's that better than those. Invest in this far as large investing in industries of solar,wind,and water... and YOU CANNOT LOSE in the long run! This is a sure winner... jump in while it's early.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Debit Shark's ... A tip for debit card holder's ....

I dont personally use debit card's myself ... but I know many that do. This is something also that bank's and loan companies also fear of this new administration, as far as new regulation's being legislated, and imposed.

***** NEW YORK TIMES: Bank of America Plans to End Overdraft Fees on Debit Card Purchases ... (newsread)

Back year's ago they accused mobster's/ wiseguy's and so forth of running loan shark operation's ... even called many folk's in them trade's and practice's "criminal's". Today ... it has been a common and acceptable practice. This clip in short show's the "bite/ scam" here ... and how the objective is to get you the customer within the "cycle". I've known many folk's, neighbor's ... who have got caught in these and other loan cycle's ... keeping them paying out from paycheck to paycheck. This is a multi- billion dollar annually operation. Shameful that one of our troop's had to be the example.

The choice is all your's .... THINK ....

POST NOTE: I wanted to also point out here ... (I replaced original video) that Bank of America in their statement that this is simply a case of "Extreme Circumstance" is rubbish, everything is designed to milk the customer as much as possible these day's.You see today more tele commercial's for Bank of America than any other in year's ... more naming right's, more of everything ... remember ... these are some of the same folk's that whined they needed money ... there is nothing rare about this circumstance ... it is common amongst most major financial institution's ... and the only reason they responded how they did ... and had their flunky spokesperson explain it all, is because it got national coverage ... and most importantly because it was a man in uniform in active duty ... most people they would put on hold or tell them to "shove it" if they dont like it ... I'll tell you the most rare thing in our society though ... "truth". THEY LIE!!!! .............. : )


Baucus ... and the Democratic "BITE" ... Step #2 of the "SNOWEjob" ....

Today in Washington- Public Option Rejected ... Thanx to Bloomberg

This is a back up to what I have been posting about the "bite" and "scam" that is going to be pulled on us. This is a tragedy for me ... this is one thing that I would LOVE to be wrong about ... and still HOPE that I am. But this is exactly what I have wrote about time and again ... and it is unfortunately materializing more and more by the day.

First lesson here ... Any time someone comes out like that with an announcement and/ or proposal ... and they have a smile as big as Texas ... and say's something like "This is a GREAT plan!! .... " or something like..."Have I got a deal for you!! ..." and you see in the background ad's or posting's saying thing's like "saving's" ... "option's" ... or the other mind soothing crap we are fed ... you can bank on it ... your about to get screwed.

As far as "trust" ... I put him in the same category as Snowe and how much I would trust her ... in the last posting ... NONE. This guy is unbelievable ... Why? Because he is easier to read than a road map. I mean ... you can "make" this guy out of a crowd of 1000 with one eye covered. And Sen. Max Baucus (D- Montana) of course would be a key puppet bastard on the Democrat side. Boy oh boy are we getting a shaft up our asses this time. As I posted in earlier post's ... the special interest's even have folk's they bought on the left ... which will make it simply a "bipartisan" bite/ scam. The only "hope" the people have is simply the hardline liberal's, Pelosi, the President if he stick's and refuses to sign anything without the public option ... they are trying to wear us out simply on this.

Their next step will most likely be ... if the President refuses to sign a non- public option plan ... and hardline liberal's continue to support public option ... the scammer's then will turn out propaganda to us the people and say the reason nothing is signed yet and worked out ... is because the President and hardline liberal's are creating a roadblock ... and no one can pass ... trying to convince then ... the people that the "public option" is now the "villain" stopping reform.Myself...on a personal note ... NO ... ABSOLUTELY NOT ... I would NOT sign ANY plan with no public option, and if that meant ... no plan effective ... or a roadblock ... oh well. When I say I will do something ... I plan on doing it ... period. The interesting part will be seeing how many in Washington are true to what they say they will do ... and who will back down.

POST NOTE: And for those who show weakness ... dont buy their excuses ... about all of the sudden "why" they done what they done ... or what they"had" to do. There IS NO excuse for this type of weakness ... they are not having their fingernail's ripped out or being waterboarded, or threatened with the death's of their loved ones ... this kind of weakness is the lowest and most cowardly that you can lower yourself to. One of the most popular excuses will be is ... something is better than nothing,etc. Dont buy this ... why? Because the masses are always fed that ... when those in Washington vote themselves in a "raise", do you see them take a 50 cent an hour raise? or a $50 a month increase in salary ... NO ... and they would NEVER accept anything like that! It's an insult ... and we should see this as exactly what it is shaping into ... an insult.


Snowe on "Trigger Plan" and Axelrod on "Public Option" ....

***** NEW YORK TIMES: Take Public Option 'Off the Table', Snowe Says ... (newsread)

I previously was talking about Sen. Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) and her "Trigger Plan" with her sidekick, former Senator Bob Dole. I also pointed out that Snowe has a "SNOWEjob" she is going to pull ... and this is it. As you will see here, she is VERY confident that ANY plan that incorporate's "Public Option" will be rejected by the Senate.

Snowe is very sharp and slick as they come ... and there is billion's riding on this plan in special interest's, as I posted time and again. Axelrod in my opinion is not confident ... and I feel would be more willing to throw in the towel for instance with associate's (with the exception of the hardline liberal's, because they are the only true defender's the public option has). This is why I stated in earlier post's to watch out for Snowe and what she will propose ... she will wipe out public option in a heartbeat ... and by the time were done listening to this trigger plan ... it will even twist our thinking ... and we will get screwed again ... for another decade or more. This idea that they will threaten using public option as a threat if insurer's dont straighten their act up in 5 year's is the biggest crock of BS we can get fed, no one will crack down on nothing. How do you ask a person to crack down on themselves? Any plan they offer will be so complex, that we will just get milked in some other way, and will have no benefit to people except any new regulation's the government may impose, and even those wont fully be enforced, and much will be so full of area's for loophole's.

This is why I am VERY SKEPTICAL that ANY public option can even get into the plan, those power's are far more powerful at this point in history than the power of the peoples ... and when money say's "NO" ... they MEAN it. This will be difficult, because anything the public option opponent folk's will propose will be some other way to screw the people ... rest assured.

POST NOTE: My personal view of Snowe ... is ... I would not trust her as far as I could throw her ... this woman could steal the shirt off of anyone. Her idea of bipartisan is another scam ... there IS NOTHING even remotely bipartisan about her, if there was and she TRUELY cared about the people as she stated ... she would be all for an option. IF we dont get public option ... bank on it ... it will probably be another generation before it is even dealt with again. Sooner or later these folk's will retire from their position's or life, and the new faces and young of the future will lay all this crap to rest eventually ... you can bank on that too. I would just like to see it sooner than later.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting back to NORMAL ... and What is NORMAL?

Well ... I have been spending time listening to the economist's ... and what their assessment's are on the economy ... what need's to be done, where we lack, what's next, etc,etc. Getting on the road back to "normal", then you have other's feeding us the newest pop culture phrase ... the "new normal". How much have we recovered out of the recession? Is the recession officially over? It's somewhat entertaining watching all these expert's give their idea's on what is happening and what need's to be done, or what is normal, or not normal etc. I had a posting back awhile ago ... about this "new normal" because this is what is supposed to make us put on our happy faces again. : )

I posted Treasury Secretary Geithner's interview last ... because he is well aware of what is happening ... yet ... he is NOT an economist ... he simply work's with what is available ... and doing his best to see to a smooth as possible transition ... because to be frank ... many major corporation's cannot stand him ... or Obama ... or even this G-20 group for that matter because they see what is coming! We hear complaint's about this President and Administration doing business with Arab's and Chinese as well. Look ... I dont like having too much business with those myself ... but does our new administration have a choice? This type of trade was established way back ... and been going on through the Bush and Clinton administration's ... it's business ... period. The fact is ... as much as I hate to say this ... WE OWE THESE COUNTRIES! And it's NOT Obama's fault ... he has to deal with it and them ... period.

Many want government out of our business to an extent ... which is fine ... we sit nice and calm ... work, spend, and let them do their job's and we do our's. In this same frame of mind ... we the people need to look out for our best interest's as well. Cash for Clunker's for instance was a great programme ... you trade in your old and get $4000 toward's a new vehicle. It's not in swing no more from what I gather, and I dont know if or when it will restart. Actually Texas had this before anyone else did ... and now in Texas, actual private sector dealer's are offering similar programmes that they designed themselves (in- house financing of course). We are told this is part of our end of the stimulus ... to the people's. Rubbish ... this is basically like what Bush done when he gave American's $300/ $600 rebate check's ... in the hope's that we would spend them ... but many ratholed it ... and much was spent in the black market as well, as well as being used to pay off pre- existing debt's ... so ... it failed. The cash for old car's was another promotion ... to get you to buy a new car ... get financed putting you back in debt on a car payment ... you can bet ... if most people paid cash for their vehicle's ... no such programme would have even been introduced. Bottom line and lesson, think like they do, and get better than them at their game.They give you a rebate check for $500 ... figure out how to turn that into $750- $1000. Get my drift?

Now we have economist's saying that sure ... we are leveling out ... and lay- off count's are decreasing, etc. ... which is a good sign of getting out of the hole ... but they also complain that we the average consumer have tightened our belt's and are not spending like "we should" ... not borrowing like before ... and even lender's because of the new unstable playing field are not lending like before ... and we need this to get back to "normal". WRONG!!!! The last thing we want to do is get back to "NORMAL". Why? Well if your a economic's masochist maybe not. Ask yourself ... what in Hell got us here to begin with? It was THAT idea of normality. Going back to that will get you what? The same as we just got done with and maybe worse next time. I previously posted about my own trouble's of past where over 20 year's ago ... I got into debt almost $30K just on credit card's ... and how it took me a decade to clear it up. 2009 ... I have NO debt ... period ... and I plan to keep it minimal as possible. That new tele I may see and want today ... should I charge it? Or wait a year and just save my cash as if I been making payment's for financing ... then in a year or a little more ... I take that cash I've accumulated ... go out and buy it after the price even dropped ... or buy a more advanced model just as cheap? Get my drift?

We have became addicted/ habitual to borrowing. When we see that new car ... we cant wait ... even if we know it is going to cost us ... an extra $5K to finance it, yet knowing it will not likely get paid off ... because we will trade it before and roll over the finance ... compounding more interest even. And if we do pay it off ... we find out that it is so worn and has internal repair's that are needed that require more than just basic's in car repair knowledge ... as all new car's do, transmission, engine, etc. So ... it become's less of a financial burden, just to trade, sell, and buy newer. We are like this in just about everything we consume actually. The whole economy, not just of our country... but now the world ... depend's on us ... to work more hour's than anyone else and consume and spend like there's no tomorrow. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... American people are a world commodity! : )

Whether we are in a recession ... out of a recession ... kind of in a recession, borderline or whatever ... not a damn bit good will come of it to any of us who actually work. The last thing we want to do ... FOR OUR OWN GOOD is start to rush out and spend thinking it will save a few job's ... job's are controlled not by us ... but by those who run from the top and even control most small business owner's in our country. Until we start to let this "normal" system collapse and deteriorate, and/ or diversify to the next transition ... we will only rehash the same decade after decade. With the same fighting and argueing amongst each other, teabagging,  protesting etc, etc ...while those at the top ... do what they have alway's done best ... which is to pull our string's and keep us as their puppet's ... and our politician's as pocket puppet's. Tightening our belt's ... and not borrowing like we have been is the smartest thing that we as a people have done in year's! They cry that they are seeing drop's in profit's ... and it will take us to the poorhouse and put us in a world of misery? Dont believe a word of it ... when they collapse at the top ... it will "free" all the small money on the globe ... their empires will collapse ... and they will have to join us or live in their own little resort world away from the action ... cause the bottom will rise and weed them out.

Our biggest problem as well is "fear"... fear can be healthy ... but there is also a flip- side to it ... know the difference ... and utilize it to your advantage. When I post about this system collapsing ... one of the first responses I get ... is folk's thinking this mean's the end, apocalypse, chaos, or Helter Skelter. Actually none of this would happen in that manner or will when the time comes ... and believe me ... it will come. Why? ...  because human's pull together when it comes to survival ... and stand out for one another ... it's these 3 entities and powers that keep us not only in fear, debt, and at each other's throat's ... that will "solely" fail, our end of suffering will be short and out the door in no time ... sure it wont be easy ... but the payoff will be great! We have simply become attached to this created "normal", and fear what would we do or become without it ... because it is all we have known.

The power, will, and change ... is within each and everyone of us ... it's our nature, and that is something that they dont own. It is also IMPORTANT to realize ... that once we get BACK to this so called NORMAL... in spending and borrowing ... trust me, I bet my paycheck on this ... everything inflation wise will start to go up ... even gas at the pump's will sky- rocket, rent, interest, food and the worx ... the minute they see that we are back to NORMAL ... they will increase all the necessities, causing an across the board ripple effect. So dont be in such a hurry to buy their word's and do what they say is best for you ... were not doing that bad now ... they are. : )


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Couric drill's Geithner... and Geithner speak's REALITY ...

Exclusive: Treasury Sec.Geithner ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

This is added to this journal for the record on the current economic reality,it's lengthy at approximately 24 min's. But I feel this is an important look at the current condition from a man who is working his ass off and devoted to getting result's.Dont judge this man from only a year on the job...he is doing what he can considering the tool's he has to utilize. I also want to credit CBS' Katie Couric here for asking them tough question's that make Tim point out this reality we face.

I was thrilled when former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson went out the door and this man came in as the new Secretary. Many American's didnt feel the crisis a year and a half ago...and many even now may not...but there is. I have also posted over a year ago to not expect job's to gain...and they will keep going out the door. History show's us that after any recession ... it is employment figure's that are the last to recover...period. Tim also explain's how this happen's and that it wasnt only the reckless behaviour of investor's at the top...but also smaller...and more even American's lived and spent beyond their mean's ... so we have ALL contributed something to our miseries as well. Tim explain's this all a hell of alot better than I I need to shut the hell up. Thanx Tim ...your doing a Hell of a job Sir!


Where's a couple good Cowboy's when you need them? .... try Puyallup,Wa. ...

I just had to post this one this morning for the Hell of it! :)

Well one might not think of cattle and cowboy's when they think of the State of Washington ... but any real cowboy or rodeo fan certainly know's of the Fair Rodeo at Puyallup.

Apparently what happened the cattle drive that is held right before the rodeo event in town went off course when some cattle decided they wanted to do more than just window shopping that day ... and a couple cowboy's came to the rescue when they were needed to round em up!

And YES ... I am a fan of rodeo...I love watching a good rodeo show!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OBAMA / HITLER HEALTHCARE: ... And this all started over our President offering the people a "choice/ option"? ....

Well ... it appear's that,that is exactly what happened. It certainly is very American to take to the street and protest ... and to defend our nation from tyranny, and to excersize our right to defend ourselves. And of course no American want's to be driven into something like communism ... so I hear ya'll on that part. And I realize that I posted in my earliest post's that American's will eventually "wake up" and take to the street's ... and take some action as well ... out of anger of what is happening as far as getting milked by some of these corporation's and even politician's ... but I didnt think it would be from this crowd and party ... singled out alone.Ya'll are overlooking the REAL threat!

***** DAILY MOTION: Santa Monica Tea Party protest "Obama is the new Hitler!" ... (video)

Santa Monica Tea Party Protest "Obama is the new Hitler!" ... Thanx to VENICE4CHANGE ... (no audio, due to copyright crap)

Believe it or not ... as you can see above ... this is simply American people being fed another smokescreen ... and I would hope that good conservative American's would wake up and see how these giant's are using you ... oh yes ... ya'll are being "played" as fool's here ... this is all staged, rest assured!

Just look at what ya'll been protesting about for instance ... tyranny, socialism, communism, comparing the President and Administration to Nazi's etc. You may want to slow down a minute and take a "time- out" ... and give that a tad of thought. Ya'll know good and well ... this President is not a Nazi or even a commi.Whether one is for a public option or not as far as health care reform is concerned ... take a close look at what the public option is saying ... it is very simple ... to give the lower income working American's and the poor something that can take care of them ... it would even benefit some of ya'll's families ... just like social security does or even medicare ... and these two programme's are actually socialist style programmes ... but if the government wanted to take those from your loved one's of age and retired ... you wouldnt be happy. This so called "option" is a small ragtag offer ... to those who may not be able to afford nothing else ... and it work's as a benefit as well to all taxpayer's. I mean what do you want to do? ... keep paying taxes for your county hospital emergency room's to be backed up with uninsured folk's and illegal's, who have no money? You wouldnt want that if your loved one or friend just was in a near fatality car wreck though ... think about it a moment.

Insurance companies wont go out of business or even bankrupt ... not unless ya'll start buying up this public option ya'll's self ... and they still wouldnt go broke. Why? .... well when you can afford to hand out 10's of billion's to your top exec's annually ... spend 10's of billion's more to protest having any "competition" ... uhhhh ... your nowhere's near broke or even within any distance of it. That's right ... that is what these mega insurer's spend and do. Then ... they have the nerve ... after you paid them all you had ... to tell you something like your acne ... or a number of other thing's is a pre- condition. To top it off ... they give training to those you discuss your claim's with on the phone,in person,or online ... on how to minimize any expense you will cost them ... and pay them a bonus or commission to do so to you, and what should be your limit's of treatment based on dollar's you worked your asses off for and never missed a beat in payment ... Hell ... if ya'll wanna talk about "death panel's" ... we in a sense already have them ... look at the whole picture.

Believe it or not ... this public option with other measure's to protect the people's interest's ... will actually benefit each and every working American across the board, dont let yourself be played as fool's to these mega corporation's ... if they were so free market even ... they wouldnt try to position themselves to be a monopoly the way they do. If they loved American's so much ... they wouldnt divert so much into offshore investment's and do so much business with the communist party of China ... oh yeah! Dont take what I say as the Gospel truth ... check it out ya'll's self. I aint got no reason to lie here ... I'm 53 year's old ... never drawn a damn bit of government assistance in my life ... and knock on wood that I dont ever have too! I have voted straight republican most of my life as well ... and have worked for low to moderate workin wages all my life as well ... just like many of ya'll. But I know when I'm getting the shaft ... and sure as Hell know who's getting the goldmine ... if you get my drift! Alot of these folk's are all in bed with the rest ... like AIG and them, these investment banker's ... and the rest of them. Yeah...they love to stay in America ... but not alway's display their appreciation for having their home in the greatest country in the world ... who has been kind enough to make them all so wealthy and powerful.

I am not saying to not beware of tyranny ... absolutely not. I am saying dont let yourself be directed by corporate special interest's who control and bought ya'll's media, and many of ya'll's own party ... look at them ... and start to question "them" as well. And all this started simply from the President offering a public option in the health care reform package? Now that there ... should tell you something ... I mean ... that lil option lead's to a communist takeover? Uh, uh ... I will tell you what lead's to deterioration of our nation ... and that is when folk's like GW Bush start's to sell us out to Arab's ... and the Chinese ... on trade that is so unbalanced it aint funny ... and creating war's ... that doesnt even pay back the terrorist's who attack's us ... (which he done) and I myself even voted for former President Bush. I feel now ... like he abandoned my nation ... and as well as the State of Texas in way's.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HEALTH CARE SNOWEJOB PT. 1: ...."Trigger Plan" ... our next SNOWEjob for Health Care Reform ....

This sure as Hell is not getting enough media coverage right now ... but we knew that something is going to come up that is elaborate and crafty enough to be pushed off on the Senate and Congress ... it is just a matter of reckonizing it when it come's ... and this is the bite that we are about to get, all being constructed quietly by Sen.Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) ... and she has support also from all angle's to a degree already.

It is called a "Trigger Plan" ... and basically what it does ... is toss out "Public Option" on a temporary basis ... converting it into a "Threat" instead to be used ... meaning ... to threaten mega insurer's ... if they dont clean up their act ... in say 5 year's or so ... they will put in a public option. I must admit ... it's good ... certainly a crafty piece of BS if I've ever seen good BS! Former Senator Bob Dole ... who isnt even a goddamn Senator anymore ... and should be fishing or whatever the Hell they do when they retire ... instead is a major voice and part of this crap ... as he explain's ... or "threaten's" to put in a public option if these companies dont clean their act up in 5 year's ... c'mon now ... what the Hell kind of bullshit is that? We been tellin folk's to clean up their act's for decades ... on every avenue ... that's like pissing in the wind. You know damn well ... in 5 year's from now ... some other crap or distraction will be created to pass that crap over again and so on ... they say look at the civil right's movement and how many year's it took to get that straight and on track (?) WE AINT TALKING ABOUT THE GODDAMN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT HERE!!! That's a cheap shot as well ... because ya'll know that alot of those who would benefit from a public option are people of colour ... that's not much different than playing a "race card"!

This plan being pushed by Snowe is just another SNOWEjob is all ... another way to sidestep having to make any move significant ... and I know damn well our President see's this clear as day. And I sure as Hell hope he dont slack off and embrace it without a fight.

I know it is easy to think that I am only siding here with what is called the hardline liberal's like Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D- Maryland) ... but that isnt so ... on this particular issue ... YES. But only because I am pro- reform as well as public option ... and these hardline liberal's are the only one's even fighting for it for Pete's sake! Sure as Hell not all democrat's are. Another reason I am for this public option so strongly ... because it is a big step forward for our young American's and their future ... just as social security was for us ... something Bush wanted to privatize if you recall ... can you imagine if we gave all that to these investment banker's where we would be today? Can you imagine if we let these few mega giant insurer's continue to be "King of the Mountain" and slip through this ... without seeing any competition what our grandchildren could face. Of course ... the opposition is saying that this so called public option will break your grandchildren (cost wise) ... it may break them ... but in a increasingly globally competitive work arena to come in the future ... at least they will have a snowball's chance in Hell of having some health care they can goddamn afford! And wont dump them ... simply because they have this pre- existing condition of being born and alive!

Look ... I am not an extremeist ... beside's I think some of republican's idea's are positive as well on a couple thing's ... I'm a fella who like our President ... is willing to sit at the table and listen to anyone. But so far to be frank and honest ... all I have heard from the opposition of this public option is that it will collapse the nation,our economy, our freedom, and send us all to a miserable destination of communism, nazi- ism, and/ or socialism ... it will break all bank's and put possibly hundred's of thousand's out of work ... okay ... were still listening, just now ... explain to us ... How? For Pete's sake ... educate us,enlighten us ... make your case ... show us some "figure's/ fact's" ... something to back what you are telling us. Show us just a fraction even ... of how this apocalypse would materialize ... and the connection to it and this public option. I'm all ear's.

Personally speaking ... just looking at the whole picture from an open perspective, I dont see how a public option would even break the insurance industry at all. Think about it ... who will buy the option? Most folk's are creature's of habit and set in their satisfaction ... are happy with what they have now ... and will be free to continue to buy it ... they have nothing on the line or to worry about at all. It is those who have nothing now who will be in need of this the most and utilize the plan is all. How can it possibly even damage those folk's doctor/ patient relationship's who are already happy... or the care they are already paying for and services they receive and will continue to receive? So you see my point?

I would only hope that the President this evening ... just shortly from now ... make's his stand and case solid ... get's to business ... and also stick's to his public option plan ... whether or not most democrat's follow it or not ... if it fail's Sir ... let it fail on it's own ... please just dont throw it out ... and compromise with garbage like what Snowe is slipping in with her slick crafty way of doing thing's quietly, and popping in through back door's. I strongly admire anyone that actually does what they say their going to do ... those are the true warrior type's ... those who just give in ... without good reason or flip- flop simply because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed ... are not warrior's ... or actually much of anything as far as integrity is concerned ... because their weaknesses get the best of them ... and if it happen's once or twice ... it's likely to happen again at some point. That's not much different than placing one in a position to push a button on a missile,  when weve confirmed there are inbound missile's in flight at us ... but decide's they cant push the button during that time of critical defense.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Texas Worker's could benefit significantly from a "Public Option" health plan ....

The reason that I want to post this one ... is because of the strong conservative base in Texas ... that I supported myself for many year's ... and their strong influence on Texan's in this health care debate.

First of all ... according to the "New York Times" yesterday ... Texas has the largest percentage nationally of uninsured working adult's at 27%. And in the Dallas news yesterday ... it was said that 31% of all "working" Texan's are uninsured. And according to Michael Moore ... Texas was in these rank's even a few year's back.

I am one of those who am insured through my wife's company which is large and nationwide (Minnesota based)... so they get of course a good group rate ... I am self employed myself, personally ... I cant even recall off hand when was the last time I wasnt insured. BUT this is a big issue here. Partly because we are saturated with small companies as well who cant even afford to get a decent rate on an insurance plan ... simply because they dont have enough employee's ... and it may cost up to $9000 a year to insure their employee's out of their pocket per employee. Practically all these job's are non-union ... at least I never seen or heard of any that did have union employee's. And another big issue here is the amount of immigrant's from places like Mexico and neighboring countries. And these figure's in that case are close ... but couldnt be accurate ... I dont think anyone can tell how many illegal's there are here ... my guess ... would be a couple million at least. Many dont even answer to the census anyway's.

Big city county hospital's feel the pinch here heavy ... especially Houston's Harris County, Dallas' Dallas County ... and San Antonio's Bexar County ... these 3 cities ... are in the nation's 10 largest US cities. Of course ... the old school approach to this from the conservative view here ... is to have non- profit group's of some sort handle this ... which basically is also the same as "faith- based" group's. This is NOT good enough ... all they want to do is set up a bunch of clinic's in communities ... to where THEY decide what kind of treatment you should get ... without any other 2nd or 3rd opinion's unless it is from an affiliate of their's. This is nothing but BS. Or to give "tax-incentive's/ rebate's" annually ... this is also crap as I pointed out the money angle to this a couple post's back.

These folk's were only concerned with getting lower income worker's insured ... only when they found out the government was going to make it mandatory soon to buy insurance ... so that they can set up shop's of agent's/ underwriter's ... to grab those close to 50 million ... to sell them the lowest rated policies they can sell them, because these people will not be able to afford the better rate option's and package's ... these policies they will peddle off to you ... will be almost worthless ... and basically good for nothing more than an annual check-up, which will be used to put you on some prescription ... or to satisfy govermnment requirement and law that you purchase insurance. As far as the tax incentive ... if your a low wage earner ... do you have goddamn time for all that paper work and waiting a goddamn year to a year and 3 month's to get any damn money you can get back? Will your landlord wait for the goddamn rent? Will the grocery store loan you food till you get your check? Will your fly- by- night/ tote- the- note car lender wait for their payment? You get the picture? How many in Washington or even Austin(Texas Capitol) even remotely understand the daily live's and struggle's of the American worker?

The last goddamn thing you need now ... as a working Texan or American, especially in some other southern half of the country state ... who are mostly in the same boat with us ... is to get sold a health policy that is like the worthless auto insurance you are forced to buy now by law in Texas! A couple year's back ... Texas made it law ... that if now ... you are caught with no insurance they will impound your car. Which everyone need's insurance ... but look at all the low cost liability place's that came out of the woodwork since that law went into place ... offering you a rate to minimally protect you with coverage by law ... but try to make a claim when you get in a wreck and see what kind of BS your fed ... you know the game ... ya'll been played before too many time's. Do you want your health care to go into the same game? Because rest assured ... what the conservative approach is ... is a losing policy any way you slice it ... I would bet my paycheck on it! This government option is the best thing you can get, and the price will be fair ... and it will have actual government oversight ... not having someone who depend's on screwing you to get their bonus decide what you get ... the only option that is ... is getting screwed ... period. They call it "freedom" ... the kind of freedom that is ... is no different than freeing a pidgeon with a goddamn brick tied to it's leg! Nor will you have to say 3 "Our Father's" and 1 "Hail Mary" to get treated! (faith- based)

If you dont have a computer ... go to the library and use one ... contact your local representative's ... or write a hand written letter if you have to ... get your friend's and family to do the same ... even if your friend/ familia member are in jail/ prison ... get them to write too!

I'll shut the Hell up now ....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Government "Action and Duty" ... is NOT Government "Oppression and Takeover" ....

This is another issue that has risen out of this health care battle ... so I want to touch on it a bit. Listening to all the opposition of this public option for instance ... it seem's they are "convinced" that this is a conspiracy for the government to lock into a new socialist society ... and to destroy the constitution, and take away our rights and liberties. Now ... my question is ... why would folk's think that? It's becoming obvious that certain talk show host's on the conservative side are inspiring this thought. I am not going to start throwing names in here ... or to what degree each one is influencing this thought pattern ... but combined together ... it is effective in this goal.I listen to conservative talk radio and have for year's ... I just dont get motivated by it to attack senior citizen's to bite off a finger ... or hunt down women's health care provider's to target for death. And if you want to name any politician's who slept with the communist party and spent a career kissing their asses ... you need to look no further than North Dallas ... and our neighbor GW Bush ... no one can top his catering to Arab's ... nor to the communist party of China. And YES ... I voted for GW in 2000 ... along with every other republican running back then across the board. I voted STRAIGHT Republican for YEAR's. Since everyone LOVES "truth" ... I'll be happy to tell it. Bush make's Obama look like a rookie from Kansas State ... when it come's to this.

You know folk's ... we pay good salaries to folk's in our government to do a job, and that job includes protecting our interest's as well ... it's all part of governing and the job ... the job WE PAY for through taxes. For year's now ... our government has been "slacking" in these obligation's to us ... and this last administration (Bush/ Cheney) has completely and boldly ignored all of our concern's, they simply put all of us at the end of the line. Finally we have a President and administration ... who is actually attempting to clean up this cesspool ... at least making some effort.Back in 2000 ... the last administration actually just tossed out basically all oversight to big business ... started to implement unfair trade practices ... even supported outsourcing more of our job's to foreign countries and showed no concern for creating job's in America ... and even lied to us saying that our money will go to retraining American worker's who lost their job's do to outsourcing, lay- off's in manufacturing, and such.In Bush's home state of Texas ... a year after he told the nation that these American's were given education grant's to retrain them ... not one dollar came to the state of Texas for this ... as a matter of fact ... he was simutaneously asking for billion's to be pumped into Iraq ... in cash ... to be distributed to Iraqi household's because Iraqi bank's were down ... and all their oil revenues were in New York bank's. In one instance ... just after they photographed happy contractor's holding up million's in photo's of shrink wrapped bundle's of American dollar's ... $12 billion of it ended up missing ... just vanished, without no invoice's for any of it ...or no idea where it went. It was never talked about again that I heard of ... and just forgotten.One year ... Bush was asked for an unemployment benefit's extension for laid off American's ... to go into effect one week before Christmas ... he rejected it ... $5 billion to go to these American's ... less than a month later ... he asked the Hill for $185 billion to be pumped into Iraq. Then VP Cheney was told in a media interview ... that the American people dont like this and the war ... Cheney's response was ... "So". There's some "TRUTH" for ya'll.

All of the sudden ... mid 2009 ... the republican party has all the answer's to saving this mess we are in ... which is almost to an irreversible point, it is so bad. They also have the pharmaceutical companies and other industry giant's pumping ten's of billion's right now ... into getting this reform of health care through ... without NO OPTION's from our government ... all done in the spirit of free market and so called democracy. Not only are they already having their attorney's and accountant's figuring out how to write off all they are spending ... but also calculating and projecting profit's to come in the next few year's from all the new business they will get when government will make law for everyone to be covered..and even subsidize the needy ... they want all that too. But folk's are not even looking at this. Instead ... they are using their pocket puppet's from talk radio media ... to the Hill ... and even a handful of democrat's that owe them for past support to spread the word ... that ANY government option will lead us to a socialist takeover of the nation ... and even may lead to communism ... our constitution being trampled on ... right's taken away ... and to have government panel's deciding whether we can live or die,along with most small businesses collapsing because they wont be able to afford to pay the employee health benefit taxes. With all this well marketed and created fear propaganda ... we have half of American's trembling in fear and picking up arm's against fellow American's. If there was anything to define and use as an example of a modern day tyrannical force and conspiracy ... it would be these companies and those they bought ... clear as day.

Our government has a JOB to do ... that's what they are paid and hired for ... part of them job duties is to take action to protect American's from these thieves and tyrannical forces who also launder all their money through foreign trade and finance ... then rathole billion's in offshore account's and evade taxation of any of it.It is our government's duty to keep an eye on these thing's ... for our protection. It IS NOT a takeover and form of oppression ... for we, for a decade at least have already been taken over and oppressed to the max as it is by these same forces that are feeding us this manufactured fear and propaganda. It is not losing your constitutional rights ... by tightening up our freedom's. When we act the way we do ... in these town hall meeting's ... showing up with arm's to use against fellow American's that are in the same boat we are all in ... assaulting,biting off finger's ... attacking doctor's that are women's health care provider's ... that IS WHAT tighten's our freedom's up ... it's because of the action's of the few who loose all control.