Friday, September 25, 2009

Thomas Hudson Pickering (3rd) ... born Sept.25th 1922 ...

This post is strictly to honour my father (yes ... I'm THP 4th) who was not just a Dad, but pretty much an  influence period ... a sort of philosophical mentor ... put it this way ... he meant alot to me ... but understood boyz too in a wayz that mom's dont, being that mom's worry too much too : ) My dad knew I was gonna do what I was gonna do and left it at that.

My Dad's familia were immigrant's from England ... came to Pennsylvania to settle, and in New York. He was also US Army (WW2 era). His favourite US city probably would have been Las Vegas ... his passion was casino's, the stock market's, and small investment's and gamble's. Had a Vegas home and stayed in  Southern California awhile, Erie (PA), Pittsburgh, Tampa/ St Petersburg (FL), Buffalo (NY), Louisville (KY), and wherever over the year's and had me in casino's at 8 and 9 year's old when Fremont St. was actually a street and the major hub of Vegas ... and on the strip ... when you had drinks with folks like Sinatra, Martin, Davis (Rat Pack) and house security in them day's were east coast transplant wiseguy's. He never lived in Texas ... but visited me here ... and actually loved Dallas! And was a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan ... before I ever even came to Dallas as a boy ... he told me to put my money on the Cowboys if I bet ... and I'll win more than I lose.

Dad died of heart failure back in July of 1999 ... Birthday Greetings Dad ... love ya!! : )


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