Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snowe on "Trigger Plan" and Axelrod on "Public Option" ....

***** NEW YORK TIMES: Take Public Option 'Off the Table', Snowe Says ... (newsread)

I previously was talking about Sen. Olympia Snowe (R- Maine) and her "Trigger Plan" with her sidekick, former Senator Bob Dole. I also pointed out that Snowe has a "SNOWEjob" she is going to pull ... and this is it. As you will see here, she is VERY confident that ANY plan that incorporate's "Public Option" will be rejected by the Senate.

Snowe is very sharp and slick as they come ... and there is billion's riding on this plan in special interest's, as I posted time and again. Axelrod in my opinion is not confident ... and I feel would be more willing to throw in the towel for instance with associate's (with the exception of the hardline liberal's, because they are the only true defender's the public option has). This is why I stated in earlier post's to watch out for Snowe and what she will propose ... she will wipe out public option in a heartbeat ... and by the time were done listening to this trigger plan ... it will even twist our thinking ... and we will get screwed again ... for another decade or more. This idea that they will threaten using public option as a threat if insurer's dont straighten their act up in 5 year's is the biggest crock of BS we can get fed, no one will crack down on nothing. How do you ask a person to crack down on themselves? Any plan they offer will be so complex, that we will just get milked in some other way, and will have no benefit to people except any new regulation's the government may impose, and even those wont fully be enforced, and much will be so full of area's for loophole's.

This is why I am VERY SKEPTICAL that ANY public option can even get into the plan, those power's are far more powerful at this point in history than the power of the peoples ... and when money say's "NO" ... they MEAN it. This will be difficult, because anything the public option opponent folk's will propose will be some other way to screw the people ... rest assured.

POST NOTE: My personal view of Snowe ... is ... I would not trust her as far as I could throw her ... this woman could steal the shirt off of anyone. Her idea of bipartisan is another scam ... there IS NOTHING even remotely bipartisan about her, if there was and she TRUELY cared about the people as she stated ... she would be all for an option. IF we dont get public option ... bank on it ... it will probably be another generation before it is even dealt with again. Sooner or later these folk's will retire from their position's or life, and the new faces and young of the future will lay all this crap to rest eventually ... you can bank on that too. I would just like to see it sooner than later.


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