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NUCLEAR & ENERGIES: "The Clean & Green Scene" ... "Account OVERDRAWN ... Payment Amount PAST DUE" (Global Warming PT.8)

This "Global Warming PT.8" is being posted since I havent mentioned anything on the nuclear incident as result's of an earthquake and tsunami in Japan . The reason for posting this in the "Global Warming" series ... is because this series is not just to look at the effect's of Global Warming, but most importantly, what our species has had not much regard for ... and like everything else ... in my opinion, we have maxed out our account. I realize the pop culture title for what is happening today is "Climate Change" ... I dont use it because it was a sugar coating title made up during the Bush/ Cheney Administration ... I am a realist, NOT a professional bullshit artist. I also know that President Obama does not like nuclear ... and recently there seem's to be a change of heart by him ... I am not going to pound the President in this post, but I am curious where he may go with this as well as any real type energy plan and policy, I also understand the circumstance's and workload that he has had ... which has been absolutely enormous, and I still 110% support him.



Nuclear is as American today as apple pie and baseball, yet for at least 3 decade's I have alway's been opposed to advancing AT ALL any further in this, and of course some may feel I'm a hardass, commie, socialist, treehugger, or such. Why didnt I bitch over Iran or North Korea trying to advance their nuclear project's? because, I dont think we should tell anyone what the Hell to do and call ourselves "leader's" without setting a goddamn example instead of talk! ... what is it ... we tell them not to use it for defense or power, yet we can? But the reason I didnt post on any of the Japan incident as it went down is because it was hard to swallow for me, because this is exactly what I had been concerned with for year's, as far as an earthquake (the tsunami part didnt come to mind though, although it should have, because it also intensified the issue) and after 9/11 I have been more concerned with terror attempt's to these nuclear facilities too. In past posting's over the last few year's ... I have brought up about the land's/ plate's of this planet alway's being in motion, and we all knew this for so many year's. I tried to point out as well how lucky we have been as far as our species being allowed to evolve. I dont really think despite all the info we have gathered, we see clearly, and all thanx to scientist's ... everyone from astrophysicist's to geologist's for year's have been busting their brain's and asses to show us reality and what this planet and solar system is about, and recently just in the last decade have been gathering info/ data like a half price off garage sale ... and so much credit and thanx to these folk's!

Why are we lucky? We have basically lived in a paradise for million's of year's, and ignore the reality that our evolutionary longevity was result as from a universe of chaos and violence ... if there is such a thing as being in the right place at the right time ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it is us and now. I also call our era as the "calm after the storm", if you can use the info scientist's have gathered for a minute to vision what this universe was like a few billion year's ago, as far as collision's of various bodies throughout it, etc. Thanx especially to the moon and various other moon's that resulted around planet's as natural satellite's and protector's, without our's for instance ... I question if we would even be here, moon's are more importante in some wayz than planet's. It would be just as common to be totally wiped out from some asteroid or heavy debris ... no, it wouldnt be the end of the world, but certainly the end of us and many fellow species, resulting after million's of year's even in the worst case scenario, a planet with not any visual sign's left on it's surface that our species ever existed for that matter.

In the last several thousand year's, we have created more God's/ Entities than you can shake a stick at, to love us and pamper our brain's, as their personal little Teddy Bear's ... and more fantasy stories of how importante we are, as if the universe evolve's around us, and the beauty we see and evolve with, was some kind of gift of love. And the last several decade's we have become so consumed in our playground and selves, we lost all sight it seem's on the reality of what support's all life and us, yet science daily is slapping us in the face and telling us to wake the Hell up out of this dream. And the amount of time we have been allowed in actual universal time is short, and that is also why it is importante combined with our intelligence to move forward at a more faster pace, and set aside some of the bullshit and priorities we favour ... that is ... if you like existing. As harsh as this may sound, thank goodness nature and the universe dont act on what we call right or wrong, because if it did ... there isnt a species more deserving frankly for being selected for extinction as our's, because of the total disregard we have for it.

Our disregard and lack of interest of course being out of being so self centered and consumed in our own fairy tale's. I am confident that we can and will have eventually a system of energies that come from hydro, solar, wind, and such ... we know good and well how to achieve this ... it's called "work" (and especially "team work"). Even on this nuclear incident in Japan as of today, I cant even get a straight story, since this started it's just been a guessing game and show, back and forth ... one day everything is fine, the next the complete opposite, and more political bullshit to make up excuses for such and our action's. Everything now is called green or clean to intensify the bullshit ... clean coal, clean nuclear, even petro giant's are on primetime tele dominating with how enviromentally conscious, clean and green they are, and we need all this bullshit to avoid a collapse of humanity, etc, etc. I buy this bullshit just about as much as I buy the bullshit that we cant make a bloody car that can get 85/ 90 miles to the gallon. The thing is ... between now and the time that we become more intelligent on how we act and treat this planet ... how many accident's will we have to swallow like what happened in Japan? How many more oil spill contamination's so bloody deep in our ocean's will we have to challenge? How many more ton's of carbon and waste will we have to deposit into out atmosphere and water's will it take to see the light? You dont need to even be a scientist today with all the info provided to us, I can explain this to my grade school grandkid's and they clearly understand it.

As far as our energy policy and going green ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we dont even have a goddamn energy policy! .... you can bet your paycheck Greenland is certainly getting greener though (only because all the bloody ice is melting!). While we are being sold overpriced piece of shit hybrid vehicle's, and doing what we can just to try to contribute by getting in more debt to their financial icon's to do our part, those same manufacturer's and petro giant's, mining giant's and such ... are building up billion plus population countries like China and India, and forcing them basically to mine more, and build more of these so called "clean coal" facilities, and put a billion more unsatisfactory vehicle's on their road's over the next couple decade's ... yet at the same time have their antique political puppet's telling us to cheer because we will reduce this or that by 2050 or some off the wall date by 30% or 50% or such, with a shitload of pie chart's and other manipulated chart's and figure's to present to us. The smart investor's are getting into all the green tech's they can now and research of such, but even they dont get the support and incentive's they deserve. Yet when they make all the breakthrough's ... all the big money of course will buy them out, and if we dont control that or wake up, they will own all that as well.

Folk's may think I am too harsh and asking too much at once on this ... but I dont view it that way ... I believe in working for what you get and a half assed job shouldnt be rewarded or given the time of day. No ... I dont think we are doing enough across the board on any of this, No ... I dont think we should go any further in nuclear, and we already maxed out on that as well, as far as storage for waste even. This incident in Japan is another bill in the mail, showing us that we have overdrawn our account, and our payment's to the earth and what we owe are PAST DUE! Good thing nature doesnt repossess item's bought and properties ... or they would have selected us to be put out of business already!

Other than that on this dark drizzly and chilly spring day on the Ranch (Dallas), I'm fixin to cook up some oatmeal saturated with cinnamon, chop up a couple banana's to throw in it, and hit the street! :)

Enough said ....


Thursday, March 24, 2011

SUZE ORMAN PT.2: ... "Time to SUCK IT UP" and "Stay the COURSE" .... (LIFE, LIBERTY, & the COURSE of DESTINY)

This Part Two of Suze Orman is a couple piece's of video and transcript that most American's should be thinking about, and this woman as I pointed out here in Part One, is someone that's worth listening to. Regardless of what you may hear on what to buy or spend, or what we "must" do to get back to normal, or about the latest job figure's of 200,000 here and there ... as I said in earlier posting's ... you cant lose 8 million or so job's and expect a couple hundred thousand here and there to pull us out of the hole we are rightfully in actually, or being on the road to recovery and all the endless talk and show's you will get ... DO NOT BUY IT, if you wish to avoid much disappointment and miseries that is.

Notice how Mr. King here in the first video is showing how the market's are reacting to this which are the "global" market's that have become more or less a casino today more than anything else (controlling the most importante and richest commodities and resources of the current earth, that keep the masses fed with the essential's, such as energy, petro, food's, or even worthless trinket's to occupy their mind's, etc) ... this is why I focused so much in the beginning of this journal on the hazzard's of "forced corporate sponsored globalization". You see, what most didnt see a few year's back was the "reason" for globalization so "suddenly" that I pointed out ... many folk's just cheered, held hand's, breaking out the 6 string and singing tune's like "We are the World" or such ... thinking that this was all being orchestrated because those who run this show and our politic's love us and want us to be one big happy familia, which is NOT the case as I pointed out, the mission is for them (the big player's) to have no competition, and especially have no international boundaries (this is so money through technologies can be relocated anywhere's offshore in a heartbeat, and too complex to track and/ or legally regulate and/ or monitor) ... and this way ... only those who are the largest player's, basically have a sort of monopoly on those, just like when I posted about the gold rush, the purpose and mission and what it will amount to, which you see now.

People of the planet will "naturally" globalize and mix more as we evolve and this system collapses ... but IT WILL NOT BE FORCED and manipulated, like this is/ was, is what I am saying ... thing's that are worth the stretch of waiting take a certain amount of time, it's the natural order of thing's. This is also why they (those who dictate this cesspool) created this left/ right opposition, understand that they despise "bipartisanship", because this would actually bring them to a finish, they MUST keep us divided ... but not "too" divided, because that create's local/ civil dispute's/ war's which in turn effect market's, as you see now with uprising in oil rich area's of the globe, which I have also covered thoroughly throughout this journal, as far as how it will spread like a "wave" from one country/ region to another, and/ or creating distraction's/ roadblock's/ obstacle's to achieve their goal's. This is also why there will be so much attack aimed at our President Obama, and trying to even twist his thinking, they hate this man, and it hasnt a thing to do with "race", like the masses are thinking, it has to do with his thinking and willing to bargain with both side's, and willing to try to bring together both side's, they HATE this, they DO NOT want both side's to reach common ground, that is one of the biggest threat's to them and their empire's, but they are also "playing" our President too, with a new strategy from within his own party, and I hope that if you havent caught this yet Mr. President, that you will (more on that to come). Even our moral standard's were created through manipulation's, specifically for the masses and used to control them, even the creation of various/ countless religion's/ sect's to leave "no one left behind" let's say ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... having a "brand" for just about whatever one's into or want's to get into. :) As I have posted before ... morality as we define and know it DOES NOT come from a written word/ book, and is actually from nature, and even other animal's have moral's, emotion's, teamwork/ support type group's, etc.

I realize how much I may have sounded pessimistic in some of my earliest posting's back in 2008, 2009 for instance, talking about how thing's would get worse before better, etc, etc. But you can see clearly now, "why" I posted that, I mean the math was all there that this was going to happen. And realize I must have also at the same time sounded like a half nut case saying that we need to let business take's it's course and let these mega folk's fail ... not bailing out this cesspool, only to make them stronger and more powerful (which they accomplished), but let them divide, downsize and fail ... and let the NEW take it's course ... look at it as a type of "natural selection", if you will, and when I said that getting back to "normal" is the "worst" thing we can do, and as miserable as this seem's, it is actually a blessing that this is happening to us ... this is how you LEARN and REALLY "change", by falling, and feeling the pain's of reality, and tightening the belt, cracking the whip, etc, etc. ... remember the ole saying ... about ... what dont kill you make's you stronger. Understand that the last thing you want is to get back to what simply brought you your failure's is all, and that is why I focused on that so much ... we have lived out of our league and mean's as a culture for year's, I'm not saying we should feel shame or anything, you shouldnt, most of us have busted ass for everything we have and damn well deserve it, even if other's around the world are not as fortunate ... however ... we have let it become a normal ... and an "American Dream" is only what each and every American make's it, we create all of our own realities. Listen to this woman below, who IS a "expert" financial advisor, and LEARN ... and you wont be disappointed later.


10 Questions For Suze Orman ... Thanx to TIME

***** Suze Orman/ Joy Baher: Time to suck it up ... (transcript)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LIBYA (PT.2) ... THANK GOD for our ALLIES, America being "BROKE" ... couldnt AFFORD this ... and Rep. Ron Paul weigh's in (Nation of BS PT.7)

In "Libya PT.1" I mentioned to Tim and Melissa Waters of the "Scared Stiff" blogsite that I hadnt heard nothing yet of the cost's of any of this, since Tim mentioned that he heard something on the cost's, so I just picked up this short vid clip off CNN of some "estimate's" I figured to post. The title was chosen for a bit of humor and/ or sarcasm, because as I posted about how much bullshit American's are fed. This also was inspiration enough to add this as part of this journal's "Nation of BS" series ... because the bullshit frankly dont get much better than this. :)


1) CNN: 2011 Libya Civil War Fast Facts ... (newsread)

After watching several video's and reading a couple short article's ... I found several video's to post of politician's as well as military top brass of the US, folk's and expert's from Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) to the Pentagon, to the Secretary of State ... yet not one of the video's had any solid talk, all of these folk's just beated around the bush actually talking in circle's, and said nothing definitive or of any substance. This was the only one out of many who spoke with blunt honesty and said what the other's either didnt think of, or were too frightened to talk about, perhap's too politically motivated to avoid, or for whatever reason. But Rep. Paul brought up many thing's here, that I agree with 110% ... and Thank You Sir for your honesty and input on this issue.

2) CNN: Ron Paul weighs in on Libya ... (newsvideo)


Monday, March 21, 2011

LIBYA (PT.1): Tim & Melissa Waters ask's ... "IS THIS A THIRD WAR?" ... and Ranch Chimp ask's ... "Could this be the DAWN of a POLITICAL ODYSSEY?" : )

Below is a posting I ran across at a blogsite I frequent called "Scared Stiff" , by Tim & Melissa Waters ... which inspired this posting. Then after a few word's I will add.


This is the first I posted on this Libyan crisis, and I know this is hard on the folk's that have to put up with this rubbish from these dictating folk's. There's plenty going on to write about, and I never got around to this, and cant keep up with most of what's going on anywayz. But this posting by Tim and Melissa caught my atencion. I couldnt help laughing though and thinking of the political side to this in America that could result when reading this. But congratulation's to the allied forces and the Libyan citizen's if this bombing campaign was the actual quick success that the media's are proclaiming this morning.

Whether there will be another war or not ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well right now I dont think American politician's would call anything a "war" ... only if they had a poll rating thing done and it showed most American's jumping for joy over any of it ... then they would come all out, even folk's like Sen McCain may even break out the ole uniform, and folk's/ politician's wearing their bomber jacket's they bought from some Army/ Navy coat store ... Hell ... ole Dick Cheney may even try to get some contract's going, and the list is endless. But no Tim and Melissa ... the last sound bite I got from Washington is it's called "Odyssey Dawn" , and this morning on the tele news of CNN , they said that it has been a success, and they bombed the compound of Gaddafi/ Khadaffi, and he's no where to be found etc etc ... as well as "Snooki" of the "Jersey Shore" confirming it (just kiddin on the Snooki thing) :) Over the weekend I heard on various radio report's while on the road, that we are NOT going to war ... or we wont play any part in one, France is the hero's of course in this, then the US come's in last place, etc. Then they said that we will play a ground role for humanitarian and rescue mission's, but no soldier's playing combat role's, beside's being only like Salvation Army folk's instead. But politician's will other wise say were No#1 in everything, except of course for "war" right now, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. And of course being the uncle of also two US Army active duty niece's currently, one in Afghanistan, the other in Germany, I also felt a tad relief. But I have to question anything still ... I mean ... they told us a few year's back they bombed bin Laden's "compound cave", and that was a success too, and that he is nowhere's to be found also, then a couple year's after, had the new bite called "the hunt for bin Laden" and other show's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ....

But I will tell ya'll this much Tim and Melissa ... whatever come's of this if anything as far as "involvement" ... right now it will be called everything but "war", listening to all the political mouthpiece's on this ... even if they were to launch a full scale US led military strike complete with glory day bombing's so many American's cheered about such as in Iraq during the first strike, they wont call it a "war" ... they may call it "Odyssey Dawn", "Good Morning Libya", "Ronald McDonald's Charity House" etc, etc ... but not the word "war" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I mean ... this "Odyssey Dawn" could quickly become a "Dawn of a Political Odyssey", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :), if it were to linger on much longer ... with both these political side's (I say both only, even though there are multiple parties, such as Indie's and Tea Bag's, etc ... because their thinking span just goes two way's ... left or right, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) that within a year, or just prior to the 2012 election's ... another grand show of magnitude to come ... if there is any reverb from the American people on any cost's, spending, lives lost, or other issue ... they will all be gun's blazing to try to blame it on each other, or in most cases this President. Personally, whatever the President chooses, whether it's to get involved militarily or just this one campaign and stay out, I will support him, nor will I blame anything on the President, after all, he just happen's to be in the right place at the wrong time only.

But also the funniest part would be, is to see all these politician's scrambling to come up with a package to sell American's if they want to spend billion's on this, right after they said that teacher's, police, fire fighter's, community service's, across the board nationwide, will have to be cut, because we are "broke" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... bullshit dont get any better than US politic's. Beside's ... France has alway's been close allies, and shared our effort's and interest's time and again, and I like the French anywayz (especially French women) despite how many American's peg them as snob's ... France alway's came to mind first when looking at Liberty in the harbour on the Ferry ride (NYC). But France is getting alot of credit for this strike too, that helped the Libyan people ... France deserve's credit too! Especially for covering our lame politician's asses.

One thing though you should remember ... and this was way before our President was even a Senator at that ... you can look at all those career representative's we have now on the payroll that for year's and year's took photo- op's with this dictator, smiling, and/ or feeding him million's ... and all those American's of pop culture that follow fashionable buzz phrases that were jumping up and down a decade ago about supporting "Brother Momar", and all the oil tycoon's who refuse to spend their own money to protect their refineries and drill site's abroad, who instead get welfare from the US taxpayer's to pay and secure it. Yes .... over a decade ago when so many loved this dictator ... I was telling folk's that he WAS a "dictator", and paying him million's was a waste and mistake, and you couldnt trust this guy any further than what you could throw him ... why do you think back then he buckled up to US pressure, because he feared they would take him out, and he wanted the wealth, now he is too old to think straight, after so many decade's smoking that Hookah pipe with no tellin what he had in it, and believe's that he has a fighting chance in Hell to take on the world. So ask yourself ... who built him up financially and who gave him that confidence? (we did, or our so called "national interest's") ... I rest.

Over and Out ....


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SXSW FESTIVAL (AUSTIN) ... and "SCHMILLION" doing "OVERGROWN" ... also a special guest appearance from Gov. Rick Perry (Taste of Texas PT. 6)

This posting of "Taste of Texas" PT.6 will be a peek at another annual Texas event called SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival, which is happening as I write this in the live music capital of the world ... Austin, Texas. This is actually much more than music though as you can see in the news link's below ... it's about communication's interactive technologies/ business, the SXSW Film Festival, and the music festivities that I will highlight in this posting. It's big though as well for music because over 2000 band's from around the world as well as many local's will perform on 80 stage's over a few day's, new talent's from around the world are discovered, contract's made, deal's, and even new band's forming/ emerging from meeting with other's ... but that's a Texas size helpin of music!


1) ***** YouTube @ SXSW 2011 ....

2) A bike ride along 6th street district video, Mar. 20, 2009 SXSW event. I chose this amateur footage from a bike rider for a more personal/ raw experience of the 6th St music scene club's/ venue's, where you can hear the various band's playing throughout all the venue's you pass ... which is the largest amount of "live" music venue's in the world. This is just in the daytime ... the night music experience is really cranked up much more. Whatever your taste is in music, you can most likely find it here. And these venue's feature live band's all year, not just during SXSW. Thanx to GEZELLIGTEXAS

3) "SCHMILLION" doing their song "OVERGROWN" THANX TO SCHMILLION. Schmillion started as an Austin based all girl teen band who won the "2010 Best Under 18 Band" ... and chosen as the "young emerging band" to play at the "25 Year History of SXSW" Festival, and 2011 Showcase. I thought they had some really great work in this piece they done, and wanted to highlight them here. And CONGRATULATION'S Ladies ... very well arranged composition, engineered, choreographed, and presented piece of work here! I absolutely loved it!

BONUS VIDEO: I just couldnt do a posting on the great town of Austin without also posting Texas' No#1 man, as well as Texas' No#1 "slacker" (who work's in the Texas Capitol not far from the 6th St. district) ... a man who could do nothing, yet screw up a wet dream doing so ... GOV. RICK PERRY "our hero" ... Did I vote for Rick? YOU BETCHA! :)


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REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT: "Sermon on the Hood" ... and a look at, the NON- Controversial, Controversial Man of Today ....

This posting is past due especially, and is to take a look at a non- controversial man ... made controversial, and to express the hypocrisy of our society. But first a little mainstream news video on the man below, then some word's I'll toss in.

Some news coverage on Rev Wright 3 year's ago Thanx to FACTS44

First of all ... I am not a religious man, and I never been Christian either, I even loathe with a passion what's called "organized religion", because I never connected any of it with spirituality or even nature .... EVER.

But this posting will be to honour the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and inspired after quoting the man the other day to a couple fella's in some small chat on the street here in Dallas ... because whether I agree with him on everything or not, or whether I am religious or not, doesnt dismiss the fact that this man speak's from the heart, is well educated, and make's so many point's in his sermon's, especially the famous sermon he gave on the "chicken's coming home to roost" (which I call the "Sermon on the Hood"), that was twisted into so much controversy, simply because of politic's. I didnt post this 3 year's ago when it first made all the news daily, because I was such a strong supporter of Senator Obama ... and this got so much coverage strictly to attack him from the left and the right both. I still am a supporter of the President today, and was then because the President didnt think like the mainstream either, and was what I seen as a man of the future, being practical thinking and truely bipartisan.

I chose the title of "Sermon on the Hood" ("hood" short for "neighborhood") for this, which was inspired from the classic "Sermon on the Mount" given by the Nazarene Christ figure Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew ... there's about 3 or 4 chapter's in there (cant recall which one's off hand, and too lazy to finger through the Bible to look them up). Also let me make it clear for the record that I use the term "Christ figure", only because so many folk's say it, as if the last name of the person was "Christ" ... which it was not, as a matter of fact ... back in those day's it would have been basically "Yeshua bar Yosef" to Hebrew's, meaning in english today "Jesus son of Joseph". I use the term Nazarene simply because back then ... the earliest Jewish sect's that looked at this Jesus as a "messiah" and not a "prophet" were called Nazarene's ... not like today, where they are called Christian's, and "messiah" goes back to ancient Greek if I recall correctly meaning simply "annointed one". But the sermon as wrote by Matthew, would basically be to ease the pressure's and persecution that the follower's felt back then, and to introduce "new law's" from what they see as God, being some change from the previous "Law's of Moses", and exposing hypocrisy, false prophet's, teach prayer, hope, etc. Whether there was a Christ figure by that name ... I couldnt tell you, I have no proof there was or was not, but I assume there was a fella like that, but maybe perhap's not the bigger than life figure that these hypocrite's today make him, who flourish off his name swimming in their wealth and power that they use it for. I alway's looked at this figure as the first actual "preacher" of what today is labeled "Christianity", but way more honest than most of today, more like the Reverend Wright for instance. America is great for this ... basically a society more full of shit than ever.

But when the Reverend talked about the terror this country experienced, I actually agreed with him, because as I said time and again ... we dont leave folk's alone, and meddle into everyone's business, running around telling every goddamn one what to do. No ... I wouldnt go into nation's to attack them, I feel secure with our defense ... and know damn well if someone provoke's my nation and/ or bomb's us first ... I would retaliate with everything I have ... until you come at me, I will not come at you basically. But also as I have said before ... we bring on most of our miseries and hatred that is vented toward's us, yet at the same time un- necessarily run around kissing folk's ass who dont respect us even. We have corporation's basically dictating our war's whether we realize it or not, and we run around like goddamn decapitated chicken's waiting for a sound bite, simply to go in and muscle their resource's, and buy new government's who agree with us on everything we propose. We build up folk's like we did in Libya (Khadafi/ Gaddafi) for decade's who we know are dictator's, yet turn a blind eye, then when shit hit's the fan, many of our spineless political rep's start grandstanding and lying and flip flopping as if they didnt know anything, and are out to support the people of these land's, to try to sneak in more shit with corrupt intent. And it's so many countries we do this to, strictly because of the special interest's that control our government, and use our tax dollar's and the lives of our children to do this. We even build up and arm what later become's a terror threat, even in Mexico in our own back yard, many of the cartel's were formerly paid, armed, and trained by USA, then later took what we gave them and decided they can make more money dealing dope than fighting it for example ... many of those terrorist's abroad ... it was our nation that created them. I could go on and on with examples.

In a nation so charitable as well as being so full of shit, it wasnt no suprise to me when the Reverend said "Goddamn America !!" ... and even that, he quoted from what someone else said (a former Ambassador if I recall correctly). Nor did I connect this with our President. And so much of the thing's that are said in the Reverend's sermon's on politic's and such ... are very accurate and display the clear hypocrisy of this nation and those who represent it. They call him a racist ... is he? for telling the "truth"? No ... he's not a controversial man at all .... but made to be because he doesnt talk all the sweet shit that so many want to hear and talk about, he isnt fashionable politically ... sure, but that's it. He doesnt fit into these little political cult's that we create. I have listened to every sermon that I could of this man over the last few year's, before the news publicized him for political reason's to sway our thought, I never even heard of the man before ... he is straight up on so much whether I agree with all of it or not, especially on the racism of this country and it's actual history. But to Reverend Wright ... Thank You for your honesty Sir, and this posting is to honour him.


Monday, March 14, 2011

DENNIS HOF and the "RANCH BUNNIES", Take On "NANNY OF THE MONTH" (Feb. 2011) SEN. HARRY REID (Sexploitation Nation PT 4)

This posting of "Sexploitation Nation PT 4" was planned as Part 3 at first, but I was so in shock by the Melissa Petro case in New York, I had to post her then, but ... I certainly didnt forget about the Ranch Bunnies and Dennis Hof's newest challenge's from Senator and newest nominated "Nanny of the Month" Harry Reid. But this actually shocked me as well ... I was shocked that Sen. Reid of all folk's took this on the way he has, so it's a must for this series in this journal. As Mr. Hof explain's it, it just sound's like Sen. Reid is just involved along with his children in basically more corporate ass kissing which is so widespread in Washington too. The only way that the mega corporate icon's would want any business to flourish is only when they are "involved and invested" in the business as well. Example ... as I pointed out in a previous posting ... wiseguy's/ gangster's or what is called "organized crime" was also under attack for decade's, from the speakeasy venue day's during prohibition to the day's the first grand casino's opened on the Vegas Strip and/ or the old Fremont Street Strip, UNTIL ... they came in and bought out all the "evil" labeled guy's, after they (so called gangster's) done all the legwork and investment's, then they corporatized it, and then advertised/ promoted it off as a type of Disney resort, changing it from "evil" to now "good". :) So YES, until I have other proof, I believe Mr. Hof is accurate.

Also as I pointed out in the past for anyone new that may read this ... I have been an advocate of full scale across the board adult entertainment of prostitution as a business as well as full scale casino gambling especially in the great State of Texas, I love Texas to death, and wouldnt want anything that I didnt feel would benefit this state, with all my heart. Texas is such a huge state, and one of the biggest market's in adult entertainment's to begin with, yet .... thing's like prostitution in this state is illegal, and the only casino's are on boat's offshore from what I know on the coast. Yet ... in Dallas for instance beside's all the illegal gambling in this town and "legal" betting, you have buses 24/ 7 that will drive you about 100+ miles from here, free of charge, with even gambling on the buses while your in route to Lousiana and Oklahoma to gamble at some casino's "there". I of course as a teen lived in and worked for a women ran/ owned brothel, and had friend's my entire life that have worked in this industry as well as the adult entertainment industry as far as show venue's, both male and female.

Texas is a goldmine waiting to be mined in adult entertainment whether Texan's realize it or not. We are cheating ourselves bigtime here, and with the fastest growing population number's in the nation, and tightening of budget's ... no time is better than now to loosen up on this and get a start. It will clean out prison's/ jail's bed space, clean up alot of the STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) that run's rampant, you hardly hear about, but it's such a big issue here, you will have more control over the entire businesses, as well as rake in million's a year into the state for education, road's/ transit, enviroment, law enforcement to protect and serve our communities and familia's better, and many other thing's that could use the money ... and many Texan's know in their heart this is true. Of course many corporate special interest's group's along with folk's of the state's of Oklahoma, Lousiana, and Nevada, or New Jersey (South Jersey casino industries) wouldnt like to see Texas do this ... Why? ... no not because they love your familia's, but because they love our $$Dollar's$$ even MORE. However ... you can play hardheaded and buck this, and instead continue to let the black market's of the underground collect all the money instead. We have the climate, the coastal beaches lined with beautiful palm's and even weather better than Vegas for that matter (having lived in Las Vegas myself year's back), being more moderate and warm, sub tropical coastal region's ... with a state so huge that you could do it without having school's within mile's of any of it ... right now you cant do that, go to any part of Central Dallas alone ... you have everything going on all over the place with no control over it.

But onto this issue now just popping up in Nevada with Senator Reid (and no, I dont look at the ex- boxer and football player as a "nanny" or "sissy" at all, the video posted labeled him as that and I take it out of humor only) ... but frankly ... I really have no idea why this Senator, especially with his background and familia would even go on a warpath against a successful industry in his own state? In these time's? with Nevada's housing crisis, like the nation's worst? I understand that many folk's are against this on both side's even for morality reason's ... I mean ... many on the left say that these businesses even exploit women, but how would you know that if it's mostly illegal to begin with, without giving it at least a try?

There is exploitation so much now, because we sweep it under the rug into the underground, where "profit" come's over anything else without the humanitarian and/ or protection's/ right's consideration's at all. Folk's on the right dont want this around the kid's either and invading their familia value's, which I understand, you shouldnt have to raise your children around this or be around it at all. But this is also why legalization and zoning and control is all more importante, to insure even further that it ISNT around your familia and children's school's, or your community churches. Everybody WIN'S in this, is what folk's are not looking at.


"Sexploitation Nation" Part's 3, 2, 1 HERE




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CPL FRANK BUCKLES US ARMY (PT 2): 1901- 2011 " THE GUARDIAN SOLDIER" (Veteran's Spotlight PT 7)

This "Veteran's Spotlight" PT 7 will be as a memorial post in honour of Cpl. Frank Buckles, who passed away recently , shortly after highlighting him in "Veteran's Spotlight PT 4" . As far as I'm concerned, he remained in "active duty" till the end. When your still in the trenches fighting for what's needed at over age 100 ... well ... that speak's for itself. And what a story of event's his life had, especially after the war as a civilian, ending up as a Japanese prisoner. But Cpl Buckles was one of America's "true" elite.




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DEATH OF DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA? ... Not Yet ... BUT ... Be AWARE Were DROWNING (How to Privatize America PT 4)

This Part 4 of "How to Privatize America" will be a long 59 minute video from a gent that I have been keeping up with, because he explain's the reality of what's happening in term's where even those who may not be that politically informed can understand. I myself ... am not nearly as politically informed as many of my fellow blogger's are. But I hardly even read any politic's anymore, well, at least as much as I did when I first got on here, and too much reading interfere's with my own thought's/ thinking of this sort of thing, so much I have to avoid. And much I learned is strictly to what seem's like to get rating's/ approval's or such. So, my view's of the online world are much different from my 3 year's experience online, than they were in my early day's online too. But there's one thing that I understand at least fairly/ halfway well, and that's how business work's. And this is what many that I talk to on the street's and elsewhere's dont seem to connect in their political thinking. Let me make it simple as I can here ... this is part of an effort or project to gain "absolute" power, because it benefit's their business venture's and lock's in sure deal's/ win's. Those being fooled by this (EXAMPLE: View 2nd video in this posting of "Tea Party Circus" on HCR as sample of "thinking" on issue's) , think that privatization of America and/ or the Global market arena, mean's more freedom from big government dictatorship ... but understand ... nothing is that easy or free in this type system.

You first of all must stop thinking that these move's are made to better business and market's for all, and understand the mindset of those constructing this, and most importantly their objective's/ goal's, which hasnt a thing to do with people's representation, because these folk's/ mega corporate type's ... WANT to be the only representation of the people and all global market's, so NOTHING is in their way of accomplishing their goal's only. For us it's politic's ... but for them it's strictly business, and in their thinking ... business (them) is what SHOULD be politic's/ governing. They see themselves as the life force of the masses who keep control and order ... those who lead, and they think without them, we wouldnt be nothing, or have nothing. After all ... our energy, fuel, food, and basic necessities to survive, are supplied by them in huge mass.

They think like ... why should government be the one's who have oversight and dictate?, after all ... it's them who put's up all the mega buck's for mining, drilling, many new tech's, medicine's, research, the list goes on ... beside's, they see government as a royal pain in the ass ... especially group's like the EPA, Why? ... Because it disrupt's business in their eye's. And also what they see is the change in the world with new communication's/ tech's, smaller businesses being able to do more on their own without them, people having the ability to do more for themselves, and feel that their empire's will take a hit, unless they get more control. That is the whole issue and problem ... as I pointed out in this journal at the start, about collapsing this system if you really want to move forward at a fair pace. History over 6000 year's show's you it need's to be done and will, it is up to "us" to make it happen, to move onto the next phase. This is why I focused so much on downsizing and eliminating these too big to fail entities, because when they fail ... we get hit like a major tsunami economically. Even the President has focused much on way's to try to slow this down and encourage more downsizing and diversity. Every era get's their hit's. The street car industry in America took a huge hit when the tire companies got the major contract's/ bid's to start supplying buses with tire's, who could even take urban transit then to place's that street car's/ rail's couldnt. Everything from livery stable's to carriage transport's, etc got effected when Ford put out the Model T too. The printing/ graphic's industry and major industrial film and plate supplier's like Eastman Kodak took severe hit's because of new technologies over the last couple decade's too, the list is endless.

These folk's need to downsize, take some losses too, and diversify their investment practice's ... they have lost the "eye of the tiger" and are alway's looking for a free ride, and easy way out, and forgot what true free market and change is about. They have gotten so financially powerful as well, that it isnt about only the money anymore, it's part of just nothing more than a high stake's "game" like common folk's play with the table game "Monopoly" ... where the "risk's" of their action's are too dangerous and risky to the entire globe and too "real". We actually frankly dont need them anymore, at a time ... without them, we couldnt have gotten as far as we are now, but those time's are gone ... they see it, but wont throw in the towel or try to change, and feel threatened now by us and government's ... so they feel the need to take that over ... period. We need to STOP them, they are like a drug addict that has lost all control, and WONT stop until we stop them ourselves. Our Democracy is NOT dead ... but you can bet were being slowly drowned. Believe me ... you dont really want to see too much privatization, because these entities never represented your interest's, but only sold you a product ... they are not an oversight entity, or about justice, or governing, or anything but "profit and business" ONLY ... and especially ANY organized labour and labour right's bother them too, this is ALL connected, understand that. Remember ... If you snooze, you WILL lose.

Enough of my rambling on ... and unto Thom Hartmann here, who explain's what is happening and make's it clear as day, and much more with other's here ... want to learn a tad .... listen to the man.


Full Show- 3/ 10/ 11. Death of Democracy in America ... Thanx to THE BIG PICTURE RT

**** CONCLUSION ****

Mr. Hartmann's programme showed the realities of the current condition. There are two option's to deal with this, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the first ... deal with it now ... the 2nd ... deal with it later :) . And the most effective and easiest way, would be now. Sure, it's hard to get off of our asses and vote, and to stand against this, such as these folk's do tirelessly in Wisconsin as an example. "IF" we get too distracted/ unfocused, down/ depressed, lazy, lack enthusiasm, or any of the other thing's that we fall commonly victim to, and deal with this after "late", you will have a whole new problem not seen yet to deal with, period. Step by step, these icon's of wealth, will pull one move after another, and so swiftly you wont be able to keep up with it once they get in high gear. And many folk's may not even question it, being that many people just look at what's "law" must be "right" and for the "good" of all, and they will abide by any law, whether it's corrupt or otherwise, or just out of fear, because they are taught and raised like that simply. What you see in Wisconsin now isnt nothing compared to what they have planned, after all ... I been piece by piece covering this for nearly 3 year's in this journal, and I've been fairly accurate too, again ... I am not that politically knowledgeable, but my end is thinking more on the business goal's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and this is corruption at it's finest! :) Just like those posting's I done stating the move's during Health Care Reform, what BP would do at the hearing's/ inquiries, how folk's like Halliburton would leave their American home base and relocate, or back in 2008 when I explained the detail's that will need to be put in place to "lock in" bailout money "contractually", before the Bush/ Cheney administration left office, etc, etc, (they utilize what tool's they have simply, and we need to learn to use our tool's too) ... thing's I know that they will do, because I know a little on how law's work, business, tax shelter's, their tool's, strategies, objective's, etc. Basically what I am saying is get out of line now or radical, because it will be much more difficult to in a couple year's.

Understand, that the planned move's of this giant ... is not to only privatize everything, but to also propose and pass legislation that not only give's you no bargaining right's of/ for union's (and dont think for a minute that this is just for public/ government union's, this is a test/ tryout ... and will go to every other avenue of any kind of labour organization later) but all right's across the board, to minimal wage standard's will be hit also. Not only will they stop lawsuit's and court/ litigation protection's against those who wrong/ cheat you, but they will stop all access to any law's of protection for all consumer's across the board as well, you will have no voice of representation at ALL in public or even a government for all ... and even law's will be changed as far as what you can do and say, and what you can get imprisoned and penalized for, YES, especially here online. And if they need to in the name of justice, they will start using force against people and make curfew's in the name of the new "justice" to so called "maintain civility". They wont need any martial law to declare, the law's will be in place, you violate what is in place, you face the consequence's, period. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... even ya'll Texan's who been trying to save a buck going into Mexico buying your prescription's will be stopped by law's from doing that and you will be treated like a criminal drug dealer, and the media's will label you as such too, because they will control even more of that than they do now.

And of course when this start's to happen with the force ... many will retaliate, and we have a Hell of alot of gun's still ... which mean's alot of "bang- bang's", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... it will even be more Hell for them than they anticipated, and many of those icon's (artificial elite) will hide like scared rabbit's out of fear too. : ) But yes ... it can get messy. But not like in some fiction movie's where folk's are in a gloomy setting, armed gaurd's/ mercenaries, and ugly scene's looking like a war aftermath, just simple basic law enforcement, and some random shooting's and the usual head busting, I laugh at some of these movies, especially one's that show prison scene's, because it is so far from what prison's are actually like in reality, or these futuristic urban scene's or whatever, so I dont view much of that either ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the more dramatic, the more it sell's I reckon : ) But .... you can sit back and wait, and think some miracle breeze will come along and rescue you, or act now, and vote, advocate, get off our ass ... not just on these computer's but on the street's to. You already know that the Republican Party is their primary weapon politically ... so even Republican voter's will have to wake up to this. I voted Republican most of my life for instance, but I have to vote Democrat now ... Why? because I like the freedom we do have left ... and that is about the only chance of keeping it, and even if we get a fully democratic rule later, it isnt over, because they will try to slither their way more into them too. They will try to control any majority rule no matter who and what. After all ... they're doing their job ... I suggest we do our's. : )


LARISA MIGACHYOV: "Arugula Leaf Rag", "Purple Chicken Rag", and "Sauerkraut Sorbet" ...

Related image

Larisa Migachyov

This art's/music posting is past due as well, since I have been following the work of this artist for over 2 year's now ... and what great work this one does! But to honour, spotlight, and get a glimpse here, of some of the outstanding work's of Larisa Migachyov , her love being piano, ragtime, jazz style's. Ms. Migachyov as well has cover's of great piece's from folk's like Scott Joplin or even Mozart that I could have posted, but I wanted to take the original work of this artist to highlight here, in some of the most simple setting's to focus on her.

But my ear of course has been glued to this artist since I first heard a note out of her ... and love how she bring's alive and preserve's a great genre of music too. I chose a few of my favourite's here to post, so yes ... I am being of course selective. And I really look forward to seeing more of Ms. Migachyov's work in the near future, although I understand that she is also busy with other thing's in life, I am sure her heart is into this and there is plenty more to come! Beside's, right now ... time is on your side, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

But ... so much for running my jaw's here, and get on to listening and viewing some of the work of the beautiful and talented composer Larisa Migachyov ... and all the best of life to you also Larisa! ... Thank You for sharing your work's! :)

And I would also like to dedicate this posting to Ms. Migachyov, of one of my favourite's as well ... JEAN "DJANGO" REINHARDT

Ms. Migachyov's YouTube Channel here

1) "ARUGULA LEAF RAG" THANX TO LARISA0001 ... I loved this in particular, when she stated she done this on a horrifying practice room piano (similar wording). Well ... the piano is only what you make of it Dear ... it may have once been not so great of a piano, but you infused it with new life ... bringing out it's true beauty! :)


3) "SAUERKRAUT SORBET" THANX TO KEEPER1ST ... This particular piece was done after the 10th Annual "Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival" at the "Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium" ... I reckon just hanging out and keeping her finger's active ... but this is one of my favourite's I must say!


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MARILYN MANSON: "Astonishing Panorama of the End Times", "The Dope Show", and "This is the New Shit" ...

This art's posting will be solely to honour and look at some of the outstanding work of the artist, vocalist, composer, Mr. Brian Warner aka "Marilyn Manson" and his crew. It was partly inspired by this recent posting, where the topic was about the end of the world prediction's and related, which made me think of Brian and his song "Astonishing Panorama of the End Times" ... with a little humor at thought.

But certainly not the inspiration to point out the work of this great crew and composer, who I been actually listening to since the start of their career ... I mean, when I first saw this group probably 20 year's ago, it was in a small formerly country western type venue and combo bowling alley and bar, these guy's of course started in the trenches and came far since them day's, which I alway's known they were destined for looking at their unique and hard work.

Music for me has been a hobby of sort for decade's ... I mean ... it's in my familia as well, from my mom (NY), to my grandpa and familia back in England (turn of 19th & 20th centuries) to even my daughter in the photo to the left who was a working lead vocalist and writer for a Salsa dance type group (latin singer and writer), she attended a performing/ visual art's high school (at least a half a dozen Grammy artist's came out of this same Dallas High School) and up into her college year's, before she earned her bachelor's in business/ marketing which she was also majoring in because of the music industry and her advancing further into it, she/ they toured locally, like continental USA, and Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc. But after graduating university, she was made offer's in other area's of marketing that paid well and explored them, leaving the music industry for now. Many of my friend's over the year's were in the business and art's (when you know a few, you tend to meet many more, it's such a close network actually, when you attend the record release parties and so forth) ... my daughter was influenced partly by my music and friend's / associate's even as a small child listening to them around the house, such as Mark Griffin aka "MC 900 FT JESUS" , other associate's such as Thomas Thorn of "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult" and later the "Electric Hellfire Club" (lot of industrial dance beat's and such), and buddies like Joe Christ and other's. So I may be very picky and selective about my choice's of what to post or not to post in this journal, like a "connoisseur" would, in a sense. I mean ... I take many factor's into my choice's for the music section of this journal ... from choreography, theatric's, lighting, engineering, prop's, costume's, theme's, lyric's, composition, and the list goes on, from the simplest to the most detailed.

But this group has paid more than their due's in this industry and deserve every bit of credit that they get in my opinion ... and top out in my ratings in just about every category across the board ... excellent work gentlemen, and all the best to ya'll to come as well ... THANK YOU MUCH for your contribution's to the art's!




3) Marilyn Manson- Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times (SUBTITULADA) ... Thanx to DIEGOMANSON666


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"MADE IN AMERICA" (ABC NEWS) PT.1 ... NW Dallas Familia likes to "THINK" they buy American made Product's? ...

This posting of "Made in America" will take a look at a typical NW Dallas familia right here in my neighborhood, just a couple block's over from my home. Jon and Anna Usry (their kid's name's are Landon and Ellis, no I dont know them or ever seen them before) like thinking that they buy American product's ... and man oh man ... were they in for a shock when ABC News came in to investigate! After removing everything in the house they found "NOT" made in America, the house was actually empty. The part of this I found funny, was ABC News then went to find and replace the item's/ furnishing's in their home with American made product's, and the furnishing's not were just as durable ... but even looked way better in my opinion than the foreign furnishing's, and the real kicker is that the price's were in most case's less than the foreign made product's ... um, um, um ... imagine that! The video below will highlight part's of the week long ABC series and show some finding's, then a few word's from the Chimp after.

***** ABC NEWS: Made in America: Usry Family's Dallas Home Refitted With American- Made Goods


Look ... I am also one who alway's run's my jaw's about America this and that, loving my country, etc, etc. But the truth is ... unlike the Usry familia ... I have actually "intentionally" bought foreign product's that I have favoured for year's. For instance in the 1980's and 1990's especially on the smaller 4 cylinder vehicle's, I found Isuzu, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, to be the best as far as durability, resale value, etc. When I went to buy a new Isuzu for instance, I actually told the salesman that I didnt just want to test drive it, but look under the hood to make sure the part's and assembly was all done in Japan (I know ... some may think I'm a commi bastard too), looking at all the ID stamp's and such on the part's as well. The same with my stereo equipment and electronic's, appliance's ... if it wasnt made in Japan and a reputable name, there was not much chance of me buying it. Ford's new 4 cylinder car's in the 1980's and 1990's for instance were garbage and disposable in my opinion, I bought a couple brand new, so I know first hand experience, and knew many folk's with them ... on the other hand ... Ford truck's were about the best in the world, etc. Dont get me wrong ... as far as performance and big engine's (gas guzzler's too) ... I love Ford Mustang's, Chevy Camaro's, Pontiac Grand Prix's, the new Dodge Charger's, and all the old muscle car's even, to death, I have an uncle in Buffalo, New York ... 38 year's foreman on Ford's assembly line, union, and drove Ford's his entire life. But I was looking on the most bang for the buck and the least repair hassle's and longevity, resale, etc.

But also thing's are changing in America and product's are getting better and more competitive. The truth is ... when 4 cylinder engine's transverse mounting and fuel injection's came into the mainstream, no one built them as good as the Japanese, however, at the same time, I noticed that working under the hood was harder, it was more compact and they make everything so tightened, you also needed all "metric" tool's in them day's (1980's) which many folk's didnt have, as they do today ... as far as changing belt's, hose's, alternator's/ regulator's etc. Ford in the early 1980's actually had their own patented tool that cost you $75 just in order to change the timing belt/ chain (yep, I bought one, and that's how I found out) ... you know that shit was done to make a buck, sell "only" one million of them tool's, which they probably paid a buck a piece for in China labour market's, they just raked in $75 million dollar's. USA has been catching up ... after all ... back in the 1970's when most of us were driving gas guzzling American car's ... Japanese car's that ate hardly any gas were laughed at by many American's, and they were small and frankly ugly. A decade later because of gas price's and economy ... the Japanese were the hottest selling vehicle's, now America has been catching up on what Japan was up over us on a decade earlier ahead of us. But when I'm in a store, I am one that actually look's most of the time at where what I buy is made. Trade has also been unfair, and you can thank Washington for that. But also ... the world is so much more interdependent ... so I dont mind buying American manufactured appliance's, electronic's, car's or such that may have inner component's made overseas, Latin America, Canada, Asia ... Why? ... because they are being assembled/ manufactured here ... and that create's job's here. If a product is good and a fair price ... I frankly wouldnt care where it is from. But this video series was a shock to me, because the product's/ furnishing's in the Usry's home that replaced the old import's, looked better and had a better price.

Over and Out ....


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WHAT do you do if you "Wake Up" the morning of MAY 22ND 2011?? (The End must be Near PT. 2)

This posting of "The End must be Near" PT. 2 ... will be to take a look at the newest "end" date, and those who are devoting their "love" to let us know ... and I just want to be more "politically fashionable" and "loving", and cover some of the more seriously grave issue's in this journal as well.

"The End must be Near" PT. 1

Some newsread on these modern day Heroes here

CNN: May 21, 2011 'The end is near' group warns ... Thanx to CNN

Look ... I cant tell anyone when the end will be ... but I do agree in the above video with this group when they say after the big earthquake, bodies will be just lying around, "not even buried" ... because that is usually the aftermath of an earthquake as far as I know. Also like in the video, I was wondering what should I do if we wake up May 22nd 2011? Frankly I wouldnt know what to do (?) I wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch, or just put the ole Ruger to my head ... being of course if I was a member of this pop culture group above. But I can speak somewhat for those who run our country here. If you wake up May 22nd 2011 ... you can take out that 2nd mortgage, get a new car loan, a couple new credit card's, feel a tad more secure enough to get in debt again a few more thousand, and also vote for those heroes in Washington one more time, who been on the job for decade's still doing ... well ... what they alway's been doing. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Right now ... I reckon I'll run next door to "Arby's" ... pick up some jumbo sized roast beef sandwich and smother it with "Horsey Sauce" (horseradish) and Jalapeno Pepper's, and enjoy the rest of this 60's temp's beautiful sunny day. :)


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Government Shutdown's, SSI Check's, Political Grandstanding, 2011 Iraq, and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (Nation of BS PT.6)

This posting of "Nation of BS PT.6", is a posting inspired for one, by a neighbor who came to me the other day, asking if I know if SSI check's will be in the mail or not? No, I dont draw SSI or am even old enough for that matter, but alot of folk's locally ask me thing's like this while out and about, only because they know I keep on the "up and up" on some of this stuff, and this guy just started drawing his SSI (**** I'm referring to retirement 'social security' here in this posting, not the disability) at the earliest age he could (after I suggested to him over a year ago to retire and draw it, because he can still work and draw, he wasnt ready to just retire, but glad he did now, and yes, he still work's, and IT'S LEGAL). He hadnt been on it long enough to know much about it, and he told me of rumor's in the neighborhood amongst folk's thinking that the government may shut down and they will not get their SSI check's, etc, behind what was apparently started as a dumb statement by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, that has no more substance than the rest of the political shenanigan's we are spoonfed. More detail's here on SSI law/ protection's . But no, dont fall for alot of this nonsense, because most of it is a political sales pitch, just to try to scare folk's, sway vote's/ opinion's etc, etc.

Secondly as inspiration was because I been writing about this crap we are going through and the condition of the reality for about 3 year's now in this journal, and while watching the 2 CNN video's below the other day for breakfast, even though it's sad ... I couldnt help to bust out laughing, they also had a video about the political demonstration's in Iraq, but I chose the YouTube coverage, because they done a better job of ground footage, to show what Iraq is going through after we spent billion's of dollar's and sacrificed thousand's of soldier's (of course former VP Cheney's share's went up in Halliburton) replacing Mr. Evil (Saddam) and then dictating in a new democracy of corporate western inspired political puppetry to intervene in their affair's ( Iraq is protesting the "corrupt" government we helped inspire of course, a democratic gvmnt actually shooting/ killing Iraqi's in the street's ), which is an old familiar story, I have wrote so much about, because it never fail's ... send America in to do a job, and those running our government behind the scene's frankly would fuck up a "wet dream", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) . Just like the crap the folk's are getting in Libya, and all the US politician's grandstanding how Khadafi/ Gaddafi must do this and do that, after they made him a billionaire for decade's and ignored what he actually was ... or the other countries we nose into, or what we call "nation building", "freeing", or other nonsense, that also allow's these tyrant's to rule for year's before the people get hip/ keen, and finally pissed. I mean Iraqi's had unemployment problem's even when the first sign's of recovery were showing, because all the corporate imported "guest worker's" from other countries that were brought in ... more corporate/ western/ US manipulation.

As far as government shutting down ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the only thing that need's to shut down and frankly retire is those same politician's in our government who been "serving" the same shit to us for decade's. The only cut's or shutdown's or pinkslip's that are handed out is to the American people, none of them. And this so called "budget crisis" is something that took year's to create, and as I wrote earlier, will take year's to repair, so trying to lay this shit on this Administration or President (as people like this smiley faced "bullshit artist" Rep. Eric Cantor constantly do ... he want's to work with Dem's and the President about as much as I want to work with the Pope ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh) as if it just came up is stupid as well ... if it just "came up" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... me and other's wouldnt have been talking and writing about this day old shit for year's. :) And of course some of the "NEW" excuses that we are hearing now, for all the repetitive bullshit, is now, our rep's are being "played" by "psychological/ political warfare", what will be the next excuses?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it's simple ... if you cant do the JOB, step to the side and let someone who can handle it in. Of bloody course there's psyche warfare ... geeeezz ... this aint "new", the puppet master's alway's "play them" and "pay them", dont accept the goddamn money and their friendship and ya'll will clear up that shit overnight. :) This is more political grandstanding, excuses, whining and other crap.

The James Brown video was chosen because of what I said before in other posting's about the same ole shit being sold to us decade after decade, just in a "new" package/ bag. :)


***** CNN/ MONEY: Government shutdown: What's at stake (newsread/ video)

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Senate Democrats again warn of government shutdown  (newsread)

2) PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ON OUR REPRESENTATIVE'S ... POST NOTE HERE: I was not trying to be uncompassionate above when I talked about using "psyche warfare" as an "excuse". If there is indeed a group that are doing this to our rep's, it should be investigated and stamped out. I dont doubt that special interest's of some kind also have an agenda, and basically out to sell a product, so I wouldnt put it past anyone to attempt this, after all, they do every bloody thing they can to buy all they can and manipulate every other damn thing. What I was pointing out is this though ... let's not let this get to the point where the "psyche warfare" thing become's a new "scapegoat" ... and everytime some politician does incompetent work and/ or fail's to deliver (and Lord know's this is an ole familiar tune) ... not just jump on the "psyche warfare" bandwagon and start crying and selling "victim" ticket's to us, about your failure to do a job is because of psyche warfare or people picking on you. We "all" have challenge's and obstacle's ... okay? That's life, that's part of the job, etc. I mean ... I have fell on my ass 100X time's, that's just how it goes, then you move on and try to improve. There is alway's "some kind" of psyche warfare to begin with in politic's ... because we simply live in a reality of society more full of shit than ever, and "many" are out to sell some bullshit package. Here's the deal ... a people's government has a job to do ... that is what "we the people" mean for Pete's sake ... just do the JOB is all I'm saying. I look for performance and result's, not at silly issue's, excuse's, and/ or concern whether some person goes to church, or what their familia moral value's are, or what sexual fantasies or affair's their having, or what bloody nationality or skin complexion they are, if they wear a flagpin, been a vet, religious, or any other damn thing ... my concern is "our" countries best interest ... and performing your job and skill's to the best you can ... ya'll say "you want to serve" ... well ... that's all most folk's want from you, bottom line. Just dont have excuse after excuse, time after time, about "why" you cant do your job ... please. And if what we have isnt working ... dont spend year's pondering on "why?", obviously there is too much divide and folk's that refuse to compromise ... let's get in those to give a chance at trying to do something that does work, eventually we will get a winning team, but not by sitting on our asses either.

***** CNN: Psychological warfare on senators? ... (newsvideo)

3) SULAYMANIAH, KURDISTAN SOUTH (NORTHERN IRAQ) FEB. 2011 (The protest's are throughout Iraq, I just chose the Kurdistan video for the rawness that the mainstream media didnt cover as well)

4) JAMES BROWN (MR. GOODFOOT) "PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG (Original Version)" ... Thanx to KOIOS153 ... I chose this video because it's the "original" version 1965, and one of the first record's I actually owned, which were all James Brown record's in the same year, yes ... on 45RPM vinyl's) ... Additional James Brown post and video's