Sunday, April 19, 2009

The hunt for Osama bin Laden ... capture and prosecution ....

For a few year's now ... I have questioned the existence of Mr. bin Laden. Now I know every 6 month's or so we are fed a video in the media to put back on our frightened mask's ... showing us a still photo of this guy ... with some mystical theatrical sounding voice of supposedly him ... telling us how much he doesnt like us, declaration's of Jihad, etc. Well ... heh, heh, heh ... this is fine and dandy ... however, show me something ... anything ... something at least ... even halfway solid, that he is actually alive and making this speech. I mean ... so far they have shown me nothing more than the stories I also get yearly that alien space craft's are hovering once again over Phoenix.

Despite all who is tracking him ... from the CIA to Interpol, every counter terror intell source imaginable ... not to mention 10's of million's in cash bounty on him for a half a dozen year's or more ... this is all you have to show? And a bunch of innocent's you rake up out of some desert ... that after you waterboard them and other method's of interrogation ... for year's ... they finally tell you he exist's and is the evil terror master that send's them telepathic messages of their next assignment's? C'mon now, what the Hell do you take us for?

I also alway's thought that if he is alive ... it will be very hard to capture him ... Why? Because the 10's of million's bounty is nothing. This man comes from a very wealthy family ... despite if they agree with him or not ... do you actually believe that they would just turn over their son/ family to a foreign country to execute, especially based on the evidence that they are showing? In other word's, "Blood is thicker than Water". Think about it ... would you turn over your kid to a foreign government who is solely out to execute him/ her ... on shady hearsay evidence? Do you not think that his familia/ blood would do everything possible to make sure he isnt captured and put in that situation? And if he was captured and convicted and possibly executed ... will we be instructed to put on our "happy face" mask's again ... and reprogrammed to believe that we solved our problem ... and jihad is over? Of course forgetting about all the new enemies we created by locking up suspected terrorist's who we never found any evidence against, torturing them, degrading them, in every manner ... then after 5 or 6 year's ... we give them a meal vouchure and plane ticket and say ... "Oop's ... were sorry". The terror is going to continue as I posted in my earlier post's exactly for this reason ... they who are truely innocent that we done this to will not just forgive and forget, they will live with it for life ... and vow to pay us back for the abuse we gave them.

If you had a trial for this guy (bin Laden) ... what are you charging him with? reciting Quran verses ... that inspire people to fly planes into building's? What about our immigration ... who let these attacker's in the country ... and the American flight school's that trained them ... do they testify too? You would have to make some kangaroo conspiracy case for any jury to buy ... like they did with Charlie Manson for instance ... a guy who has been in prison now 40 year's, because some drug's crazed teen's who went on a killing party spree ... said that he as well ... sent them telepathic messages to do it after they got caught. Manson was easy to convict ... cause he acted nutty in court ... but I doubt bin Laden would act like that, nor does bin Laden have a childhood criminal past ... and was well educated.

My intention's here are not to defend these folk's at all ... I am only taking a realistic view of what we are up against.

PS: I also wonder how many on Wall St as well as in Washington would be truely happy if he was captured and put on trial? Why? Why do you think? We cant change what happened on 9/ 11 any way you slice it.. we have serious investment's in the financial sector as well as the petro/ energy sector, as well as middle eastern relation's right now with the Arab's ... what would the trial of this man and possibly execution do to them relation's and investment's and the global market? Do we not think that those at the top may think about this?


Rita said...

Always thinking aren't you? You'd make a good politician.

I wondered the same thing too about the existence of Bin Laden, I mean. It's about time for another appearance, don't you think? Apparently we are supposed to trust that the CIA knows that it is actually him. Like we can trust those guys to tell us the truth!

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...LOL! Well Ms.Rita, you must be psychic or something? Are you saying it is time for me/us to put on our 3-D glasses again for another episode? I lost count of the day's since his last appearance...I'm slipping in my old age. :)

Alway's thinking? hell...aint got much else to do in my boring life...why not? :) Lord know's I am not financially well off enough to just get in a car and spend a couple month's just travelling the nation...which I love doing. :)

I make a good politician? I actually look at them guy's and realize I simply couldnt handle such a task...or even come close. It is too difficult, time consuming,and the idea of having to look good,decent,hard working folk's in the eyes and lie to them is something I personally couldnt handle.If I told the truth my constituent's would despise me.

The CIA? Um,um,um...I just dont know what the hell to think about some of them ole boy's and gal's?!

Thanx fer droppin in and sharing some chat Ms.Rita. :)

Infidel753 said...

It would be farcical to but Osama bin Laden on trial. He ought to end up like Shamil Basayev. Failing that, I would hope that he has indeed expired miserably from his various medical conditions in a cave somewhere.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh....A bin Laden trial "farcical"? Well... to be quite honest I reckon I must agree. :) (I think it's just more beneficial to find his remain's in some cave). But thanx for the Basayev BBC article here.

But all caca aside... I have really wondered for a few year's...if this guy(OBL) is actually dead in one of them caves,buried...or perhap's even stuffed by his comrade's and glued to some throne to pray with daily or something...and a small circle of his....just send's out these print's to keep the spirit and fire going amongst the grunt's?

Thanx for your comment's and visit Mr.Infidel.....