Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homeland Security,Gun Control,Social Unrest,Martial Law ...and How much will American's tolerate?... most American's are being spoon fed with everything from North Korean's testing rocket's that once again fail (I'd hire some new engineer's), or the recent victory over a handful of homo's/lezbo's being able to marry,what Octumommi will do next...or a buffet of other thought deterrent...but nonetheless entertaining crap they are fed.Those at the top in government have other thought's in their mind's. What? Fear is what. And everyone of them on the Hill know exactly what I am talking about here as well.

The fear that lives in their little mind's daily is "how much do we need to feed those who hire us...and what do we do next to start to regain their confidence", which has been slowly deteriorating. The fun part of all this is watching them try to guess and predict and figure out what obviously senseless sound bites they will try to create to calm us or satisfy us.While they organize Homeland Security to not just protect us from terrorist's...but protect them from us...heh,heh,heh... :) Now some will say...this isnt so...this is paranoia talk..and everything is fine, and they really are concerned with all they tell us...really? maybe so....heh? :)

As I write this...they are quietly preparing for "possible" social disorder, gun control and confiscation, and even martial law if needed...of coarse all designed folk's....heh,heh,heh..."for our own good". Troop's that are coming home from Iraq are not just preparing for possible deployment to Afghanistan, but in places right here in the USA preparing for a response force to the peoples of this country. The President know's this better than anyone...why do you think he is going so transparent,tightening regulation's,and acting so quickly? Why do you think so many top democrat's were so gung-ho on getting him the nomination,even though Clinton may have had more experience? Because they are all quietly frightened is why. They knew it would be even more of a threat to have old school folk's with the same rambling's try to control what may possibly come...and keep the masses somewhat confident with some kind of hope. They needed something's nothing but good marketing and public relation's. They all knew damn well...that the people may see through this all...and start to turn on them.

Ask yourself this.....what will be the response from all the low income American's that are so dependent on government assistance, when and if they are cut off? Do you think they will drop to their knee's and pray for better day's? Do you think they may start to break law's to maintain their low standard's of living? What do you think the million's of American's will do that are seeing their pension fund's slowly fall into decline?...the million's who invested their hard earned dollar's and trust in this system? How many cliches and speeches do you think they will listen to before they just decide it's all crap? What will those folk's do in places like California, Kansas...or possibly even more states to come...when they wonder when they will see the actual tax refund's from the government IOU's that they hold in their pocket's? How many more mass shooting's will it be such as the one in Binghamton,NY or other places around the country before there is a move made to confiscate gun's? As the Dow climb's...and folk's only the oil prices decline on the market...yet the pump's at the same time increase...and even though new job's are created.... the number of job losses are folk's going to react? How long will they stay...heh,heh,heh..."confident and hopeful"?

Who know's....maybe people will embrace all the BS they are fed...send in more of their money to Washington and the Chinese and such...the god's of Wall St. and say... "Oh well...we forgive and forget" all those who been screwing them.Maybe we will all just do whatever were told...hand over our gun's...our wallet's...and bend over and drop our drawer's...heh? assured...those in Washington are not banking on it one bit...their not just saying anything...and hoping we just stay focused on thing's like...where did Octumommi's sperm donation's really come from?...or who will be America's next top homosexual married couple?...or should ant's and houseflies have equal right's?

And now is the time for American's to embrace and utilize the tool's they have for their best interest and survival...and be more self reliant. Because rest assured, the government or Wall St wont do it for it is...they cant even control their own bowel's.


Gary Baumgarten said...

We'll be discussing this issue of gun control on News Talk Online on Monday April 6 at 5 PM New York time.

Please go to my blog, and click on the link to the chatroom to join in the conversation and sound off.



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