Monday, April 27, 2009

Is there a way to make America safe? .... try something different like ..."Honesty" ....

What inspires this posting is all the mumbo jumbo that I constantly get off the internet here about thing's like "How safe are we?"... "What is the current condition of the Middle East?" ... "What does North Korea think of us?",and the list of question's we have is infinite.Let me look at this honestly and throw in a couple cent's here.

Our biggest threat is "US" .... Why? Because we are a society that doesnt stand firm on a damn thing...we are full of BS ... hypocrisy ... and a bunch of pansy method's and idea's on solving problem's. We disrespect countries all over the world, we rape some of these countries in the name of freedom...teach our children to be liar's like us ... and refuse to speak one bit of truth out of political correctness.And one of the biggest problem's we have are the 3 entities I mention over and over, our mega-religious institution's such as the Vatican ... some major corporation's such as Exxon/Mobil ... and our governing body. Do these folk's that rule the global arena REALLY want to take action ... or just lolligag so that thing's just stay dragging on and business as usual that benefit's them only and doesnt address or protect the people's and need's of the globe? They sure as hell dont act like it.

We say we have an immigration problem... yet fail to address it. We have over 300 million people in this country .... why do we need more immigration? Many say so we can learn,share,reach out,etc. Well go reach out ... that's why we have passport's and visa's ... so those who want to share and learn about these cultures first hand can go there and do what they want.We have literature,video,and a schlew of other way's to study cultures as well as immigrant's that migrated here from every place in the globe to set up culture communities here that we can enjoy. Some may say... well China and India have more people ... well what does that mean? That you feel we should do the same and start to generate more babies and bring more boat load's of people in? We have an economical and employment problem ... and say we are grateful at least we have 90% of the people's employed...and we have folk's with master's degree's working as cashier's at Wal-Mart. We dont need to be outsourcing more job's overseas... or bringing in folk's from abroad to fill these position's here.

What is the condition in the Middle East today? I dont know...and it's frankly none of my business. We have problem's in Pakistan on the horizon...and a plan to start massive troop deployment of our military to Afghanistan. Sure ... I have concern's deeply about both these countries... but I also realize what kind of defense we have as far as intercontinental missiles, satellite intell, and sophisticated weaponry in the work's. Knowing that if needed.... we have sufficient weaponry to really give anyone hell that provokes a danger to our homeland. I am confident we have more resources in this continental USA than what we need to supply all of our energy demand's for decades to come... and plenty of alternatives in the work's as I write this. We have all the agriculture we need. We have great mind's of science and engineering right here to give our support and funding to.

We torture and endlessly interrogate suspected and/or terrorist's ... if they are guilty and we have solid evidence and they are in our land... dont torture and house them for year's...sentence them for the crimes they committed ...and get their execution over and done with. If a country is harbouring those who use it as a base to attack us in some in on the target and eliminate the target.... period. If the Saudi's want to control and monopolize our oil market's ... to hell with them too ... we will get our oil elsewheres...but we never address this either... instead our BS leader's rant on about what they are doing is to make us less dependent on foreign oil...then going behind the scenes to these land's and giving them ass kissing and oral sex gratuities. Mean what the hell you say! I mean every goddamn thing I is not difficult to do. What is the condition and problem on the Israeli/Palestinian front? Well... I dont know.... but I do know that's it's not my goddamn problem as an American.

We moan about the problem on our border with violence spilling over from the drug cartel's, yet we also moan when families and rancher's on our border's defend their property and selves with gun's from these transient's,smuggler's and alien's that use their properties as a toilet,crashpad,campground,and even steal their properties, and then this jackass Secretary of HS Napolitano ... comdemn's these American's for protecting themselve's and their property, saying she has a better way of doing thing's ...because she lived in Arizona...well....I'm just amazed! God ...she is so bright! How many drug dealer's has she dealt with?How many night's did she spend in the trenches on them border's? How many times has she been confronted staring down the barrel and getting robbed and how much has been taken from her in these event's? Do you actually know anything...or do you just get stat's from your damn computer? You want to get result's? When one of these thug's invade your eliminate them... then call the wagon to get their remain's off your damn property.You double fence the border...including put armed guard's all over it..and more check point's...and really act. You can go over to places in the EU ...and they have guard's at their border's with auto weapon' one's moaning about them...and rightfully so...because it's none of our goddamn business...and what we do with our side of our border is not Mexico's or Canada's business either.

With a little more transparency,honesty and respect...we could be taken more seriously by the peoples of the globe and respected more even. No one know's what to believe out of us.... cause we dont stand solid on a damn thing...and flip-flop like the season's change. Nor do we act like safety is a concern to us.

PS: This is not about anti-immigrant thinking either...we have immigration policies that work well in 1970, revision's are needed to fit the times and situation. The pro-immigrant group's are spoon fed indirectly/directly by special interest's and creative lobbying, it's keep a flow of low wage worker's coming, that's all. They act like they are humanitarian's and like jackasses we buy it. They may have these worker's work at their homes for instance, but how many do they invite in their homes for dinner? I would be curious. I had many immigrant's legal and illegal both at my table to eat. Several Iraqi's who backed our troop's with intell and/or security tried to come to the USA recently...out of fear that when we lower our force level's...they will be hunted and executed for once covering our troop's back's...our government denied them to come to USA...despite even troop's who were willing to take them in their own homes...if anyone deserves to be brought here and protected ...they do! They put their neck on the line for our troop's...and we deal with them like that? That's the reality!


Infidel753 said...

We torture and endlessly interrogate suspected and/or terrorist's ... if they are guilty and we have solid evidence and they are in our land... dont torture and house them for year's...sentence them for the crimes they committed ...and get their execution over and done with.

More evidence is now surfacing about the actual reasons for the torture. Basically, the real reason Bush invaded Iraq was that Ahmed Chalabi told him that Saddam Hussein was an ally of al-Qâ'idah (any expert on the Islamic world could have pointed out that this was nonsense -- even I could have pointed that out -- but Bush was the kind of guy who "went with his gut" instead of listening to experts). Then, since it turned out there was no evidence supporting such a link, Bush and Cheney needed to produce some; and since none of the captured terrorists were saying what the administration needed them to say, it became a matter of trying to force them to say it by any means necessary.

Knowing that if needed.... we have sufficient weaponry to really give anyone hell that provokes a danger to our homeland.

Depends what you mean. We have the power to retaliate and destroy any country that attacks us, but deterrence only works with rational opponents like the Soviet Union. It doesn't reliably work with religious nuts. Bin Laden knew about our nuclear weapons, but that didn't prevent 9/11. If terrorists were to nuke Manhattan, we could blow up the Middle East in response, but Manhattan would still have been nuked. The point is to prevent that from happening, which may only be possible if we pre-emptively prevent countries like Iran from building nuclear bombs (or people like the Taliban from getting hold of the ones Pakistan already has). That's a lot trickier.

I am confident we have more resources in this continental USA than what we need to supply all of our energy demand's for decades to come...

Nuclear/solar/hydroelectric/etc., yes. Oil, no. Not even close. We can shift over to using non-oil-based energy sources, but it will take time. We should have started long ago, like Brazil did.

Oh, and Janet Napolitano is an idiot.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hmmmm ... so Bush has another alibi now...great. Personally I dont believe he wanted to hear any expert's unless he got to pick and choose which one's, all the timing and reason's fell in place either way...I know damn well also that he hated Saddam for threatening his dad...and hated as well that Saddam wouldnt play ball especially sitting on 30% of the world reserves...'s great he now has excuses. I got Bush' number ... and he's full of BS. Halliburton got billion's, to also do all the contracting assignment's...oh... to save the government from having to do it, that's how that work's, only their own(Halliburton) get's the contract's, billion's of bundled cash is unaccounted for as well, Halliburton decided to leave Houston a little while later to move everything to Dubai...oh... to be closer to all their work of coarse,and you can bet to avoid Senate Panel's getting to close, this is all BS! And Cheney is the brain behind everything, he had Bush eating out of his hand the way I see it, he's another smooth operator...about as smooth as they come.

I agree...the weapon's strategy work's well with rational opponent's... that is also a good reason for those folk's on the edge to act rational, and make sure their country isnt used as a base for terror, because if it is...they should be zero'd in on and taken out...wherever the haven is... of coarse we dont have the leadership to cat when needed, only to lolligag with these enemies, send our volunteer's to do the one hand behind the back foot battle...and play games. No, it wouldnt bring back New York, but to act, will assure they will think twice before letting those set up camp. Now you may think I am also going by my gut... but I am a rational man, the bottom line strike, and we will strike back... period. This is just added BS,and lolligagging we play.

Energy/oil ... well according to some"expert's...most of our vehicles on the road right now can be easily modified to work on natural gas...and that's abundant, Washington and the big oil dont want it...that's the bottom line.

Thank You for all the info Mr.Infidel.... have a good un guy.

Ranch Chimp said...

I also want to point out Mr.Infidel...that I may be a lil slanted on my comment's on Bush/Cheney. Because this crew really pissed me off, when I seen the moves Bush was making. I voted for this guy in 2000. I am not pissed at his religious values like many....or his morality view's, what really pissed me off was the fact that he is supposed to be pro-business, but let smaller businesses get the shaft here...his reckless spending, his cabinet choices, his acting too fast on Iraq, and his effort's at last to try to privatize (or sell us a nice package hoping we would buy it) social security really got me going with hellfire especially. Why? because he already spent all our surplus, guaranteed his Chinese friend's an array of trade option's with no trabsparency or no regard for American business...then had the nerve to try to take the social security money and turn that over to investment gambler's as well. I didnt like Cheney, I didnt like Rice(besides her great look's) I didnt like Ashcroft....or even Paulson, and the list could go on. I think he damaged the republican party and our foreign relation's across the board ... I had alot of serious issue's about this guy. So maybe I'm wrong...and he's just a plain dumbass...but I just find that difficult to swallow at times, I seen too many hustler's in my life...and they are all good at the common dumb act, so that is why I am so skeptic.