Friday, April 10, 2009

The "New Normal" ...our new programme just arrived...time for our "Smiley Faces" again.....

Well ... it's about damn time ... we now have our new psychological programme and sound bite to move us for the next shaft. It's called according to Washington today The "New Normal" ... and this one is a double feature as well ... as a bonus ... Wall St as well as Washington also announced simutaneously that light is showing on the economy and the recession is about over ... so it's time to start spending again ... getting more in debt ... buying up some of these homes that were taken away from folk's ... reproducing more babies to replenish the meat market, etc. This is simply the newest sound bite that we are given to cover up as I wrote in previous post's ... the new "American Dream" that we will have coming ... that will be different. This is basically similar to when they changed the term "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" so they could blend us all together for easier handling. Now our new American Dream and psychological uplift on the recession will be the "New Normal".

What does this do? Well ... pretty much nothing except to make us think we have something "New" that is going to take us to a life of happiness ... that they create all for us ... because ... they care (LOL). No ... really ... this is basically step #2 of the same BS in new packaging that I was talking about before. We will get an official word next when the recession is over ... just like the BS about when it actually started, etc. What will this do for all those who lost their homes, ended up in tent cities, lost job's, were dropped from insurance plan's they paid premium's on for year's until they got injured or sick,those who lost in some cases up to half or more of the retirement investment's they had as nest egg's, or a schlew of other crap you got milked for? Well ... to be frank/ honest ... not a damn thing.

But ... this ought to last for awhile at least till the next staged battle that will be about a year before the next big election ... so they can blame anything that we got hip to and caught ... on the present administration ... and blame each other in another pre- election show ... where we have episode #53 ... of "Good vs. Evil" and who is the best of the the two parties to lead us out of this mess ... into the next snowjob.

What does the official word of the recession end do for us? Well ... it will make all the crybabies on Wall St ... content for at least awhile ... till they need a little more ... then they can get their pocket flunkies on the Hill to create new "evil's" to fight for "our own good" ... that of course will be billed/ charged to us. The monies collected can go to someone that we owe it to ... like the Chinese and Arab's ... and maybe they will be kind if were good kiddies to give us some lower interest rates, besides ... they can milk us on other item's ... such as new taxation's, fee's, and inflated prices on good's.

PS: I also want to add ... that I dont and will not connect none of this rubbish to President Obama ... and yes ... I realize that he will slip here or there on something, and will do something that we dont agree with. This man has done more in the best interest of the people than most of these puppeteer's done on the Hill in their entire career's in less then 3 month's. Nor do I connect any of this to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ... who as well is busting his ass to try to clean up this cesspool and make something work ... both these guy's been working their asses off, and as far as I'm concerned ... if anyone deserve's a damn raise when this get's somewhat stabilized ... these guy's do!


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