Saturday, April 4, 2009

American Worker's may chase their tail's longer than they think (PT 1)


It seem's as I talk to folk's here and there ... many have this idea that what they hear whether it's from the mainstream media, newspapers, blog's, on the street, and mostly inspired from the political sector ... that this is the answer to when times will get back to normal or better. Do not take any of that talk for the "gospel truth" and you wont be disappointed. Put it this way ... nothing is done for our benefit ... it is only done to keep us in line. And this is not to sound pessimistic at all. This is only to point out the reality of the condition.

You may wonder why all these billion's went out to large investment banking ... but they are not loaning? What in Hell would you think the word's "investment banking" mean? ... "consumer/ small business loan" institution's?!! ... GEEEEEZ! Because the loan's to them was strictly made for not the peoples, but the global system. A big problem we have is those who dictate feel it is their calling ... and the peoples could not function without them. Then the peoples are brainwashed into thinking without these major bank's and corporation's, churches and massive government ( the "3 Entities" of mega gvmnt's, mega religious institute's, and mega finance/ corporate's )... we couldnt survive on our own. And part of the reason they think like that also, is because we show them this, in our weak whining action's and bending over, or asking "How High?" when were told to jump! Actually this is so far from the truth. The reality is ... without the peoples ... the system would be nothing.

People are waiting for the sound bite to tell us the recession is over. This is nonsense talk ... this recession was in the work's before it was announced and will continue for the working classes way after it is officially ended. All that the media is feeding us and most politician's is word's to keep you in a daze as to what is really happening. And all of this also work's in their favour ... to lower wages, to get us more in debt, to recruit more poverty stricken young people to fight their manufactured war's ... to weaken the union's ... and bring small business to their knee's. And to bring us low enough to where we have no choice but to go along with new rules of a "gameplan" to change, that is not changing anything, but making folk's more stupid than they already are, which IS NOT stupidity by birth, but stupidity out of choice and laziness. Even though all our money is now out of our hand's and in their hand's ... you will see in month's/ year's to come ... this will NOT be enough ... it will never be enough. And all you will see in the next few year's is inflation on good's, and/ or taxation/ fine's, etc ... and dont only think of just smoker's or alcohol consumer's, or so called "sin taxes" ... they will get everyone ... period, and if they dont have enough sin taxes .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they will create more sin's and sinner's! :)

They say after the recession end's ... it will be better ... well ... it will for those in power ... but the peoples will continue to see job market weaknesses and stumbling figure's from time to time, more poverty, less earning's, and be fined, fee'd and penalized more then they have ever been, before anything start's to at least stabilize, look at the "math". Understand that we are currently loosing more than a half a million job's per month. Mathematically speaking any way you look at it ... there is no way that anything can get any better for any working American any time soon, that isnt simply "temporary" or pie chart's you will be fed before any election's, although the reality you may feel in the street will conflict with the chart's, because the chart's are used to create peace of mind more than anything else. Those who say it can and will are silly and out of touch with the real world. Even history show's that it generally takes 1 to 2 year's minimal after any recession to get just steady again. And with the population increase and immigration ... and the global connection ... this can only end up lingering longer. On the other hand if we dont buy/ spend, and go along with the bull ... this gives them more reason's/ excuses to even trim us further. They have also got us addicted to living lives beyond our mean's and enticing us through catchy deal's ... that can only get us more caught in their web. This is why I say we must hurt first before we can really get to a greener pasture.

If there is any time that American's should use their head and go with their real gut, it is now ... and take that gamble ... cause the longer we play this game where they make the rules ... the longer we will face miseries as such. You know in your heart and mind what is right ... you shouldnt need for anyone to tell you who is a crook. We dont need anymore of telling us to do the right thing ... or anyone telling us what is for our good. You can also help yourself ... by not using their credit system's, paying cash, and there are so many thing's that folk's do to avoid the system. You can go even to large private property lot's in urban area's ... where they have the entire lot full of hundred's of car's being sold by individual's, you work cash deal's ... avoid sales taxes etc. You can learn alot from the lower income working classes and just hanging out in the street ... because these folk's have alway's had it tough and know how to make thing's work on their own. Educate yourself on how the system work's ... so you know how to scam it before it scam's you. Support your small local businesses and banker's. Avoid signing up for their discount card's to join their "saving's programmes" by being a member, this way they have you connected to them. Support your independent retailer's/ merchant's instead of signing up for the corporate franchise credit card for their stores.

Let them tell you their hurting and we need to spend more and get more in debt or take more pay and hour cut's if we dont give more of ourselves ... you wont fail ... but become stronger by avoiding their threat's. Dont worry if they fail, we fail all the time, no one comes to our rescue. If companies wont hire you ... get out in the field and learn to cut your own hour's and income. Dont care about what these foreign countries are having problem's about your community ... and what you can do for it and your country ... then when you have extra to share and wish to ... then care or help. We have so much more strength then we even realize ... we are so strong and only full of fear that we are fed by these who dictate our lives ... shut them out. We are survivor's by nature ... we are simply brainwashed into thinking we need this and them ... trust in yourself and those in your communities at the grassroot's level's ... network, organize,communicate ... not only online for petes sake ... get out in the trenches. We are far more capable then what we believe we are.

Another thing ... this banking system failure is not much more than half hoax, sure ... they hurt, and who wouldnt when they take extraordinary risk's and start to see revenue's/ profit's drop, and those who insure their asset's/ wealth fail to do so, like AIG? Do we realize that over a third of the nation's bank's ... which number in the thousand's ... I mean the bank's that the peoples use in their communities ... are doing very well? They are loaning left and right. They have us worrying over the largest communist country in the world(China) and some Arab dictator's ... that we need to worry about them ... dont be fooled ... THEY have to worry about them ... not us ... even if everyone in the globe didnt trade with us...we have everything we need right here in America ... to manufacture and produce what ever our heart's and existence requires. We actually dont need anyone ... they do. Please ... for your own sake ... dont be stupid ... because we are not born stupid ... we only get lazy and dependent on other's to tell us what to do and think.

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