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OIL PRODUCTION 2012 & Beyond ... How GREEN are we Becoming? and how much POORER will we Become in Our Effort's? (GLOBAL WARMING PT.15) & "IRAQ UPDATE"

For Part 15 of the "Global Warming" series ... I wanted to take a quicky looksy on the state of oil production in a few countries (there are many more), and link/ post a few newsread's and video's that I have went over (out of several other's). I have been ranting about this bullshit since the start of this journal and before I bought my first computer in 2008 at that, not ranting over the fact that there is production, but of the mountain's of bullshit that we are fed ... and actually believe. We were in Iraq for instance to "free" the people from Mr. Evil Saddam and to confiscate weapon's of mass destruction of course (***** See "Iraq Update" below) ... and to stop it from breeding more terror cell's after 9/ 11 (although most of those who attacked the WTC, Pentagon, and the failed attempt on the Capitol were from Saudi Arabia). Of course were in Afghanistan to "free" women and gay folk's from abuse, and to clean out the opium (like these people really give a shit about gay's, women, or drug addiction) ... much of which get's intercepted and confiscated by Iran, and of course the terror cell's there too ... of course China is the one's with the new copper mining contracts to mine Afghanistan, saturated with copper and all other wealth resources that it has (through western influence and corporate sponsorship) ... but yeah ... we sop this shit up like gravy with bread and even lick the plate after.

Well there may be a shortage on money and jobs pushing austerity measures globally, and job payscales decreasing by the year ... but there certainly isnt any shortage of oil production and market's boom, yet even the price of petrol/ gas is at all time highs ... and of course 'global warming' doesnt exist anymore in our language ... it already done warmed up with our help, so now they call it the "climate change" ... which is true I reckon ... after all ... the goddamn ice on the earth is melting like a damn popsicle on Texas pavement in July. Of course all the scientist's, climatologist's, meteorologist's and affiliate's are lying and have a conspiracy to destroy free market. We are told now ... that "because" of this so called Keystone Pipeline and/ or related proposal's/ plan's ... we will gain thousand's and thousand's of job's, the price of gas/ petrol at the pump will drop, and we'll be in Heaven again. You have to wonder though ... why are we getting poorer and poorer with all the great production news that's already in the worx?, and why is the price at the pump still high, when Saudi's even are outputting to capacity? I also wonder just how "green" are we going ... beside's a few million electric car's that we produce at inflated cost's to us, and some wind turbine's and solar farm's? ... and this is why I been focusing on this shit since the start of this journal ... because I said it was bullshit then, and still say it's all bullshit now, as far as how green were going and how the economic's of even all this will play out. There can be a Hell of alot more invested in cleaner energies and even safer drilling, environmental measures and every other damn thing ... Hell ... the investor's/ shareholder's hold all the wealth.

Thank God for Death ... cause you can bet your paycheck (or unemployment check) that our new future generation's are going to clean house!

***** TAR SANDS ACTION: Key Facts on Keystone XL

***** PEAK OIL: Iraq set to triple oil output in 6 years ... (IRAQ UPDATE) ***** Iraq is a perfect example of a country who did not "play ball" with the world oil investment's. Estimated before the invasion and occupation of it (or what's called freedom or liberation by the mass political media) that it's possibly sitting on a quarter of the world's reserves, Saddam Hussein done business on the black market in oil and was sustaining his power and wealth, tries to take Kuwait and their oil, attacking with "reason" and sabotaging many Kuwaiti oil wells, etc (wikipedia) ... you can bet the end goal was to have Kuwait's oil too. Those same entities who buy and manipulate our government's and world market's impose sanction's on the country through propaganda under the umbrella of freedom and liberty, freeze the money and asset's, and drive the nation(s) into poverty, austerity, etc, forcing internal civil disorder, then war or an operation of "freedom", which is nothing but an invasion and occupation of the nation, replace the leading ruler/ party with a puppet government and representation of it's own. Today ... free Iraq has a military that battles it's own citizen's and kill's them in the street's and thousand's of Iraqi's line the street's to try to get day labour, partly because of all the cheap immigrant labour that is brought into the country to do the work ... and we end up paying for much of it as well, bottom line.

***** OIL OF RUSSIA: Soaring New Heights

***** RIGZONE: Europe's Oil and Gas Firms enjoy Robust Start to 2012

***** CNN/ MONEY: U.S. 'Dirty Oil' imports set to triple ... this newsread to accompany the above video

Canada Triples it's capacity to move oil, US missing out? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** FINANCIAL POST/ INVESTING: TransCanada mulls switching natural gas mainline to oil service



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This Part 17 of "The Awakening" & "Student Debt Crisis Pt.2", is to take another look at the student debt crisis, which as many probably know within the last couple week's surpassed American's credit debt, and because the politician's of course are having to battle this out. I'm not a student, but have grandchildren who are just entering high school and want to go to college, and a niece that enlisted in the US Army over a year ago who done so, so she could try to get a college education paid for, if she get's to come back to America, so this is a time again ... to awake. The title of this posting as far as getting your degree in debt ... inspired by RT America ... and Thanx to them for covering this side/ view of this issue.

Bottom line is this, the usual corporate/ banking communist manipulation recipe and control of our representation through such is again the prime reason for this misery (as most of our other miseries as well, whatever it may be, from health care to global warming, to debt, to war's) and because of this manipulation our political representation is once again held hostage as well. We are also alwayz priding ourselves on how we alwayz "think of the kid's" and doing everything for their future, so it's time to at least halfway act like we truely do and believe in what we say, otherwise, were just full of shit and not worth the dirt we stand on.

The thing is ... as Ms. Larson point's out, she is a lil tired of just doing business as usual ... we alwayz wait for another year or two and another election or two to slide it over to, then go through the same channel's doin the same ole same ole to try to get result's and change, but again going through the same sources to do it. And the way that Capitalism Hill is dealing with this is great for politic's, however, doesnt get to the root of the issue and problem, plain and simple. There also seem's to be a disconnect with folk's my age (I'm 56) and those actual student's of today ... I mean, back when folk's my age were of the student age ... tuition's, admission's, economies, job's, etc, etc ... were all different. We need to look at the condition NOW ... not what it WAS like in 1980 or so. Ann Larson keep's it simple and straight with no bullshit or grandstanding, and I recommend also reading her blog and the link and following up with any support.

***** ANN LARSON (blog/ website)


***** INTERACTIVIST/ INFO EXCHANGE: April 25th is "1T Day": Occupy Student Debt Ann Larson and Malav Kanuga

Occupy Student Debt discusses Interest rate dilemma ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** RCJ: SUZE ORMAN (PT.3) ... "THINK!!" ..."Getting BONED with your Student LOAN" (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.4) ... related posting




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TEXAS SPRING 2012 ... Wildflower's from Indian Paintbrushes to Bluebonnets ... (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.12)

This Part 12 of "Taste Of Texas" dont need much run down from me to get to the point, the link and video's below speak for themselves on what spring bring's from North Central Texas' Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex to the Texas Hill Country of Central and South Central Texas to off the north Coastal area's of Houston ... one of the reason's I love the drive between Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston at this time of the year, several hundred miles of beauty ... Enjoy!  : )



TX Hill Country Drive 03/ 18/ 12 ... Thanx to WILLACK119

2012 Ennis Bluebonnets/ Mach Road at sunset ... Thanx to BLUEBONNETSIGHTINGS **** if needed, you can click on this video to watch on YouTube as instruction's ....

2012 Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets/ Hwy 71 and CR 401N ... Thanx to BLUEBONNETSIGHTINGS


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REPUBLICAN'S caught organizing "Job Growth Obstruction" to oust President Obama & "Political Crime's Against American's" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.9)

To keep this simple, the "Truth or Treason 2012" series of this journal was started specifically to show the political arena before the 2012 election's and to hold the action's and word's of our political representation on both these polarizing side's of left and right accountable, action's along with statement's from those make's it so there is no need for political speculation on our part, as to what is being done, the evidence is clear in other word's. Again, I am an independent politically who happen's to vote Democrat, but have voted Republican most of my previous voting life, so I believe in fairness to all parties, and I am also let's say "tripartisan" (inde, conservative, and liberal depending on the issue) ... my only intention's is to keep thing's straight, simple, and to the point.

Regardless of all the petty bitch topic's that we all whine about (including myself), one of the most crucial issue's is ... are we able to work, spend, and function in a way to keep our economy at least above water? ... job's is more critical than we realize, because it has a domino effect on so many other social issue's. It has been clear as day that the Republican Party out of political desperation only, has done everything they could to obstruct job growth in our nation, and continue to increasingly, as well as supporting almost all investment's to go offshore and avoiding any spending of even our own tax dollar's domestically, have solely supported giving all tax incentive's only to those who are doing all this, and declining to give any incentive's to small business owner's who employ at least 3/ 4's of the American workforce, and advocating what seem's to look more like corporate communism than anything American or even conservative at that.

The fact's are that despite our post Great Recession touch and go economy and the unemployment in our nation, is that for at least 25 month's or so now ... job's have been being added, maybe not what we all expect, but at least their being added. Again, back in late 2008, remember that we were actually losing nearly 3/ 4's of a million job's per month, that's a Hell of alot. Since the beginning of this journal myself I have looked at the math and clearly seen due to the global economic transition and trade of the 21st century, along with the rampant defense spending that we were going to be in for a hard ride on this one ... but what we dont realize ... is that it is alot smoother than what it could be. The fact is that if this current administration hadnt acted in the manner they have, we would be knee deeper shit than we are now, bottom line. The President has time and again went out of his way to also be conservative on many spending and economic issue's, showing true bipartisanship, yet his opponent's have relentlessly done everything they could to halt any economic progress whatsoever in our nation.

For me these type action's on the part of the Republican Party are basically like treason in an emergency economic situation and like a crime against the American people and about as anti- American as you can get. The 3 video's I chose below are from left wing media source's, but the action's of those being highlighted and their own word's do not lie. Of course the right wing arguement to solve the economic issue's, is to continue to give an unbalanced advantage to the very people that are taking all of our money and job's offshore while preying on impoverished nation's to force the cheapest competition globally, and to deregulate even more, the very people/ investor's on Wall St. that screwed up the global and American economy to begin with on bad bet's/ investment's, mixed with excessive unbalanced greed. They have even tried taking down the USPS at that ... this is about as low as you can go. This should be considered by everyone when voting this year, regardless of what party you may favour ... because it is an attack on each and every working American and small business person.

***** This posting will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS (PT.1)/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.


The ED SHOW- Progress on Post Office debate? ... Thanx to LICENTIATHE8TH

The ED SHOW- Bernie Sanders gives Republicans an economic reality check ... Thanx to LICENTIATHE8TH

GOP: Screw Jobs To Hurt Obama In 2012 ... Thanx to THEYOUNGTURKS

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WHITNEY HOUSTON: "Whatchulookinat", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "Queen Of The Night" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT. 7)


This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is to honour one of the great's of vocal abilities Whitney Houston . I havent followed her commercial pop music and film career much, but certainly have followed her outstanding powerful vocal's, this is a vocalist that has a trademark of it's own ... whatever she put's out is distinctively in it's own category ... her range, depth, output and power make's it as such. None of this was of suprise to me, considering the influence she had as a child ... she was already a soloist before she was even in her teen year's of a youth choir ... and many of the best vocalist's I have ever heard came out of gospel root's. Then on top of it the whole music surrounding of familia and associated inspiration's. Put it this way ... there is a Hell of alot more as far as genre's of music as well that Ms. Houston could have covered. To me it was somewhat sad that she was so contractually obligated at time's to mega label's/ production's, and having to also be locked into doing other's composition's much ... but ... of course ... it was that, that also drove her to mega success in the industry, and there isnt much of anything that cant be wrote and given to this woman that she cant make work ... and if it lack's any gusto vocal- wise in it's original format, she will turn it into a power piece ... or make it as soft and smooth as silk! Also the pianist background history add's much to her portfolio on making thing's work, as it certainly does for a guitarist too, adding depth.

The reason I wanted to add Ms. Houston to the "Beautiful Girlz" series, is because anyone who know's me, know's how crazy I am about Whitney as far as her drop dead gorgeous beauty! And something you dont hear too much about, because her mega career talent's in pop music and film/ acting, soundtrack/ score's etc has drowned most of that out ... but this woman is top model material as well ... and actually started another career as a teen model too. Her beauty is about as outstanding and as unique as her vocal/ art work, truely giving the definition of such an extension/ revision. Add that voice, personality, and especially that smile ... she will knock any Guy right out!

Whitney Houston- Whatchulookinat ... Thanx to WHITNEYHOUSTONVEVO

Whitney Houston- It's Not Right But It's Okay ... Thanx to WHITNEYHOUSTONVEVO

Whitney Houston- Queen Of The Night ... Thanx to WHITNEYHOUSTONVEVO

Related image



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SOCIAL SECURITY ... The OTHER $60+ Billion CASH GRAB and "Socially Securing Society" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.8) ***** & UPDATE'S

This is one of them topic's that is not getting the coverage it deserve's in the mainstream media's simply because of the many other issue's that been engineered to take our atencion during these election's, so it will be for this posting of "Truth or Treason 2012" PT.8. In PT.1 for instance , Senator Sanders hammer's this and point's out what's at stake. When I first got online in 2008 and started this journal ... it was originally intended to cover these type issue's, so that is why I been hammering these topic's throughout it over the last 4 year's ... simply because we are target's of profiteer predator's basically. Again ... while we are jumping for joy over petty thing's and scrap's that are tossed to us and fighting each other over a bunch of  multi millionaire profiteer's who we favour and think we need to tell us how to live ... they are focusing on the big thing's of value ... your money, wealth, asset's  : ) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

***** I have also brought up time and again earlier in this journal that this Social Security would be under attack, why? ... again, because this country is full of money, and the objective is to get all they can to be moved into offshore market's and investment's, and they will milk everything they can doing so, SS is a huge score ($60+ bilion and $2.7 trillion reserve/ trust, with money being fed into it 24/ 7/ 365). Now let me explain this here to sum up short the past posting's ... they will not use showcased "politician's" to talk directly right now about this, because they dont want us thinking too hard about this, they want us to think of the spoonfed issue's and bullshit right now to get our vote's (both side's) ... BUT ... as I have pointed out before ... once the importante election period and "vote" is over ... REST ASSURED ... that starting the next term in 2013 ... this is gonna be hammered big time and we will get blindsided wondering again, why all the sudden surge of interest's in this ... these politician's play us like "fool's" ... because we act like fool's at time's. This is why we should be aware and focused on this right now ... because I would bet my paycheck that this get's bigtime talk and pushed in 2013. They dont want us to know right now who stand's where on what, out of fear that it will curb the election's projection's ... but you can bank on it, that this is one of the issue's that many on both these polarizing side's will be bringing up, since the corporate payout's go to both parties ... not just one!

After the short video below, being the "Devil's Advocate" here, so to speak ... I will point out what this video really is ... and most importantely ... what it IS NOT, and how it's deceptive, and nothing but a hoax. The key word's here also being "Trustee's Warn" : )

Social Security slated to run dry in 2033, Trustees Warn ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

***** RCJ: USPS: "America's Postal Service" (PT.1) The NEXT $60+ Billion Auction Block GRAB & Corporate JAB in the Final Round's (How to Privatize America PT.7) ... this is the other $60+ Billion cash grab that is being hustled right now.


***** This will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

"Trustee's Warn"? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  First of all ... this David John is either totally brainwashed or full of shit ... and he's too educated and been active on Capitalism Hill knee deep in this for too long prior to this to think he is brainwashed, constantly pushing for privatizing it, thus simply using the process of elimination ... this tell's you that he's full of shit. Secondly ... this type media propaganda presentation is strictly again played to deal us more "fear card's", without being too mainstream and forcing actual political candidate's to talk about it ... not that fear isnt healthy ... it's just our passion for fear has become overwhelming and obsessive, okay(?) and they know this. Francis Bacon back in the early 17th century said something like "nothing is to be feared but fear" ... basically pointing out how it is our "inner enemy" ... this video is a perfect example of this. Now ... like Mr. John above it is importante especially to "make" these folk's in our political circle's who try to hammer this social security failure too much ... these are those who are basically full of shit and in my opinion treasonist's.

***** You can bet your paycheck that this guy Mr. John, if you asked him what does he propose to "save" this so called failure of it projected to come in 21 year's, he would suggest that we let the "people" manage their own SS and allow them to "invest" it. Now that may sound attractive of course, and getting a chance to make it grow in market's ... but look at the flip side ... the market's will drop at one time or another, and probably several time's over that so called 21 year's, with each ... you will "lose". Also, if we did agree to let us so call "invest" ... rest assured, that they would regulate it to "who" you can invest "with", where you get a handful of investor's with different company title's, yet all under the same board of director's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  (like insurance, gold market's, or 401K joint's work) ... tell them you want to "independently" invest and see what they tell you, eh? get my drift? Yeah ... they will let you "invest" or "spend" ... as long as it's in their account's and firm's ONLY. The pharma industry even worx the same way ... your "free" to choose where you "buy" your prescription's ... but try to go to Canada or Mexico and "buy", and see the challenge they will give you ... shit, even Texan's cant buy no more the gasoline/ petrol going across the border they want in Mexico without being restricted by "our" own government (the Mexicano Gvmnt regulate's the gas, like tortilla's to prevent this profiteering shit and speculation investor's from running it) ... and they call this "freedom of choice"? ... yeah right ... and I'm Micky F'n Mouse : )

This clearly sound's like it is of course securing the future for our people and children, etc, etc ... or any of the other tearjerker shit it may sound like (add emotional music and happy families) ... NO ... this is strictly to get over $60 billion dollar's to put in the hand's of the same investment banker's that milked us for this massive bailout back at the end of 2008, or at least as much of it that they can, and that $2.7 trillion trust. This is NOT thinking about our social future as much as it is thinking about the social future of those robbing us through these various racketeering scam's. The fact is ... that it is currently secure ... as to what happen's 21 year's from now with their projection's ... they dont even know what their gonna be doing in 5 year's from now, if they did, they wouldnt bubble and bust over and over, and display more secure soundness in investment's ... not be whining for bailout welfare money from us, then shoving another 2" or 3" inches up our ass after. I mean ... Mr. John here pointing out about money needing to go to school's, road's, and defense, etc, etc ... c'mon now ... how much of anything is going to school's or road's as it is? ... Here ... want a projection ... I'll give ya one ... alot of shit is going to change over the next 21 year's, that is going to be a Hell of alot more socially critical than trying to privatize social security to play on the rollercoaster stock market's ... our social security is what also keep's our society somewhat socially secure!

Listen to Ms. Nancy Altman above if ya'll want some truth ... Word Out ....


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For this Part 16 of "The Awakening", it will be of course more good news and a look at the progress and the foot soldier's that are coming up for this 2012 American Spring. Since the beginning of this series and journal I have been writing about this, and again am so pleased that it is atually coming forth this quickly ... and of course again ... all the new offshoot's/ splinter's are in full bloom ... and believe me ... will continue to move and actually become so much more diverse as this grow's ... and importantely "occupying" so many fresh and young mind's as well to broaden their knowledge and involvement. You see everyday so many new American's that are becoming involved and younger folk's all over ... even a few that I talked to that were attending the Dallas Intl. Guitar Festival this last weekend were talking about these issue's (and these were folk's in their early to mid 20's) ... and a Hell of alot more knowledgeable on the state of the state, than we were ever back when we were their age.

Most of the media's (small and large) are going to be only saturated with the big left/ right battle for the 2012 election's right now ... but once this get's out of the way and we get a lil more taste of the riff/ raff, bullshit, etc that of course will come with the same ole same gridlock and routine starting 2013 and beyond, it will only fuel the flame's more and spread this fire further, believe me. No doubt that there are alot of good folk's in Washington too ... like Senator Sanders and such ... and several like even our President (Obama) have so many great idea's to bring change ... but the financial power that control's, corrupt's, and turn's Washington into the cesspool it has become is just so strong ... financially speaking ... they probably at least control over 75% of everything that goes on in Washington, through infiltration of parties, lobbying, campaign finance, and other form's of racketeering that they use ... the tool's of course, being the Rights and Constitution and the tax dollar's that we all willingly and unknowingly gave them for so many year's, along with our hard work, vision, and innovation ... basically ... we been had. But no use to cry over spilt milk ... it's done and over, and there is much work ahead to be done. And this "spring" again will go globally as well since the main instigator's of this corruption to even the austerity measure's you see ... are just one entity ... again let me point out ... this was solely the reason for all this forced globalization and even the financial bailout's are not done to save banking institution's, but to rathole all of the 99%'s wealth and redistribute it through international investment's, and leaving us broke ... and when your broke ... well ... you dont have much of shit left, except those right's and constitution's, that's why you dont want them to take all that too (which is possible right now through mass privatization and wealth) ... because if they do, you wont even have a pot to piss in left : )

Below of course, some of the heroes/ defenders and their movement's that are in swing this spring and some new offshoot's that are inspiring and moving toward's real change.

***** This will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

***** More on NOWDC here:


***** More from "REBUILD THE DREAM"

***** More on "MOVE ON"

***** More on "THE RUCKUS SOCIETY"

***** More for "CODE PINK"


National Occupation Of Washington DC (NOWDC) ... Thanx to NCFTTV

Undo Citizens United ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Occupy Wall St. Revival? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


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SECRET SERVICE'S ... "Secret Service" ... A few "GOOD MEN" CHEATING "Working Class" & "Vulnerable" People (AMERICA'S PROSTITUTE'S PT.4)

Secret Service Badge 2.25" Button

For this Part 4 of "America's Prostitute's" I chose this so called sex scandal to highlight in this series. But only because I havent seen a thing about what these "few" men have really done ... so being the "Devil's Advocate" here ... some mainstream recent read and video's below from CNN, then some word's of my own on this.

***** CNN/ U.S.: More Secret Service employees resign in wake of prostitution scandal


First of all, the gal who got in this situation having to complain to get her payment, does not consider herself a "prostitute" ... instead being an "escort" ... which is true and the trade term used, so this posting's title is not meant to discredit or insult any of the worker's/ escort's in this industry. She also claim's that she had NO idea that the client(s) were with a USA Gvmnt detail/ security ... maybe not, I'm sure they get quite a few conventioneer's ... but also they know guy's by nature, and should be able to pick up that these gent's are not hardware salesmen, okay? So for the record, both her and the client know nothing about each other ... and just was out having a good time, well the name of the nightclub sayz something too ... basically being translated into english a fantasy playclub that make's fantasies become a reality and cater's to corporate's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) not your typical dance/ disco club venue title, so I dont know who know's what, but the man agreed to a "gift/ fee" and declined to pay later, complaining and saying he didnt know what he agreed to, because he was intoxicated.

Secondly, a certain amount of credit here to the South American country of Colombia for at least having legalized prostitution to bring this into the spotlight ... because this is exactly what goes on way too much with many American men who indulge ... and later complain or dont want to pay for their pleasure's after they had their fun and cum! In a country like the United States where it is only legal in place's like a few selected counties of Nevada or such ... the amount of this screwing worker's out of fee's afterward's is common practice with alot of guy's ... they like it illegal too ... it make's it taboo and enable's them to conceal more their activities and allow's them to negotiate other term's in payment or to even cheat the worker's in the sex trade. Most folk's dont ... but several men take advantage of this, especially on the street level which is the most vulnerable and unprotected.

But the reason I wanted to post this in this series is because of all I read and heard about this over the last week or so, and how it has of course went into a political mudslinging event, over the various reason's that it ruin's the image of America ... the morality shit, the cheating on wifey shit, and all the other related shit. But this clearly show's part of America's image as well ... not to do with any of the above ... but this relaxed feeling that these working girl's are vulnerable to some of our righteous people who use, abuse and cheat them, and actually feel just because they are in this taboo type industry and they are all this and that themselves ... that they are superior and can get away with it.

The excuses now are coming out of the woodwork about these few gent's NOT knowing they had sex worker's partying with them ... I say bullshit ... ya'll are saying that with all the training you have and access to such clearance and so forth, the firearm's and security item's you carry ... you just randomly got intoxicated on a night on the town, picked up stranger's to party with, let them know your staying at a place like the Hilton, and possibly a hint of what you did for a living, yet had no idea of who you were mingling/ partying with? ... Uh- uh ... it dont work like that amigo. With the way these guy's acted ... it is clear that they were very comfortable with what they were doing, relaxed, and show's that they have done this more than a few time's ... it was too much like habit ... and that is where your guard come's down as well. The shameful part of this is that this poor gal who literally worked her ass off an entire evening only got a quarter of her fee ... as far as I'm concerned, the man should be forced to pay up and taken to court if he dont, period!

These guy's also know too well about such thing's like jeopardizing security and breach of such ... this is why I dont buy any of this ... they know damn well who oversee's the industry in particularly a country like Colombia, and what they need to avoid ... meaning ... again ... they were way too comfortable with what they were doing and full of confidence. The idea of this being a one time event, and just a few good ole boyz having a night on the town, not knowing what they were into and/ or doing is a crock of shit in itself. Ya'll's training and being elite in these type area's, and the study of these countries that you frequent ... make's it where there isnt nothing much in this field that you wouldnt know ... and would most likely sense and/ or suspect if these gal's were going to jeopardize a security detail ... ya'll know plenty. Where you fucked up was not thinking this gal may put up a fight for her money after ... which tell's me also, that you probably pulled this before and got away with it, and especially in place's like Latin American countries ... try to go to a country like Germany a pull that shit!

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I also want to add here that I dont think that this is actually representational of the agency overall, or practiced by all in this agency as has been questioned by many, I wanted to focus on the individual here and the situation. And even giving the benefit of doubt, there may have been encouragement to frequent this venue from hotel staff, since they took a hotel tour bus to it. But the reason I dont think it's overall in the agency, because if it was, we would have a history already of security failure's time after time. The reason why I wanted to focus on this type attitude or mindset of the individual is because ... they(he) knew what this place was ... period ... and the fact that before any room visit while at the club, the escort clearly said she wanted a "gift" (gift is a term they use, to not be so blunt to the customer and make it sound like it really is, if you know what I mean ... same as calling a "trick" a "date" instead) ... that "gift" she stated was a "dollar amount" ... he agreed to take care of her ... and even voluntarily took the lady to his/ their own room that was paid for as an expense to us/ taxpayer ... then after ... agreed to pay "some", but only 25% of the actual agreed fee.


Friday, April 20, 2012



This posting will be another for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" to take a look at the longest and largest guitar show in the world, the DALLAS INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL ... which run's from today thru the weekend here in Central Dallas. I have attending so many of these over the year's is why I wanted to highlight this ... these are excellent ... and no tellin who you will run across at these ... you may see someone like Jeff Beck or Bugs Henderson sitting solo on some stool and picking away ... a number of performer's and stage's throughout the weekend. No real stage show's, no dress code's, not much pro- production at all ... except for the line- up of pro's who will just stop by and run off a few lick's, chord's and solo's ... probably just wearing their house shoes and an old t- shirt. It's a as raw and down to earth as it get's, lot's of food and beer too, it would be too long to list here the folk's that have showed up here and some of the great performance's that I just happened to catch ... meeting folk's of interest's, and some that you may have wanted to meet and ask a few question's ... from young children playing off Marshall stack's to some of the older legend's in the industry ... you pretty much name them ... they been to this festival at some point.

You can get ticket's to attend only a day or two or the entire weekend of event's, there are clinic's, network's, trade shop, contract's and contact's, and just about anything related, and it's reasonable in price ... the best bang for the buck for any music lover. Today a lil rain and overcast, but should clear all out by tonight and the rest of the weekend should be drop dead gorgeous, sunny, nice breeze. Below a few random clip's I selected off YouTube from the previous festival's, and the first video sort of an intro ... Enjoy!

***** MUSIC TASTER'S CHOICE: 2012 Dallas International Guitar Festival @ Market Hall, Dallas, TX (read and photos) April 2012 Guitar & Musical Instrument Auction and Dallas International Guitar Festival ... Thanx to HERITAGE AUCTION

Ryan McGarvey "Houston Strut" ... @ Dallas International Guitar Festival 17 April 2011 ... Thanx to BLUES71

Lord Tracey bass solo ... Kinley "Barney" Wolfe (bassist of Lord Tracey) with Chris Craig on drum's  (2008 DIGF) ... Thanx to BOBBYYAT

Yngwie Malmsteen- Dallas International Guitar Festival 2008 ... Thanx to JEREMY DUSEK


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RUSH: "Spirit Of Radio", "Tom Sawyer", "Working Man" (live)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be an honour past due to look at the iconic classic rock band RUSH ... who of course influenced some of the great's  as well, and Rush has been around longer than some realize ... since the late 1960's actually ... coming out of the great City of Toronto. Rush basically is a class act ... and so well known for his work especially is Neil Peart who is one of them huge kit/ ensemble percussionist/ drummer's ... who probably made it a nightmare on road tour's for his tech to set up and break down : ) ... but of course, frankly there is no match when it come's to this drummer ... you can say he is in a category of his own on that : ) But what really amazed me that I hardly ever hear a thing about, was Geddy Lee in concert ... I seen him up close back in the 1980's once at a show, and I sware, he was one of the most coordinated artist's that I have seen ... he was doing his vocal's, plus his bass guitar, while also footing a bass pedal synthesizer,and working on and off a keyboard as well. Of course also the guitar work of Alex Lifeson is fitting, but especially the explosive power chord's that he throw's in mixed with his lead's.

Rush is like 3rd behind the Beatles and Rolling Stones as far a consecutive Gold & Platinum sales number's ... and the thing about this group ... is they are an "arena/ stadium" type venue band ... they are just an explosive type that dont fit in any other setting as well in my opinion. I have so many choice's that I had to decide on, and so many video's to revue as far as for appropriate audio/ visual's ... but defintitely wanted to try to keep it all as "live" performance's. As far as their worx in the rock genre, they are more of a complexity in composition, however ... despite all ... they are not over- produced ... they are such a powerhouse also considering being only a 3 piece crew. I met so many drummer's who over the year's to this day alwayz bring up Neil Peart as well ... let the man influence you ... just dont try to duplicate him : )

But enough from my mouth, cause once I start, I wont stop on these great's : ) I'll let the Wikipedia handle the rest here. And of course below, 3 classic's that are some of their most well known and loved! Enjoy!

RUSH- Spirit Of Radio (live @ "Toronto Rocks" fest 2003) ... Thanx to GVBEZOFF ... really nice intro opening cover here of the Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black" too

Rush- Tom Sawyer- Live in Dallas ... Thanx to RUSHWIRE

RUSH- Working Man- Live Rio de Janeiro ... Thanx to CHILSON SIRE


JEFF NEELY- Helping Congress "understand" the "culture" of "WASTE & SPENDING" ... An Insult to our President & People (MO OF YO MONEY PT.9)

First of all this Part 9 for this series is an insult to our President and the People both, this reckless and irresponsible spending is about as corrupt as these small rag tag government's in some impoverished 3rd world countries, just on a much higher level with folk's who have college/ university degree's and are well tailored/ clothed.

I mention as well the President here, is because, despite any disgreement's I may have had on the President's choice's of some move's he made, he has been one of the most straight up and sincere President's I have seen and is truely a bipartisan and understanding man, who listen's to ALL ... these misfit's and lowlife's indirectly make him and his administration look incompetent, and give's reason for the other side of these two evil's to find fault with a President who has done everything humanly possible to try to clean up some of this shit in this nation, and take us out of a knee deep rut we have been in for several year's. And these lowlife's are in both parties ... if it isnt ugly enough that we have the corporate corruption to deal with, we also have these lowlife's on a much smaller level that are basically treasonist's in my opinion, and as well insult every tax paying American in this country.

I'll help the reader here "understand" the "culture" in short ... IT'S CORRUPTION & FILTH at it's best and most modified advanced stage's, who frankly has no chance of reforming themselves and should be cast out immediately like any job/ employer in the private sector would do to such employee's. The red tape and channel's that has to be taken to even get a decent investigation on these matter's is also way too elaborate ... here is the bottom line as far as I'm concerned ... you fucked up, you cant be trusted, and your ass is out the door, plain and bloody simple ... go find another bloody job! Enough from me on this.

***** This posting also added to "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

GSA Western official Jeff Neely pleads the Fifth before Congress ... Thanx to GOPRAPIDRESPONSE

***** CNN/ POLITICS: GSA EXEC takes the Fifth on Las Vegas spending scandal ... newsread and video's

***** CNN: Anger at GSA reaches 'boiling point' ... (video)



Monday, April 16, 2012

FRACKING: From EARTHQUAKE'S to BREAST TAKE'S ... & "The FRACKERJACK Debate (PT.1)" (Global Warming PT.14)

One reason for me to post on this fracking issue for Part 14 of this series, is because my suspicion's over at least 5 or more year's have been getting slowly confirmed here and there through research, so not because it's any direct connect to "global warming" ... but another arguement by the same group's over what we are doing to the earth, okay? I'm not a bloody damn scientist, or frankly dont know much of anything when it come's to science, other than what any grade school kid such as my grandkid's would know. And I am very pro- energy, despite what some may think because of this series and/ or title ... my only question is this ... Where do we at least draw the bloody goddamn line on some of our action's, or at least use a tad of common sense? ... Fair enough?

For 5 or more year's now, I have been witnessing first hand the economic benefit's of all the fracking that has been going on all across the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, partly one of the reason's why our economy hasnt felt a sliver of pain here it seem's, and seen and talked to a couple folk's in Arlington for instance that get royalties from fracking on their land, and they are happy camper's. At the same time, I've never known much of anything that doesnt come with some kind of price to it. I also mentioned to so many folk's around town now for year's ... that I feel that some of this massive fracking were doing may be contributing in some way to the wave of earthquake's we have been seeing here over the last few year's, again ... not because of my scientific knowledge, but just common sense looking at all this mega frack jacking were doing, tearing up thing's and extracting from underneath the surface big time. I mean ... it's hard for me to swallow that all that's going on in this shale region and other part's of the country and globe, that there isnt any kind of ill effect, eh?

We have folk's sink faucet's on fire these dayz, women with breast problem's galore, earthquake's almost as frequent as what I seen in LA, just much weaker, etc, etc. Several recent one's with the epicenter of the quake's just being not far north of the DFW Metroplex in Oklahoma ... this all of the sudden just popped up over the last decade for no reason? You can go ahead and call me a nut ... but I still cant buy that. The thing is ... like everything else we bloody debate over ... it get's away from fact and data and end's up to become another political circus show, where all common sense is tossed out and fact's get manipulated, and no one give's a shit about tomorrow and only about the present political agenda and economic/ investment's figure's, etc. All I'm asking for is a lil more research before we just go hog wild, and a lil more oversight and regulation's, with alot more idea's put in from folk's that dont necessarily have a political or profit motive ... you know, like scientist's and related engineer's, eh? I think you get my point here, so enough from me on this.

New reports say earthquakes "man- made" by Fracking ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT

***** COMMON DREAMS: USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade'

***** PR WATCH: The Fracking Frenzy's impact on Women

***** THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: USGS Official: Fracking Doesnt Cause Tremors




Friday, April 13, 2012

AYAAN HIRSI ALI: Champion for Women's and Human Rights & Liberties (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.6)


This Part 6 posting for the "Beautiful Girlz" series will be to highlight "Ayaan Hirsi Ali" ... who is one busy and active woman as far as politic's and writing. I have a book of her's called "Infidel" which was quite a compelling read to get through to say the least. She is known as a sort of champion as far as women's rights are concerned and very politically outspoken as far as liberties across the board ... although even many liberal's may not agree with her ... nonetheless, she certainly has been a controversial figure ... one of those that's typically loved and hated. I will let the Wikipedia link above handle most of it, because there is much to her. This is a strong and determined woman, focused and dedicated to her principle's and belief's, so she may be a tad harsh to many as well ... but you cant say that she would not be interesting to talk to.

I wanted to add her in this particular series, because she is so active and well known politically, that I never hear a peep about her outstanding beauty ... and I'm sure she's too busy to even think of that ... but she is one beautiful woman too! She just has certain quailities that are attractive ... being not only her beauty, but how tough and interesting she is just to listen to, and anything BUT boring. She is also a mother now of a son recently and congratulation's to you and your's! But yes ... she is at the top's as far as beautiful girlz when it come's to my list.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali writer and politician on Saudi Arabia and women ... Thanx to IGNOREDVOICES


Thursday, April 12, 2012

"JOE CHRIST" LINHART (PT.2) ... "They Die Next- Vol.1 DVD Trailer" & "Gun In My Mouth"

This is another posting for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" to honour the underground work of an old friend from year's back ... Joe Christ. But his work is truely unique in a category of it's own when it come's to a satirical look at horror and gore, which is really hilarious as well! In the first video below, a trailer off the Volume #1 series from the movie "They Die Next" (basically a lampoon of the Manson familia that Joe put together) ... then in the 2nd video ... some of his work as far as music with the Healing Faith crew called "Gun In My Mouth" ... the sound in a category and genre that is distinctive to Joe's worx. Again I will note, that Joe also does all the art and soundtrack of his movie's also, he worx it all across the board ... but he is just one ass busting, hard working fella, who frankly was never in it for the money ... what he make's goes back into the production ... this guy know's the meaning of stretching the budget's dollar too! : ) ... Enjoy


***** RCJ (Related Posting): BUTTHOLE SURFERS: "The Lord Is A Monkey", "Entering Texas- Bar- B- Que Movie" ... (In Memory of Joe Christ)

"They Die Next- Joe Christ Vol.1"- DVD Trailer ... Thanx to THEREALJOECHRIST

Joe Christ and The Healing Faith- Gun In My Mouth ... Thanx to UNINIE



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The LION & LAMB attend Easter Service, A "Creative Bible Lesson" & "Paradox of Jesus" ... Dont be ALARMED PT.2- You're in DALLAS! {: 0

Part 2 of "Dont be Alarmed" will be from a local suburbia church service here in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex this last Easter Sunday, and of course anyone who know's the Dallas area, know's of some of it's unique qualities as well, especially when it come's to variety of religion/ churches and some of the sales- pitches some of these local preacher's/ minister's will use to outdo each other and rustle up their flock's and new herd prospect's. This preacher simply call's it a "creative Bible lesson" and "paradox of Jesus". Some may remember Minister Young back a few month's ago with his "Sexperiment" show atop a roof with wifey in the cold back in January or so (see LA Times article/ link below). Many in the Dallas area got their panties in a bind and are in shock over this ... but for me ... I'm not alarmed or shocked ... after all ... it's Dallas!  : )

***** DAILY MAIL.COM: Church causes uproar with live lion and lamb on stage for Easter service

***** LATIMES/ NATION: 'Sexperiment': Texas Pastor beds down with wife atop church

Fellowship Church Easter Service.m4v ... Thanx to HUMANESOCIETYOFFM

***** RCJ: "DONT BE ALARMED" PT.1 (Your In Los Angeles)


TEXTING While Walking with BUBBA BEAR ... Dont be ALARMED (PT.1) ... You're in Los Angeles! {: 0

Well ... anyone who know's LA, know's how unique of a town it can be ... I mean ... it's the kind of town where you can see just about anything at anytime (no shit either : ) ... it's the kind of town where I'm on the warm beach in the morning and later in the afternoon up on Bear Mountain enjoying the cold and snow of the local ski- resort, and later in the evening be on Hollywood Blvd and see a transvestite hooker (prostitute) playing with her pet Boa Constrictor ... you may be having a familia barbeque in your backyard and wild animal's or lion's may show up ... I've seen cattle grazing off the downtown as well. But ... dont be alarmed ... it's LA : ) Even just a laid back suburbia stroll while texting aint no different in La Crescenta as you will see below.

***** MAILONLINE: Watch Out! Astonishing video of California man so distracted by sending a text he walks into bear ....

Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Bear ... Thanx to GLOBALCONNECTIONNEWS


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HATE CRIME'S & RACIAL TENSION in Baltimore ... and the Racially & Politically inspired Sub- Culture POLARIZATION & HYPOCRISY of America

This posting hasnt nearly got the news publicity in this nation as far as being a "hate crime" ... and largely has been ignored, except many both black and white on YouTube who are racially motivated to put out these video's and opinion's ... which show's the racial divide and tension that still permeate's our nation and feed's  the fire of such. But too, there wasnt a "murder" committed here, such as the case of "Trayvon Martin" , or the recent case in Oklahoma (which is nearly certain a hate crime) ... but this is indeed a crime and appear's to me as a "hate" motivated offense, at least given the definition of what a "hate crime" is considered to be.

The reason I look at this as such ... is because it is a mob of one race that singles out a target/ victim of another race ... in the video's via YouTube you will hear more than once the so called "N" word being used against the victim, while some encourage as conspirator's to commit crime's against the victim (all felony offenses) ... the crime's here dont just include auto theft and robbery, assault and related, but the victim is also first seduced by female's as well who participate in the various offenses and then is stripped naked, and even the females who were first seducing him, later sexually and physically assaulted the victim ... of course the victim being male here also makes me question if this can also be considered as a sexual assault?, it certainly would be if the victim was female.

This hasnt got much mainstream publicity at all ... but is this a "hate crime"? ... to me it clearly is racially motivated, however I would question if it's based off hatred, only because all participant's and the crowd seem to be having a great time and laughing, cheering, encouraging more, etc ... so it may seem more like entertainment or perhap's a crime of "fun" or "entertainment" (?) ... but still ... by "definition" should fall into the "hate crime" category ... yet I dont hear hardly a thing about it. This clearly show's me as far as how this been covered ... that both race's and the left as well as the right exhibit a parallel hypocrisy of sort ... I mean, what can I say ... the video's speak for themselves. But in large ... the polarized media's mostly have ignored this as far as coverage of such related offenses.

NYDAILYNEWS: Caught on Tape: Tourist robbed, beaten in Downtown Baltimore on St. Patrick's Day

****NOTE: I had to replace the 2 original video's I had below, with only one from CNN, because the other 2 video's were taken down ...

Savage beating, robbery caught on tape ... Thanx to CNN


Monday, April 9, 2012

WANKOUT 2012: ... For THOSE about to WANK ... Take that Puppy out and Get to YANKIN !! ... A Rick Santorum Inspiration (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 19)

This Part 19 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will be to look at the latest masturbation campaign called "WankOut 2012" ... this campaign was inspired by Presidential candidate Rick Santorum , and brought to you by the actor's in the adult entertainment film industry. Some read and video below, then a lil ole wank of my own on this : )

***** RT/ QUESTION MORE: Santorum inspires porn stars to launch masturbation campaign

Porn Stars Speak Out About Wankout 2012 ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


First of all my heart and best wishes goes out to Rick Santorum and familia on his daughter Bella's recovery , and I sincerly mean that being  a father and grandfather myself, having to campaign under those condition's must be tough ... this also tell's me that this man is sincere and devoted ... not just as a father ... but to his value's and what he stand's for. In fact, through watching ALL the GOP candidate's ... Rick Santorum actually seemed the most sincere to me, then of course Ron Paul as another ... Gingrich and Romney remind me of a phoney and will say anything that sell's, with just a plastic type personality ... I really mean that as well.

But also I am a devoted man, who sayz what's on my mind, so that is why I reckonize those like Rick ... he's for real. Most of my familia is catholic, and a fairly good size familia at that. But the problemo that I have as a voting free American is that he simply cant keep his religion out of the workplace (office) ... we live in a diverse nation, with many value's, culture's, religion's, and various relationship's were involved in. Folk's like Rick and other's in his alignment of belief's say they are under attack constantly by liberal's trying to cram what they look at as trash down their families throat's. But understand in a democracy like our's, you have "choice" to read or view what you choose, if you dont like the education system as well that your children may be in, you can alwayz send your children to a different school that your familia approve's ... it's as simple as changing the channel on the tele.

The thing is, if your so obsessed with one agenda, how could you possibly represent the country as a whole? And what Rick does also lack is true bipartisanship ... in this area ... the President (Obama) we have now outdoes ALL candidate's, President Obama has displayed TRUE bipartisanship across the board, despite any few thing's that I have disagreed with him on. A man like Mr. Santorum simply would be more harm than good to a nation like our's ... despite he mean's well. And frankly if it werent for folk's like Rick attacking folk's liberties, especially for adult entertainment ... you wouldnt hear much of anything about adult film entertainment. Chastity Lynn in the above video sum's it up simple and to the point, when she sayz that candidate's such as Rick (and all these candidate's) ... havent even focused enough on this countries need's and issue's ... it's all attack's on the President, or support for corporate interest's only, mudslinging, and petty useless shit that does nothing to change or make America any damn better.

As I have pointed out before, one of the reason's we have so much exploitation of women, children and other's ... is because of how obsessed we are with what other's do in their sex lives, and trying to persecute and criminalize everyone, and both the right and the left have affiliate's that are at it in this nation. Even marriage is different to many as to what it represent's and has alwayz been throughout history  ... I remember once as a teen when I worked and lived in a brothel , I thought it strange that so many of our client's were married ... and Danielle said to me something like ... "There's and old French saying Tommy (she spoke it in French at first, then in English) ... marriage can be difficult between a couple, and 3 can make it better" ... this is part of some of the French culture and thinking. In this nation when we find out our married neighbour's are gay or watching adult entertainment, swinger's and meeting other couple's, use sex service's or just whatever ... we get so bent out of shape and start acting like little children over it and just get so obsessed with what other's are doing. Why?

But if anyone complain's about this masturabation campaign, especially someone like Michele Bachmann , ya'll are the one's like Rick that are the inspiration for this ... without so much attack on those ... they wouldnt start a campaign to yank it out, crank it up, and wank it out.

Wank (Word) Out ....


Saturday, April 7, 2012

"TED" ... The Official Movie Trailer (A "Jason" Pick)

This posting for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be a movie trailer, the choice/ pick and posting is that of my step- grandson Jason on this one, for the new movie "TED" . Jason like's to go over this stuff with me and video's. Jason is into theatre/ acting (comedy/ satire) ... he will turn 12 year's old in a couple more week's, and fortunate enough to attend a school for arts, where he can focus on this and be active in it ... which is a passion for him as much as music is to me. So this is Jason's pick for this posting. And Thanx for your input here Guy (Jason) .... I found it hilarious! : )

TED- Official Trailer ... Thanx to UNIVERSALPICTURESIRE


Friday, April 6, 2012

(S)ELECTION 2012 & The "SUPREME IDEOLOGY VOTE" ... Choice of Candidate's & President Obama's Competition (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.7)

Part 7 of the "Truth Or Treason" series will just be for a lil added morning humour, since this series was started to focus on the 2012 election's, who's running, who's cunning, and who's just "cumming" in their short's from over- excitement! : )

Let me be clear, that I am a straight voting Democrat, and that is how I will vote this election regardless if I'm sober, drunk, or stoned, period! As a matter of fact, if I would have known that someone was going to take my picture last week (in the new posted profile photo) ... I would have worn my "Obama 2012" t- shirt instead of my "Miami Beach" t- shirt! : ) I am not saying that I am a typical Democrat ... let's just say I'm more like President Obama, and bipartisan, okay?

Another thing, I would bet my paycheck, that it it were not for these goddamn super group's, pac's,  or whatever their called, some of these candidate's like Santorum frankly wouldnt have a snowball's chance in Hell of staying in this long. Dont get me wrong, I'm sure he is a straight up Guy, and really believe's in what he sayz, but that's the problemo, he dont know how to keep his religion at home and church and out of the goddamn workplace. Some may even wonder how any religious fruitloop could get million's in support from a conservative minded successful business person? ... because these type's lead masses of cult mentalities, and as long as your wasting your time on their morality nonsense, your not thinking about the shaft your getting up your ass otherwise, and beside's, there's alot of tax exemption's when it come's to campaign financial support.

But I just had to post this recent piece from one of my favourite news source's RT America, because it is absolutely hilarious ... to look at who is truely our choice's when it come's to who we select as America's next top millionaire (no insult meant toward's millionaire's, I actually admire many : ) ... these below in the video are the true "candidate's" that we are hitting each other over the head over : ) Probably the most shocking to me as far as who support's who, had to be the last one that they talk about in this video, who is supporting Ron Paul ... I wont spoil it here and say anything, just watch the video : )

Then a lil video I chose to show about what the competition against President Obama amount's to in the 2nd video : )

American Crossroads vs President Obama ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Mr. Bill Goes To Washington ... Thanx to KEITHARNAULT ( a look at President Obama's competition : )




Part 8 of the "Mo Of Yo Money" series will look at the continuous reckless and irresponsible spending of our Washington representation, this bloody time on goddamn bullet's! ... yes ... no shit! ... and THIS is both side's ... fuck all that left/ right shit. Some read and video below then some word's I will add after.

***** This will also be included in this journal's "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

***** BUSINESS INSIDER: The Department of Homeland Security is buying 450 million new bullets 

***** INFOWARS.COM: DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition **** this link added on 19 July 3013

DHS preparing for domestic war? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


First of all when it come's to spending tax dollar's, I'm very conservative ... even on defense ... this kind of useless spending is a waste, as much as the several defense contract's out there in the billion's that I havent even posted on yet for everything from jet's to sea vessel's that are so elaborate, it is unlikely that we would have any goddamn use for them, even in a bloody World War for that matter! We already have defense that cant even be touched or matched by the largest most powerful nation's of the entire world! We need goddamn spending of OUR dollar's here,okay ... on importante shit ... like education, infrastructure, police and fire, municipal project's, contraceptive's/ birth control, medical research/ science, etc, etc ... not spending billion's on goddamn hi- tech defense toy's and massive amount's of goddamn bullet's and such for target practice! And it's great that we have these media's such as RT America and such that are able to cover and stay all over this shit, because rest assured ... in the near future you are going to see new group's and networx come out of the woodwork that are going to demand accountability for this ridiculous spending that our government representation does.

Now, I know that all the talk is about the U.S. preparing for domestic war, and a martial law crackdown, etc, etc, etc ( and we watch too many fucken movies ). Let me try to be as simple here as I can on this nonsense. Of course they are preparing for civil unrest also, and of course they know shit we dont know, etc. But the point here, is these ridiculous spending habit's dont have a damn thing to do with that, it has to do with too much special interest's and lobbies in Washington, they pump fear and fairytales into our representation just like they do to us and create these "what- if" scenario's and stories to milk contract after contract! I mean ... the fact is ... that million's and million's of round's of ammo are going to be used in NOTHING other than range practice ... you need custom ammo for that?!! Is there no less expensive alternative? .40 cal hallow point to shoot dummies and go plinking? ... cause you know goddamn well, so much of it WILL be used on that, not to even think of how many using it will take some of it home as well because of such an abundance for weekend recreation. No shit, this is what the fuck is going to happen with alot of this. And now we will have to pay and supply NATO force's with all their ammo too? I mean, what the Hell else are we going to do with the million's of round's of .223 ammo, eh? How does the budget spending on that work, eh? by borrowing .40 cent's on every goddamn dollar we spend from China or someone else to pay for it on credit?

This shit is about as senseless and wasteful as the nearly .02 cent's we spend to make every .01 cent penny annually!

Enough from me on this shit .... Word Out ....